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Letters to L.C. by ScarletRoses
Chapter 7 : Bloody Match and Owl Identities
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“Oh no! Is it Slytherin out there? That can’t be Ravenclaw, can it?” I heard the commentator, but paid no attention. There were bludgers left and right, flying inches away from my ear and shattering into the stands. There were snickers and gasps and I could barely look out for the quaffle, let alone the bludgers.


Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. It was so horrendous, even the worst of Lennyland looked extremely pleasant in this situation.


I was going to murder Teddy after this game was over. Did he know how he was playing? Was he aware that his ickle sister was on the other team, getting bludgers slammed into her backside while she wasn’t looking?


Of course he didn’t. He was sodding Teddy Crowley. He probably was too focused with driving Alice off of her broom. I winced when he did this. Little Alice against my big, burley brother. How was that fair?


Ravenclaw had to have been taking pointers from Slytherin. I am very disappointed in Teddy, indeed.


As the ‘Claw chasers came closer to me, my eyes narrowed. This wasn’t Teddy’s doing, it couldn’t have been. He smirked at me, quaffle under his arm. He wasn’t Teddy, my twin brother, right now. He was the enemy. The enemy I was going to squash. Like a tiny little bug.


Ha. Teddy was a little bug. I could see the antlers coming out of his hair. It was so windswept I wouldn’t be surprised if there really were antlers under there. It would explain why he acted so normal, but was a blood Crowley. We were all weird, you see.


The chasers passed the quaffle about, shoving our chasers out of the way in the process. I winced as Potter received an elbow to the face. I may not like the lad, but I didn’t wish death upon him….or maybe I did…only when he made me run laps.


I saw Teddy’s arm wind back, staring straight at me. I could see my own dark brown eyes in his (maybe that was because we were twins?). He smirked, letting the quaffle fly from his arm and towards the hoop above me. I stretched upward, pulling my legs (and the broom obviously) with me. I almost had it, but another ball reached my arms before the quaffle.


The bludger knocked straight into my left arm, a deafening CRACK resounding through the stadium. If I thought the quaffle to my back hurt, that was nothing compared to my arm. Immediately I recoiled, cradling my now broken arm. I whined slightly when the quaffle went into the hoop.


“And Crowley scores on Crowley! That’s got to be a first for him!” I heard. Teddy was receiving pats on the back from his fellow chasers.


“TIME OUT!” Potter screeched. I nearly had to cover my poor poor ears since he was so close to me.


We all flew towards the ground and that’s when I got to see the damage that was really done. Potter was supporting a bloody nose that seemed to want to be a waterfall rather than a nose. Alice had a severely black eye, one that I didn’t want to have to look at for much longer, to be honest. Both Bagman and Black looked as though they were beat, unable to keep upright. Good, at least Black would be in the hospital wing after this. Our other chaser, Dean Higgins (a fifth year bloke), looked like he was falling apart. His eyes were watering and I could barely tell where his nose was amongst the mess that was his face. The only one who looked untouched was Michael, but that’s because Black and Bagman got specific orders to protect him at all costs.


“What are they playing at up there?!” Black yelled, his arms flailing around. He looked more and more pathetic every day. I snorted.


“Is everyone okay?” Potter asked, ignoring Black’s comment.


Okay? That was the understatement of the millennium. Well, millennium was pushing it a bit, but did he have eyes? Maybe his glasses needed to be stronger. Everyone was definitely not okay. Surviving, yes, but not okay.


“Just catch the snitch, Michael.” Alice whispered, looking on the verge of tears next to me. I patted her, but realized that I was raising my injured arm. I let out a small squeal, but received all eyes staring at me.


Sure, now they pay attention to Loony Lenny.


“Was that from the bludger?” Potter asked, moving closer to me. I felt my face go hot with all the team staring at me. I didn’t respond, but Potter grabbed my left arm gently.


“I’ll be okay!” I protested, but he proceeded to pull my padding away. Everyone around winced and Alice even let out a small shriek.


Okay, so it did look pretty bad. My whole forearm was black and blue and looked like a hippogriff’s leg, meaning to say it was huge. I looked down at my fingers, only to notice those were sausages. If I went too close to the large Ravenclaw beaters, I’m sure they’d mistake my fingers for sausages.


“Move your fingers, Crowley.” Potter growled. I looked at him, seeing his jaw set tight at the prospect of losing his keeper.


I wasn’t going to go to the hospital wing in the middle of a game! No way in hell. Merlin himself would have to drag me off my broom and even then I would put up a damn good fight. This was a Quidditch game. I wouldn’t let Teddy get the better of me.


I winced, attempting to wiggle my fingers. Nothing.


Bloody move, you fingers!


I managed to move one and that seemed good enough for Potter. He sighed, pushing himself off the ground and into the air. We all followed suit.


“And they are off again! Potter looks like he has a vendetta! I don’t blame him.” Wesley mumbled into the microphone. “Potter passes to Logan who passes back to Potter who rolls to avoid a bludger and-oh! Nearly knocked off his broom!”


I winced as I saw the chasers coming for me again. I cradled my bad arm, but braced myself. Suddenly, Teddy flew straight off of his broom and went plummeting to the ground, via a bludger from Black.


“Bloody Black!” I screamed, watching Teddy fall. Magically, he was slowed down, but would be out for a day at least.


I’d get Black for that later. That was my brother, damn it!

I saw a flash of Red and Gold zoom by me and immediately let my eyes follow it. It was Michael, beating after the snitch, the Ravenclaw seeker on his tail. I held my breath, watching for the chasers to come down field toward me.


“Boot is inches from the snitch! Ravenclaw’s seeker is right on his tail! This third year has punch! It looks like Boot caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins 200 to 40!”


It sure didn’t feel like a victory. Sure, we had won, but the whole team was in the hospital wing. Potter was muttering obscenities, as though we had just lost. He had a potty mouth, that one did. Haha, Potty mouth-Potter. Had a ring to it, it really did.


I was healed, but instructed to stay in the hospital wing over night. Bloody Pomfrey and thinking she could control me. I’ll show her! I’ll jet out to the after party as soon as she turns her back. I’m sneaky, I tell you. I should’ve been in Slytherin with how sneaky I am.


“-And we can’t even have a damn after party because the lot of you are stuck in here over night!” Potter carried on. I groaned. There goes my plan to be a sneaky Slytherin. Damn Ravenclaws and ruining it for me.


I looked at the bed across the way from me and frowned, knowing Teddy was behind the drawn curtains. Bloody Black. I thought they were friends? Not that Teddy could be violent towards me in a game, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Except for Alice. She was still holding an ice pack to her swelling eye that Pomfrey hadn’t gotten to yet.


“Mr. Potter, if you keep carrying on like this, I’m going to have to ask you to leave!” Madam Pomfrey scolded. Potter narrowed his eyes, but kept his mouth shut.


Eventually, the only ones who had to stay were me, Bagman, Black, and Higgins. It was near nine o’clock when Pomfrey kicked all the others out. To be honest, I hadn’t a clue what to do or who to talk to.


Teddy still wasn’t awake, but I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to talk to him. He had played a downright dirty game, something I didn’t think he was capable of even doing. He wouldn’t be called my brother…or wouldn’t for a while…until he got me lots and lots of chocolate.


I never really talked to Higgins much, but he seemed pretty dumb. He never talked in practice and when I saw him, he was shaking his long blonde hair all over the place. Seriously, what if he got some of his hair in someone’s breakfast? Or their eyes? He was just a walking danger zone.


Ludo was kind enough, but was already snoring on the opposite side of the room. Plus, he knew me as Loony Lenny or simply Crowley. I wasn’t a good socialization for him. He probably would loose a few brain cells talking to me and I’m sure he would throw a fit, seeing as how he always tried to go after Ravenclaws who thought he was the “smart and athletic” Gryffindor.


I glared at Black a few times, but he didn’t seem to notice or just didn’t want to have a row with me. Pity, I could use a good word vomit right now. I glanced at the things Alice had brought in for me (sweet girl, she really is). My cloak was there, a small bulge in the pocket. I reached for it, pulling out the letter from Black.


I immediately glowered towards him again. Stupid prick. Who did he think he was, anyways? Even if I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Yeah, he could walk up to me and even ask: “Can you give me the time of day?” and I’d shove him and say “Get a watch!”


I chuckled to myself. You have to laugh at your own jokes, really. Especially since people can’t hear in your head to laugh at them with you. Sometimes I wish people could. I wouldn’t look like such a nutter, then.


I looked at the rest of the things she brought in for me and frowned. She had placed my book bag next to my cloak, saying Lily insisted I do some work, rather than dwell on the match. Stupid Head Girl. I don’t need to remember the match in order to dwell. I have Lennyland.


Which seemed like a pleasant place right now. I looked around the hospital wing, as though I was going into super spy mode. That’s what it felt like sometimes in Lennyland. Maybe I’ll day dream about being a spy. I giggled to myself. That would be fun.


Before I could drift, I heard someone shift to my left. I looked over and saw Black roll onto his side, now facing me, but still asleep. He looked pretty innocent, just laying there. Ha. What did I know? He probably was dreaming about killing me or offing my brother. Mates, my arse.


But yet, I couldn’t stop looking. If he wasn’t talking or wasn’t conscious, I could admit he was attractive. Get rid of everything else about him, I could kind of see what other’s saw. He did have a nice skin tone, if you liked the whole tall, dark, and handsome thing. He had long eyelashes that were wrapped securely around his grey eyes. Soulless grey eyes.


I huffed, but decided to do it anyways. I was bored and when Lenny is bored, she does dumb things.


I grabbed a quill, a bottle of ink, and a piece of parchment and began to scribble.


Bloody Black,

Do you not understand? I know I’m writing in English, or at least I assume I am. Well, at least to me it looks like English. I’m not writing in a different language, am I? I thought I only knew English, but maybe I learned a new language when I dreamt. It’s a possibility, actually. Once I got a bruise in my sleep, so who’s to say I couldn’t learn a language? 

Anyways, bugger off. I DON’T LIKE YOU! Especially after today. Bloody Black and your bloody…bloodiness. And you did get bloody today. Good!

Did I make myself clear enough? 



I smiled to myself, glad to get my anger off my chest. It felt refreshing, to be honest. It was almost as good as saying this all to his face, but except now he thought that more than one person hated him.


I looked down at the letter and frowned. An owl wasn’t just going to appear out of no where, was it? I glanced over at the sleeping Black and then back down at the letter.


Fine, I’ll play owl for now.


I sat up, my hospital bed creaking beneath me. I winced, but no one stirred in the room. I crept out of my bed, feeling the urge to hoot (I was pretending to be an owl, you know), but resisted. I had to be sneaky. I’ll be the sneaky Slytherin I wanted to be.


After what seemed like ages (really only seconds), I reached Black’s bed. He looked peaceful and completely not bothered by the fact that his enemy was over him. I felt as though I should be carrying a knife, contemplating murdering him and if it was the right thing.

Who am I kidding? Murdering him would totally be the right thing to do.


I turned towards his night stand, rolling the letter up to make it look like an owl delivered it. Sneaky Lenny owl.


“What the bloody hell are you doing, Crowley?” I nearly jumped right out of my skin. Literally, I could feel it recoiling on my body and getting ready to let the rest of me hop right out.


“W-What? You bloody scared me!” I hissed in a low voice. I turned to Black whose eyes were narrowed on me, now sitting up in bed and fully awake. His eyes lingered over my face, trying to find a guilty expression before going down to my hand.


“What’s that?” He asked, pointing at the letter in my hand. Bollucks. I was caught. Caught red handed with the L.C. letter. Now he’d know.


“Uh-er..” I stuttered before he ripped it out of my hand. His eyes scanned it over and I felt my face flush with embarrassment.


Who would he tell first? Potter? They’d get a real good kick out of it. They’d probably torture me for days.


Crowley, are you breathing? 15 laps!”


“Knew all of that was bollucks! Who in their right mind would think me and Crowley would be destined?! Good joke!”


“So now you’re stealing my things? Real smooth, Crowley. Didn’t think you could sink much lower than you were, but you cease to amaze me.” Black growled.


I paused. Wait, he thought I tried to steal his letter? He didn’t actually put the pieces together? I blinked a few times before turning to my bed and sinking back into it, not bothering to respond.


If Black was that thick, so be it, I was fine with that. It meant my identity of L.C. was hidden. And my identity as a owl as well.


The owl gig was going out the window anyways. I wasn’t sneaky Slytherin enough for it.




Author's Note: 

So...err... you like it? Please let me know! I'm really loving the reviews I have so far and I understand if no one has really been paying attention to my story. I'm a bit loony, but you've got to give me some credit. Things will get more heated up!

I love everyone who has reviewed so far. Seriously. I probably wouldn't be continuing with this story if it wasn't for you guys! You give me the motivation! 

So on a lighter note... let me know your ideas for this and such. Even if your review is a simple "Haha, I love Lenny" or "Lenny's dumb, but it adds to her charm", I'll be a very happy author.

Also, tell me what you thought about the Ravenclaw Quidditch game! Was Teddy out of line? What the bloody hell was Teddy thinking? Does Potter have a small soft spot for Lenny? Ask or answer these questions! 

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