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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 8 : Diagon Alley
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A/N: Hello Everyone. I would really like to know everyone's thought's on the Fred/Hermione romance? Let me know whether you like it or hate it.

Thank you to all my reviewers.





Draco awoke early that morning. He was slightly eager for the day to beginning. Today was the day that he and Hermione were going out on a little outing. He wanted it to be a little public. He was hoping for the shock factor to kick in when people saw them together. He hoped nothing bad would happen today and everyone would be shocked but not appalled. He needed this day to go smoothly for Hermione because lately her mind had been a little fragile. He hoped if today goes as plan she will be a better mood after her confession she had made yesterday.



Last night Draco had heard the clink of glass on glass coming from Hermione’s room. He was expecting it. But, he heard it over and over again. He sighed because he knew she wouldn’t feel so well today but she was able to sleep through the whole night without the screaming banshee dreams. He gathered his supplies before he approached Hermione’s door. He knocked softly to see if she was asleep or not. He heard a tiny voice called out to come in.



“I didn’t think you would be awake yet.” Draco said softly so he didn’t upset her sure-to-be-there headache. He had his hands full with a variety of hangover remedies`              



“Well, I am. Did you need something?” She groaned into her pillow. Draco could help but noticed how cute she looked just after waking up. Her hair was slightly tousled and she had an innocent look on her face.




“Actually, I was bring you something. I hoped we could have an early start to our day out.” Hermione poke her head up a little higher to see what was in his hands. She quickly spotted the Hangover Potion he was holding.




“Oh Draco! You are a officially a god if you hand me that potion.” She said as she sat up but she moved a little too quickly and grabbed her head in pain. Draco handed her the potion while reminiscing over the way Hermione had just his name. It had slipped off her tongue in a delicate way that made his heart pound.




“We already knew I was a god.” He smirked the infamous Malfoy smirk. “But do you think you could be ready in thirty minutes?”




“First off, wipe the smirk off your face but I start throwing hexes and yes, since you brought me this potion I can be up in no time. I still don’t know my way around the Manor yet so you will have to come back and get me before we leave.” His had a slight more somber look after her threat.




“I will be back in 30 thirty minutes.” Draco retorted as he turned and walked out of the room.  Hermione stretched out in bed before she slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom.




Draco paced around the house a few times and checked his watch a few times before he finally was able to turn and walk towards his room and meet up with Hermione. He turned the last corner to find Hermione waiting out the bedroom door for him. Bugger! He thought to himself and checked his watch again. “No it’s only been twenty-eight minutes.” He registered. She turned and looked in his direction when she heard his approach and gave him a smile that could have knocked Lord Voldemort off his feet. He returned the gesture. She looked nice in an easy elegant sort of way. She wore a pair of brown shorts with an airy cream colored top with a floral print. She just might be able to beat the summer heat in that attire. 




 “Ready to go?” Draco asked as he offered her his arm.



“Um. Sure. Where are we headed today?”



“Diagon Alley. Unless, you would prefer Hogsmeade?” He didn’t realize what he had said until he noticed her eyes glaze over. He glanced anywhere but her. “Right. Diagon Alley is the destination.” She gave him a slight nod and then they walked in silence to the apparition point in front of Malfoy Manor.



They apparated to the Leaky Caldron. Draco suggested breakfast in the old bar before they headed out on their shopping excursion. Hermione agreed and they found themselves a table. Tom, the old bartender, came over and took their orders. Hermione didn’t have much to say so she sat in silence while they waited to their food to come. Draco was going mad with the silence. It wasn’t like they ever had much to say to each other but he couldn’t stand being so silent.




“What shops would you like to visit today?” He finally asked because he had nothing better to say or ask. He didn’t want to tip her over the edge. He hoped she would start talking so he could stop walking on eggshells to find a conversion topic.




“Well, I would like to visit the Florish & Blotts today. I can always use a new book or two.” She smiled politely.




“That’s it? I kind of wanted to be out of the house for a little while. It gets stuff sometimes.”




“Well, we can go to the other shops in Diagon Alley but that is the only one I really want to visit today.” She defended herself. 



“Well, first we should swing by Gringott’s. I have a few issues that need to be settled.” Draco stated but didn’t mention which issues they were. “Also, like you, I must remain true to form and visit Quality Quidditch Supplies before we leave.” He teased but Hermione was staring out the dirty windows. Finally Draco saw Tom hobbling over with their food in hand. After Tom was don’t ensuring they had everything and left the table Draco decided to remain silent while they ate. Hermione watched Draco as she ate. He was trying hard to talk to her but her heart just wasn’t in to it at the moment. Yesterday she was a little excited but it seemed the walk out of Malfoy Manor had zapped some of her excitement. She noticed that Draco looked like he was trying to dress casual but still looking over dressed. He wore a nice pair of dark wash jeans with a black button up that was tucked in. He did look good though, she had to admit that.




“Thanks.” He replied. “Never thought I’d hear to say that.” Hermione was totally confused.




She started laughing before she could respond. “Did I say that out loud?” she asked. 



“Yes. Of course you did.” He answered as she laughed some more.



“Well, I didn’t mean to but you are welcome.” She smiled a real one. He was finally saw some hope that Hermione might come to enjoy the day.




They didn’t say much after that. They finished their breakfast and while Hermione went to the restroom Draco paid. He was waiting for her to return when he heard a voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard to him.




“Drakie, I haven’t seen you in like forever!” He turned to see the pug-faced housemate walking towards him with her arm thrown out to give him a hug which he avoid with a snide comment.




“Pansy!” Draco returned with false excitement. “There is a reason for that.” She stopped mid step and gapped for a moment.



“Aww, Drakie-poo you don’t mean that.” He heard the door behind him open he knew Hermione would be out in a minute.




“Yes, Actually I do. I think my wife is just coming out of the restroom. Please walk away. I would hate for her to see something so gruesome this early in the day.” He sneered at Pansy.



“Draco?” He heard a lovely soft voice call his name. Turned around to see Hermione standing behind him. He grab her hand a pulled her next to him so he could place his hand around her waist possessively.




“Drakie, please quit touching the mudblood before I throw up. First your mom and now you” Her eyes were as big as saucers as realization hit her. Hermione had never seen Draco move so fast. He had his wand out and point in Pansy direction.




“You will not call her that. I would hate to use violence to make my point clear. She is my wife and I will NOT tolerate such language to be used in her direction.” He hissed in the direction of the pug-face. Hermione looked at her old classmate and almost feel sorry because she looked like a child who had just been told that Christmas wasn’t coming this year. She also felt smug because Pansy had made her life hell for six years at Hogwarts.




“Apologize!” Draco growled in Pansy’s direction. Pansy wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. She mumbled.




“I’m sorry. Mu- Granger.”




“Actually, It’s Mrs. Malfoy now. Please issue a corrected apology” He stated as he glowered at Pansy. Pansy gapped. Hermione had to hold in a victory smile.




“I apologize Mrs. Malfoy for calling you that name.” Hermione could tell Pansy had choked out every word but she didn’t really care. She had gotten the apology. Draco finished the conversation for them.




“Bye, Parkinson.” As he lowered his wand and lead Hermione to the back alley which doubled as the entrance to Diagon Alley. Hermione knew Pansy would spend the rest of her day complaining to her shallow friends about the encounter which made Hermione even more gleeful. As soon as the bricks fully formed back into a wall Hermione let out a huge sigh.




“Wow, That was fun.” She giggled like a silly little school girl. She noticed Draco’s arm was still around her waist.



“I know” Draco laughed. “So do you mind if we go to Gringott’s first?”




“Nope, I don’t mind at all.” He nodded before heading off down the Alley. He let go off her waist. She couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed when he did. But, then he grabbed her hand and they strolled to Gringott’s hand-in-hand. Hermione was sure it was for appearances only.




Draco felt funny when he let go of her waist, he wasn’t quite ready to relinquish all contact so he grabbed her hand instead as they walked to Gringott’s. they retrieved some money and then continued to have a great day shopping. Draco took Hermione to Florish and Blott’s and bought her half of their stock. She followed him through Quality Quidditch Supplies as he bought some new riding gloves. He found out that she was afraid to fly so didn’t really every fly. So, of course, he bought her a broom with the anticipation of teaching her how to fly at some point. They ate lunch and meandered through a few more shops. They had a great day together. Hermione had laughed quite a bit and Draco found himself to be in a fine mood.




Draco offered ice cream to finish the day. They grabbed a couple cones and continued to wander through the Diagon Alley. The crowds had lessened and it was getting close to dusk. Draco watched as she enjoyed her ice cream as he had already finished his.




“You have a bit of ice cream of your face.” He told her. Her hands flew to her face.





“Oh, where?” She stopped and looked at him. He turned a looked at her.




“Right here.” Draco reached out and cup her cheek as he used his thumb to wipe the smudge of cream off her upper lip. She locked eyes with him as he did it. He didn’t remove his hand afterward. She slowly tipped her head into his hand. Draco didn’t know what made him do it. Maybe the great day, or the intense look they shared, but he could help himself as he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers. The moment they touch Hermione felt something she never thought she would again. Sparks exploded in her stomach as her own hands made their way to his neck, she pulled him closer as she deepened the kiss. She was enjoying the warmth of his lips until she heard someone yell her name.




“Hermione!” Hermione jumped and turned to see Ron. Then she noticed where they were standing and was horrified. The Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes sign blared above her.




“When I heard Pansy whining to her friends earlier I didn’t believe it.” Ron stormed up to the pair. His eyes were flashing.




“Ron, please. Let me” She tried.




“Save it for someone who cares.” He yelled as he cut her off.



“Ronald Billius Weasley. You have no right to” but she was cut off again.




“I have NO right?” He roared as he threw his hands in the air. “I have all the right in the world. I have been waiting for over five years for you to get over Fred and then you run into the arms of the likes of him!” He yelled as he pointed at Draco.



“Excuse me, but” Draco tried to defend himself but was also cut off by Hermione.




“Draco, Please.” She pleaded. Draco threw his hands in the air and stepped back. She turned to Ron. “You knew?”



“Of course I knew. We all knew! How could we not?” He yelled again.




“How?” was the only word she could squeak out.




“You treat me as if I’m the biggest idiot in the world. So let’s start with the war. The moment Harry finished Voldemort you could be happier, you gave both of us a hug and was happier than I had ever seen you. Then, you left saying there was someone you had to find and you searched until you came upon Fred. All that happiness disappeared the moment you saw his form. After you heard about the ring you didn’t speak for a whole week. You wouldn’t eat. If that wasn’t enough proof, I watched over you for the first few months after the war and guess what? You talk in your sleep. Every time you called out for him it broke my heart a little more. My brother Hermione! How could you?” He yelled at her. Hermione could not process. Finally she spoke up.




“You can help who you fall in love with. We didn’t want to hurt you which was why we never let anyone know. I never told anyone about us because what was the point in hurting you?”




“Well you did. Then I wait because I think you eventually get over my brother and I would be there for you but when you finally do you are dating this slimy git!” Ron hollered as he threw his hand in Draco direction.



“Actually, I’m married to him.” She timidly admitted. She was afraid of his reaction but was almost to numb to care. Ron had to bring up Fred. What Ron said next dealt the finishing blow.




“What?!? Married? You have got to be bloody kidding me! You are a disgrace. I thought you were smart but I guess I was wrong. Fred apparently didn’t know who he was with either. He would have never dated someone as low as you Hermione. You have disgraced anything you once had with Fred. It probably wasn’t even real.” He finished and just stared at her. Draco watch as the girl in front of him cracked and rumbled down in to pieces. She was going in the right direction to recovery and then that bloody Weasel had to come along and mention Fred, which was a weak point for her. She stood there gapping at that stupid weasel.




“What? Aren’t you going to defend yourself?” Ron asked and then tapped his foot impatiently as if wait to a reply. “That’s what I thought, you are pathe-“




“Weasley! That’s enough!”




“Piss off, Malfoy!” Ron spat. “This isn’t your fight”




“Actually I think it is. She is my wife. If Fred truly loved her he would want her to be happy.” Draco tried to defend Hermione for the weasel’s onslaught of verbal abuse.



“Don’t pretend you knew my brother you filthy Death Eater. You are the reason he is dead. Go crawl back in your hole, ferret.” Ron told Draco. “And you Hermione. I hope I never lay eyes on you again.” He finished and then apparated away.



 Draco turned to Hermione he was seething but it melted away when he saw that Hermione was rooted to the spot and silent tears trailed down her face. Draco was unsure what to do. He reached out for her and when she didn’t flinch away he took her into his arms and apparated them back to the Manor. He took her to her room to tuck her away. He figured she probably would talk for the rest of the night. 



Hermione was completely numb. It was like her brain had shut down and was refusing to start working again. She wasn’t quite sure how she got back to her room but all she knew was that was alone again. She quickly found her glass and started filling it with the amber liquid. Her brain still refused to let her think about what had happened in Diagon Alley. She sat in her window seat staring out the window as the details slowly started to seep back into her mind. She didn’t know how to feel about the Weasley’s knowing about her and Fred. It had been a long hid fact and now in 20 minutes it was out in the open. She listened as Draco came and went from the room to check on her. She had sat there so long she didn’t even move. Finally after what seemed like forever Draco came in a bid her a good night. She nodded before she turned and stared back out the window. She listened as Draco got ready for bed. When she heard his bed creak when his laid down she made up her mind. She changed into her nightgown.



Draco was almost asleep when he felt some pressure on the mattress beside him. 



“I don’t want to be alone tonight. Can I sleep in here?” He heard her whisper through the darkness.



“Of course.” He felt her snuggle under his arm and, more quickly than he thought possible, he heard her breaths even out. He figured he wouldn’t get much sleep that night but hopefully she would.



Draco looked down at her sleeping form. The day was dawning outside and Draco wasn’t quite ready for the night to be over just yet. She had curled up under his arm and slept next to him all night long. He still didn’t get much sleep. She had talked in her sleep for most of the night. She said the name “Fred” about million times. He listened and waited the yelling but it never came. He grumbled about Ron and used the word “prat” and “git” more than once. She had only said his name once and but it was the last word that past over her lips for the rest of the night He had spent the listening to her ramblings about her life. He gave him a small satisfaction that he took residence her a small part of her mind.

Draco watched the sun slowly rise over the horizon through his eastern facing window. He had always cursed the bloody sun in the morning, but today he grateful for the placement of his room in the manor.  Once the sun had finally crested the horizon line he felt Hermione start to stir in her sleep. He knew her sleepy eyes would open soon enough. It was only a few more minutes until his prediction was right. He watched her honey eyes open and stare at him. He smiled at her. She just stared for a few more minutes. Draco would have given anything to know what she was thinking in the few minutes that her gaze rest upon his face. Then she got out of the bed wordlessly and headed to her own room. As she reach the solid wood door that lead to her room she stopped and turned to the confused blonde she had left in the bed and gave him a slight nod and then continued through the door. He heard the shower come on in her bathroom so he got out of the bed and decided to get ready for the day.




A/N: Hello Again Everyone. I would really like to know everyone's thought's on everything that has happened. What do you think of Ron? The Dramione romance? Let me know!

Thank you to all my reviewers I love hearing from my readers!


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What is love?: Diagon Alley


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