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The Minister's Wife by StuckonPrivetDrive
Chapter 11 : Thursday
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Chapter Eleven

  Oh Weasley, I just knew you couldn’t stay away. You’ll surely forgive me for turning down the invitation to the State Dinner last week. I felt it inappropriate to attend after my involvement in damaging your good name, plus I can’t stand President Nargi. I stupidly agreed to play a hand of cards with him during a conference in New York a few years ago. The man doesn’t know when to shut up. On the plus side I won fifty quid.
  I was sorry to hear your week was so tiresome. As for my week it’s been about the same, other than me being followed more than usual. I was having dinner at Chow the other night and a reporter had the nerve to follow me into the men’s room. Apparently the manager values my patronage greatly because he chased him from the establishment personally.
  No I am not excited that the Harpies won, moving them closer to the league cup. The Falcon’s will take them on Saturday and yes I would love to listen with you.

I don’t care what you say Malfoy, the ref was totally out of order on that call! There is a difference between hopping a few inches off your broom for a mere second then dismounting. Besides the Falcons play dirty and a good woman always fights back.

So I’ve been told. That’s why good women stay single. They stand for the demise of men. But if you can’t play dirty without getting caught then get out of the game!

What do you know about strong women? As I recall your last relationship was with the twenty three year old Cindy who still lives with her parents. Which reminds me, have you decided whether you’d like to meet my friend or not?

First of all she was twenty four and lives with her grandparents. Her parents kicked her out, there was a whole story about the situation which I didn’t bother to listen to. How old is your friend? What does she look like?

So shallow, she’s an appropriate age for you and a beautiful woman. Here’s her address. I’ll let her know to expect your owl
102 Porter Boulevard
Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Don’t tell her to expect anything! I haven’t decided whether I’m going through with this ridiculous idea yet! YES! Falcons up by ten!

Shut up! They haven’t got a chance in hell to catch the Snitch.

It seemed as if the Draco and Ginny rumors were cooling down since the public date with Harry. She kept her promise and stayed away from Malfoy but she couldn’t go without talking to him. So pen pals they became. It was perfect the banter without the contact, which was good because she could resist the urged to hit him.
The rumors weren’t all bad. They seemed to do wonders for her marriage. Harry stepped up his game since the incident as far as spending time with his family. He made it home by six three times that week instead of two, had dinner with his family, helped Lily with her Defense against the Dark Arts and yelled at her when she tried to sneak out.

They had done another public date, well sort of. Harry was late and Lily couldn’t be trusted to be left alone so he took both his girls for ice cream at eleven o’clock on Friday night in Diagon Alley. The ice cream was delicious but the photographers following them around weren’t but that was the point. Ginny tried to ignore them and just enjoy being with her family.

So I’m reading The Cursed Be Damned at the recommendation of Al, my resident genius. It’s pretty good, I’m only at chapter five but I’m sending you a copy. I’ll wait for you to catch up. Also what’s your opinion on an autobiography about me? (Laughs)  Little Red Books wants to option it. What should I call the chapter on you?

First of all this book is amazing. I want to see it live action. Perhaps I’ll produce it. Second if you write an autobiography I will never speak to you again, even if the chapter on me will be extremely stimulating. Plus I’ve read your column on the state of sport. A literary award is not in your future… Have you got to the part where the man fell through the hearth? That would be great on stage.

Since when do you produce? I question your taste because I have been awarded for journalism. I wouldn’t leave a work of art in your care. I won’t write it because if you stop talking to me my marriage may fall apart again. Harry’s annoyance with you has done wonders for me. I just read that part, how would you illustrate that? Have the actor levitate and the fireplaces change behind him?

I said produce not direct I’d let someone who knows what they’re doing take care of that. I’m on chapter twenty, where are you? It’s nice that you and Potter have been spending time together, but please don’t go into detail about your sex life. I just ate and I would prefer to keep my food down.

Sixteen so don’t say anything past that, I got busy. Deadlines and meetings you know the deal. How come I can’t talk about my sex life when you have given me more detail then I want about the women you’ve dated.

Because you don’t know the women I’ve dated. I’ll have to tell you a story about a raven haired girl named Shelly and a night in Belize. It involved ice, tongues, and feathers. Anyway I can’t talk for the next complete of days, going to Berlin on business. I’ll write when I get back.

Keep that story to yourself. Have fun bring me a chunk of the wall.

Harry took Ginny dancing at a jazz club in muggle London. The band was on fire tonight and the dance floor was packed. Everyone was having a wonderful time. Ginny was surprised when Harry brought her here because he hates dancing. He said he was ready to cut a rug and had Dean teach him some moves.
Unfortunately duty called and someone she didn’t know from the Ministry brought him some papers that had to be signed immediately. So she, Harry, and their third wheel were at their table not having fun.

“I’m going to get a drink, do you want something,” she leaned in and asked Harry.

“No I’m good thanks,” he said not bothering to look away from what he was doing.

“And you sir,” she asked the other man

He looked up at her and smiled, “no thank you, I’m still on the clock.”

Ginny got up and crossed the room to the bar. She leaned against it and tried to get the bartenders attention.
“What’s a gorgeous woman like you doing buying her own drink,” a tall blonde man came and leaned against the bar next to her.

“Well I was thirsty and no one else was going to do it. You gotta do what you gotta do,” she glanced at him quickly before continuing her quest for service.
“Perhaps I should offer”

“That’s really nice of you but I’m here with someone.”

“Someone who wouldn’t buy you a drink,” he smirked. “He doesn’t sound too fun.”
She turned to him, “He may not be but he’s kind of my husband so that’s just how it goes.”

“Just because your married doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little fun,” he winked.
Ginny blushed, she hadn’t had a man come on to her in a really long time. He wasn’t smooth and she was grateful she wasn’t single. Going through the motions with men like him was a pain in the ass. But her blonde stranger friend had a point just because she was married didn’t mean she shouldn’t have fun.

“What can I get you love,” the bartender finally got around to Ginny.

“Gin gimlet with extra lime.”
“I hope you’ll let me buy that for you,” the man persisted.

Ginny rolled her eyes and turned around with her back against the bar. She watched Harry and his associate engrossed in whatever they were doing. She couldn’t believe he took her out just to work, but at the same time he didn’t leave or cancel so that was a vast improvement.
She looked to her suitor when he nudged her. He handed her, her drink, “it’s on me.”

“Thanks she took a sip,” he was annoying, fairly unattractive but he was right she should be having fun. But there was no way in hell she was going to have it with him. She could have done something else with her time. She would have rather been asleep, curled up on the couch with a good book or sending constant owls to Draco. But I can’t he’s in Germany.
She chugged the rest of her drink and put the glass on the bar. “You have a goodnight,” she didn’t go back to the table instead she went got her jacket out of the cloak room.

“Ginny I thought you said you wanted to have lots of fun?”

“This is lots of fun Seamus, you need four people to play pinochle,” they were at Dean’s house, “you don’t think this is fun because Hannah and I are whooping you ass,” she and Hannah laughed.
“Laugh it up you two because my next move will have you two begging for mercy,” Dean smiled wickedly.

“This is really lame, I plan parties for a living and when I’m called spur of the moment I expect a goodtime,” huffed Seamus

“We’re not one of your girlfriends,” informed Hannah making the next move, “we’re not guaranteed to give you a good time.”
“If the three of you didn’t get married then perhaps you’d know I good time when you see one. Let’s go out... I know a party we could finesse our way into.”

“Seamus we’re in our forties we do not need to be sneaking into parties,” Hannah sighed

“I can’t anyway,” Dean said making his move, “There’s no one to watch Jon. Normally I would bother his godfather for the task but he’s sitting across from me and wants to go out.”

“Gin, what’s Lily doing right now,” Seamus turned to her.

“Probably something of a delinquent nature,” she shrugged.
“Think she’ll take a break and watch Jon?”

Ginevra Potter Partying in Dublin
Mrs. Potter made an unexpected appearance last night at Population in Dublin. She was with long time friend Dean Thomas Head of Games and Sports. They attended the private party of Carlos Fernandez a wireless host visiting from Peru. This was a closed event but according to a party guest, the First Lady was in a VIP room with friends endless bottles of champagne being hand delivered. Given the recent alleged affair of Mrs. Potter with Draco Malfoy, should the vixen really be clubbing?

Are you back or are you dead? Where’s my wall?
“I know he’s Minister and all but I can’t believe he did this to her,” Knox whispered to Bobby. They were blending into the wall across the room under the disillusionment charm watching Ginny. She was sitting at a table in the back of a muggle restaurant waiting for Harry. He was almost thirty minutes late she didn’t look too happy.

“At least it’s not in the wizarding world.”

“You don’t have to be a wizard mate, to know when someone’s been stood up,” reasoned Knox.

Bobby waited as a waitress passed before he said anything else, “you think we should say something to him about it.”

“No we’re not to get involved,” it was the truth they were supposed to stay objective and not let their emotions get in the way. It’s just they’ve been with her for about ten months now and Ginny Potter was extremely personable. It was hard not to love her, “no matter how much you want to just slam Potter against a wall,” he said as he watched Ginny signal the waitress for the bill.

“Keep cool, I’m going to secure the outside,” Bobby said before walking away.

When Ginny came out of the restaurant Knox materialized behind her, Bobby opened the car door for her. “I think I’d rather walk.”
“We’re coming with you,” Knox said as if there was no way around it, “not after the tomato, hex, and pus goo incident.”

Ginny chuckled, “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she began down the street and stopped walking. She turned around and positioned herself between Bobby and Knox and took hold of both of their arms.

They were supposed to keep their distance and they should have stated that this was inappropriate but instead they went with it. Bobby patted Ginny’s hand comfortingly, and then tucked both of his hands in his pockets. Ginny looped her arm around Bobby’s more securely.

My portkey got delayed, rocks included I hope you like it. I’m wrapped up in meetings for the rest of the week.

Ginny opened the little red box that was in the envelope. There was a small rock with a bit of blue and orange on it. She rolled it over in her hand a couple times.

“Ooo what’s that,” Lily said entering her mother’s room.

“Piece of the Berlin wall”

“Can I see,” Ginny handed her the rock. “This is so cool, where did you get it?”


“From Mr. Malfoy, Scorpius mentioned his father was going to Berlin,” she handed the rock back.

Ginny tucked it back in the box and put it along with the note in the desk drawer. “You seem to talk to Scorpius Malfoy a lot.”

She shrugged, “occasionally, we run in the same circles and he too spends a lot of time in detention. You really get to know someone over scrubbing cauldrons or at parties. Sometimes we trade barbs.”
“How lovely, don’t you have some studying to do?”

“Did it, can Raleigh come over.”

“I don’t think so. I’m going out who knows what you’ll get into,” she crossed the room to her closet and began riffling through her clothes.

“Mum we’re just going to do our nails and listen to soap operas,” Lily went and stood in the doorway of the closet. “Don’t wear that,” she said to dress her mother had pulled out.
“What’s wrong with this?”

“Nothing if you’re trying to look like Grandma”

Ginny snorted, “When have you ever seen your grandmother in a strappy back dress.”

“I didn’t mean literary, I just met its conservative”

“I’m an old woman I need to be conservative,” she hung the dress back up and looked for something else.

“Where are you going anyway?”

“Your father and I have tickets to the Ballet… what about this,” she held up the purple dress she wore to the Quidditch hall of fame.

“You know I like that one,” she crossed her arms, “so can Raleigh come over or not?”

“Yes but she has be gone by ten.”

“Okay,” Lily ran from the room.

“I don’t understand the fascination of people jumping about in tights,” Ron said playing with the collar around his neck on his tuxedo. They were sitting in a private box in the theater waiting for the performance by the British Wizarding Ballet to begin. The house was full with murmuring witches and wizards in their evening wear.

"Stop that,” Hermione hit him on the arm.

“I’m sorry but this thing is uncomfortable. I don’t know how you wear these things on a regular a basis Harry.”

“You get use to it or at least pretend to,” Harry chuckled.

“Is this ballet any good?” Asked Hermione

“Its opening night,” Ginny said from the other side of Harry, “it’s brand new, never been performed before. Miguel Hess has yet to let down with his choreography. I’m very excited.”

“I didn’t know you were so into ballet,” Hermione leaned forward from the other side of Ron.
“Oh yeah, I love performance.” She should considering she puts one on every time she leaves the house.

The lights went down in the theater, Ginny looped her arm through Harry’s as the performance began. The stage was dark as the music began at a fast tempo. The dancers flooded the stage running back and forth leaping in excitement. There was a big booming noise and they all froze, a ballerina in a long flowing white gown came fluttering down from the ceiling.

Wilkes came up behind Harry and whispered something in his ear. He nodded, then leaned into Ginny, “I have to go, I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Its fine,” she said removing her arm from around his. Again she put on her show, what was she going to do make a scene in the theater? Especially with her brother and his wife there, they think everything is alright between them and she didn’t want a repeat of the Birthday party she hosted. So she would continue with the act and let them believe they were just perfect.

“I’ll see you at home,” he kissed her on the cheek and got up and left.

Ginny moved over one seat so she was now sitting next to Ron and pretended everything was alright.

Ginny was all gussied up for her date with Harry. It was after eleven when she was on her way downstairs to wait for him and the doorbell went. It was a bit late for visitors but she didn’t think anything of it until she heard grumbling.

“Sir if you don’t cooperate I’ll be forced to remove you from the premises,” hissed Jim

“Oh sod off you wanker, what happened they wouldn’t let you into Auror training,” slurred Malfoy evilly
“Put you’re wand in the tray and empty your pockets,” scowled Jim

“Ugh,” Draco tossed his wand on the table and tried to stand up straight as he pulled out the contents of his pockets.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Ginny said joining them at the door.

“I came to see you,” he said as Jim forced his arms up in the air. As soon as Jim removed his hands Draco’s arms fell back to his sides.

“That’s nice,” she said catching him as he stumbled forward. “Jim will you hold that stuff for him please,” Ginny helped him down the hall.

“Security in this place is tighter than the ministry”

“Harry would say it was to keep people like you out. How did you find this place it’s unplottable and I never invited you,” she asked helping him down the stairs to the kitchen.
“Aren’t you the one who hosted a soiree for the press here,” he missed a step.

“Careful, when they accepted the invitation they agreed to have their minds wiped, they know they were here but they don’t know where here is.”

“I may have asked for directions…”

“From who”

“My mother”

“You asked your mother for directions to my house”

“I figured she knew. Then I may have used a confundus charm on that guy dressed like the homeless man, in the phone booth on the corner to get invited in. He was wearing really nice loafers, it was a dead giveaway.”

Ginny was confused as to why he went through the trouble but she moved on, “Take a seat at the table I’ll make you some coffee. What’s this about you never get drunk.”

“I may have had dinner with Astoria,” he said struggling into a chair.

“I’ve meant her. I can’t see how she would drive you to drinking,” she put on the coffee and then joined him at the table.

“She mentioned that, you’re carnival is going to be great. She somehow convinced me to donate a dunk tank.”
“I know how you don’t like to part with your money. How much did it cost that you’re eyes are going in two different directions,” she snapped her fingers in his face to try and get him to focus.

“It was what she told me that forced me to call the three women over to the Seymour Inn and then I began drinking.”

“You had a threesome”

“Foursome if you count me”

“Okay that’s disgusting,” Ginny said getting up to get his cup of coffee.

“It’s so funny, the woman I would have gone to with this broke my heart tonight for the first time in the twenty two years I’ve known her. Then the other one has decided she’s not going to see me because I ruined her life. Who would expect any less after all I am Draco Malfoy.”

Ginny placed the cup down in front of him and resumed her seat, “you didn’t ruin my life it’s just… anyway what happened with Astoria?”

Draco stared down into his cup he took a sip before he said, “She’s getting married”

“Draco that’s not bad news”

“I know but it means she’s really gone. She wants me to meet him, she says she can’t marry anyone I don’t think is right to be Scorpius’ stepfather.”

“That was considerate of her”

“Not really, it doesn’t matter what I say she’ll marry him anyway… I may have to have him taken care of.”

“Don’t do that, drink more of your coffee I want it all gone”

“I’m so sorry Ginny, just for everything that kiss, the photo, whatever reason I gave you to use that bat boogey hex on me in fifth year.”

She looked at him just staring into his cup of coffee and she felt sorry for him. He wasn’t that evil… okay so he was that evil but it was layered and spawned from other things so it seemed justified. She kind of wanted to admit that kiss didn’t bother her that much. She thought it would make him feel better. The real problem was lying to Harry. She also found great pleasure in that bat boogey hex. She looked down at her hands and smiled. She looked back up when she heard a thud.

“Draco!” She got up and rushed to him. He had fallen out of his chair to the floor. She crouched down and shook him. “Draco… Draco…” she slapped him a couple of times, “Draco wake up! Draco…”
He opened his eyes, “I’m so into you,” his eyes rolled back into his head and closed again.

“Ginny are you ready for date night. I figured we could catch a midnight showing…” Harry called coming downstairs. She looked up at him from the floor. “What the hell is he doing here?”

“He wanted to talk to me… can you just help me get him up”

Harry rolled his eyes, “what did you do knock him out… oh he’s drunk,” he said scrunching up his face when got close to him and could smell the alcohol. He took hold of one of his arms and hoisted him up. “I’m just lugging him to the curb right”

“No… put him in the guest room”
“I can’t drag him up three flights of stairs,” Harry levitated Draco and he began to hover a few feet off the ground.  “I suppose this means our date is canceled”

“Of course not just make sure he’s lying on his stomach so he doesn’t choke on his vomit, then we can go out.”

“What did he have to tell you that made him come over here completely wasted?”

“His wife is getting married”

“Isn’t he divorced,” Harry said pushing Draco’s leg over on the landing so his shoe wouldn’t scuff his wall.

“It’s a long story”

“Which I’m sure he has explained to you in detail”

She shrugged as she opened the door to the guest room, “somewhat,” when Draco was over the bed she pushed his body down and rolled him onto his stomach. She then followed Harry from the room. “What do you want to see?”

“I don’t know,” Harry brushed it off, he was more curious about something else. “Did you invite him in?”

“No he asked his mother for directions and confunded Miller. Tell him not to wear nice shoes. Let’s go.” She took his hand and pulled him down the hall. They were definitely going out, after Draco showed up there was no way she could cancel their plans. Harry was already irked enough by him no need to increase that feeling. Plus Draco likes me

“He asked his mother for directions so he could come see you,” Harry went on as she grabbed her jacket and led the way out the front door. “Why did he go through the trouble?”
“It beats me… Where’s the car,” she said looking around for the Ministry car.

"I’m driving,” he said using the button to unlock the car that was parked across the street. “He didn’t say anything?”

She climbed into the passenger’s side, “he passed out before I could get all the info.”

“All of this because Astoria Malfoy is getting remarried,” he was in disbelief as he pulled away from the curb, “what does he care, he probably only married her because she was appropriate.”

Ginny laughed, “You really don’t know Draco Malfoy.”

“I’d like to keep it that way.”

She rolled her eyes, “let’s just move on, I don’t want to see anything scary.”

“I like scary movies,” Harry chuckled, “you always cling to me for dear life and bury your face in my chest.”

“If that’s the only reason you want to see a scary movie we might as well just go park,” she laughed.

“That’s not a bad idea.”

“No it’s not but I want to see a movie first.”

“Will you go down on me in the back of the theater,” he grinned evilly.

“I did that one time and I will never do it again,” she laughed as she hit him in the arm, “… I will most likely never do that again.”

Harry reached over and turned off the alarm clock. He sat up and noticed Ginny’s side of the bed empty. He got up and went across the hall to wake Lily. On his way out of the room he noticed the guest room door open a bit. He went up the hall and peaked in, Ginny was sitting on the edge of the bed, Draco was still lying down but he was awake and lying on his back.

“How are you feeling,” she asked him

“Like Jim Beam and Jack were not the best friends for me to make,” he groaned. “I haven’t been this hung over since I was nineteen.”

“Forty five isn’t quite as young as you think it is huh?”

“I never said I was young but today I feel quite old. I should get out of your hair before Potter comes and kicks me out.”

“Who do you think put you in here”

Draco raised an eyebrow, “what did you have to do to get him to do that?”

“You two hate each other so much, but neither one of you is as bad as you think,” she informed.

Harry backed away from the door and went back to his room to get dress.

Ginny turned around and looked towards the door, when she though she heard something. “I need to go wake up Lily and I’ll get you some coffee.” She got up and left the room.

She looked into Lily’s room, she was already awake. She went into her room to see if Harry was up, she heard the shower. She continued down the stairs to the kitchen, she figured it was him she heard at the door. This was an awkward situation and Harry was handling it better than she ever thought he would. That might be because of what happened in the backseat of his car after the movies last night. She enjoyed herself but she knew it happened out of guilt. She began to prepare the coffee…

“Ginny,” She jumped, “sorry I didn’t mean to scare you but I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I’m going to go,” Draco said holding onto the kitchen doorframe for support.

“Are you sure”

“Yeah, I have to take something for this hang over, I have a meeting in an hour so… bye,” he turned to go back upstairs. He stopped and turned to her. “I didn’t say anything stupid to you last night, did I?”
“No,” she lied. This was great if he didn’t remember she could just move on and pretend it didn’t happen, “just something about having your wife’s fiancé taken care of.”

He chuckled, “that sound like me, I’ll see you around Weasley.”

She stopped with the coffee and went back to her room. Harry was out of the bathroom, she went to get in the shower herself as she passed the closet, “How’s Malfoy feeling,” Harry called out to her.

“Like he consumed a lot of alcohol,” she watched him as he got dressed not bothering to look at her.

“I bet… is he still here?”

“No, he went to take care of his hangover.”

“Good,” he said looking up at her as he came out putting on his tie, “I know you didn’t invite Malfoy over but I don’t want him here anymore.”

I suppose he’s not taking it as well as I thought, “He’s my friend.”

“I know and I appreciate that but I don’t want him in my house,” he said seriously.

Your house so what am I just a guest here!” She put her hands on her hips.

“You know that’s not what I meant. You and Malfoy have some understanding that I don’t get. But I do not like him, I don’t care how he’s made amends for the things he’s done but I am not over it! He is not welcome here!”


“Really,” he was surprised she caved in so easily.

“Yes, prefer that I object,” she honestly didn’t feel like fighting. She had other things to worry about like the fact the Draco Malfoy likes her.

“No, thank you,” he kissed her on the cheek, “…So what do you have going for today?”

She sighed as she began to move about the room, “just going to work and then this evening I’m meeting Steph and Willis.”

“Sounds good,” he said pulling on his suit jacket

“Yeah I’m going to take them to dinner.”

“Great,” he stuffed some papers in his briefcase, “I’ll see you later. I love you”

Ginny turned around, somewhat sullen look on her face, “I love you too,” she turned back to the dresser.

Harry went out into the hall and instead of heading downstairs. He stopped and replayed the conversation he had with Ginny over in his mind. I’ll see you later. I love you. Then Ginny says, I love you too… but she always says I know. Harry sighed and continued downstairs.

“Good morning Irv,” Harry said pulling on his jacket
“Morning Harry”

“Can you please get word to the entire security team that Draco Malfoy is no longer allowed on the premises and tell Miller no nice shoes at work.”

“Of course”

“Thank you, have a good day,” he went out the front door.

“Morning Minister, here are you messages,” Gail handed them to him when he walked pass her desk.
“Thank you, can you have Mr. Malfoy come up and see me at his earliest convenience,” he said before he went into his office.

The door to Harry’s office open, he knew it was Malfoy he was the only person who in the Ministry who wouldn’t knock. He didn’t bother to look up from what he was doing, “Have a seat Mr. Malfoy.”

“I would rather stand”

“Fine… so about your friendship with my wife”

“What about it,” he crossed his arms and watched Potter not bother to look at him.
“I don’t like it, she knows that and I’m sure you’ve caught on. You may be a self righteous git but I can never deny that you’re quite clever,” he stopped what he was doing and looked up at him, “As much as I want to, I can’t ban her from seeing you.”

“You are Minister I’m sure she’ll follow whatever rules her leader sets,” he crossed his arms.
Harry smirked, “I know you have feelings for her.”

“You know absolutely nothing Potter”

“I know lots of things. For example if I find you anywhere near my home again I will have you arrested. That others may not have been able to get you out of the Ministry but you weren’t making plays for their wives, at least not that I know of. Now here’s something you know,” Harry leaned back in his chair. “They call me the Chosen One and that allows me certain liberties and you have given me the prefect ammo to get you out of here.”

Draco dropped his arms and chuckled, “you think you’ve got me Potter but you have no proof that anything is going on with Weasley and I. You’ve gone on about how you can ruin me and glared and it’s quite fetching but you haven’t asked me any questions. The most important being, why is it that your wife wants to spend so much time with me?” He slid his hands into his pockets, “you have a good day Minister,” he turned and left.

Ginny I just want to thank you again for taking care of me the other night. I want to apologize for intruding on you at home. Manipulating your security and the hassle I put your night guard through. Most importantly thanks for listening, I know I do not have the best personality but I find your lovely ear comforting. I know that is not an excuse for ignoring your request of space and for that I also apologize.

I’m glad to know that you felt comfortable enough to come and talk to me. I hope you will continue to talk to me whenever you need to. Draco you may not have the best personality but I like it, it reminds me of absolutely no one I know. I know how much Astoria means to you so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I just ask that from now on you continue to respect my request for us to stay apart. Who knows what will happen in the future, perhaps we can get together again but for now your letters will have to do.

That was all so lovely but I feel we’re getting to serious, let’s talk about something else. What’s this I hear about you going to Population? I want you to know that I truly laughed when I heard about that. Weasley clubbing, what happened to I’m not into nightclubs?

I’m not. My friend Seamus (I don’t know if you remember him from school) knows the owner and he may have snuck us into a private party. If you ever hear of me acting like a teenager in public he’s most likely behind it.

I remember Finnegan, I always thought he’d become the town drunk.

I’m going to forget you said that. Seamus is brilliant he knows how to profit from a good time. Anyway I can’t talk tomorrow night, it’s my anniversary Harry and I have plans.

Well, let me be the first to say, Happy Anniversary

Thank you

Ginny stood in front of the mirror for twenty minutes trying to decide whether her hair should be straight or curly. She bought new lingerie and was wearing a red dress that generally resided in the back of her closet because she thought it to revealing but Harry loved. A week ago she stole Harry’s wedding band and replaced it with a duplicate to have it engraved. She was so excited it was their twenty third wedding anniversary. She was even more excited because she hadn’t been this excited in a really long time.
They had reservations at eight, Ginny was ready by seven forty five and Harry hadn’t come home yet. She went to wait for him in the sitting room. When eight fifteen rolled around she decided she was not going to be mad, he could be a bit late. At eight thirty she was losing patience’s, at eight forty five the fireplace lit up and Gail told Ginny that he was still in conference with the confederation but he should be there in about fifteen minutes. At eight fifty Ginny gave up on the idea and went up to bed.

She sat still dressed on the edge of the bed and watched the clock until it struck nine. The small hope that he would come in completely dwindling, she picked up the clock and threw it against the wall.
She slipped out of her clothes and got under the covers to go to sleep. She really wanted to fall asleep but she couldn’t, her eyes were wide open as she lay there thinking of all the people who were out enjoying the company of their love ones. They were doing so simply because they wanted to spend time together. Yet today was her anniversary and she was lying in bed alone in Italian lingerie.

She turned on her side away from Harry’s side of the bed. She stared at the window waiting to fall asleep… It was a quarter to one when the door creaked open and Harry whispered her name. That’s when she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Ginny squeezed her eyes tight as they burned from the light. She hid her face under the blanket to block the sun. She knew it was late. It was never that bright during her normal morning hour. However she didn’t rush to find out the time, she couldn’t anyway, the last time she saw her clock in was in pieces on the floor. She didn’t even know if Lily got off to school but she was too upset to care.

She kept her New Year’s resolution of never asking Harry to do anything for her again. This night was Harry’s idea and yet again he broke a promise to her. She was partially to blame for believing he’d keep it in the first place. She sighed and pulled the covers away from her face. As much as she didn’t want to get up she’d have to owl to work and explain her absence. She sat up in bed her eyes open wide at the sight of her room.
Every inch was covered in white orchids. She had no words to describe the gesture. She had no idea where Harry would have found all these flowers on such short notice. It was a beautiful sight but she was still mad. She looked over to his side of the bed. There was a note on his pillow. I’m sorry. She balled it up and threw it across the room.

Did you have fun last night? Please leave out the juicier details. Puddlemere’s playing the Harpies tonight care for a listen?

Let’s listen at your place. I’ll bring the whisky.

Draco stood by his open window reading the note Ginny just wrote. She wanted to come over, he really wanted to see her but he knew Harry was right when he said he could use this affair to sack him. He worked hard for his position, to gain the trust he needed to hold a high profile Ministry job. He didn’t need the money, even though he doesn’t act like it he cares what people think of him, and he actually likes his job. Then there was Ginny and he liked her, he looked forward to hearing from her. He wanted to see her. He sighed scribbled a note and attached it to his owls leg. He watched as it soared out the window.

34 Brunswick Road
Kensington, London

Ginny lifted the silver serpent doorknocker and banged twice. She took a step back and waited for Draco to answer. She looked up and down the street, it was a really nice neighborhood, and the shrubs next to his stairs were perfectly manicured. She turned back to the door when she heard it open.
“Hey, I come bearing Whisky heavy on the fire,” she smiled at Draco holding up the bag she was holding.

“Great, come in,” he stepped aside to let her in. He looked around before he closed the door. He wanted to make sure no one was watching them, “Are you alone?”
“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

“No security,” she shook her head. “I would have thought Potter would have insisted since me.”

She shrugged, “I may have snuck out of my own house.”
“You shouldn’t have done that,” he kind of wished her security was with her. He may not like Harry but he understands how people feel about him and he would prefer no one try to attack her.

“Well I didn’t want to be followed by security or anyone else. It’s easier to be low key alone,” she explained.

“I’ll take your jacket.”

She readjusted the bag she was carrying to take off her jacket. She handed it to Draco, who hung it by the door. She looked around his foyer. “You have a very lovely home, is this one of Willow’s pieces.” She said pointing to the large scale photograph hanging over the table. It looked like an ink blot but it was moving like silk.


“I’ve never seen this one before.”

“I’ve made sure that no one’s seen it,” he said leading her into the living room.

“How do you do that?”
“Purchase before the showing. Make yourself comfortable”

“Will do,” she handed him the bag.

“I will go chill these, the wireless is on the desk if you want to turn it on,” he crossed the room to the kitchen.

“And you have a Magenta Comstock,” she said moving her head and watching the eyes of the slick looking man following her.
“Not to worry, they wouldn’t follow you home, I’ve charmed them to stay put. Granted our good man didn’t seem too pleased”

“Surely not,” she continued over to the wireless, “you put an end to his only fun.”

“As much as that painting set me back, I would hate to come into the room and its eyes be missing.”

“Your decorator has great taste and how do you keep this place so immaculate,” she said flipping stations looking for the match. “Or is this Astoria’s doing.”

“I did the decor.”

“Did you really,” she stopped flipping.

“No,” he chuckled, “Sonia Duccet. I have a cleaning lady who comes in twice a week. I love her.”
“Why Draco I would have never thought,” she took a seat on the couch. “I would have expected an elf to be scurrying about.”

“I don’t like the idea of creatures scurrying about my house,” he said joining her on the couch. He put a tray of snacks and magically chilled whisky on the coffee table.

“You spoil me,” she said taking one of the cookies. “So is this where you and Astoria use to live?”
“No, we sold our house. We use to live out in Surrey,” he explained.

"You both seemed to be into the black and white. However she likes print and includes color.”
He smirked, “Well we had to have something in common…so what happened that you decided to see me?”

“The match is on,” she smiled but it faltered as he stared at her knowing something else was up. “So do you want Puddlemere to take it or are you going to get on my side and root for the Harpies.”

“What did Potter do?” He asked ignoring her question.

She reached for one of the whiskies and took a large gulp. “He never made it home last night.”
Draco raised an eyebrow, “he left you alone on your anniversary?”

“So are you here to get back at him,” he hoped that wasn’t the case because he found himself becoming a bit offended.

“He doesn’t know I’m here.”
“Where’s he”

“Working, where else, I haven’t seen him since yesterday when he left for work.” She took another gulp, “trust me, he doesn’t want to see me.”

“Are you going to hex him?”

“I don’t think that would help. It won’t make him understand how humiliating it is to sit and wait for him. It would be one thing if I was at home alone. But there are a team of security guards surrounding my house who know all of my scheduled moves and they know that I was supposed to be out last night but instead… I was all dressed up and nowhere to go.”

“Would you like me to hex him,” he smiled as he reached for the pack of licorice wands.
She laughed, “As much as you would enjoy that, please don’t. He’s a bit harder to get to these days.” She watched him begin to tie them together, and then wrap them around his hand. He told her he did that but it was strange that he was comfortable enough to do it in front of her. She didn’t comment because she wanted him to stay comfortable.

“I know, I had to offer…” He noticed her eyes fall to her hands, it was as if a sudden wash of sadness fell over her and he wanted to cheer her up, “oh and Puddlemere will take it!”

“That’s what you said about the Falcon’s and the Harpies won,” she smiled at him weakly.
“That’s only because the ref was playing favorites he was probably busy fantasizing about the Harpies naked.”

Ginny rolled her eyes, “no that would be you,” she reached for another cookie. Instead of eating it, she played with it. “Draco I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me.”

“I’m good at that.”

“Am I wrong, is there something wrong with me.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” he said furrowing his eye in confusion.

She sighed, “What am I doing that I can’t even get my husband to make it through a night with me.”
Draco wished she asked him something simple like the riddle of the sphinx or Arithmanic equation. He didn’t know what he was supposed to tell her. He couldn’t understand it himself, sure he wasn’t running the country and they weren’t together but he always made time for her. If she wanted to get together he rearranged his plans, if he had something to do at work, he went and saw her then went back.

“Ginny there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I don’t know what stick Potter has up his ass that keeps him from coming home to you. He is Minister and that is quite time consuming and I’m sure that you’ll never be together as much as before. But a man would have to be insane to not want to make it home to you at least once a week…I mean any man to his wife.”

Ginny reached across the couch and put her hand on top of his and squeezed it thankfully. However she didn’t remove it. It was warm and he made her feel good. She watched as Draco moved his hand and interlocked their fingers, he gave her hand a squeeze and then let go.

“Mrs. Potter I didn’t realize you were out,” said Irv when she came through the front door.

“I know that was the point,” she said hanging up her coat. She walked up the hall and went upstairs, Lily’s bedroom door was open and she stuck her head in. “Hello darling, what are you still doing up.”

She was sitting at her desk and turned around, “Midterms”

“You’re studying for them,” she said surprised.

“Yes, I would rather not stay back,” Lily smiled and turned back to what she was doing.

Ginny went in the room, she kissed Lily on top of her head, “I love you, don’t stay up too late,” she left the room and went across to her own.

“You’re home,” Harry said from his position. He was sitting up in bed working.

“So it would appear.”

“You know I don’t feel comfortable with you wandering around without Bobby and Knox, you told me you wouldn’t do that.”
“I’m a big girl Potter I can take care of myself.”

“I know it’s just I worry about you”

She crossed her arms, “that’s funny you weren’t too worried when I was sitting here by myself last night.”

He sighed and got out of bed, “look I am so sorry, I didn’t intend to miss out on last night.”

“No of course not, why would you plan to miss our twenty third wedding anniversary. Why would you plan to leave me to sit alone in a restaurant two weeks ago? Why didn’t you notice when I left you alone in that jazz club? The problem is that I keep letting you do it!”

“I’m Minister for Magic, when something happens I have to go handle it and sometimes things get put on the back burner.”

“Not things, me,” she corrected.

He sighed, “Ginny I don’t know how to do this. I can’t be everywhere you want me to be and everywhere I have to be at the same time.”

“Well you can be one place I want you be, out of here.”


“Out,” she pushed him towards the door.

“Ginny be reasonable”

She opened the door, “I’m being extremely reasonable.” She picked up the black box from the desk and threw it out the door to him, “Happy Anniversary darling,” she slammed the door in his face and locked it.

“Ginny!” He banged on the door but she ignored him.

“I always find it best to give her a day when she get’s that heated,” Harry turned to look at Lily standing in the door of her bedroom.

“Thanks love, have a good night,” Lily went back into her room and closed the door.

Harry opened the box she threw at him, it was his wedding band. He looked at the one on his finger. He hadn’t realized it wasn’t his. He began to pull it off and it dissolved into thin air. The things Ginny did always amazed him, he had no idea how she got it off his finger because he hasn’t taken it off since they got married. He always thought that if he tried it would be stuck. He took the silver band out of the box and looked at the interior where it had been engraved. I’ll love you to the end 20.3.

Dee and Ginny went to the opening of Kofi Omo a sculptor known for using food as a medium. They were at a gallery in Diagon Alley and they willing posed for pictures, they decided to put on their best lovers looks. Of course the photographers loved it, not only would Ginny Potter be shagging Draco Malfoy but Melodee Dapremont as well. But they had moved on from that and we’re inside enjoying the artwork with everyone else.

“James is having a show in the muggle world next month,” Ginny told Dee as they stood in front of a six foot tall statue of a man made of oranges.

“Dean was telling me about it, do you know what the subject matter is?” The statue bowed to them and winked.

“No he’s always secretive until he’s done”

 “This statue is a perfect example of why the champagne is free at these things,” Dee whispered to Ginny.

Ginny held her clutch in front of her face so no one would see her laughing, “I kind of like it, he has big cahonas,” she whispered back.

Dee laughed, “Let’s get another glass.”

“Or we could just blow this joint and hit a real pub,” suggested Ginny

Dee downed the rest of her champagne in one gulp, “Let’s go”

They got their coats out of the coat check and headed out into the street where they were once again hounded by the press. Her guards were with her but Dee was proving they weren’t necessary.

“Move!” Dee shouted at the paparazzi as she pushed her way through, she had hold of Ginny’s hand as she sore heavily in French “Heathens, casse- toi!” Ginny tried hard not to laugh but it was kind of funny.  “Fous le camp!”

On the muggle street they ditched the guards and apparated to alley besides a muggle pub that Ginny liked.

“You’re right this is so much better,” Dee said as she cracked open peanuts, “and we aren’t even over dressed.”

“Football highlights on the television behind you and we’re in cocktail dresses having beers.”

“Doesn’t get any better, cheers” they clinked glasses. “So if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with the Draco Malfoy rumors? I don’t know anything about him except he pisses Dean off and apparently has lots of money.”

Ginny sighed, “He may have been involved with Voldemort and stuff”

“Oh,” Dee said as if she couldn’t believe how causal Ginny was being about having that knowledge. “You say that as if it’s not important.”

“It is but it hasn’t been between us. We’ve sort of formed a friendship and someone took our picture and made up text to go with it. You know how that goes.”

“Of course, last year I was sleeping with Guillaume Chevalier because he was seen leaving my hotel room. But really I was hosting the league hospitality suite for the world cup draft”

Ginny made a decision to tell Dee what was happening because she needed to talk to someone and she was a prominent woman like herself and had a prominent mate so perhaps she would understand. “Harry and Draco don’t get along. They haven’t since they met at the age of eleven.”

“That’s a really long time”

“I know and I didn’t like him either. So imagine my surprise when Harry gets sworn in as Minister and Draco takes notice of me. We start talking and I find I like being around him.”

“How does Harry feel about this?”
“Oh he can’t stand it but he doesn’t get to pick my friends and he trusts me. Or at least I thought. It’s not at all like Skeeter put it,” she explained. “I am not now nor have I ever cheated on Harry. Although lately I’ve been spending more time with Draco then Harry, this has been hard for me to admit but Harry and I are rarely together.”

“Well he is Minister”

“We had sex for the first time in like nine months after my father’s birthday party back in February and he left me alone on our anniversary. He’s now sleeping in the guest room.”

Dee began coughing as she choked on her peanut and grabbed her pint to wash it down, “oh my, I know people have dry spells but that’s a major drought.”

“Well it was amazing I came three times,” she couldn’t help but grin.
“That’s my girl,” chuckled Dee.

“It’s not that we haven’t tried, it’s that something always seems to get in the way. Like a confederation meeting that ran late ruining my anniversary.”
“I understand completely, since I’m always back and forth between London and Quiberon. It’s hard for me and Dean to be together. However I can’t imagine nine months without sex. Then we decided to have Jon and we love him more than anything but he has a way of being disrupted,” she smirked.

“When Alrick Fulton tried to break in, the whole security team rushed our bedroom and almost got a view of all my goodies,” Ginny laughed, “I’m laughing now but at the time so not funny.”

 “Why didn’t you say anything about this before to me or someone else?”

“I didn’t want to let you guys down. You’re just like the rest of this world. You look at us as if we’re the model couple but we’re not. We don’t have the time to be together physically or just to talk. He branched out and started this whole new life and I’m settling into mine. He’s on a new adventure I have plans to let it go in a few years.”

“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like you had to protect an image for me. But you’re my friend Gin and I would rather you squish my ideals then let something that’s bothering you fester. I’m sure the rest of the girls feel that way as well… okay perhaps not Hermione.”

Ginny laughed, “thank you… can I tell you something big, that you must promise not to tell anyone.”

“Anything,” she said seriously at a look of concern on her face.

“Draco kissed me,” Dee’s eyes nearly popped out of her head, “it didn’t even last ten seconds before I pushed him off.”

“Did you want…”

“NO! It came out of nowhere he claims he was just curious.”

“You didn’t stop seeing him?”

“I did for a few weeks but we put it behind us, just in time to have that photo taken.”

“Does Harry know?”

“No and I’m never going to tell him, which is the worst part because I tell him everything. This is the only thing I can’t tell him because he’ll kill Draco and I am not exaggerating,” she took a really long gulp from her glass.

“Yeah you probably shouldn’t tell him that. It’s not like I’m going to tell Dean that Barry Ryan goosed me at a charity event last month.”

“That pig!”

“That’s alright I may have kneed him in the cahonas and summoned a serpent to chase him out of the room.” Ginny laughed, “Let’s get another round.”

“I’ve been thinking about leaving him.”

“Seriously,” Ginny only nodded, “are you sure, do you realize what that means.”
She shrugged, “my children may hate me, I’m not a young woman anymore I will probably spend the rest of my life single but I also may be happier.”

Ginny fulfilled her wifely duties. She went with Harry when he went to speak at the Wizarding Academy of Political Science and Economics. She held his hand as they took a tour of the sculpture gardens and didn’t fight with him once when they went a reception for the Dark Arts Defense League.

At home was another story, Harry was sleeping down the hall in the guest room and when he said he didn’t understand why she was so upset he lost that luxury. She knew he would be busy when he took the post of Minister. Ginny locked him out of the house. That’s where he was now.

Harry was in the backyard trying to get comfortable in one of the lawn chairs and it was freezing. To make it worst it started to rain, “Shit,” He got up and went out the back gate and walked the alley to the street.

 He was going to sleep in his car. Or at least that’s what he thought but he didn’t have his keys, he didn’t even have his wand, and his alohomora without it didn’t work and all he managed to do was set off the alarm.
“Trying to break into your own car Potter,” Garth from two doors down pulled up next to him in his Volkswagen bus.

“Lost my keys,” he lied

“Really,” he raised an eyebrow.
Harry rolled his eyes, “the Mrs. kicked me out.”

Garth laughed, “Haven’t we all been there.”

Harry didn’t recall Garth being married but he assumed it was a girlfriend or something. He really didn’t want to hear the story.

“I’ve got a rather comfortable couch if you want.”

Harry reluctantly accepted the couch was comfortable however he had company. Garth was sitting in the armchair having a cigarette. It smelled as if he chained and all the buds in the ashtray confirmed that for him. They were watching the original Doctor Who on whatever disc came after blu ray. He hadn’t really kept up with the times. Garth was having a Guinness although Harry really wanted to join him his 8am meeting tomorrow only allowed him to accept the Snapple.
“You know I can never quite remember which house is yours,” said Garth

“Me either which is why my wife kicked me out,” he answered, normally he would just have confunded him but he didn’t have his wand. “So what series is this?” He changed the subject

“Three, there’s nothing like the original. Modern television has a tendency to turn everything to crap…”

Harry nodded and pretended to be listening. It served him right all he had to do was have dinner with his wife on the 20th and he wouldn’t be soaking wet in this imbecile’s living room. To top it off Garth apparently had a cat because the Gray hairs from the sofa were sticking to him. At least it’s dry….

“What the hell happened to you,” Lily asked coming out of the front door and seeing her father coming up the steps.
“What did I tell you about swearing,” he said seriously.

“Sorry I’m not the one who bit you on the ass”

“LILY, go to school!” He hissed going inside the house.
“Morning Harry,” said Irv.

Harry ignored him and continued upstairs to his room to get ready for work. If this is how Ginny wanted to play it, game on because he was sick of apologizing. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He ignored the fact that Ginny was in there brushing her teeth. He smelled like lawn, old cigarettes and was covered in Garth’s cat’s hair.

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