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Hopeless by Dancing Fool
Chapter 7 : Loosen Your Tongue
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There were only a few words needed to describe a Gryffindor party.

Hot mess.

There were several things you could do at a Gryffindor party:

1) Play stupid games. Examples: Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, you know, all the cliché games that you think nobody actually plays but in reality, everybody does play them.

2) Drink by yourself in the corner. This is typically for those who are depressed.

3) Make out with random blokes. There is always that one couple who makes out at the most inappropriate social gatherings (usually that’s Belle and James for us).

4) Dance like a drunken mongrel on the dance floor. Personally, this was my favourite, but rather energy consuming.

5) Or talk to Louis Weasley about pick-up lines. This is usually done when I am bored out of my wits and need a good laugh.

For some reason, I decided to go for the latter.

Someone, please, remind me why I’m friends with him?

‘Cause I’ve got nothing.

Louis wrapped his arm around my shoulders and looked seductively at me. He leaned his face into my neck so that his lips brushed lightly against it. “I know you’re in Gryffindor, baby, but I’d still like to Slytherin your Common Room.”

I crinkled my nose and shoved him off me. He pouted. Oh no, you can't get me with your sad little pout. I'm immune, bitch.

“Okay, Louis, now that’s just disgusting.”

“Come on, princess! I’m doing the best that I can! I think that line is charming!”

“By charming, you mean disgusting? Why, yes. Yes it is.”

“Sparks aren’t the only thing that explodes out my wand when I see you.”

“I’m leaving.”

“Princess! You need to help me out!”

“I’m sure you can get girls regardless of the perverted lines. Just show them your abs or something.”

“… Would that really work?”

I cannot believe I am having this conversation. Honestly, what the hell is going on? Since when did blokes decide I was just another one of them and that you could have conversations like this with me? I swear, the last time I checked I was still female.

Yup, I still got boobs, so I guess I’m still a girl.

“Were you just staring at your boobs!?”


I looked away inconspicuously. “Don’t be ridiculous, Frenchy. Of course not.”

He frowned. “I could’ve sworn…”

“Anyways,” I said, changing the topic quickly. “Who do you reckon is sober?”

Louis raised an eyebrow. Luckily, he never really noticed my rapid topic changes. His attention span is nearly as short as mine. “Well, you and me. Probably Al… Maybe Achilles. And… That’s it.”

I sighed tiredly. “Of course, it is.”

“Where do you reckon the rest of the team is?” I looked through the throng of people. But really, it was impossible to tell anyone apart. From the couples making out and the students dancing, it really just looked like a mass of limbs.

The Gryffindor Common Room was packed, as it always was after a victory. It was also a mess and did have the faint odour of alcohol.

If they got any louder, Neville would definitely crash our party.

Gryffindors did tend to have too much fun.

Louis ruffled his golden blonde hair and squinted at the crowd.

“Well, I think that’s James and Belle on the sofas. Merlin, can’t really tell who’s who-” I looked to them and saw a tangle of arms everywhere. I stared, horrified.

Well, I need to go to therapy for several decades.

Maybe at some point I’ll be able to escape out the window and make a break into the forest.

There’s always a forest by insane asylums.

It’s true. In every movie, there is a forest nearby.

… Maybe I should stop basing all my knowledge off of movies.

“And Mark’s busting a move on the dance floor-” I snorted as I watched Mark do the lawnmower in front of a group of impressed students.

Classic dance move.

I give him mad props.

“Achilles is drinking Firewhisky like it’s going out of style-” Achilles was sitting in the corner with a bottle loosely in his hand. I looked over just in time to see him take another swig.

Fan-tucking-fastic. My brother’s turning into an alcoholic.

Alright, I’ll deal with that later.

“And I think that’s Piper and Al sitting in that circle.” Al and Piper were sitting in a circle with many other Gryffindors, most of them were from sixth year. In the center was an empty Firewhisky bottle. Piper stretched out her fingers to spin it.

That’s funny. That looks a lot like-

Spin the bottle!” I yelled in outrage. “They’re playing spin the bottle!?”

“Looks like it,” Louis said passively, but he looked at me curiously.

I watched, horrified, as Piper spun the bottle and it landed on Al. It killed me to see how Al lit up like a Christmas tree and I felt guilty for thinking that I wish that was what he looked like when he saw me.

Worry about Al's interests later. Hell no. That girl was not kissing my future husband.

Those lips belong to me.

Well, at least they will.

“I dare you to kiss Piper, Frenchy,” I said quickly. Louis just shrugged and walked over to the circle. Al was just crawling over to her as Louis grabbed his face pushed him out of the way. In one swift motion, he knelt done, placed his hand on the back of her head and kissed her. Most of the students just laughed as the seconds ticked by.

It kinda looks like his jaw is dislocated- Wow, Louis certainly does open his mouth a lot.


I’m not judging.

Al watched gobsmacked, as Louis grinned and walked back to me. Piper just looked confused as she blinked.

Crisis #1: Averted.

“How was that?” Louis asked with a triumphant smirk and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“It kind of looked like your jaw was dislocated,” I commented lightly as I noticed most of the people playing spin the bottle were now watching us and by the looks of it, most of them were analyzing our every move. The most noticeable was the pair of bright green eyes that were burning on me.

I tried to ignore it.

Louis stuck out his bottom lip. “Well, maybe you should show me sometime how to do it right.”

I snapped my fingers excitedly. “You see! That was a good pick-up line!”

Louis grinned. “Really!?”

I patted his shoulder gently. “You are learning, young Padawan.”

Louis looked confused. “What?”

“Nevermind,” I said, forgetting that most people would not get my muggle references, especially the Star Wars related ones.

“Princess, I think your brother’s kidney is suffering,” Louis said pointing at Achilles who now had an empty bottle sitting in his lap.

I sighed heavily. “I’ll deal with it,” I said. I cracked my neck and strode over to Achilles.

Time to deal with Crisis #2.


“Do you know who isn’t here?”

“Well, I have a funny feeling I know who you’re talking about-”


“And Bingo was his name-o.”

“Rose isn’t here. We won. Why isn’t she here?”

“Well, it could be that she isn’t in Gryffindor, or she’s comforting her slimeball of a boyfriend. Your guess is as good as mine.”

“She was supposed to fall in love with me after we won.”

“Now, mate. That’s a little ridiculous. Rose Weasley definitely does not appreciate the wonderful mechanics that is Quidditch.”

“Nobody loves me,” Achilles whined as I patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. For once, I was thankful that everyone else around me was drunk. I didn’t want Achilles to be embarrassed in the morning.

One of the best things about this? Al and Piper were dancing right in front of where Achilles was sitting.

That was sarcasm, folks.

That bitch is gonna die.

She better back off my man.

“I love you, Achilles,” I offered even though I knew it wouldn’t help. “The whole Quidditch Team adores you-”

“Hoo-ray,” he slurred. I tried not to act disgusted around him. I hated drunk people, but my brother needed me.

“My sister and my mates love me. I meant no girls love me-”

“I’m a chicken, then,” I said sarcastically.

Achilles ignored me.

How rude.

Why am I always the one that gets ignored?

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

He threw his empty bottle on the floor and sniffed. “I’m not ugly-”

“You are very good looking.”

“I’m nice.”

“The nicest guy I know.”

“And I’m on the Quidditch Team-”

“The best keeper in years.”

“So why doesn’t Rose love me?” he asked me, letting his head fall onto my shoulders. I automatically began to stroke my hand through his hair. It was like the way our mom calmed us down and it seemed to have the same effect on Achilles. I could feel his whole body relax as he tried to control his breathing.

“Achilles,” I said calmly. “If she doesn’t realize how wonderful of a person you are, she’s really not-”

“’Not worth it’, I know,” he spat back with more viciousness than I thought he had. “But even if you know that someone doesn’t love you like you love them, it doesn’t mean that you will stop loving them.”

I looked sadly at Al who had his hand on Piper’s waist. He whispered something in her ear and she threw her head back and laughed.

Just because he’s dancing with her, doesn’t mean that he likes her.

I know it sounds like I’m in denial, but I’m not…

Which also sounds like I’m in denial…

I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

“How do you deal with?” he asked me sadly. He raised his head so he could look at me. “How can you be around Al and know that he doesn’t feel the same way as you? Does it hurt less?”

I sighed and looked away from them and looked into Achilles’ eyes that looked so much like my own. I shook my head and wished I could tell him that eventually, you’ll forget – that they won’t mean as much to you.

My voice seemed to drop an octave when I said, “No. But you learn to deal with it.”


“Fruity!” Al yelled, rushing up to me. He grabbed my tightly and hugged me around my waist.

“Nice to see you too, dear,” I laughed as he spun me around in the air. It made me forget everything that he did with Piper. Just like every time we were together, it was just him and me – the rest of the world didn’t exist.

See. I told you that Al didn’t like Piper. He’s still secretly pining for me.

… Maybe.

“It is absolutely wonderful to see you!” he breathed into my face. I expected the usually smell of cinnamon and nutmeg.

That’s funny. He doesn’t smell like Christmas like he usually does. Actually, he smells like-

“Are you drunk, Albus Severus Potter!?” I yelled, completely surprised.

Albus Potter didn’t drink. Ever. When everybody decided that drinking was ‘cool’, both me and Al promised to each other that we wouldn’t do it. Ever. And when we make promises, they’re serious.

So you can imagine my surprise when Al came up to me piss drunk.

He put a finger to mouth. I gave him a disgusted look.

“Sh!” he whispered. I was too shocked for words to even speak. “Don’t tell anyone. I think someone spiked my drink. It might’ve been Piper.”

I sighed, frustrated as I tapped my foot. “Oh, Albus. Didn’t you ever learn to keep an eye on your drink?” I chastised.

He pouted, his big, beautiful green eyes looking earnestly at me. “You’re mad at me.”

To be honest, I was mad. But I don’t know why I was. It’s not like he intentionally got drunk.

I think a big reason was that he let Piper get him drunk.


It pissed me off even more that that pissed me off.


Merlin, I just can't win.

“I’m not mad, Al,” I lied, trying to soothe him. “But you know that I don’t like being around drunk people.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” he asked. I rolled my eyes and leaned in. I was used to feeling shivers when he came this close to me, but this time, I just felt irritated. His breath tickled my ear as he whispered, “Then you shouldn’t have gone to a party.” He laughed as he pulled away from me (more like I shoved him away).

Honestly, I was completely frustrated with him. This wasn’t even my Al. And it didn’t matter what he said to me. Everything he was doing just bugged me more.

“Oh lighten up, Fruity!” he sang, grabbing my hands and tried to dance with me. I remained immobile. He dropped my arms.

“Don’t be so pissy,” he said, patting my cheek sloppily. I slapped it away.

“I’m not pissy, Albus,” I snapped defensively. “But I’d rather spend my time with someone who isn’t intoxicated though.”

Al rolled his eyes. “I’m just a little drunk. It’s not that bad.”

“Well, I don’t find your company very enjoyable right now,” I said truthfully, crossing my arms. He pouted at me and I raised my eyebrows. “Find me when you’re sober.”

“Fruity,” he whined as he grabbed my hand. I dropped it immediately and he frowned at me. “Don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you, Al,” I repeated. This conversation was feeling a lot like I was talking to a very young child. Repetitive and frustrating. “But I just don’t want to be around you right now when you’re drunk. I’m going to go find Louis.”

He ruffled his even more disheveled black hair. He huffed. “Right. I thought I was your best friend, not Louis.”

I clicked my tongue. “Don’t be ridiculous, Al. You are. I just want to be around someone sober now,” I said irritably. I turned to walk away when he grabbed my arm.

“Don’t pretend,” he said. I tried to shake him off. “You guys seem a lot closer than just friends. Is he your boyfriend, Ambrosia?”

“No,” I snapped. I was not liking this Al. Not one bit. Not only was he being annoying, I couldn’t figure him out.

I guess that’s no different from regular Al. But this Al didn’t seem to care about my feelings one bit.

And I hated it.

I glared at him. “I’m not dating anyone. You’d know if I was.”

“Would I?” he challenged. I was actually hurt that he thought that I wouldn’t tell him something that important in my life. We tell each other everything. “It feels like you’ve been hiding things from me.”

“I tell you everything. You’d be the first to know,” I persisted. In all honesty, I was hoping that he’d be my first boyfriend, but the farther we got in this conversation, the less likely it seemed. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt anyways. “This is just the alcohol talking. You won’t be thinking this way tomorrow morning.”

I was just saying that. Being drunk really was no excuse. Whatever he was saying now, was something that he already thought. The alcohol was just loosening his tongue.

“Regardless of how drunk I am, I’m not sure I like your relationship with my cousin,” he said. I wanted to scream in frustration. As if he could possibly believe that I was anything but friends with Louis. He was like a brother to me. And Al knew that.

At least, sober Al did.

“What about you and Piper?” I shot back heatedly. Al's eyes widened as if no one else noticed. “When were you going to tell me, huh?”

Al stiffened. “I’m not dating Piper,” he said automatically.

“I’m not dating Louis,” I repeated. “And I don’t even like him like that. You, on the other hand, you seem to quite smitten with Miss Piper.”

Al's face hardened. “I don’t, Fruity, anyone who told you that is just-”

I closed my eyes tiredly. “No one needed to tell me. Please, don’t treat me like I’m stupid,” I said painfully. I looked at him sadly. “I see the way you look at her. I see the way you cling on to her every word.” I choked a little. “You don’t listen to me like that.”

“We’re just friends.”

“Do you think I’m naïve?” I asked, frustrated. “Or just too stupid to figure it out? I know you better than anybody else. I know how you feel about her.”

“That’s not even relevant,” he dismissed. “What I do with Piper is none of your-”

“If what I do with Louis is your business, it sure is my bloody business what you do with Piper,” I retorted. Al stuttered before he found his words.

“Louis is my cousin!” he yelled. “Piper is nothing to you. I don’t want you off with my cousins!”

“Well, it’s really not up to you to decide,” I snapped viciously. I wanted him to feel just as hurt as I was feeling, but immediately felt guilty afterwards. I tried to amend it. “Anyways, we’re just friends. You’re accusing me of something that’s not even there.”

“You’re a lot closer than friends,” he protested, staring into my eyes. “People aren’t that close unless they have feelings for each other.”

I felt like smacking him. Me and Louis were closer than ‘just friends’ but not me and Al? Why can’t he see how much that I love him? Why does he not think of me that way? Why couldn’t he ever consider that I want to be more than friends?

“You know, people say that about you and me, Al,” I said angrily, and I ripped my arm away and stormed into the mob of people, making my way back to my dorm room.

I expected him to tear through the crowd after me, apologizing and telling me how sorry he was – how he didn’t mean it.

Al was always there for me, but that was the first time that Al disappointed me.

It’s funny how much damage a couple of drinks can do.


A/N: Why am I always apologizing for how long it's been since I've updated? *sigh* I actually do like this chapter even if it's upsetting. I had to throw in George Lucas' Star Wars in for some reason. I've been in a Star Wars mood... I'm actually a solid amount through the next chapter, so don't even worry about it. Leave me a review on what you thought! Feel free to yell at me on how pathetic my updating skills are.

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