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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 3 : Meddlers
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James Sirius Potter in all his glory by Magic_Pheonix






The muggle trip announced a few weeks prior was scheduled for the week after winter holiday break. Giving Professor Gibbs plenty of time to prepare the class for dressing, acting, and interacting as typical muggle teenagers.

Since Isa saved James and Freddie from Peeves, they became great friends. Pierce and Charlie followed close behind.

The trip to the kitchens with Freddie and James had surprising not been awkward. I practically said nothing for the first half hour we were there, but eventually I started talking.

As it turns out, James and I had a lot in common. We both had the unicorn tail hair core in our wands. We both hated pumpkin juice and preferred apple juice. Our favorite subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts. And we both had an unusual weakness for coconut macaroons.

By the time we got back to the common room, it was nearly dawn. We were all extremely awake and loud, which obviously upset our sleeping housemates.

Isa’s friendship with the group became stronger and soon it was almost impossible to see her without one of them. She no longer needed to count her steps. She was happy.

It was the end of the weekend in late December and Charlie, Freddie, and Isa were sitting together in the common room. The common room was warm from the fire, and Charlie and Freddie were concentrating on the wizard’s chess game in front of them.

Odd. I would never think of Freddie and Charlie to be into Wizard’s Chess, Isa thought when they first announced they were playing. Nevertheless, the sound of stone breaking and frustrated sighs from both of them intrigued Isa, so she sat down next to Charlie and listened in on their game.

“Queen to B6,” Charlie said. Followed by the sounds of moving stone and then of a poor rook being beaten into a fine dust.

“Dammit Charlie!” Freddie said angrily. Charlie smirked at his friend.

“Your turn mate,” he said sweetly.

Isa heard a chair pushed next to her and someone sat down. “Hey,” James said to the three of them. Freddie and Charlie nodded at him in greeting and Isa smiled in his direction. “Charles Turner and Fred Weasley. The closeted chess geniuses,” James said chuckling quietly.

Charlie stuck his tongue out at James. “Oi! Don’t stick your tongue out at me!” Mature, Charlie.

“Way to act your age,” Isa said. Charlie just glared at them both and turned back to his game.

“So have you guys been noticing Pierce and Polly?” James asked. James is such a gossip.

“No,” Isa said at the same time as Charlie and Freddie replied, “Yes.”

“How can you not notice! Polly blushing at Pierce. Pierce smiling way too big whenever Polly says anything to him. You’d have to be blind not to see it!” It was quiet for a second while the three of them looked at James. Freddie coughed awkwardly. “Oh, right. Well this is weird!”

Well put Mr. Potter.

Isa surprised all three boys by laughing at James. “Now that you have mentioned it. Their voices change when they are around each other. Polly becomes all high and seductive and—”

“Did you just say seductive?” Charlie asked. “You are full of surprises!”

Am I one of those people who look like she never swears or mentions sex?

“Shut up,” Isa said glaring in his direction. “And Pierce’s voice becomes all manly and smooth. Something is between them!” At that moment Dom and Anna came up to their table. Anna wrapped her arms around Freddie and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“What are we talking about?” Dom asked.

“How Pierce and Polly fancy each other,” James said.

“Merlin! I know! They need to stop with this sexual tension and just shag already,” Anna said. “Plan time!” she exclaimed happily.

“Isa. Welcome to your first Meddlers Meeting!” Freddie said happily.

Meddlers. The name of the sixth year Gryffindors. Known for fucking up each other’s lives as well as the rest of the school’s. Which, I guess, I am now officially part of. Fantastic.

“Er—thanks?” Isa said.

“You’re welcome!” they chorused back.

“Come on! To the headquarters!” James said standing up and grabbing Isa’s hand. Together the group sprinted out of the common room and down the corridor. “Kate!” James yelled. “Get your arse over here!”

I hate running. Why must we run?

“James, I can’t run. I trip too much,” Isa said desperately to James. James looked at Isa for a second and smiled.

“Of course! What was I thinking?” James exclaimed. He slowed down momentarily and then picked Isa up in his arms and continued to run down the corridor. He ran faster than he did before so he could catch up to the rest of the group.

As they ran, they earned several confused looks from their peers as well as stern looks from the teachers that happened to be in the hallway. Charlie was unfortunate enough to crash into Professor Captrain, which earned him a detention.

The group eventually ran in front of a blank wall three times and then ran into the room out of breath. The Room of Requirement was equipped with their needs as it always is.

There was a big oval table in the middle with seven chairs set up around it. The table was a dark wood that was dark enough to pass as black. The chairs were large and made of the same wood as the table. They were carved out with intricate designs of large, powerful trees.

The walls and ceiling were covered in maroon silk drapes and the carpet was black. There was a big chalkboard at the front. In front of six seats were some parchment and a quill and in front of one was a gavel.

There was no fireplace or candles, but 7 separate large flames burned in the air around the room giving the room a warm glow.

James set Isa down and pulled her into a chair. A few seconds later, she heard him sit down next to her.

James banged the gavel and it quieted down except for each of their heavy breathing.

“Welcome Meddlers!” James said. “I am James Potter, the head for this term for Meddlers. Meddlers were founded on the principle of fucking shit up and trying to make everyone’s lives a whole lot more interesting. But, to keep us level headed, we must remember that we are not The Marauders. No one could ever trump The Marauders. The only reason I remind everyone of this is because I see we have a new member with us today. Everybody welcome Isa Marksmen!”

I already know who you guys are. No need for introductions!

“We’ll go around and introduce ourselves to Isa. Name, age, and your owl’s name,” James said in an authoritative voice.

Well I guess we do need introductions.

“Kate Reedly. 16. Kola.”

“Freddie Weasley. 16. Frank.”

Of course he would have an owl with a normal name.

“Charlie Turner. 16. Soon 17, just saying. Sol.”

“Anna Vivian. 17. Babbie.”

“Dom Weasley. 16. Bolwin.”

It was quiet for a second. Oops! My turn! “Isa Marksmen. 16. Er—I don’t have an owl. I have a quill named Barry though. Oh! My sister has an owl name Holana.”

“You named your quill?” Freddie asked sounding confused but amused.

Anna perked up instantly. She has taken quite a liking to Barry. “Barry is awesome! He’s funny and cute! He always takes perfect notes and—”

“It sounds like you have a crush on my quill,” Isa said amused. Anna glared at her while everyone laughed.

“Alright! And I am James Potter. 16. Fyra. I now call this meeting officially opened.”

Everyone clapped. James waited patiently until they stopped. “Good now. Order of business today is Polly and Pierce. Mates. Lady mates. We need them to get together. Or snog or something.”

“Hear! Hear!” Freddie exclaimed.

James glared at his cousin. “Right. Now the board is officially open for options. What have we got?” James stood up and stood next to the chalkboard poised ready to write. “Charlie.”

This is so bloody organized.

“We could go classic. Stuff them in a broom closet and leave them there.”

“Classic, but predictable,” Anna countered. James shrugged and wrote it on the board anyways. “We’re Meddlers. We don’t do predictable. We meddle. What if we get them lost in the Forbidden Forest and together they have to get back?”

“Yea or killed!” Dom exclaimed. “James, don’t write that! It’s mental!”

“All ideas on the board, love.”

“What if we just force Pierce to ask out Polly?” Kate suggested.

“We don’t want him thinking that he’s only asking her out because of us,” Freddie said.

“Good point,” Kate said.

Isa stayed quiet listening to the inner working of the Meddlers. I always thought they did things on the spur of the moment. Who knew it was actually so complicated?

“Isa? Any ideas?” James asked. All eyes turned towards Isa and she had to think quickly.

Oh shit. Er—er—so much pressure. Isa, just fucking say anything.

“What if they both to get detention together?” Isa said shrugging. There was an uncomfortable silence. There seems to be a lot of uncomfortable silences. I just attract them.

“Interesting,” Charlie said. “Elaborate.”

“Er—well. Maybe we purposely destroy a—a potion they are making so instead of doing who know what it will start shouting—er— profanities. Er—that way—that way they will get detention. Together. And they can talk and shit like that.”

It’s better than all the plans that would cause them bodily harm. I’m surprised no one thought of this before.

It was quiet again as the rest of them sat shocked at Isa’s suggestion. No one expected her to come up with such a plan on the spot.

“It’s perfect!” Freddie exclaimed. “Isa, you are a true Meddler!”

The others agreed, but Dom spoke up. “You guys are willing to destroy Polly’s perfect record to get her with some bloke?”

Freddie scoffed. Charlie look offended. “‘Some bloke’? Pierce is not ‘some bloke’!” Charlie said throwing his arms over his head. “Plus,” he continued glaring at Dom, “this is a matter of true love.”

“Maybe, but—”

There was a collective gasp from around the room. “No. Dom,” Anna said wide-eyed. “You said the dreaded ‘but’.”

“Agree to the plan or be tickled,” James said. Dom sighed and rolled her eyes.


“Fine. Be warned Isa. Say the treacherous ‘but’, and they will tickle you.”

Oh Merlin.

“Oh don’t scare her,” Kate said. Too late.

“We’ll give you the formal rules later,” Freddie said.

“Good. Now that we have that settled,” James said. “So here’s what we do—”





“Well Isa, here they are,” Anna said happily.

“Here are what?” Isa said as she pulled on her pajama shirt.

“Rules Of A Meddler. It’s the formal rules of the Meddlers,” Anna explained. Isa took the paper from Anna. “We call it ROAM for short.”

Isa smiled amused. “Clever. Can you read it to me? I can’t find my wand.”

Anna took the paper back and smiled at her friend. “Sure can! Here we go:

Rules Of A Meddler

1. Never interfere with a plan in progress

2. Never tell the target of the plan (before, during, after)

3. Never say ‘but’ as an argument. If done once, the objector must agree to the plan. If not they are subjected to a tickling

4. If you think a plan would get you detention, you are allowed to bow out of a plan

5. Make every plan seem spontaneous, we should not appear organized

6. If you are a target of a plan, and find out about it, accept your fate

7. Never tell a teacher of a plan you do not agree with. If a Meddler does reveal a plan to a teacher, the revenge will be embarrassing.

8. If you get a girl/boyfriend who is not a Meddler, they are not allowed to temporarily become one

9. Use of the Map and the Cloak is allowed and encouraged. The existence of these two things are also not to be known by anyone outside the Wotters and the Meddlers

10. Meddlers stick together

“Yea, that’s it!” Anna said sticking the paper back on the wall.

“What Map and what Cloak?” Isa said confused. What map could help inside of Hogwarts?

It was silent. “Oh come on, she’s a Meddler now! You can tell her,” Kate said brushing her hair in front of the mirror. “Oh fine I’ll tell her. James has a map, The Marauders Map that shows everyone in Hogwarts. All teachers, students, and ghosts. It also shows secret passageways. James got it from his dad.” Harry Potter.

“And the cloak?”

“The Invisibility Cloak. Makes the wearer completely invisible. It’s one of the Deathly Hallows, also a gift from James’ dad. And by gift I mean he nicked it.”

“Merlin that’s awesome,” Isa sighed sitting on her bed. She felt the bed bounce as Kate jumped in next to her.

“Yea, but it’s a secret, shhh, so quiet!” Kate said. “Now Isa, please can I braid your hair?” Isa sighed and smiled.

“Fine.” Kate squealed and immediately attacked Isa’s hair.






They were in potions the next day and the plan was set. The potion was a simple Tongue Tie solution. The goal of the potion was to make the drinker unable to speak, or more literally tongue-tied.

To make this potion work according to plan, they will need to screw with the defining ingredient: tongue of a bat.

Isa and James sat in front of Polly and Pierce and Charlie and Freddie sat to the left of them.

“What do we need?” Isa whispered to James.

“We need to switch their tongue of a bat to a tongue of a cave troll,” James said. Isa nodded. “Cave trolls have an awful temper and bad language.”

You must be thinking how I get by in a Potions class. A patient and kind partner. All I really can do is stir and thank god James is okay with that. I’m not worried about the NEWT, whatever happens, happens.

James whistled a little tune and Charlie’s head snapped up immediately. Charlie leaned over to Freddie and said, “Distraction ready?” Freddie took out his wand and pointed it at a large lump of thestral bone. Freddie nodded at Charlie.

Charlie coughed and James nodded. “Distraction go.”

“OI POLLY PIERCE! WATCH OUT!” Freddie yelled as his threw the chunk of bone at them. They both screamed and ducked under the desk. James quickly turned to their table. He grabbed the tongue of a bat and quickly replaced it with a disguised tongue of a cave troll.

Pierce stood up and looked at James. “Er—mate! Are you alright?” James said quickly as he tried to discreetly stuff the tongue into his pocket.

“Yea. Bloody hell Freddie! Polly? You okay?” Pierce asked with his eyes full of concern. He reached his hand down to Polly, which she accepted gratefully while blushing furiously.

“Yea thanks. Is the potion ready?” Polly asked.

“One more thing, the tongue of a bat.” The sound of the tongue being cut and it was dropped into the potion was heard.

James smiled and bit his lip trying not to laugh. Next to him, he saw Isa smile in victory and behind them Freddie and Charlie high-fived.

Now the best part.

“5,” whispered James.

“4,” Isa whispered back.




“BLOODY FUCKING WANKER!” The screech came from Polly and Pierce’s cauldron. Instead of the tongue of bat, which made the potion whisper happily, the tongue of a cave troll made it swear like there is no tomorrow.

Polly and Pierce jumped up startled from sudden outburst that came from their cauldron.

“What the—”

“SLAG. MOTHERFUCKING TWAT,” came the low gruff voice spewing from the cauldron.

“Mr. Goon! What is happening with your potion?” demanded a very angry Professor Parkinson.


Guess it doesn’t only swear. It’s also very mean.

“Excuse m—” Parkinson started.

“Professor we didn—” Polly started only to be cut off by the potion screaming some more.

Everyone in the classroom was covering their ears and wincing after every word that came from the cauldron.

“What is going on in here?” someone screeched when they burst through the door.

“Professor McGonagall!” Polly gasped.


“Let me see that,” she said as she waddled quickly over to the cauldron.


Mcgonagall leaned over the cauldron and peered into it at the potion.

Then it did something that they certainly didn’t foresee. It exploded. In Professor Mcgonagall’s face.

Then Professor Parkinson exploded. “GOON. FARRAH. DETENTION.”



“I can’t believe we got detention!” Pierce cried on their way to lunch.

The plan according to the group had gone better than expected. The potion was cruel and merciless with what it said. And to finish it off perfectly, it exploded straight in McGonagall’s face, turning it a royal blue. Now Pierce and Polly have detention together for an entire week.

“Freddie you look like a player,” Kate laughed ignoring Pierce. Freddie had one arm around Anna, which wasn’t unusual, and his other arm was slung around Isa’s shoulders.

“He volunteered to walk with me!” Isa said defending Freddie as she felt him shrug his shoulders. Too manly to link his arm with mine.

“I got detention,” Pierce said a little louder. “The potion turned McGonagall’s face blue!”

“Anna’s my girlfriend. So who cares what anyone thinks. And Isa is one of my lady mates, I could never see her that way!” Freddie replied also ignoring Pierce. “Isn’t that right Isabellie?” Freddie asked sounding like he was talking to a child then he leaned over a planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek. Isa shrieked and jumped away from Freddie.

“Bloody hell!” Isa said slapping Freddie’s arm while he laughed loudly. Isa rubbed her face vigorously where Freddie had kissed her and made a face of absolute disgust.

“Fred, be nice,” Anna said pinching his cheek.

“Don’t worry I’ll save you!” James cried throwing his arms around Isa’s neck and pulling her into his chest.

“Can’t—breathe,” Isa gasped into James’ chest.

“IS NO ONE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME?” cried Pierce obviously distressed that they decided to ignore him.

Isa pushed away from James’ chest and felt as James slid his arm around her shoulders. Apparently can’t find any other way to hold onto me. “No we hear you. We just choose not to listen,” Isa said.

“I got detention,” Polly whispered to herself.

Merlin she’s been saying that over and over again for the last half hour. Even I have gotten detention. Someone ratted on me, and I decided to just take the blame and get it over with. I promised that would be the only time I would do anything like that, and they believed me. If only they knew.

But now Slytherins know not to make fun of me. I don’t think the rest of the school knows exactly what happened. The snakes are too scared to admit that I was the one who destroyed their common room. So basically, it was totally worth it.

“Yes Polly we know,” Dom said rolling her eyes.

“I just hope the detentions won’t interfere with training,” James said sounding very concerned.

“Don’t worry about it mate,” Charlie said sticking his hands in his pockets. “Polly will still be there to beat the shit out of some bludgers when you need her and Pierce will still be there to watch from the stands.” Charlie laughed as Pierce punched him in the shoulder. They walked into the Great Hall and sat down at the table.

“Besides James, you might lose her for a couple practices, but you still have the rest of the team!” Isa said.

“Screw the rest of the team!” James exclaimed with a giant wave of his hand.

“Oi! We are sitting right here!” Freddie said angrily. James just shrugged his shoulders and bit into a sandwich.

“Look there’s McGonagall,” Pierce said pointing at the staff table. “Maybe if we just explain—”

“Sorry, but look at her!” Anna said staring at the headmistress. “She’s still blue. There’s no way she’s going to let you off the hook.”

Pierce sighed in defeat and laid his head down on the table. “I got detention,” Polly said again. Pierce patted her arm without raising his head.

“Yes Polly. We both did. Hey, at least we’ll be together!” Polly looked to cheer up a little and then blushed a little at the thought of being alone with Pierce. “Let’s just go apologize. Maybe she’ll take some pity on us.”

Polly and Pierce got up and walked to the front. When they were out of earshot, Kate turned to the group. “Was it amazing? I can’t believe it exploded!”

James nodded happily. “The explosion was perfect.”

“Yea, right as Ol’ Minnie was looking into the cauldron,” Charlie said. “Called her an old hag too.”

Kate and Anna laughed. “I wish I was taking potions. It sounds absolutely brilliant!”

“I still don’t think it was right!” Dom said. “Look how sad Polly looks! She’s never gotten a detention before.”

“Well she should have thought of that before she put a tongue of a cave troll in her potion,” Freddie said. Dom scowled and stood up.

“I’m going to take Polly and try to cheer her up. At least then she’ll be away from you heartless gits!” Dom said harshly. This is certainly awkward considering I came up with the plan.

Pierce and Polly had arrived back at the table looking just as solemn as when they left. “We still have detention,” Polly sighed. Pierce sat down and started piling his plate full of food.

“No!” Charlie said sarcastically. Dom slapped him hard on the arm as she walked with Polly out of the Great Hall.

“Be nice,” Dom said through clenched teeth. Charlie waved her off and continued to shovel food down his throat.

James watched as Dom and Polly walked out the Great Hall. When they were out of sight, he immediately turned on Pierce. “Mate this is perfect!”

“What is?” Pierce said with food in his mouth.

“You going to be alone with Polly! It’s the perfect time to tell her that you fancy her,” James said.

Pierce started to choke and slowly turned very red. “I—I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he stuttered. Denial. Denial.

“It’s very obvious that you fancy Polly. And it’s obvious that she fancies you back. But you two are too stupid to do anything about it!” Anna said.

“But—wait. You guys didn’t,” Pierce said accusingly.

“Anna!” Kate said angrily. “They aren’t supposed to know!”

“Sorry,” Anna squeaked out, sounding very guilty.

“Meddlers!” Pierce cried throwing his fork down and standing up angrily. They all jumped in surprise and stared at Pierce wide-eyed. “Who came up with the plan? Who’s the one that caused Polly and I to get a week’s detention? Who?” he demanded glaring at all of them.

They looked at Pierce and then at each other. They were quiet until Isa finally spoke up. “It was me. I’m sorry Pierce, they put me on the spot and I blurted out the first thing that came to my head. I had no idea they were actually going to do it. And—”

“Stop apologizing,” Pierce said angrily.

“I really am sor—”

“ISA!” he snapped as he sat down. Isa shut her mouth and prepared herself to be yelled at. “I’m not mad.”

Isa’s mouth dropped open in shock, as did everyone else around them. “You—you’re not? But—but I got you detention.”

“Yea, and? Merlin, I’ve gotten detention before!” Pierce said stabbing his chicken with his knife and eating it directly off of it. It was quiet except for Pierce’s angry chewing.

“So it’s true. You do fancy Polly,” Isa said finally.

“Are you going to make me say it?” Pierce said exasperated setting his knife down.

“Yes!” Isa and Kate said simultaneously. Pierce rolled his eyes and stabbed another chuck of meat and brought it up to his mouth. He chewed for a couple of moments before Anna screeched, “Out with it!”

Pierce looked at her alarmed. “Yes, alright! I fancy Polly. Happy?” The three girls squealed and clapped their hands together while the guys exchanged high-fives and smirked at Pierce.

“About bloody time you admitted it to us,” Charlie said. “Now us blokes have to go and plan his seduction of Polly during detention.” James, Freddie, and Charlie stood up. Pierce stayed in his seat until Charlie grabbed his arm and dragged him out of his seat.

“I’m coming! Bloody hell let go of me!” Pierce cried as he was dragged away from the table.

The girls laughed and turned back to their food.

“Hi,” said a red headed girl as she slid into a seat next to Kate. She was joined a second later by a dark haired boy.

“Hi Rose. Hi Al,” Anna said. “Did you wait until James left to come over here?”

“He’s being a girl and he’s mad at us for focusing on schoolwork and not him,” Al explained. Baby Potter. We meet at last.

“Oh come on. OWL work isn’t that hard!” Kate exclaimed. It is bloody that hard! Even geniuses like Kate should know that!

“You would say that. You only had to study for two days and you got all Os on your OWLs,” Anna said rolling her eyes.

Isa practically choked on her food. “Every single class? An O?” she exclaimed. Merlin! I guess I was wrong. Again. I need to stop making a habit of this.

“Yea,” Kate said awkwardly. “Hold on, I just realized that you—”

Kate didn’t finish what she was saying. Isa heard a big clatter and suddenly she was yanked roughly from her seat. No! I’m not done eating. Damn you cruel invisible force. Isa was pulled down the Gryffindor table and pulled to a stop. “Kate’s right!” Anna exclaimed.

“Right?” Isa said wearily. Isa felt two people walk up next her. How does she know what Kate was talking about? She didn’t finish her sentence. Clearly I have a lot to learn.

“Wotters! Pay attention!” Kate said loudly from across the table. She slammed her hands on the desk to get the people sitting and eating to quiet down. Almost immediately after she hit the table, the talking stopped and the group of teenagers looked around confused at the disruption. “We,” Kate continued, “the friends of the current eldest Wotters, just realized something.”

“And that would be?” said a dark skinned girl.

“Quiet Roxie. I’m getting there,” Kate snapped. “We want to introduce you to Isa!” Kate gestured to Isa, who was standing and looking very confused to where she was at that moment.

“Isa?” half of them exclaimed. Isa heard as the ones facing away from her turned around. She raised her hand awkwardly and waved.

“Isa, this is the Wotter clan! They’re kind of a cult. Everyone must have red hair,” Kate said. The group cried indignantly. Some claimed that their hair was brown. “Shut it! You know it’s true. Yes, fine there are a few exceptions. Now everyone stop whining and go around and say your name. Must not leave poor Isa in the dark!” Metaphorically, of course. Cue awkward cough.

“Er—I’m Roxie. Freddie is my older brother.”

“I’m Hugo.”


“She’s the only cool kid that came from Percy,” Anna whispered next to me.

“Louis.” Louuuu-WEEE! That’s fun to say. I amuse myself sometimes. “Dom is my older sister.”

“Lily. James is my older brother.”

“Molly. And I heard that Anna!” Isa heard Anna snicker next to her.

“Is that it?” Isa asked.

Isa was tapped on the shoulder. “Not quite!” Isa turned towards the voice. “I’m Rose.”

“And I’m Albus. But, for the love of Merlin, call me Al,” Al said smiling. Isa laughed. “There’s also Victoire who graduated a while ago. And Teddy is Victoire’s husband, but even though he’s only related by marriage, he was always part of the family.”

Isa laughed again. Damn their family’s giant. I have 5 cousins total. “Pleasure,” Isa said as stuck at her hand. Al took her hand and shook it. “James is annoying you?” The group laughed.

“No more than he usually is,” Lily said as she rolled her eyes. “After living with him for 13 years, you get used to him getting all pissy and what not.”

There was a murmur of agreement around the table. The various Wotters returned to their conversations. Kate and Roxie were across the table discussing the new Quills made by an American wizard. Apparently they are the best. Hugo and molly returned to their game of Wizard's Chess, and Lucy made a mashed potato picture that looked frigtheningly like Professor McGonagall.

“Is your sister Taylor? In Ravenclaw?” Louis asked quietly when he stood up and stood next to Isa. Isa turned to him.

“Yea why?”

“Because Louis is bloody in love with her and too scared to do anything about it,” Rose said next to Isa. Louie hit her hard on the shoulder.

“Ow!” Rose cried. “What was that for?”

“I’m not in love with her!” Louis said. “I just—just—err—” Why did he suddenly stop talking? And why is he sound like he can’t breathe? This is a weird family.

“Hi Isa!” Oh that must be why. Isa turned towards her sister’s voice.

“Hey Tay. What’s up?” Isa asked trying to suppress a laugh at how strangled Louis’ breathing had gotten. He so fancies her.

“I just got a letter from Mum and we are going home for winter holiday!” Taylor said excitedly.

“Oh really? Wow! This is like the first time since second year that we’re actually going home,” Isa said with a smile on her face.

“Yea it will be interesting. So in a week and a half, we’ll be home for a full two weeks!” Taylor turned to Louis is looked at him oddly. His strangled breaths have turned into full-scale hyperventilation. “Louis? Are you ok? You look dreadful.”

Louis’ eyes got wide and he swallowed hard. “Oh—err—I—I’m f-f-fine,” he managed to stammer out. He looked at Taylor one more time and then booked it out of the Great Hall.

“Well that was odd. He’s been acting like that ever since we worked together in Potions last year. Whatever, bye Isa!” Taylor waved and walked back to her group of friends.

Rose, Anna, and Al watched her go. “Oh he is so in love with her,” Anna said from behind Isa. “Let’s call a Meddlers meeting!” Anna exclaimed bouncing up and down in excitement.

“No,” Isa said with a smile on her face. “I know my sister better than anyone. I know how to handle this.”

First I need to write a letter to Mum. 





Mauraders 2.0, yea? Go Meddlers!! Anyways....

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