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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 8 : Entertainment
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Well it’s been two weeks since Buffy changed back the time and things have been going smoothly. Draco was told the story of Buffy and Sev and he accepted it with ease. He was part of that dark world so nothing was too surprising.  That is until the news came…..






“Hey everyone I got great news!!!” said Buffy during breakfast. “My mother the queen invited us all to their Midsummer Celebration!”



Everyone whooped except Harry and Draco. Both were nervous about meeting the Queen and her consort and the rest of the fairies. “Oh and one more surprise” said Buffy “Harry, Draco; Dillon, Mia, Cyra and I shall be providing some entertainment as is tradition people from the royal house show some favor to the Queen and her consort. Also my brother who shall be the King of the Fairies when mother dies will also be attending. He has no wife or child yet since as fairies live for centuries my mother is still in her prime so he will do what all fairies do and be with many people until the time comes he needs a wife. As fairies the royal heir must be a pure blood fairy since the magic becomes less potent in children who arent pure blooded fairies. even though this is the case we do not discriminate between pure and non pure we all accept one another equally the problem is we need a king or queen who have the magic to protect everyone and do what is necessary as th ruler.”



Harry and Draco were shocked. Yes they knew about the fact fairies where sensual creatures and only had children with those they loved but it was still a shock to them. Especially Draco. *What if Cyra has experience already? What if when I do get the courage to tell her I like her and we one day get intimate and I disappoint her?* he thought.

Buffy noticed how Draco looked a little pale and had a feeling what it was about. Thankfully Sev was still oblivious to the fact Draco liked their daughter. He might accept the ways of the fairies but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still the overprotective father.






“Ok everyone the clothes are all set in your rooms go shower and get changed we shall be leaving at 11:30.”



As everyone walked out Buffy called out “Draco a moment please.” Draco stopped and turned around to sit back down. “Yes Buffy?” “Well Draco I know we have talked about many things and we have all become a sort of family with you and Harry but I noticed something about you and I thought we should talk about it without Sev or anyone around.”




Draco looked confused but nodded. “ok Draco I wanted to talk about Cyra and how you have feelings for her” Draco paled and stuttered…”Wha….wha….what… mean…?”



“Oh c’mon Draco I notice things even if Sev notices a lot when it comes to students but when it comes to his own children he has no clue. He wouldn’t admit this to himself once he does notices because thats still his little girl and also he would be separating the two of you and going nuts.” Buffy laughed. “Well anyways, the reason I wanted to speak to you was because I know the fairy traditions are hard to get used to especially when you like a fairy woman. I just thought I would let you know even though we sleep with many people, well most do, once we fall in love with someone then there is no one else but that person. And if it makes you feel better she hasn’t slept with anyone yet.” Buffy winked got up and walked away.



Draco sat there stunned. *omg Buffy knows I like her daughter but Severus doesn’t know! OMG! What is he going to do when he finds out?*



11:30 am



“OK everyone ready?” asked Sev. Everyone nodded. Buffy closed her eyes and incanted a spell which transported them all to the Queens castle. When they arrived Harry and Draco were amazed. The place they were in was the great hall where everyone will eat and dance. It was beautiful. There were different magical creatures around like unicorns, wood nymphs, wood sprites, etc. The room was decorated with flowers everywhere the ceiling was just like the great hall at Hogwarts which was enchanted to look like the sky, so it was sunny and clear. All the tables where arranged so that everyone could see the Queens table and also the center was clear where people were to entertain everyone and dance. The Queen looked beautiful. She looked like Buffy the only differences were her features were much sharper while Buffy’s was softer, she had pointed ears where Buffy had wolfs ears, and her hair was so blonde it looked white. She looked very regal in all her beautiful green gown with pearls and intricate designs all over. Her consort was to the left looking very handsome in his black pants and green long sleeved shirt matching the Queen. The prince, Buffy’s brother was to the right of the Queen and looked exactly like his father, having his mother’s blonde hair, while the rest was his father. Blue eyes, slender body with some muscles visible, like every fairy male had, and a face that could make any girls heart swoon.




Buffy told Harry and Draco to follow Sev where he will show them where they will all sit. Buffy and the others had to start the entertainment. So Draco and Harry followed Sev and were shocked to discover they were sitting at the Queens table next to the Prince whose name was Cirillo. The Queens name was Ilona while the consort was name Damien.



Sev led them straight to the Queen first where they all proceeded to bow and then take a seat. Ilona smiled down and said “Im glad you could join us for our wonderful celebration.”




Harry and Draco were feeling overwhelmed but enjoying every minute of it. Their where many fairies around and many of the woman were beyond beautiful. The Queen cleared her throat and everyone sat down. “Thank you all for joining in our annual Midsummer Celebration! We have a great show for you all today, my daughter along with her three children shall sing for us. First my daughter will sing by herself then the children will sing together.”  



Everyone cheered and Harry and Draco couldn’t wait to hear what they would sing.




Buffy was in the middle of the room and said "everyone I apologize but actually my children will be singing first then I will sing afterwards." Everyone chatted about the change but quieted down when Cyra Dillon and Mia stood in the middle of the room.


Draco couldn’t keep his eyes off of Cyra she was gorgeous in her blue summer dress which reached to her mid thigh.




“We shall sing Do ya wanna touch me.” Said Dillon. (This song is the glee version so credit goes to glee)


"We've been here too long....." 



As they sang they danced around to every table in the room and everyone started to clap along. And when it got to the part of "Do you wanna touch me?" everyone started screaming "Oh Yeah!!!" Sev looked a little angry since even though he accepts the fairy custom of when a child reaches the age of 14 they may have sex he still saw his little girl as that a little girl. But he had to keep it to himself since he would not win the argument with his wife or his mother in law. even though they were understanding it was just their law and like his wife said he couldnt complain since when they got together as teens they started having sex, well once they had dated for awhile.




 As they sang there last note everyone stood up and clapped. The Queen had a smile on her face while the Prince was yelling “Im there Uncle aren’t they marvelous!!!”



Draco could barely move. He sat there staring at Cyra thinking “she is the one. I will marry her one day.” While he sat there thinking this harry and Sev were clapping and hugging them all as they sat down so Buffy could sing. 



Once the room quieted down Buffy stood in the middle on the room.




Sev couldn’t help but smile and his heart swelled with love. He couldn’t wait to hear what she would sing. 

 Buffy smiled and said “I shall sing My Baby You dedicated to my husband who’s been there for me since we were teens.” Sev turned red as she said this but did manage to smile a little even if the kids all said awww!!! (this song is credited to Marc Anthony)





"As I look into your eyes..."

 Buffy looked directly at Sev throughout the whole song. Everyone could see the powerful love between the two and the chemistry still between them. Every watched as their love was out for all to see. Their love was so powerful and moving that some of the guest cried. No one could move as Buffy walked right into her husband’s outstretched arms and the kissed passionately for quite some time.....




Hello my lovely readers sorry for the long delay been having some issues at home but now that’s all worked out and Im in the writing spirit again!!! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter I just wanted to put something in because in the next chapter things will be getting steamy both in the bedroom and out. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter!!!

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