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Edge of Desire by Expelliarmus26
Chapter 1 : Something New
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Disclaimer: Characters belong to Ms. Rowling. The rest came from my brain.

A/N I thought I'd edit this and add some extra goodies!


     It had been an entire week since the final battle and the Burrow was strangely silent. The kitchen table was filled with an assortment of food that friends and family had brought by for the Weasleys in this difficult time.  There were several vases of now dried flowers in memory of Fred scattered about the entrance to the home. No one had the heart to throw them away yet.  

After the war, Harry, Ron, and Hermione split up to take care of things in their lives.  Harry made a point to attend every memorial service of everyone lost in the war. When he wasn't delivering a eulogy, he was spending time in Kingsley's office, discussing his future as an Auror.  After Fred, Remus and Tonks's funerals, Hermione went to find her parents in Austrailia.  She repaired their memories and spent every moment with them since, filling them in on everything that happened in the past year.  Ron spent his time at home, still trying to heal from the loss of his brother and spending time with his family.  He would occasionally visit Diagon Alley to take care of the joke store, as George was in no shape to be running it.

It was late, and one by one, the Weasleys were leaving their places in the living room and going to bed until Ron was the last one left. He yawned as he put the pieces of his chess set back into place. The yawn was deceiving. Another sleepless night was inevitable since he hadn't heard from the person he wanted to see the most in days.  Ron started up the stairs when he suddenly heard a noise coming from the fireplace.

"Hermione," he gasped as he ran over to greet her.

"I'm sorry it's so late," she whispered. "But I just had to come see you. My parents' memories are all sorted out and I would have felt terrible if I didn't stay with them after not being in contact with them for an entire year.  But in all honesty, the reason I'm here at this hour is because I was going to tell my parents about you but I didn't exactly know what to tell them. I mean, about us."

"Well," Ron started. "You're my girlfriend now, aren't you? I mean, if you don't feel the same way anymore, it's ok..." 

Hermione laughed. "Of course I am! It just happened so quickly and I wanted to talk about it with you."

Ron smiled. "I don't think this happened quickly. I've had feelings for you for years.  I remember when you went to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum in our fourth year. When I saw you dancing with him, it make me feel like there was a dementor in the room.  That's when I first realized that you were special and I was always too big of a prat to let you know. During Christmas, when I heard your name in the deluminator and the light went into my chest, I just knew that..."  His voice dropped. "...that I loved you." 

Hermoine's eyes glistened with tears.  "I love you too, Ron.  There were so many times over the years that I wanted to give up on you, but Harry told me that eventually you would realize how I felt.  I'm glad I waited for you, as miserable as the waiting was sometimes."

Ron reached for her hands and pulled her in towards him.  They sat in silence with his arms wrapped around Hermoine.  Ron nestled his face in her hair as she rested her head on his sternum, breathing in his scent that she longed for since they last saw each other. After a few long moments, he planted a soft kiss on her head and they pulled apart, sitting face to face.

"So, what happens next?" Ron asked.

Hermoine paused for a moment and then replied, "I'm going back to Hogwarts. It wouldn't feel right if I didn't complete my seventh year and there's still so much left to learn.  Are you going to take Kingsley's job offer and go to Auror training?

"Maybe in a few years," Ron said. "I've been thinking, and George really needs help right now with his shop.  It could be a while until he can handle it on his own again."

"I suppose you're right," Hermoine sighed. "I'm really going to miss you while I'm away at Hogwarts."

"Well, we have the rest of the summer to be together and then I suppose I can meet up with you on your Hogsmeade weekends, he said. "I would send you ten owls a day if you wanted me to.  We will be fine. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?"

"Ronald Weasley, when did you become so wise?" she laughed.

They slowly leaned into each other until their lips met. They hadn't kissed since Ron's concern about house elves during the battle. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, and if Ron had his way, he would gladly spend the rest of his life with this beautiful girl sitting so close to him.  Hermoine held on to Ron tightly because this moment is what she dreamed about since they last parted and she didn't want to let him go again.

"You know," Ron started. "It's kind of nice that we can have our time now. The last seven years, we've been always just focusing on Harry, being the chosen one and all. Now we can spend more time together."  

Hermione gave him a sly grin. "You're really saying that you don't have to worry about me running off with Harry! Ronald Weasley, I assure you that after all the years I spent fancying you, I wouldn't give you up for anything," she promised.

"Well, is there any way you can really prove that?" Ron suggested.

Hermione cupped Ron's chin in her hands and kissed him.  She wondered if the flutter in her stomach would ever go away when their lips touched. She hoped it wouldn't. They were alone, and nothing was going to keep her from kissing the man she had longed to be with for ages.

That thought immediately left when the front door swung open. They leapt apart from their tight embrace to see Ginny standing in the doorway clutching her broomstick in one hand.

"I thought you were in bed. Where could you have possibly been at this hour?" Ron interrogated.

"I thought everyone was in bed. I couldn't sleep so I flew to Grimmauld Place to have a chat with Harry," she replied cooly. "He is my boyfriend, you know," she added when she saw Ron's glare.

"That doesn't help your case," Ron retorted. "I wonder what Mum thinks about you sneaking away at night."

"Ron, get off your high thestral. You once stole Dad's car to meet up with Harry. I'm going to bed now, so you two can carry on with whatever it was you were doing," she said with a smirk on her face. She gave Hermione a quick wink before she tiptoed up the stairs.

"No, it's late. I need to get back to my parent's house before they realize I'm gone and worry. I'll stop by again tomorrow, if that's alright with you." Hermione said.

"Of course it is," Ron said, even though he didn't really want her to go. "Goodnight, Hermoine."

"Goodnight, Ron."  

After one last embrace, she grabbed a handful of Floo Powder and disappeared into the emerald flames.  For the first time in seven years, the future felt bright and full of endless possibilities for the two of them. All was well.


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Edge of Desire: Something New


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