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Nothing Personal by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 12 : Turning Page
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Disclaimer: The song for the chapter title and the one used in this chapter is called Turning Page by Sleeping at Last. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, I just added a few of my own characters into her world :)

Chapter 12

October 16th, 11:11 A.M. –Marvin’s Family Grocery and Deli

I try to think of a response, but instead I decide to use the one thing I know I have that she doesn’t against her. I turn towards Albus and call out his name loudly enough for Blair to hear me.

“Yeah?” he says nervously in response, probably assuming I’m going to yell at him.

Instead, I lay a big, fat kiss on him. I hold the kiss long enough to be sure I really pissed Quaffleboobs off. When I pull away, Al’s got a big, goofy, grin on his face.

“What was that for?” he asks happily.

I turn to catch a quick glimpse of the sour look on her face before she leaves the isle.

 Mission accomplished.

“For being a git!” I say, facing him once again. I give him a smack on the arm before angrily pushing the cart away from him.

A look of confusion crosses his face as he tries to catch up, “Wait, why am I a git? Why’d you just snog me?”

I come to an abrupt halt and turned towards him. “You’re a git because you conveniently forgot to mention that your old hook-up buddy also happens to be your neighbor! And I only snogged you because I didn’t want Blair having any delusions of you being available,” I utter harshly under my breath in case she’s still within earshot.

He lets out a bitter laugh, “Oh, so I get yelled at for her being my neighbor? Yet, I’m supposed to be all fine and dandy with the fact that you’re all buddy buddy with Connor at work every day while he ogles at you with his ‘smoldering’ eyes! You women are bloody ridiculous!”

“That’s not even close to being the same thing! First of all, he and I are strictly friends and you know that. And what’s this nonsense of ogling and smoldering eyes?” I ask angrily. “He is nothing but friendly and professional, unlike Blair over there who was basically throwing herself at you!”

I don’t even wait for him to answer as I push the cart out of the isle. I toss some random items from the shelf, not caring if they are on the list or not, and head to the checkout. I get some strange looks from the other shoppers as I mutter obscenities under my breath. I snarl at a particularly rude old lady who’s giving me sassy looks.

I don’t need any sass, thank you very much.

“June, wait up!” I hear Albus yelling, trying to catch up to me.

 I don’t slow down and I keep my eyes on the checkout counter. I mean, what’s he playing at, not telling me that she’s his neighbor? That seems pretty sketchy to me.

“Will you please listen to me?” he says exasperatedly, easily catching up with me.

Damn his agility.

I fold my arms across my chest, “Okay, I’m listening. You have two minutes. Go.”

Al comes to a halt, caught off guard from my abrupt stop. He looks rather relieved that I’ve stopped, though he shouldn’t be. I’m a woman scorned, and hell hath no fury like mine.

“I’m sorry for not telling you Blair lived near me. It wasn’t because I had something to hide, I genuinely forgot! This is the first time I’ve seen her since Scorpius’ party. Besides, even if I did see her more often, it wouldn’t matter because she means nothing to me,” he says sincerely.

Okay, so maybe my fury isn’t all that intense. After hearing him say that, I feel a little less angry. It may be possible that I had a slight overreaction. But only slight, because this is Quaffleboobs we are talking about here. She’s a nasty witch.

“She was just a rebound because I was so emotionally broken and my soul was so tormented by the loss of you in my life,” he continues to exclaim, batting his eyelashes at me.

I crack a smile, “Laying it on a bit thick at the end there.”

“But did it work?” he says hopefully, giving me puppy dog eyes.

It’s hard to stay mad at him when he has to go and act so freaking adorable.

“Yes,” I say with a sigh as he envelopes me in a hug. “But don’t think I’m always this forgiving!”

He spins me around, “You look so lovely when you’re forgiving me!”

I laugh as he sets me down, and give him a playful shove. “You look rather lovely when you grovel, my dear Albie.”


October 16th, 5:29 P.M. –Albus’ Flat

After we finished putting away all the groceries at his flat, and with all QB related drama forgotten, we were able to relax peacefully at his place.

 I gave him a few cooking lessons, and explained the benefits of making sure you actually have food in your home. I made him promise he wouldn’t let the food situation get as bad as it was before we went shopping. I don’t want my boyfriend to starve to death, or Scorpius for that matter.

He got out an old wizard’s chess set and he kicked my ass several times. Eventually I got the hang of it, and manage to beat him once. I totally own him when it comes to exploding snaps though, so my ego isn’t too bruised.

Most importantly, we talk. We talk about everything in our lives. I forgot how natural conversation comes when I’m with him. And even in moments when there isn’t anything to say, it still feels comfortable. We can sit happily in silence.

Spending the day with him has felt simply amazing. It reminds me of our weekends at Hogwarts when we goofed off and spent the day walking the grounds and stealing away for snogging sessions in broom cupboards. Although, we’ve matured a lot since then—instead of using a broom closet, we snogged in Al’s living room. Then we snogged in his kitchen, his bedroom, and his foyer…

What can I say? He’s a fantastic kisser.

I’m perfectly happy with lounging around his place; we could try and snog in every room! But he insists he wants to take me somewhere special for the rest of the evening.

“I want this to be a weekend to remember,” Albus says with a smile. He disappears for a moment and comes back with a present wrapped in a big purple ribbon, “I had Stella and Rose help me pick this out.”

Code for Stella and Rose picked it out because I’m bollocks at girly things.

I carefully unwrap the present and inside I find a gorgeous red dress. It’s short with a V-neck and dark brown belt around the waist. There’s also a pair of strappy, healed, sandals that match the color of the belt.

I give him a kiss and thank him for the lovely present. I take it and change in the bathroom while he goes into his room to put on something nicer. Once the dress is on, I look in the mirror to try and figure out what to do with the rest of my appearance. My hair is generally a hopeless case, but I manage to put it up in a messy up do that’s half way decent.   I don’t have any makeup with me, so I just have to be happy with the makeup job I did this morning.

After I’ve done all I can do, I go back into the living room. Al is already there waiting for me, looking very handsome in a new dress shirt and tie.

And by handsome I mean extremely sexy.

Must resist sexual urges.

Remember, you’re a classy gal, June. You can’t just jump his bones right here in the living room.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and he turns towards me. An odd expression crosses his face as he stares at me, speechless.

I look down worriedly, “What, did I already manage to stain the dress?”

“No, the dress is prefect. It’s just… you’re beautiful,” he says with an awed look.

I feel a blush creeping across my cheeks, “That’s sweet of you to say.”

I vaguely recall a conversation Stella and I had with her mum. Stella’s mum told us once when I was having sleepover at her house summer of 5th year that there are signs that let you know if a boy is worth your time. Being called hot and sexy can be nice, but the true keepers, she said, will call you beautiful.

He steps closer and grabs my hand. “I mean it,” he says with complete sincerity. “You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

My cheeks flush further as I give him a huge grin. “You’re not so bad yourself,” I whisper playfully before giving him a peck on the lips. “I think it has something to do with your chiseled abs and amazing biceps. They really drive the ladies wild,” I tease him, putting my arms around his waist.

“Without a doubt,” he laughs, making his eyes twinkle. “Now let’s go, I have an evening planned, woman!”


October 16th, 6:17 P.M. –Undisclosed location

Albus apparates the two of us, refusing to tell me where we are headed.

I agree to keep my eyes closed only because he seems so excited to surprise me. He’s so adorable when he’s trying to be romantic.

“Can I open my eyes yet?” I ask Al as he guides me forward.

“Not yet!” he insists, moving me further forward.

We’ve been walking for a minute or two, which is no easy feat without eyesight. Luckily, he is good at guiding me or else I’m sure I would have face planted by now.

We come to a stop a few paces later, and I feel the pressure of Al’s hand leave me back. “Okay, you can open them.”

When I open my eyes, my breath is taken away. There’s a small café style table set up, with lit candles and white rose petals scattered on the floor. The table in placed in front of a wall with ceiling to floor windows, and there’s a view of a beautiful lake.

“Albus Potter,” I manage to say. “This is brilliant! I can’t believe you did all of this for me.”

No one has ever done something like this for me in my entire life. I would never have expected Al to be so romantic, but he has really out done himself.

He beams at my reaction. “Wait until you see the best part,” he laughs motioning to the doorway across the room.

I look over to see none other than Scorpius Malfoy walk into the room wearing a white waiter’s uniform and with menus in his hand.

“Hello, my lady. May I take your coat?” he says in an awfully pompous voice.

I burst out in laughter, “Scorpius is our waiter?”

“Yup,” he says with a gleeful smile, pulling my chair out so I can sit down.

I notice a small note on my plate when I sit. Written in neat cursive is a verse from one of my favorite songs.


If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush, or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

I would have known what I was living for all along


“Oh, Al…” I trail off, getting slightly emotional. I don’t want him to see me tear up; I’m not the type of girl who cries over mushy stuff.

But Merlin be damned, if that isn’t the cutest thing in the world then I don’t know what is.

I smile at him, getting a grip on my emotions. “This is wonderful, thank you so much. How did you come up with all of this?” I ask, carefully tucking the note into my bag. I want to keep it safe.

“Stella was really helpful with the present, and I owled Louis for some pointers. He may be a 7th year, but that boy sure knows how to romance a girl. It’s not fair,” he laughs. “It’s just because he’s French.”

I laugh in return, remembering the times I’d meet Louis Weasley. He was rather charming.

“But I get some of the credit,” he says bashfully. “Contrary to popular believe, Albus Potter can be romantic!”

I lean forward and give him another quick kiss. “I know, Al. Don’t fret.”

Scorpius hands us our menus and takes our orders. I have to use all of my will power to keep from bursting out in laughter every time he speaks. We’re not at a real restaurant, so once we order, Scorpius has to apparate to a restaurant nearby and get the food for us. I have no idea how Albus convinced him to do this, but it sure is a nice thing he’s doing.

And bloody hilarious, but that’s beside the point.

While he’s gone, Al and I chat happily, admiring the view. The lake is stunning, especially now that the sun is starting to set. The golden and pink hues reflect off the water, rippling from the light fall wind. It’s like a scene right out of a fairy tale.

My fairy tale.

It’s not long before Scorpius returns with our food and we get to eating.  My pasta is positively delicious. I dig in right away and essentially attack my meal with my fork. Some girls worry about eating in front of guys, but I find that notion rather ridiculous. It’s not a secret that we eat; it’s an activity that is essential for survival. Should I be ashamed to breathe in front of my date, too? Because I’m awful at breath holding contests.

Besides, as he demonstrated at the lunch at the Burrow, Albus has quite the appetite himself.

After we finish our main course, Scorpius heads off to fetch us some dessert. When it’s just us, I get myself to ask the question that has been nagging at me all day. “So…” I start awkwardly.

So many things I do are awkward. I should really try to fix that.

“Remember that thing I asked you to look into, about my mom? Well, any luck?” I ask sheepishly, afraid of what he might say.

He gives me a sad look. Not one of those annoying looks filled with unnecessary pity, but a sincere look that tells me he wishes he had better news. “I’m sorry, June, but I haven’t come across anything.”

I try to hide my disappointment, but he sees it in my face. “I’ll keep trying though. I haven’t really had much time to do a thorough search.”

I smile and thank him. I figured he hadn’t found anything or else he would have told me before, but a girl can hope.

Scorpius comes back with two slices of chocolate cake and the conversation moves back to happier subjects. It’s quite difficult to be unhappy when chocolate cake is involved.

We finish up and Scorpius comes to remove our dirty plates. Before leaving, he places a black book on the table. “Your check, lady and gentleman,” he says, still keeping up that wonky accent. I think he’s trying to sound French or something, but he’s failing. Miserably.

Al gives him a funny glace, mentioning how he paid Scorpius beforehand to buy the food. He opens the book and laughs heartily. He hands me the book so I can see for myself what’s so darn funny. What’s inside makes me laugh just as hard.

In place of a check, there is a small slip of paper that reads,

One gigantic favor owed to Mr. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. To be redeemed at any time.

-Because you made me look like a dumbass just to impress a girl.

P.S. In case June sees this, just know that I don’t think you’re ‘just’ a girl. You’re completely brilliant, but still, Al owes me for helping him woo you. Assuming you were wooed. If you think this night sucked, well then I had no part in it. But if you loved it, I take cookies as a form of thanks.

P.P.S. How was my accent?


We just look at each other and laugh some more. Sometimes I wonder who has the crazier best friend, him or me.

Oh, Scorpius.


October 16th, 9:45 P.M. –June’s flat

“Last one there is a rotten doxy egg!” Al laughs, charging ahead of me.

Instead of apparting straight back to my place, we decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. But as soon as we got around the corner and saw my building, Al decided to make it a race.

“Not fair!” I shout, struggling to run in heals. A boy will never be able to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into wearing heels. I’m teetering on the brink of death with every stride; my balance isn’t exactly top notch.

Albus just continues to laugh as he barrels in through the door of my building, while I’m left behind trying to pry off my death contraptions. Not in the mood to be beat, I pull a Slytherin and cheat.

I know, I know. Shame on me for not being fair and square! But honestly, he had an unfair advantage in the first place. If it weren’t for the shoes, I would have won.

I take a look around first, making sure there aren’t any muggles wandering about, and apparate into my flat. Al has a couple flights of stairs to deal with, so I have time to collect myself and catch my breath.

When I hear his pounding footsteps coming down the hall, I walk over to the door. Right as he is about open the door, I open it first and he near topples into me.

“Nice of you to finally show up, I’ve been waiting forever!” I tease, loving his look of shock.

He gives me an accusatory glare, “You cheated! Apparating is against racing rules. This is common knowledge, Adams!”

“Yeah, and racing off ahead while I was trying to not die in my heels wasn’t cheating…” I playfully roll my eyes. “It doesn’t matter, though. I know the perfect prize that will make us both happy.” I try to raise my eyebrows suggestively, but I don’t think it works.

Whatever, it was worth a shot.

“And that is?” he asks.

This,” I whisper, pulling him in for a kiss.

This is definitely the kind of prize I would want, and Al doesn’t seem to be making any complaints.

You know in movies when the beautiful couple starts to have a steamy snogging season, and they manage to get all the way upstairs and into the bedroom without detaching faces?

Well, that’s not exactly what happens with Al and me because I don’t have stairs. But I’m super impressed with the way we manage to navigate to my bed without having to stop kissing.

My head hits the pillow and I can feel some of Al’s weight gently pressing down on me as the kiss becomes more intense. His muscled arms are flexed from holding up his weight. I tangle my hands in his hair, trying to pull him in closer. Although, we are so close already, I don’t think it’s possible.

The more we kiss, the fuzzier my thoughts become. He just smells so damn good and this kiss is making my brain foggy in a completely wonderful way. My head is so muddled that I don’t even notice that I’ve started to rip off Al’s shirt until it’s almost entirely off his body and my shirt is flung across the room somewhere.


I can’t even say I’m particularly sorry though, I enjoy a shirtless Albus Potter very much. So I continue to go on my merry way, but I slow things down a bit. I gently run my hands across his chest, my cold hands tingling from his warm skin. He pulls away from the kiss just enough to put a little bit of space between us, so I can see clearly into his eyes.

I could stare into those eyes of his forever, picking out the slightly different shaded flecks of green

Al gently traces my lips before he whispers, “Did I mention that you’re absolutely beautiful?”

I smile warmly, my cheeks flushing with color, “Yeah, I think you may have mentioned that earlier.”

“Good,” he mumbles, because my lips are already back on his.

We continue with a slow pace for a while, taking our time with each kiss. Al caresses my face, leaving a burning trail across my cheek. The burn spreads as his lips sear mine as we kiss. Pretty soon, things are intensifying again, and I realize that we are on the verge of taking our relationship to a place we haven’t gone yet.

“Are you sure you don’t want to slow things down?” Al asks, reading my mind.

My body is screaming that I definitely do not want to stop, but some deep part of my brain is yelling for me to think it through.

Al and I talked about ‘being intimate’ back when we dated in school and mutually decided that we didn’t want our first time to be in a Hogwarts dorm. It just wouldn’t be as special and neither of us were ready.

But what about now?

We aren’t at school anymore, things are great between us, and we just went on the most amazing date I’ve ever had. Al is right next to me, in a bed, looking gorgeous and shirtless. I shouldn’t even have to ask myself about what I want to do.

So, then why in the name of Merlin am I sitting here completely torn?

It’s not that Albus isn’t the right guy, for some reason it just doesn’t feel like the right time.

“What do you think?” I ask him, this moment is important for him too.

Although plenty of gossip in school said otherwise, Al didn’t do much more than snogging during his school years. We promised each other shortly before our breakup that we both wanted to be each other’s first. But then we got in that fight and the topic of sleeping together didn’t really come up, believe it or not.

“As much as I don’t want to say this, I think we shouldn’t do this now. We haven’t been back together for that long, and I don’t want to rush into things and mess this up. Nothing is worth messing up our relationship, even if I really want it,” he says wistfully.

“I want to, too, but I’m thinking the same way you are. Now isn’t the time for this yet,” I say with a sigh, realizing the words are true as they leave my mouth.

Both in agreement that things should slow down, we go change into more comfortable outfits. I put on one of Al’s old baggy shirts as a night gown, and Albus trades his nice pants for sweatpants. The shirt stays off though, that was my request.

It’s such an enjoyable view, I couldn’t bear to lose it.

Once comfortable, we crawl back into bed. Al wraps his strong arms around me, making me feel warm and safe. We kiss a bit more, and chat until we drift off to sleep.

Falling asleep in Albus Potter’s arms definitely isn’t a bad alternative.

In fact, it’s rather wonderful.


A/N: So did you guys enjoy some Al/June fluff? The holiday season made me too happy to write a chapter with too much drama, so it's mostly romantic fun! Tell me what you think? I hope everyone had a great holiday, and a fantastic new year!

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Nothing Personal : Turning Page


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