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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 17 : The Shower
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I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 17 The Shower


Draco was an excellent student and he truly wanted to learn how to produce a Patronus, so after a few tries he finally got it.  I explained to him about a happy thought, and he had told me that he never really understood the meaning of that.  He knew what a happy thought was, but apparently he never really had a good happy thought to make the Patronus work.  I asked him what his happy thought was and he said simply, ‘You, ‘Mione, you make me so happy I just have to think of you.’  I was astonished that is what he chose for a happy thought.


Draco left to meet up with Blaise since I was going to the Burrow, so I changed into a comfortable sundress and pulled my hair into a messy ponytail.  Just before 4 o'clock I grabbed my cloak and wand step into the floo, grab some powder and shouted, “The Burrow".


I step out of the fire at The Burrow and Molly greets me with a big hug.  She gives me the look of a mother pats my belly and asks, “How are you dear?"


I smile at her warmly, “I feel fine, a little tired but fine".  I assure her.


“I'm so glad you were able to make it". Molly says as she ushers me into the kitchen.


As we enter the kitchen I look around and there is enough food to feed an entire army.  Ginny is standing next to the counter looking at me with a devious smile on her face. Ginny is not alone.  Luna Lovegood-Thomas, who married Dean, Glori, and Cassie, are standing next to her smiling at me.


“What is going on Ginny?” I ask looking around in confusion.  Then I notice not just all the food but the colours and that this has to do with a baby, there are pink and blue sugar cookies, along with pink and blue punch.  There are balloons floating around not attached to anything and of course a pile of presents sitting on a table in the corner.


“What does it look like Hermione, you’re the smartest witch of our age." Ginny replies smirking at me.


Before I can answer, Narcissa rushes in, “Oh dear, I hoped we would make it before Hermione." She gasps and sends some more gifts to the pile with a flick of her wand, I notice Andromeda with her.


“Narcissa?" I question looking between Narcissa, Molly and Ginny.


“Hermione dear, we are throwing you a baby shower, you had no idea?" Narcissa inquires looking at me and smiling happily. 

“I thought maybe Ginny was up to something, but I honestly didn’t see this coming.”  I answer looking around in awe.  “Luna, I haven’t seen you in ages.”  I say and walk over to her to hug her.


Fleur rushes in apologizing for her tardiness, and following her is Alicia Spinnet, who had become close to the Trio because of Quidditch and the D.A.  With her is Penelope Clearwater-Weasley, who married Percy, next Angelina Johnson-Weasley, who married George, walks in smiling and greeting everyone.


“Quidditch was brutal, can we eat?”  She asks smiling hugely and I can’t help but laugh.  Molly shakes her head but hugs her and gestures to the food.


Katie Bell-Weasley, who married Fred, and Hannah Abbott-Longbottom, who married Neville come in and by this time I am so shocked at the out come of who have come, I am openly crying.


“Hermione, are you okay?”  Hannah asks as she gives me a hug.


“I’m just so happy, and a little shocked that everyone is here.  I just haven’t seen so many of my friends in so long.”  I say trying to wipe away the tears and get them to stop.  I look over to the door-way and I freeze sucking in a breath, “What, What is she doing here?”  I wonder out loud.  Everybody turns to the newest face and then Narcissa rushes over to me.


“Hermione, I invited her, please just give her a chance.”  Narcissa says to the room, then she whispers in my ear, “She has no friends, I know you didn’t get along in school, but give her a chance.”  I nod my head to her that I understand and then walk to the doorway.


“Hello, Pansy it has been awhile.”  I say and smile faintly, I watch almost in awe and she blushes, not a smirk in sight.


“Yes, it has been quite some time.”  She says and smiles at me, “Pregnancy suits you, you look wonderful.”  She says kindly and hands me a wrapped package.


I smile back, and really look at her; she looks different than when we were in school, more girlish rather than arrogant and pug-like.  I turn to look at the entire room, “Thank you all for coming, I had no idea that this was being planned.”  I say and a couple more tears leak out from the happiness of so many people in a room that truly care for me.


“Lets play some games.”  Ginny says and claps her hands together looking more than excited. “Everyone to the living room.”  She adds and hustles everyone to the living room where there are chairs sitting everywhere and other decorations of pacifiers and rattles floating all over.  There is a giant tub with nappies in it sitting in the corner. 


The first ‘game’ we play is guess how big my tummy is.  Ginny gives everyone a string of a different colour, and they have to measure out a length that they think will fit around my belly.  Whoever’s the closest wins, and will receive a prize.  While Ginny is passing out strings Narcissa is moving through the crowd handing out magiked bibs, that will stick to you kind of like Velcro.  This apparently is another game in which you are not allowed to say the words baby, child, pregnant, boy, girl, or any variation of the words.  If you do use any of the words, the bib will then be magiked to stick to the person you are talking to.  The one with the most bibs wins, and receives a prize.  Molly is floating plates of food and drinks around the room to random people, and every one looks to be having a great time.


“So, have you decided on names?”  Hannah asks above the dull roar of conversations.  Instantly the room quiets and everyone turns toward me.


“Well, yes, actually I have.” I say and almost in unison the group leans forward.  I chuckle a little and take a deep breath, “I’ve decided on Lucas for my son.”  I finally say and there is a frenzy of sound. 


Narcissa claps her hands together under her chin looking like she could cry as Molly, Luna, Cassie, and Glori Ahhhh, at the same time Alicia, Katie, and Angelina let out woops of excitement, while the remaining women nod and make agreeable noises.


“I haven’t completely decided on the other name, quite yet, though I have a couple good ones picked out.” I answer Molly as she questions me about my daughter.


“When are you due, Hermione?”  Pansy asks quietly though I could still hear her.


“Around the first of October.” I respond and rub my belly; the twins are kicking up a storm.  “They sure are moving around a lot.” I say out loud mostly to my self.


Half of the women reach toward my belly rubbing and making cooing noises most of them losing their bib from using a tabooed word.  I laugh as the ones who loose their bib gasp wide eyed.


“Okay,” Ginny says, “We have the winner of who sized ‘Mione’s belly the closest.”  She waits until everybody has their eyes on her then she says with a flourish, “Pansy wins!”  Everyone claps, and Pansy blushes, though she smiles as she accepts her prize, of a plain blue envelope.


“Okay, everyone this next ‘game’, isn’t really a game, but more of a project for Hermione.”  Andromeda says as she stands.  “As all of you know, Hermione was raised as a muggle, so when we were deciding on what to do for the shower, we came across something that muggle women do, that looked like fun.” She explains and as I look around everyone seemed excited and curious.  I start crying again.


As everyone looks at me, I just wave my hand and give a watery smile, “Hormones.”  I say, and everyone laughs.


“We are going to make a mould of Hermione’s belly.”  Andromeda says and holds up a bowl with something resembling a mix between clay and plaster.  “This is a special concoction I brewed that should be easier than those blasted muggle mixes.  It should also dry faster, and not be too hard to work with.”  She says as she sets it to float in front of me.  “Now, we may get a little messy, but that is half the fun.”  She smiles and gestures for me to lift my shirt.


“Once we have it spread completely we will use our wands to sign our names, sort of like a guest book/memory for ‘Mione.” Ginny says once my belly is mostly covered in goo.  “You are welcome to put a short message on there too if you would like.”


As each woman starts to write on my belly, more lose their bibs in shock, “Apparently we aren’t allowed to even write the tabooed words.”  Cassie says aloud watching as her bib sticks itself to my shoulder. “Oh well.”  She shrugs and sits back down.


After everyone is finished with writing on my tummy, Andromeda flickers her wand and instantly, it is dried and placed in a clear box, clearly displayable.   I sniffle as I look at it and rub my belly.  “I love this, I am going to put it in my living room.”  I say and smile as I look around and even see a few tears make an appearance.  “I have to potty, excuse me.”  I say suddenly and heave myself up and head to the loo.


Once I get back, Ginny stands up “Okay, so for the next game we have some guest players, once they arrive, I’ll explain the game.” After she finishes talking there are a few pops in the kitchen then in walk the boys.  Charlie, Fred, George, Neville, Harry, Draco, Lucius, Dean, Jake, Bill, Lee Jordan, and Blaise. 


“Hey Ladies!”  Fred and George say together mischievously as the guys make their way into the living room and all stand just inside the doorway looking decidedly uncomfortable and glancing around at the women.


There are so many people in the room and it is so noisy that Ginny steps up on to a chair with the help of Harry next to the boys and calls out, “Quiet, Shut it!”  Finally everybody turns and looks to Ginny.  “Okay, now listen up.  We are going to have a little contest between the boys and girls.”  Her bib flies off her, and suspends itself in mid air for a minute before it attaches itself to me with a kind of slapping sound.


All the women bust out into laughter as the guys all look around in confusion from the bib that slapped itself to my thigh to the laughing women.  Ginny is actually laughing so hard so falls off the chair and Harry catches her.  Finally everybody settles down and quickly Hannah, who doesn’t have a bib any more, explains why a bib flew through the air to Hermione.  The guys still look at the women like we are all a little daft, but nod anyway.


“Okay, anyway like I was saying, we have two teams boys, and girls.  If the ladies can line up over here, and the men over here.”  Ginny gestures to each side of her.  Everybody lines up and then I notice there are more women than men, apparently Neville did too.


“Ah, Gin, there are more women than men.”  He states sounding a bit confused, I smile.


“Oh, yes well Hermione will be a Judge along with Andromeda.”  Ginny clarifies so Andromeda and I step up to where Ginny is and I sink into a chair.  “Now, I have a baby bottle here for each of you.” Ginny continues, “I have filled bottles with butterbeer.  We will start here and each person will drink from the bottle until the liquid is gone, then the next person will drink from their bottle until it is gone, then so on down the line.”  Ginny says and watches as the guys start pounding their chest and makes noise about how they are going to win.  The women smirk at the men from across the way.


“Now, now, quiet down I’m not finished.”  Ginny says, and waits until everyone is quiet before she continues, “Once you have finished your bottle, you must make your way to Hermione, trade your empty one for a full bottle for the next person in line and take it to them.  When you go up to get the next bottle you must toast to Hermione with a shot of firewhiskey, Andromeda will decide if the toast is worthy, if it isn’t you must take another shot until you get it right.”  She finishes and everyone blinks at her. “The last person of the first team done, will show their bottle that is empty to Dromeda and they win.”


“Um Ginny, I am not sure but I think that, well, I might get kinda drunk?”  Luna says as a sort of question and some of the boys snicker, Dean nods in agreement.  “I just mean that well, firewhiskey…” She trails off.


“Oh, yeah and I must have forgot to mention, the men are the only ones that will toast to Hermione and take a shot, it is a way of showing that they take their manly duties seriously.”  Ginny explains.  “You know how they protect the women, and care for the women and such.”  Ginny says with a half smirk on her face, the women all see the ploy to make the men loose but the men are all puffed out chests nodding in agreement that they are manly men.


Angelina and Katie snicker behind their hands as Ginny tries to look innocent.  Harry narrows his eyes at us then smiles at me and winks.  Draco looks over and grins at me.  I smile back at the boys and then say, “Shall we start then?”


So there are two rows of twelve bottles filled with liquid floating in front of me, and twelve shots of firewhiskey floating in front of Andromeda.  Ginny takes her place across from Harry at the end of the row and nods to me.


“Ready?”  I call out and everybody looks at me and nods. “Go!”  I exclaim and Charlie and Glori rush up to get the bottles.  I watch as both start suckling on the bottles, while trying to smirk across at each other.  Soon the look on Charlie’s face turns to worry, and he tries to suck harder.  The women are trying very hard not to laugh at the picture that he makes, drinking out of a bottle.  The guys are calling out semi encouraging things and are also heckling at the same time about how easy it looks and to hurry it up.  Glori finishes her bottle and walks it up to me.


“Here you go, momma.”  She says as I smile at her and she takes a full one back to Angelina who throws a challenging look to George and starts drinking it down. 


“Come on mate, get to sucking!”  George hollers at Charlie who is just about done.  Charlie sends him a dark look but keeps at the bottle, the women are openly laughing now.  Charlie finally finishes and rushes up to me breathing hard.


He rushes to George with a bottle and says.  “Now you get to sucking!” George does exactly that.  Charlie walks back up to me and grabs a shot; “I wish you the most happiness with your babies.”  He says and grins at me, tears prick my eyes at the sentiment, and then he downs the shot, Andromeda declares that is a sufficient toast.


Angelina is almost done and the boys are starting to get really rowdy, as the women are grinning and laughing.  Angelina takes her last mouthful then heads up to me to get one for Alicia, “Here you go Hermione, thanks for the drink.”  She says then takes a full bottle.


Alicia gives a little wave to Jake, and starts on her bottle, he looks at her wide-eyed and then looks at George who is struggling to get his drank.  “Hurry, show us you’re a man, and get that drank.”  He says and then prods George who glares at him.  Finally George sucks the last of his butter beer down, and rushes up to me then back to Jake.


“Hermione, I am excited to see your offspring.”  He says as he makes it back to me then lifts his shot and downs it.  It magically refills.


“Try again, George.”  Andromeda says, smiling.


“I know you will be a wonderful mum.” He says and downs another shot, then leans down and kisses my belly, “I am excited to see the next tricksters.”  He says and winks at me.  I smile as I feel a little choked up.  Andromeda nods and George heads back to the line.


Alicia finishes and comes to get a full bottle, “Hermione, that was fun.”  She hands me her empty and takes the next to Cassie.


Jake finishes and runs up to me, grabs a full bottle take it to Blaise then runs back to me. “Hermione, Babies, you are all three very important to me, and I hope for all of us to have a wonderful, fun, and love filled future.”  He drinks, and Andromeda nods in acceptance, he nods back then goes back to stand next to George, “It was kind of hard.”  He acknowledges and Georges agrees.


Cassie saunters up to me hands of the empty bottle for a full, smiles and says, “I really like your friends.”  Then saunters back to give the bottle to Molly.


Blaise sprints to me gets a full bottle for his empty then takes it to Lee, he comes back to me and says, “My, friend, you are one of a kind.  Also I am so happy to be your friend, I hope I can make two new friends once the babies join us.  Cheers.”  Then takes his shot.  I smile at him, “You will always be my friend, and the babies will love you.”  I tell him he tips his head and goes back to the line.


Lee is looking worried and bit red in the face from sucking so hard on the bottle, “Come on you are a bloke, show the women how it’s done, man.”  Fred says waving his arms around looking panicked.


Molly walks up to me with an actual smirk on her face, looking creepily like Ginny, she hands the bottle to me and takes a full one.  “My daughter.” Is all she says and shakes her head, taking the full bottle back to Katie, who drinks right away while rolling her eyes.


Lee finally finishes and runs up to me grabs a full bottle runs it back to Fred who drinks greedily, then Lee approaches me again as he takes his shot. “Your children will be so lucky to have you as a mum, best wishes.”  He nocks back the shot then smiles at me; Andromeda smiles back and whispers, “That was sweet.”  She sniffles once as Lee heads back to the line.


Katie finishes hers and grins the whole way to me to get a full bottle, “Great game.” She says and exchanges her bottle.  She takes it back to Luna, who raises her eyebrows when she starts to drink then grins at the guys behind the nipple of the bottle before continuing to drink.


The guys are getting really freaked by this point, “Come on mate, your letting the women beat us.”  Dean calls out and receives a glare from Fred, and the others that are finished each say something about how hard it really is.  Fred finishes and hurries to exchange the bottle for Dean then comes back for the toast.


“May the babies be ornery and loving in equal amounts, just like my brother and I.”  He says and downs his shot grinning like a buffoon.  Andromeda shakes her head as his shot glass refills.  “Anytime you need uncle Fred to teach the babies new tricks, call me up and I would love nothing more than to be the best uncle to your wonderful babies.  They are going to be smart and beautiful, just like you.”  He says and downs his second shot while a couple tears leak from my eyes.  I smile at him as he makes his way back while Luna comes toward me.


“Very clever.”  She says sweetly then takes a full bottle back to Fleur.  I cock an eyebrow at Andromeda and she just shrugs as if to say, your guess is as good as mine.


Finally Dean finishes his bottle with a lot of heckling and teasing he exchanges his to give a full one to Bill, and holds his shot glass out to me.  “You are a wonderful person and your babies, are lucky and blessed to have to you.”  Then up ends his shot and after a nod from Andromeda, trudges back to the line smiling.


Fleur makes her way to me to get a full bottle for Narcissa, “Merci.” She says and winks at me, “Very good.”  She gives the full bottle to Narcissa who winks at me then starts drinking.


Then Bill brings his up to get one for Lucius, takes it back to him, then comes back. “I am so happy for you and the twins, I await anxiously for our children to grow up together.  I am so glad you are a part of our family.”  He tips his head back and Andromeda sniffles some more.


Narcissa exchanges her bottle with the comment, “Never underestimate a Weasley.”  She then takes a full bottle back to Pansy.  I furrow my brow in confusion, but then Lucius comes to exchange a bottle to take one back to Draco.


He holds out a shot glass to me, and says, “Hermione, I am so happy that I have really gotten to know you.  I am thankful that even after all the horrible things in my past, you were able to give me a second chance.  I will hope to make it up to you by caring for your babies as I care for you.”  He drinks his shot and I jump, well as well as I can jump, up into his arms and hug him tightly.  “Thanks Lucius, my hero.”  I whisper, I ease back and kiss his cheek, he is beet red and then he smiles at me.  Andromeda is wiping her eyes and she smiles at me.


Pansy walks up slowly to exchange her bottle and smirks, a true smirk, and says, “Who knew I would one day praise a Weasley?”  She shrugs and takes a full bottle back to Hannah who smiles after she starts to drink her bottle.


Harry meanwhile is almost shouting at Draco, “Come on Malfoy, can’t you get a frickin’ bottle drank in under an hour?”  Then the other guys chime in to needle Malfoy, just for old times sake as the women are all laughing and holding their sides. “Yeah come one Malfoy, show us lowly peasants how a Malfoy can suck a bottle back.”  Fred and George say.


With a sucking noise Draco finishes rushes to exchange the bottle for Neville then comes back to me, he kneels in front of me and takes my belly in his hands.  He leans forward, kisses my belly then kisses me. “I am so very happy I ran into you a few months ago.”  He says, “I know you are going to love your babies so much with your big heart and they are going to have such a great mum.”  He smiles a smile that shows his dimple, “I hope that as your children grow up, you will teach them to be as wonderful as you are.”  He finishes and kisses me again; lightly caresses my belly once as the babies move against his hands, then rises up and takes his shot.  He smiles once more time then goes back to the line.


Hannah brings her empty bottle up and says simply, “Genius.”  Then she takes a full one back to Ginny.


Neville rushes up to exchange his for a full one for Harry, he heads back up to me and says, “I have been privileged, and honoured, to be your friend, and can’t wait to meet your babies, I hope that one day your children and mine will be as good mates as we were.”  He says and takes his shot, Andromeda nods and Neville heads back.


Ginny passes him on her way up to the front with an empty bottle.  Harry unscrews the lids and downs the butterbeer in his bottle then runs up to me to get his shot.


“Hermione, you are my best friend, and I know that your babies are going to be so loved and cared for, not only by you, but all of us.  I can’t wait to meet my little babies and for them to meet their uncle.  Congratulations, ‘Mione.”  He finished and leans down to hug me and say hi to the babies before he straightens to take his shot.


Andromeda has to take a couple deep breathes and wipe her eyes before she can announce that the women won.  There is come good-natured booing and cheering, some half-hearted insults and then Ginny quiets everyone down again.


“There are a couple more things I forgot to say when I told you about this game.  First each of your toasts, were magically inscribed on the baby bottle you had after you said your toasts.  This way ‘Mione can always have your words, and support.”  The women all clap and I wipe a few more tears away. The guys just smile all looking very relaxed. “Secondly, I forgot to mention that the women’s bottle were filled with water.  Notice, I didn’t say I filled then all with butterbeer, just that I filled bottles with butterbeer.


“That was tricky.”  Fred and George say in unison looking at Ginny in awe, “So devious, little sister, so tricky.”  They both smile at her and nod their approval.  Neville, Harry, Dean, Jake, and Lee just laugh and shake their heads.


“So like a Slytherin, huh father?”  Draco says looking at Ginny in a whole new light.


“I agree.  We must watch out for that one.”  Lucius agrees with a smile and slaps Draco’s back.


Charlie, and Bill both look dumbfounded until Glori, and Fleur make their way over to their men and snog them senseless.  I laugh along with the guys and Ginny just grins happy that she fooled a group of big strong men.  Narcissa makes her way over to me to look at the bottles that are sitting next to me with the toasts on them.


Finally Andromeda gets everyone’s attention, “Guys, you are all welcome to the food in the kitchen, then you must say your good byes and we shall get back to the shower.  We thank you for coming, and helping Hermione celebrate.”  She finishes and the men all make their way to the kitchen.


“I’m going to go and thank them, and I’ll be back when they all leave.” I tell Ginny and Narcissa, who are showing the toasts to the other women.


“Hey guys, thank you all for coming, I really appreciate it and it means so much to me.”  I say to the kitchen at large.  There’s some grunting and some affirmative answers and a couple guys give me hugs.  Finally they eat their share and we all head out side so they can apparate away.


Draco is the last to leave; apparently they are all meeting at the manor to have a guy’s night.  He leans in to me and kisses me intently; I can taste a hint of firewhiskey, but mostly his familiar taste of dark woods and rain.  He is holding me gently with one arm around me back, and the other lightly resting on the side of my belly slightly moving back and forth.  He pulls back and smiles down at me, and I smile up at him, there is no doubt in my mind anymore that I am completely in love with Draco.


“Have fun at the rest of your party.”  He says quietly then steps back from me leans down and whispers “Bye babies.”  Then takes one more step back and apparates away.


I stare at where he was for a minute then take a deep breath and turn to go back inside, we had stepped away from the house about ten paces, so I had to walk back to the house to go in.


“Hermione.” A voice says that has the hair on the back of my neck rising, my head snaps up and my hands both come to my stomach as if I could protect my babies with just my hands.


I stop frozen in place staring at the man standing in between safety and me.  I take a deep breath, and fight the panic back, I see a flash of Bellatrix’ face and I know that I can’t black out.  If I black out I can’t fight, then he could hurt my babies, not my Lucas and my sweet Baby girl.  I feel my arm tingle where Bellatrix had carved into it, and then I see Voldemort’s face, I try to suck in a deep breath that ends up being shallow. 


“Hermione, that’s my kid.”  Ron says and I take a step back then open my mouth to scream.  He moves faster than I thought he could, he’s standing behind me and has his hand over my mouth and his arm around my stomach.  My babies are both moving against the arm that is over my stomach.  He must have felt it and in shock he drops his hand from my mouth to my stomach.


“No!” I shout and even though it isn’t loud I hope some one hears me, I left my wand inside.  Ron tightens his hold on me, and says in a low voice, “It’s moving.”


I struggle against him panic starting to over take me; I fling my elbow back and feel satisfaction as he gasps from the impact to his ribs.  He pulls me closer to him and when he squeezes my stomach I call out again, louder from the pain.  He slaps his hand over my mouth again, and I kick my foot back hoping to get him somewhere, anywhere.  Someone runs from the house and calls out to us just as I connect with his groin, he lets me go steps back and disapparates.  The panic fully overtakes me as I fall toward the ground having no balance since he let go so suddenly.  Angelina catches me and then I feel someone else help me as another person disapparates, my mind goes blank and I am frozen in fear. 

Please review, as they help me write faster, and I love your input and ideas!!  I hope this chapter was fun to read, and I wish I could have a baby shower like that, well all but the end… More to come soon…if you please review!



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