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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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When Lily and Alex had got to the Great Hall with Peter and Remus, apologizing that they were late. Most people were there, it looked beautiful. Snowflakes drifting from the ceiling, everything a snowy white, Christmas lights hung up everywhere and the Christmas tree were massive, decorated from head to foot with lights and decorations. It looked magical. ‘How ironic’ Alex thought.

She looked around and saw Jasmine sat at a table with Sirius whilst Alisha was shooting her death glares. Remus started to make his way to that table followed by Peter and Lily, she grabbed his arm.

‘Um Remus, where are we going?” Alex asked him.

“That table” Remus replied nonchalantly.

“Why?” Alex said almost desperately. Remus stopped and turned to her and chuckled.

“Because it’s our table Al. Me and you, Lily and Peter, Sirius and Jasmine, James and Hannah, Lou and Severus and Rosie and Daniel” Remus chuckled.

Alex smiled, trying to hide her disappointment that Sirius would be on that table.

Remus laughed and they walked to the table only to be greeted by a very happy to see Remus and some fellow Gryffindor’s Louise and a very cheerful Daniel who greeted Alex with a kiss.

Lily sat down next to James who was sat next to Hannah who was sat next to Snivellus who was sat next to Louise who was sat by Remus who was sat by Alex who was sat by Daniel who was sat by Rosie who was sat by Sirius who was sat by Jasmine who was sat by Peter who was sat by Lily.

“Great a tale full of Gryffindor’s, which include two Mudbloods, a few blood traitors and The Marauders and a Hufflepuff” Snape muttered.

“Be careful you don’t get your hair in your soup Sniv, that’ll give it a greasy taste” Sirius spat. Alex grinned, she respected Sirius for standing up for his friends, he looked up her and noticed her grinning at him, he smiled back and she blushed and looked at her soup.

“Alex, a bit of your hairs gone into your soup” Lily giggled; Alex chuckled and wiped her hair on her napkin whilst Snivellus said.

“Be careful McCord there’s a bit of blood traitor in that soup now” Snape jeered.

“Don’t call her that” Sirius snarled.

“You can’t talk much Black being a Blood Traitor yourself” Snape continued.

“Call her that again and I will dunk your head so far in your soup you won’t ever see the outside world again” Sirius snapped at him viciously.

“Oh trying to kill me again Black?” Snape muttered.

Sirius went bright red and muttered something like ‘shut your greasy mouth’ whilst Remus and James glared at Snape, and Alex looked at Sirius with a confused look on her face he smiled at her and tried to brush it off.

“Witches and Wizards” Dumbledore beamed, when the feast was finished. “I hope you enjoyed your feast, I would now wish for you to stand up whilst the house elves clear away the tables and make your way to the dance floor with your partner”. The tables and chairs vanished and music started to play and people danced.

“Alex? Would you like to dance?” Alex heard Daniel’s voice she hadn’t danced with him all night, ah well they had only been dancing for an hour.

“I would love to” She beamed at him.

After about seven songs Alex made her way to the drinks table and bumped right into Sirius Black.

“Sorry” she muttered.

“S’ok” he murmured. She was about to pass him when he spoke to her.

“Al, don’t listen to Sniv, your not a blood traitor, your just a pureblood who finally did the right thing” Sirius smiled at her.

“So are you” she smiled back.

“Thanks” he chuckled.

“Well see ya” Alex grinned at him.

“Wait a sec” He said before she turned around, “Can we be friends again? I mean we’re going to James’ in about a week and I don’t want things to be awkward” she nodded and smiled, she turned around to get her drink grinning to herself, wondering why she ever did all those things to feel better about Sirius.


“Hey Lily?” Lily turned around from dancing with Remus, Louise, James and Peter to see her ex-boyfriend Paul Withers smiling at her, she smiled back at him, she had nothing against him, he hadn’t been very nice towards the end of their relationship but otherwise he had been the perfect boyfriend, he was gorgeous to, just looking at him made her legs go to jelly.

“Hi Paul” she smiled, she would try to be civil.

“Can I talk to you” he paused, looking at Louise who was glaring at him, Peter, Remus and James were giving him evil eyes, “alone”.

“Sure” Lily beamed.

She wasn’t sure why she was being so cheerful. He led her to two seats on the edge of the room and they sat down, he looked at her and kissed her, she was so shocked but she didn’t pull away, she couldn’t lie she had sort of missed him out of the corner of her eye she saw James stood their glaring at her, she closed her eyes and opened them and he was gone. She felt strangely guilty. Lily suddenly pulled away.

“Sorry I just had to, I mean, Lily I missed you so much” Paul said desperately.

“What happened to your girlfriend?” Lily snapped.

“She was nothing compared to you, come on give me another go? Please” Paul begged.

Lily was about to say no until she saw James out of the corner of his eye snogging Hannah practically having sex with her in the middle of the great hall. She felt a pang of jealousy in the pit of her stomach and looked at Paul.

“We can give it a go” She said to him trying to smile. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her again.

Lily kissed him back, remembering when she kissed James this was nothing like then, when she had kissed James it was like fireworks she tried not to admit it, but it had felt like fireworks and kissing Paul felt like nothing, she tried to ignore it and remember that James was player and Paul was lovely. But the truth was James treated her better than Paul ever had. But Lily still ignored this and continued to kiss him.

She was shocked, she couldn’t admit it, but she was falling for James Potter, she didn’t know how, and she didn’t know why, but she was.


“YOU CAN’T SERIOUSLY BE DATING PAUL AGAIN?” Louise shouted at her when they had gone to the toilet. Lily smiled at her friend sadly.

“He likes me Lou” Lily said sadly.

“He treated you like a bag of shit” Louise fumed.

“Louise he is the only boy in this school that wants to be with me, it’s Christmas and all my friends have boyfriends, Rosie’s met this cute Ravenclaw sixth year that she’s crazy about, you have Remus, Alex has Daniel, Sirius has Alisha, Peter was trying to chat up a fifth year earlier and she was into him and James has Hannah. I don’t want to be lonely anymore Lou, im sick of it” Lily had started to cry.

“But Lily there are so many great guys out there, so many guys better than him” Louise whined, but putting a comforting arm around her friend.

“Yeah but all the great guys I want to date seem to have given up” Lily started then gasped smacking a hand over her mouth and burying her head in her hands.

“Lily?! Oh my god Lily, you like James, you do don’t you?” Louise chuckled.

“Shut upppp! He has a girlfriend Lou” Lily whined, standing over the sink looking into the mirror

“Yeah he does so you better stay away from him Evans” came the voice of Hannah Parkinson. Lily looked in the mirror Hannah was standing in the doorway of a cubicle; Lily had forgotten to check to see if anyone was in the cubicles.

“Hannah what you heard” Lily started.

“I know what I heard Evans, if I hear you’ve been making a move on my boyfriend, me and him are doing quite well actually so you know what, don’t even bother telling him how you feel or I swear to Merlin I will hunt you down and hex you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week” Hannah snarled. She flicked her brown hair over her head and walked out of the toilets. Lily stood there frozen; Louise put an arm around her.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go to James’ this Christmas with you guys, I can easily go home it’s not too late” Lily muttered.

“Noooo, you do that and that bitch has won, Lily you deserve to go as much as anyone else” Louise reassured her.

“Sure?” Lily asked her friend.

“Of course I am sure im always sure, and Lily I don’t care if the boys are there this Christmas we are going to have a girly holiday ok? less boyfriends and more mates ok?” Louise smiled at her as they made their way out of the toilets.


Louise got into a bed and breathed, after a long night, she could hear James and Sirius snoring on the floor and Lily breathing heavily. It had been a horrible night; Louise couldn’t believe what she was hearing when she woke up.

“Who’s shouting?” Louise groaned as she sat up.

She could hear Lily cursing under her breath and Rosie yawning, she sat up and looked across at Alex’s bed, Alex was thrashing about in her sleep, shouting and screaming. Louise got straight up and rushed across the room. Alex was sobbing now as well as screaming and crying, her words started to become much more noticeable to hear, Lily was stood at the foot of Alex’s bed frozen and Rosie was trying to shake her awake but Alex seemed to be having a fit. Alisha and Jasmine had also started to wake up and both looked shocked and a little bit scared. Alex was becoming much easier to listen to now.

“What’s she saying?” Lily sobbed.

“Shh” Rosie hissed.


“Oh my god, Alex wake up please wake up” Lily shouted at her, shaking her awake, but nothing seemed to work.


“Right that’s it” Louise said loudly over Alex’s shouts, she was surprised half of Gryffindor house hadn’t heard. Louise had started to make her way out the door before Rosie shouted to her;

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think? To get Sirius” Louise told her. Alisha giggled probably at the thought of her boyfriend seeing her in her nightie, although he’d probably seen her in less than that before anyway.

“How the hell will he get in here?” Rosie shouted still trying to calm down Alex, who was still trashing about, not shouting as much anymore.

“If anyone can do it, the Marauders can” Louise said halfway out the door, she stated to run, Alex had started shouting again. Louise ran down the corridor and found Sirius, James, Peter and Remus’s room, she flung open the door and ran to Sirius’ bed, slapping him awake.

“Sirius wake up, please wake up” She muttered, he just rolled over in his sleep and groaned.

“SIRIUS” She screamed, he jumped up, she heard groans from the other Marauders but ignored them, and she needed Sirius now.

“What’s going on?” Remus said groggily from his bed.

“Sirius, I need you now, it’s Alex, you have to come, come on” she yelled pulling him out of bed.

“What about Alex?” Sirius asked her pulling on his top and shaking James awake whilst Remus shook Peter awake.

“She’s having a horrible dream and she won’t wake up, it’s scaring us, she keeps shouting for you and her grandma, she keeps asking you not to die and asking you to save her” Louise said panicky as the Marauders followed her out the door and back to their room.

The boys cast a few spells and ran inside, Sirius was ignoring Alisha’s giggles and hellos. He ran straight over to Alex and grabbed her hands and started to shake her as the other marauders, Lily, Louise and Rosie stood by her bed looking shocked.


“Sunday Ladies, what shall we do?” James asked Lily, Alex, Rosie and Louise, as himself and the rest of the Marauders made their way down to the common room.

“Oooh, it’s snowing” Lily squealed, James grinned.

“Right that’s settled annual snowball fight of the year” James smiled.

The group made their way onto the grounds and split into two teams. Lily, James, Alex and Sirius vs Remus, Louise, Rosie and Peter. They were hitting each other with snowballs for about an hour, until Lily threw one at Remus and it missed and hit (to James’ delight) Snivellus in the face. He was making his way up from the lake with Avery and Bellatrix. Sirius growled, glaring at them. James had never thought he looked more like a dog, when he wasn’t in his animagi form; he was baring his teeth and snarling at them.

“Oi Mudblood hit any of us again and I’ll come over there and Crucio you” Bellatrix snarled.

“Sorry Bella, she probably didn’t realize hitting him would offend you. So when did you crazy kids get together?” Sirius taunted, “Hey Sniv, we’ll be cousins in law”.

“Grow up Black” Bellatrix snapped, “you’re not my cousin, you filthy blood traitor”. Sirius was obviously about to retaliate when two voices distracted him.

“Oi Snape, I needed to talk to you about something, don’t just scuttle off in the morning yeah?” Came the voice of Regulus Black, Sirius’ sixth year brother, James looked at his best friend as did Alex, but a new voice came which made Alex’s head snap up.

“Bella, I have your shoes up in my dorm just say when you want them back” Came the voice of Clementia McCord. Alex’s eyes went into slits and she glared at her sister. James saw Lily look at Alex with a look of worry on her face.

“Ah are we having a conversation with the Blood Traitors and The Mudbloods. Potter, Black, Alexandra, Evans and Edwards. Oh and there’s a few halfsies in there too. Lovely” Clementia smirked.

“Don’t you dare call my friends, Mudbloods, Halfsies or Blood traitors you little brat” Alex snarled, Sirius had to hold her back.

“Dear oh dear, temper, temper” Clementia taunted, “the rumors going round about you sis, they’re disgusting. Little slut, well if you and Black get married you can have little blood traitor babies”.

“They’d be better than your kids any day because they wouldn’t have your nose” Alex snarled at her.

“But then again, you lot obviously don’t care about noses because I hear you-know-poo hasn’t got one” Sirius sniggered.

“Don’t you dare insult the dark lord” Regulus growled.

“The Dark Lord is it? I thought it was Voldemort? You know what im going to create my own group of followers” James said turning to his friends, “Just call me Lord Potter guys” They sniggered.

“Think your funny Potter?” Regulus spat at him, drawing his wand.

“No, just fairly amusing” James rounded on him, with Sirius at his side.

“Piss off Regulus, go on and send a letter to Lord Voldieboobs and tell him how many Muggle-borns you’ve tried to scare shitless today and failed.” Sirius mocked.

Regulus muttered something to the others and they all made their way back up to the castle, but not before Clementia turned around and spoke to Alex.

“Your dead to me Alexandra” she spat.

“You’ve been dead to me along time” Alex said coolly.

I’ve just finished the whole story, but im in the process of writing a prequel and a sequel because I need stuff to write about, its exactly sixty chapters long:’).

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