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Written In The Stars by DarkFairyXx
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1;
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Credit to Steven Moffat and the creators of Doctor Who.


Molly Weasley was pacing the living room carpet.

Back and forth, back and forth.

"Mum you're going to wear out the carpet if you keep doing that…" Fred broke the silence, his arms folded over his chest just like George and Ginny.

But Molly wasn't listening. She muttered under her breath as she continued to walk from one side of the room to the other.

"Oh spit it out Mum, for Merlin's sakes!" Ginny cried, her face flushing the colour of her hair with exasperation.

"Right… yes… of course," She perched nervously on the edge of the armchair and took a few deep breathes.

"Mum," Ginny sat forward, "You're scaring me, please… just tell us, it can't be that bad…"

"It is!" Molly put her hand to her nose and sniffed loudly, "It's the worst kept family secret…"

Fred and George also sat forward, their eyes wide with wonder.

"Start from the beginning," Ginny told her mother, and Molly took one last deep breath.

"Professor Trelawney, that woman that made the prophecy about You-Know-Who, she made a… a prediction, years ago on the eve of 1980. We all attended a party together and she made a prediction that… that Uncle Fabian's first born daughter would be a Squib…"

"But you said Uncle Fabian didn't have any children?" Ginny said.

"Don't be thick, Gin," Fred replied.

"Go on, Mum," George shook his head and continued to listen.

"Well Uncle Fabian and his wife weren't expecting any children at the time, but not long after they found out she was pregnant and it was a girl… she was gorgeous, red hair, looked so much like Fabian there was no denying it was his. Then a year later, Fabian and Gideon they… were killed by Death Eaters, as you all know, and Fabian's wife was left to bring the little girl up on her own. She missed Fabian greatly, of course, and thought about the prediction Professor Trelawney had made… and she…"

"She didn't?" Ginny gasped.

"She sent the little girl to go and live with a Muggle family from a very young age,"

"Was she a squib?" George asked.

"Yes she was," Molly nodded, "I guess Trelawney was right on three accounts. I asked McGonagall by owl if the little girls name had ever appeared on the list for Hogwarts and she never has,"

"All this time, we've had a cousin we've never known about," Fred sighed.

"I know," Molly nodded, "And we're the last living blood relatives she has…"

"What about her Mother?" Ginny asked.

"Fabian's wife killed herself after she sent her daughter away. She couldn't deal with the guilt of baring a Squib and the loss of Fabian. I didn't approve of her choice and since Fabian wasn't here we just drifted apart," Molly sighed heavily, as if the weight of the secret that she had now exposed was leaving her body.

"So why are you telling us this?" Ginny asked, "I know it's the best kept family secret but why now?"

"As you know, a witch or wizard comes of age at seventeen and although the girl isn't a witch, she is still of our world. The girls adoptive parents decided to tell her when she rightly comes of age that she was adopted, tell her where she came from, but they don't fully understand exactly where she came from, our world or anything, so they've asked if she can come and stay with us for a while and that way we can fully explain to her -,"

"But the war?" Fred exclaimed, "She's going to be walking right into a war zone with no idea what she's getting herself into!"

"Her adoptive parents are adamant," Molly shrugged, "Arthur and Charlie have gone to get her,"

"Charlie's back," The Weasley children cried.

"Yes," Molly nodded, "We thought we could use his extra protection, I think the Death Eaters will probably come knocking, seeing as we basically raised Harry,"

"How are they bringing her here?" George asked.

"Floo powder," Molly replied, "They're making sure that they have a proper fireplace this time," She chuckled, remembering the slight mishap with The Dursleys in Harry's fourth year, "Apparition might be a little too much for her to deal with,"


"What's her name, Mum?" Ginny asked over Fred, "I mean, her Muggle name,"

"Amy Pond," Molly replied.

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Written In The Stars: Chapter 1;


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