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The Madness That is My Life by frini19
Chapter 8 : The Madness of Hogsmeade
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The rest of the week flew by. I was so swamped with schoolwork, Quidditch and freaking out about my date that I barely had time to think about the plan.

I found out (from Rose of course. She was sitting on her bed eating chocolate ice cream at the time and she looked like the typical girl who was upset over the boy she fancied. Only Rose kept denying that she liked him) that Scorp was going with some fifth year named Melanie. When Rose told me this she didn't hold back saying that Melanie was a complete and utter twat and that she probably didn't even know how to tie her shoes she's so stupid. She also claimed that Melanie was such a big whore and that she probably has hooked up with over half the guys in school so if Scorpius wanted to get an STD and die then that was fine with her.

I decided not to point out that both of her Potter cousins, Louis and Scorpius have all hooked up with majority of the girls over fifth year. I figured that wouldn't make her happy because they were total manwhores too and one of them probably had an STD already.

She ended her entire rant about what a whore Melanie was, by claiming that she didn't even care because she didn't even like Scorpius.

Alice and I each gave her stares of disbelief, to which she avoided completely by stuffing more ice cream in her mouth.

Man that girl had it bad.

"Alice, I have nothing to wear!"

I was standing in front of my closet, in my PJ's staring at the amount of clothes in my closet and how none of them would do.

I felt like Scorpius when I walked in on him trying to get ready for the Weasley’s
party at the end of summer.

“You have more clothes than Rose and I combined, I’m sure there’s something in here.” Alice walked over to my closet and pulled put a pair of skinny jeans. "Wear these," she said handing them over to me. "They make your butt look good and you can wear them with your grey boots."

"Okay well I still need a shirt," I pointed out. "I don't think Scorpius would let me go in my bra. I'd rather go on my date in clothes then have Scorpius kill me."

"Hey don't be a smart ass," Alice said. "I'm trying to help you so you don't go in your PJs."

"Did I mention how beautiful you look today, Alice?" I said to her. Rose snickered from her perch on her bed (of course she was ready. I'm going on a date in 20 minutes and I'm still in my PJs. Rose is just hanging out with her cousins and she looked better than I ever would. That bitch. Just kidding. I loved her.)

"Sure," Alice said, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, wear this shirt," she pulled a dark red tank top out. "And since it's October you are going to be a little cold so wear this." She pulled a dark grey quarter sleeve jacket that I rarely wear and handed it over to me.

I stared at the outfit in my hands. "I sat in front of my closet for an hour trying to decide what to wear and came up with nothing, but somehow you can find am outfit in 2 minutes."

"What can I say? I'm good at outfits," Alice said shrugging. "Besides those are your best jeans and that shirt looks good in you, but you never wear it. So I figured now would be as good as ever. You need to look hot for your date." She walked back to her bed. "Besides Caleb won't know what hit him."

I smiled. "Good."

At 11, Rose, Alice and I walked down to the entrance hall. Alice was right: this shirt looked good on me and made me have cleavage, but not so much that I looked like a slag.

I didn't see Caleb so I went with Alice and Rose to where Albus and Louis were standing.

"Hey boys," I said as we walked up.

"Hey Addie," Louis said turning to face me. He took in what I was wearing (especially the cleavage) and his eyes went wide. "Why the hell are you wearing that?"

"Because I like it," I said. "And Alice picked our out for me."

Hey, don’t look at me like that. I was not throwing Alice under the bus.

…Okay so maybe I am a little. But if Louis wanted to kill someone for my outfit may as well be the person responsible.

Louis turned on Alice. "Why would you make her wear that? She looks like a slag!"

Alice rolled her eyes. "She has a date and she looks good. Just because she's showing off a little more skin than normal does not make her a slag Lou. She looks good and no matter what you say she isn't changing."

Louis was about to argue when Albus interrupted. "Alice is right, Lou. She looks good."

"Well of course you think that," Louis said to Albus. Albus frowned at Louis and they went into one of their silent cousin conversations, where they both knew what the other one was talking about, while everyone else just sat there confused.

I tried having a silent conversation with Scorpius one time.

It didn’t work well. He just wondered why I was staring at him.

It must have been a Wotter thing. Which made me believe even more that all of the kids are drugged up to be super human.

"So have you guys seen Scorpius?" Rose asked quietly. We all turned to look at her and watch her in silence.

"Ugh, no I haven't Rose," Albus said. "He might be with Mel-"

Before Albus could finish the sentence, I elbowed him in the stomach. He glared down at me as if asking me why I did that. I tilted my head towards Rose who was now looking down at the ground, with a very sad expression on her face. Albus instantly retracted his statement. "No, Rose, I haven't seen him."

"Oh, okay," Rose said, but she knew where Scorp was. And who he was with. And what they were probably doing (it wass not hard to figure out.) And she hated it.

Because she wished it was her. Though she would never admit it.

We stood in an awkward silence for a few seconds until Caleb walked up."Hey Addie," he said, smiling. I smiled back and stared in awe at how good he looked. He was wearing a grey thermal and jeans. His hair looked like he had just gotten off of a broom and his chocolate brown eyes looked so incredibly beautiful.

"Hey Caleb," I said back, trying not to creep him out by staring. "You know everyone."

Caleb nodded. "Nice to see you Rose, Alice, Louis." He looked next to me and glared at Albus. "Potter."

Albus just nodded back. I looked at him and noticed how good he looked as well. (Why was I surrounded by attractive boys? Not that I was complaining but it was a little strange that I’m friends with not only Albus and Louis who were both voted hottest blokes in our year, along with Scorpius (cringe), but then Caleb as well. I was a lucky girl.) And he wasn't wearing anything amazing. Just a blue and white flannel shirt that really wasn’t that special or out of the ordinary. On a normal person it would be like 'Hey cool flannel' but not on Albus. No. Albus had to look like a freaking god in a regular shirt. I could really only stare at him. Apparently I was staring for a while since Rose kicked me in the butt. (It hurt really badly. I would seek revenge but I knew she was hurting because Scorp is on a date so she'll live.)

I snapped out of staring at Albus and looked back at Caleb. While he looked good, he did not look as hot as Albus. Not even close.


"So are you ready to go?" I asked him, intertwining my fingers with his. I had no idea if this was a good idea or not but I figured maybe I would stop thinking about Albus. (It didn't).

"Yeah," Caleb said. He looked at the rest of the group. "Bye guys, good to see you."


"Now wait a second," Louis said. "Let me go over some ground rules Caleb."

I groaned. "Really Lou? Can you not do this? Please?"

"Scorp isn't here so he asked me to do it," Louis said. "Besides I'm being nice and letting you go out in that outfit. Scorpius would make you change." Louis turned his attention back to Caleb. "You will not take her to Madame Puddifoots. You will not force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. You will not try to kiss her if she doesn't want to kiss you. You will be a perfect gentleman. Understand?"

Caleb didn't back away as most guys would have. He stood his ground and looked Louis straight in the eye. "Madame Puddifoots is too pink and strange to go in anyway so I wasn't going to take her there. I want Addie to have a good time so I would make sure that whatever it is we were going to do, she wanted to do. And of course I will be a perfect gentleman. She will not pay for anything, no matter how much she argues with me about it. I like Addie, and would like for this not to be the only time we go out, so I'm going to make sure she has a good time and that she feels comfortable. I wouldn't do something to sabotage my chances of going out with her again."

I think I just swooned. That is the nicest thing a boy has ever said about me.

I squeezed Caleb's hand and smiled up at him. "Now that you've warned him, may we start our date?" I asked Louis.

Louis was about to say something when Alice pulled him back. "Go," she said. Louis looked at her in annoyance. "Louis the boy has just proven that he likes her. Besides I get the feeling Addie could defend herself if he tried anything. Let her go."

"Fine," Louis grumbled.

Alice and Rose waved goodbye while Louis stared the ground but my attention wasn't on them. It was on Albus.

He was staring at mine and Caleb's hands with a strange expression on his face. It was very similar to Rose's face earlier when we were talking about Scorpius. If I didn't know Albus as well as I did, I would be tempted to say he looked jealous. Like he thought he should be holding my hand.

Ha that reminds me of a Muggle song. It's an older song, by a guy who sounds like a girl. Justin something.

Random head singing session: That should be me, holding your hand. That should be me, making you laugh. That should be me, this is so sad. That should be me, that should be me.

It was a very good song. And I'm sure you're jealous of my singing.

I'm an awesome singer.


"You ready to go?" Caleb asked me, pulling me out of my head singing session.

"Yeah," I said. With one last look at the strange expression on Albus' face, we turned and headed toward Hogsmeade.

"So are you having a good time?" Caleb asked me halfway through our date. We had already gone to Zonko's, Honeyduke's and a little cafe that had just opened up.

"Yeah," I said, as Caleb intertwined his fingers in mine. We walked along High Street in silence for a few moments. "I'm having a very good time."

"Well is there anything else you want to do?" Caleb asked me.

"I could-" But before I could finish there was a scream.


I turned around and saw James and Freddy standing with a group of fangirls (Dom was there too and looked really annoyed with all the fangirls) as a girl from Slytherin yelled at James.

"And hello to you too, Annalise," James said, smiling at the girl. (I swear I heard one of the fangirls sigh) "How can I help you?"

"Don't give me that shit!" Annalise yelled back. I dragged Caleb closer to the drama as the girl walked closer to James, the rest of the girls and Freddy scattering. "Just change it back!"

James smirked, a smirk that was so similar to Albus' jerk smirk. "Change what back?"

"My hair you fucking idiot!!" She screamed at him. Now that she mentioned it, I noticed that her hair looked a very strange shade of red, almost Gryffindor red. "Change it back or I swear, I will make you wish you had never been born!"

"Well I see nothing wrong with your hair. Red is a good color on you," James said, stepping closer to Annalise. "But I might change it back. If you do one thing for me."

"Change. It. Back." she growled. Literally, she growled. I was scared. I was tempted to use Caleb as a body shield so that if she got angry and went on a killing spree I wouldn't die. "Now."

"Fine I will," James said. She didn't relax though. "If you go on a date with me."

Now, Annalise looked even more ready for murder. "Are you fucking kidding me Potter?!"

"No," James said and took a step closer so that he was only a couple of inches from her. He put his hand on her arm. "I know you like me. And I know you want to go out with me. So, if you want your hair changed back, go out with me. It would be fun for both of us."

Annalise looked down at his hand on her arm. "Move your hand. If you want to keep it, move it."

"You never answered my question," James said. And he moved his hand. He moved it to the small of her back and pulled her toward him. If she wasn't ready to murder him before, she definitely was now. "Go on a date with me."

James closed his eyes and lowered his mouth to hers. But before he could even get within 2 inches of her face, there was a flash of bright red light and James was thrown back.

"Want to know my fucking answer to your fucking question?!" Annalise screeched. "It's no. It will always be no because I would never go out with you in a million years. Even if Voldemort rose from the dead and said I had to date you in order to live, I would die. I hate you. Understand that, Potter? I will never, ever, ever go on a date with you because you are a complete arsehole who doesn't know how to treat people and are a complete arrogant fool who will end up alone! Back off, Potter because right now, the giant squid has a much higher chance of going on a date with me than you ever will!"

And with that, Annalise stormed off.

James was still lying on the ground, rubbing his head. "That didn't go well," he said to Freddy.

"Really?" Dom said. "I thought it went rather well."

James threw a glare in Dom's direction and walked away from the adoring fangirls that were surrounding him. Freddy and Dom caught up with him and the fangirls followed.

"Wow," Caleb said. "And I thought you and Albus fought badly."

"James is such an idiot," I said and I pulled Caleb toward the Three Broomsticks. "I'm feeling like a butterbeer how about you?"

Caleb held the door open for me. "Sounds awesome."

As we walked into the Three Broomsticks, I noticed that it wasn't as crowded as normal. It still had plenty of people, but it wasn't as jammed packed as it sometimes is.

"Addie! Caleb! Over here!"

I turned in the direction of the voice and saw Rose, Alice, Louis and Albus all sitting in one of the back booths.

"Want to go sit with them?" Caleb asked me. And I did. This was the first time since Fourth year that I hadn't spent Hogsmeade with any of them. I was having fun with Caleb, I really was, but I missed spending it with Rose and Alice too.

"You sure you don't mind?" I asked him. I wasn't really sure what date protocol was, so I didn't know if it was allowed to hang out with your friends while on a date.

"No," Caleb said with a smile. "I'll get us butterbeer and then you can go sit with
them. I'll meet you over there."

"Thanks Caleb," I said. He really was a great guy.

I walked over to where they were all sitting and slid into the booth next to Albus. "Hey guys."

"Is Caleb going to join us?" Alice asked.

I nodded. "He's just getting us the drinks."

Alice smirked at Louis, who was seated next to her. “Told you he'd be good."

"Well he better be," Louis said. "Only the best deserve to be with Addie."

Alice rolled her eyes.

I turned to Albus and said, "Your brother was making quite a scene out there."

"What'd he do this time?" Albus asked.

“He dyed some Slytherin's hair red and then she started yelling at him," I said.

"Let me guess, he tried asking her out?" Albus asked smiling at me.

"Yep. And he also tried to kiss her," I said. "But she used a curse to throw him off and told him the Giant Squid had more of a chance of getting a date with her than he did."

Albus laughed. "That's a new low for James. It was Annalise wasn't it?"


"Yeah. What's the deal with that anyway?"

Albus shrugged. "He liked her since his first year and seems to think pissing her off will make her fall in love with him."

"Is it a Potter boy gene to do that to try to win a girl's heart?" Louis asked. Alice hit him over the head and Rose just chuckled. Albus glared at Louis and they started having one of their telepathy conversations again.

But I was confused. Who was Albus trying to win over by arguing with her? The only person who he ever continually fought with was me.

Wait...was Louis implying that Albus liked me?

Of course not, that was just crazy.

"Hey guys," Caleb said, placing our drinks on the table and sliding in next to me. He put his arm around my shoulders. "What are we talking about?"

"We were just talking about James's little scene out there," I said. "Albus said that's normal for James to do to her."

"Really? That's strange," Caleb said looking at Albus. "It seemed like he liked her. Why would he piss off someone he likes on purpose? I mean that's not going to make her like him."

Albus just glared at Caleb as if he insulted him. "Maybe he figures that if he keeps after her, then no other blokes would be after her. And up until this year he was right."

"Oh no," Rose said from the other side of the table. We all looked at her and saw her staring at the door. I looked over and saw Scorpius and a girl I assumed was Melanie. "Merlin, now they're going to come and ruin our perfectly good afternoon."

"Hey guys," Scorp said as he approached us. Rose brightened a little when she saw that Melanie was nowhere in sight. "Can I join you?"

"Yeah of course Scorp," Rose said with a smile. However her smile quickly deteriorated.

"Scorpius why'd you leave me?!" Said an annoyingly high-pitched voice. A petite brunette slid into the booth beside Scorpius and snuggled up to him.

I think it was safe to say he was cringing.

Rose was glaring daggers at the girl, who was too dumb to even notice.

Yeah Rose, you keep denying that you don’t like him. Because it totally doesn’t look like you want to claw Melanie’s eyes out right now.

"Well Scorp who is this," Louis pondered on the next word. "High pitched girl you're with?"

"Everyone this is Melanie," Scorpius said, almost as if he was ashamed of it.

"Hi!!" She squeaked. Like she actually squeaked. "I'm Melanie. I'm in Ravenclaw and am in fifth year."

Oh Merlin, I've only spent a minute with the girl and I was annoyed with her. Poor Scorp must have been going out of his mind. (Although he wasn't paying attention to her. He was watching Rose, who was staring at her drink with a very pissed off expression. She was so jealous. And totally oblivious since she hasn’t noticed Scorp’s puppy eyes on her.)

"And how exactly did you end up here?" Alice asked.

"Oh!" Melanie said. "Well one day, my mum made this big meal for my dad, she really wanted another kid-"

"Not like that," Alice said. She seemed very annoyed and I heard Louis mumble something that sounded like "Dumb bint" but Alice elbowed him in the stomach. "I meant on a date with Scorpius."

"Oh duh!" Melanie said, doing that ridiculous airhead giggle. I caught Scorpius' eye and tried to telepathically ask him if he was insane to ask this girl out. He HATES airheads. Which is why he's in love with Rose. "Why would you want to know how I was conceived, I'm so dumb sometimes!"

"I'll bet," I heard Albus mutter. I held back a laugh and looked at him and saw he was smiling too. I looked into his eyes, filled with laughter and suddenly Caleb's arm felt heavy around my shoulders. It felt wrong.

"Aww you two are so cute!!" Melanie squalled. I looked away from Albus and saw her looking at me with an adoring expression on her face. "God, Addie you're so lucky to have a boyfriend like Albus." I'm sure that Caleb, Albus and I all looked at her like she was the stupidest person on the planet (I know I did.) Caleb pulled his arm back from my shoulders and awkwardly placed it on the table.

"Actually Melanie-" I tried to say but she cut me off.

"Just think Scorpo," Melanie said. Louis cracked up at the nickname, only to receive a "shush!" from Alice although she was smiling too. "That could be us one day. We could be just as in love as Albus and Addie are."

"Well then you'll be nowhere," I said to her. "Because Albus and I aren't together. In fact," I grabbed Caleb's hand from the table. "I'm on a date with Caleb here."

"Really?" Melanie asked, clearly disappointed.

"Really," Caleb said and he put his hand around my waist, pulling me close to
him. I snuggled into his chest, avoiding the glare I was getting from Scorpius. "Potter here has never been close to dating Addie, and as far as I'm concerned he never will." Caleb kissed my head. "I like Addie far too much for that."

"Yeah but does she like you?" Albus asked Caleb. "Because for all we know she's using you to make me jealous because she has secret feelings for me. And you're the poor fool who came into her plan."

"You wish Potter," Caleb said. I looked around to see if anyone was going to get involved but I saw Rose stabbing the table with her straw and Scorpius watching her, almost in awe. Louis, Alice and Melanie were all watching us, Melanie with an excited look and Louis and Alice smirking, like they knew something I didn't. "It probably just hurts your ego too much to realize that she probably does hate you, just as she says. You can't handle having someone bruise your ego, especially her. So much like your brother and his little crush."

Oh God was Caleb saying that Albus had a crush on me?

It was bad when even your date thought that.

I'm losing faith in the human population.

"Yeah well maybe she just pitied you," Albus said, tightening his jaw. "Maybe she felt bad that this lowly little Hufflepuff got no attention and decided to go on a pity date with him. After all he's liked her since fourth year but never had the guts to talk to her-"

"That's enough!" I said interrupting Albus. I had no doubt in my mind that he was going to continue arguing with Caleb over this and it was starting to piss me off. Caleb was glaring at Albus, looking more pissed than I ever imagined he could be. "Caleb would you pay for our drinks so we could get back to our date?" Caleb nodded and with one last glare at Albus, he got off the bench. I followed after him and turned to face Albus, letting my frustration take over my face. "You. Come with me."

Albus got out of the booth and followed my lead to a corner of the room no one was in.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" I asked him, trying to keep my voice level.

"What am I doing?" Albus asked leaning against the wall behind him. "Your boyfriend was being the jerk not me."

"You attacked him!" I said, trying very hard not to yell. "You told him that this was just a pity date and that I didn't like him! How did you think he would react?"

"I don't know but I figured that Scorp wasn't enjoying you two practically getting it on right in front of him!" Albus said. "Besides why do you care what I said to him?"

"Because he's my date!" I said back, nearly yelling. "And everything you said, about how this was a pity date, how I didn't like him was a complete lie!"

That caught Albus' attention. Suddenly he wasn't mad anymore, but had a look similar to the one he had on this morning when he saw Caleb and I holding hands.

"So you do?" He asked. "You do like him?"

"Yes!" I said. I thought back on our day and all my anger at Albus was gone as I broke out into a grin. "Yeah, I really do."

"Oh," was all Albus said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets looking pissed. "Well then have fun on the rest of your date with your new boyfriend." Albus seemed strangely hurt.


"Why does it matter to you if I do like him?" I asked.

"It doesn't," he said. "I just think you could do a lot better."

"With who?" I asked him. "There's not exactly a huge line of boys trying to date me."

He looked like he was about to say something else, like there was a person that I could be with, but held it back. "Whatever Addie. Date who you want to date. It's not like it's my business right?"

He looked just as he did earlier, a little hurt, a little pissed and even a little jealous. And I didn't know why, but I had this overwhelming urge to kiss him, to finish what we never started in the library.

Apparently my silence wasn't the answer he wanted. He pushed past me and went back to the booth and sat down, looking defeated. Louis said something to him, something I couldn't hear and received only a glare from Albus. I looked over at Caleb who was now paying for our drinks and back at Albus.

There was no contest. Albus was hotter. And I somehow got butterflies looking at Albus and not with Caleb.

"Hey," I said, when Caleb walked up to me.

"Hey you ready to go?" He asked as he grabbed my hand. Before I could respond the door burst open and a voice said, "Albus!"

I looked over and saw Erica Ericson, now walking toward the table I was just at, sliding into my spot (she received more glares than Melanie did. That was an accomplishment.) She started talking to Albus, pressing up against him and for once, Albus didn't push her away. He just sat there staring at the table with the same look in his face.

"Yeah," I said, taking my eyes off the scene, ignoring the anger that was rising up inside me. "Let's go."

We left the pub and started walking on High Street, back towards the castle. We did small talk, trying to avoid the topic of Albus, and when that failed we walked in silence. However, Albus never left my mind.

"I had a good time today," Caleb said when we reached the entrance hall.

I smiled at him. "I did too."

"So maybe you would want to do this again sometime?" He said. "Only without the arguing with Albus of course."

At the mention of Albus, my mind filled with our bicker spat (it was NOT a fight. If it were a fight that would mean someone would lose the bet. And I think I would. So it wasn't a fight) and how his face fell when I told him I liked Caleb. Why would that happen? Why would he be...jealous? Did he like me?

More importantly, why did I care?

"Yeah," I said to Caleb, only half listening to what he said. "I would like that."

Stop thinking about Albus. He probably was gay and has a crush on Caleb and was upset that you're on a date with him because Caleb rejected him.

...Okay maybe not.

I saw Caleb smiling down at me and even though he looked so good, all I could think of was Albus. So I pulled Caleb closer to me and pressed my lips to his, hoping Albus would leave my mind.

He didn't.

Damn him.

A/N: Yay new chapter! I have mixed feelings on this chapter, I like some parts of it and I hate others. I tried putting a lot of Alice and Louis, which was easy because they are so fun to write! Same with Scorpius and Rose, which this chapter was greatly lacking.

So what are your thoughts on Caleb? And on James' love interest? (Thank you AlbusPotter123456789123456789 for suggesting a love interest)

Let me know your favorite quote, line, part, character, etc. Really anything. you guys keep me writing!

And what about the amazing banner?! Made by my wonderful friend Katie! It has Emma Stone as Rose, Niall Horan as Scorpius (swoon), Logan Lerman as Albus (swoon again) and Taylor Swift as Addie. My two husbands on the same banner! Yay!

Okay so please review!!! :D (If you do I'll be more tempted to write faster!)



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