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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 23 : Paranoia and Secrets Revealed
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Chapter 23

As Rose walked down the hall she couldn’t help but turn her head around and double check behind her. She couldn’t explain it but she had the oddest feeling that someone was fallowing her, and it wasn’t Scorpius.

She had mentioned the odd paranoia to Scorpius a few days ago.

“I swear someone is following me,” she said looking around her shoulder as she took her seat across from Scorpius in the library.

Scorpius looking up from his paper stared past Rose’s shoulder “Are you mental, there is no one there.” He said jokingly.

“It’s not funny Scorpius,” Rose said roughly “My nerves are completely on edge. Seriously today after Quidditch practice I didn’t even take a shower for the fear that someone might be watching.”  

“I could have gone without knowing that.” Scorpius mumbled.

“Oh hush up,” She commented, back turning around again.

Scorpius just shook his head as he watched Rose tap her quill at a rapid pace, taking a harsh breath Rose finally said “I think we shouldn’t meet for a couple of days,” Scorpius got an incredibly shocked look on his face. “Just until this feeling passes,” she reassured.

Standing up Scorpius walked over to Rose “You are being ridiculous,”

“You think I don’t know that, but something just isn’t right about all of this, something is off,” she sighed.

If staying away from Rose for a few days will calm her down then I should do it He thought “Alright,” he said reluctantly “When will I be able to see you again?” he asked, but then quickly added “Outside of potions I mean,”

“I’ll let you know,” she said softly. Scorpius leaned in to kiss her but she turned her head quickly “Not here,” she whispered.

“Rose,” Scorpius said in an almost authoritative tone.

“I know I’m being a bit over dramatic,”

“A bit?” Scorpius questioned, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Okay, I see your point,” Rose said scribbling on a piece of paper “Meet me then,” she said handing the note to him.

Scorpius folding the piece of paper and placing it in his pocket walked over to his seat “You know I think you’re nuts now.”

Standing up Rose turned around and smiled “I know, but that is what you find intriguing about me.”

Rolling his eyes Scorpius watched as she walking out of the room, “Hey wait a second at least let me walk you to your dorm.” He didn’t like the idea of distancing himself from Rose but he also didn’t like the thought of someone following his girlfriend around, even if the idea was completely mental. Taking the piece of paper out of his pocket he looked at the date, location, and time again, memorizing it before he waved his wand and flicked it to the nearest trash bin. Standing up he collected his things and walked over to Rose, who gave him a look “I’ll keep a safe distance away from you,” he smiled.

Nodding her head Rose began to walk, with Scorpius following close behind her, neither one giving a second thought to the piece of paper in the trash.

Taking a deep breath Rose gave a slight chuckle to the memory. Scorpius was right she was being mental but she just couldn’t shake the feeling.

When Rose got to class she slid into her usual spot. This was one of the few classes that she had that she just absolutely dreaded. It was ancient runes, originally at the begging of the school year she hadn’t planed on taking it but, after a very long and drawn out conversation with her mother she was talked into taking it.

Rose slowly placed her books down on her desk and looked around the room waiting for class to start. When Professor Yvonne walked into the room she saw the large stack of papers in her hand. Well that was a relief, papers always meant that they were going to be doing book work. Even though it was incredibly boring, at least she could do it by herself and not have to listen to Professor Yvonne lecture.

“Class,” Yvonne said in a soft voice.

Rose muffled a laugh as she watched how the whole class didn’t stop talking. Professor Yvonne didn’t have much authority when it came to her class room.

“Class,” she yelled a little bit louder, making a small affect seeing as how some students actually made their way to their sets. When everyone got settled down she began to smile brightly, “So class today we are going to be doing some translating.” Everyone let out a groan as she said the word translation, well everyone except Rose, she didn’t mind translating that usually meant that she would get out of class early.

“Oh don’t complain” Yvonne said still holding her smile “You’re doing it with a partner so it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Rose laughed that was a joke, even then she had no problem doing translations, but Professor Yvonne had a bad habit if not explaining anything during her lectures and then handing out incredibly difficult work that she considered to be N.E.W.T. level. That and also Rose was sure that when Yvonne was accepting students into this class she just let anyone join.

“So get into groups of two and I will hand out the translations.” She said starting to walk around the room.

Rose didn’t make a move she hated partner work and she was positive that Professor Yvonne would let her do it alone, especially considering how there was an odd number of students in the class.

Looking up around the room the woman took count of the students and made a scrunched up face, like she was sure that there was an even number of students in this class. Glancing for the odd one out she yelled “Rose, why don’t you join this group over here and be a group of three.”

Clearing her throat she smiled to the women and said “Professor if you don’t mind I would prefer to do the assignment by myself.”

Professor Yvonne smiled sympathetically at her, great just what she needed sympathy from a teacher, “Are you sure? This work can be rather difficult.”

“I’m sure I can manage,” she said sternly.

Rose could tell by the look on Yvonne’s face that she was about to give in when a loud bang came from the door, everyone watched as the boy stood in the door and yelled out of it “I’ll see you later mate.” doing it as if there wasn’t a class going on in the room he had walked into.

Turning around everyone saw as the boy walked in with a huge grin on his face and he looked as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. Smiling at the women he said smoothly “Sorry I’m late Professor Yvonne but you have to hear about what just happened.”

Narrowing her eyes at the boy she still had a smile on her face “Bryan you can tell me after class, but seeing as how you are here you can help solve my current problem and pair up with Ms. Weasley.”

Nodding his head he walked over to the seat beside Rose and slid in. Rose went a little tight, she knew that this was Scorpius’ best friend but she wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to play out. Vivian hated her as it was, and seeing as how Bryan was Vivian’s boyfriend she was sure that he felt the same way.

Waiting for Yvonne to hand out the papers Bryan finally leaned in and reached out his hand “I’m Bryan,” he said with a cunning smile.

Rose eyed him “I know who you are,” she said taking his hand and shaking it.

“Well that was oddly wrong,” he said.

Taking the paper from Yvonne’s hand as she passed by, Rose asked “How so?”

“Well you see when I say I’m Bryan, you’re supposed to respond with hi my name is Rose Weasley.”

“But I know who you are and you know who I am so why bother with introductions?” Rose asked looking at her watch knowing that this was going to be an annoyingly long class.

“Yes, but the thing is we have never actually met before, so proper introductions are necessary.” Pausing a minute he smiled “So let’s try this again,” Reaching out his hand he repeated “Hi, my name is Bryan.”

Taking a deep annoyed breath she huffed “If I say hi, I’m Rose Weasley, will you change the subject to school?”

“Not as fun to talk about but sure,” he said waving his outstretched hand impatiently

Shaking her head she reached out her hand and shook it again “Hi, I’m Rose Weasley.”

“See that wasn’t so bad,” he said smiling.

Rose nodded her head annoyed, and looked down at the parchment that was in front of her. With as short and two the point that Scorpius was she wondered how he put up with Bryan and his nonsense.

They had been sitting in silence for a while, Rose letting Bryan look at the second half of the parchment although she was sure that the work he was doing would be wrong. Finally tired of the silence Bryan cleared his throat and said in a more serious tone “You don’t like me very much do you?”

It took Rose a minute to respond, slowly putting down her quill she looked at Bryan and said “I wouldn’t say that I don’t like you, I don’t know you enough to not like you.”

“Yet you are still very guarded?” He said knowing that she was just as uncomfortable with the situation as he was.

“I’m guarded around everyone,” she said absent mindedly.

“Not around Scorpius you’re not.” He said in an all knowing tone.

Rose’s jaw tightened “And what exactly do you know about me and Scorpius,” she said crossing her arms.

Bryan just put his hand out, signaling that he wasn’t a threat “I don’t know anything,” he said calmly “I have my suspicions, but honestly what you two do when you are studying together is none of my business.”

“If it is none of your business, which I might add it isn’t, then why are you talking to me about it?” Rose said defensively.

“Because Scorpius’ well being is my business.” Bryan had a casualness in his voice that was serious but at the same time seemed like he could just burst out laughing at any moment.

“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?” she said slowly through gritted teeth.

“Rose,” he said sternly “I’m not trying to attack you, think of this as just a little advice.” He looked at Rose making sure that she wasn’t going to kill him before he continued. Deciding that it was safe he said “Like I said before I don’t know what you two do when you are together, for all I know you could be secretly dueling each other, but I do know that when he comes back from seeing you he acts exactly like you are right now.”

“And how is that?” Rose said narrowing her eyes.

“Defensive,” Bryan paused a minute thinking of the correct way to phrase his next statement. “When he comes back from seeing you he is happier then I have ever seen him, then he gets cut off guard by comment that Vivian makes and he becomes extremely defensive.”

Rose was quiet, she didn’t have a response to this slowly she looked away from Bryan’s eyes. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said sternly.

Bryan nodded his head “That may be but I have eyes, and I know what I see.”

“And what exactly do you see?” Rose said defensively again.

Bryan paused for a minute and said casually “I see that he likes you, he really really likes you.” Out of habit Rose was about to argue against that statement but Bryan shut her up “I don’t know if you know that or not but I thought that you should know.”

“How exactly does this tie up into Scorpius’ well being?” she asked not sure where this conversation was going.

“Because I honestly don’t think that there is a single possible way that this could work out well. Yeah you two have overcome your differences and that’s great, but your families have not and I'm afraid that the longer you two continue to drag this out the worse it’s going to be for Scorpius when it’s all over.” Bryan said confidently.

He let out a deep breath as he watched Professor Yvonne walk over to them with a large smile on her face. “So was this assignment as easy as I said it was going to be?” The woman said to Bryan.

“Oh yeah in fact I think we are done,” he said looking at Rose to make sure that she had finished her half.

Professor Yvonne looked over the translated runes with a satisfaction “Brilliant job, you two are free to leave,” she started to walk away but then turned around to say “Oh and Bryan please don’t forget to bring the itinerary to the ancient runes club tonight, as president it is your duty.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.” He said with his goofy smile.

As Professor Yvonne walked away he smiled at Rose and said “Just think about what I said, and please keep in mind that I didn’t say what you two are doing is wrong, I just said that it was…”

“Complicated,” Rose finished for him.

“Exactly,” Bryan said standing up gathering his things to leave, but before he left he looked up at Rose with another sincere look “Speaking of best friends, you may want to talk to yours occasionally, I have it on pretty good authority that she misses you.” And with that he started to leave.

When he got out the door he heard his name being called, turning around slowly he saw Rose standing in the middle of the hallway looking at him, “Yes,” he said.

“Do you always give your opinion even if unwanted?” she asked.

Thinking about it he said “Yes I do.”

Rose nodded her head and crossed her arms and walked closer to Bryan “Good then you won’t mind me giving you my opinion. That scheme relationship going on between you and Vivian is doing a lot more harm than you think it is.”

Bryan was in shock by that statement, Scorpius was right about one thing Rose Weasley was quick when it came to catching on to things. “How do you know about that?” he asked curiously.

“I have eyes too, and I know the way that she stares at Scorpius, is the exact same way you wish she would stare at you.” She took another step closer to him feeling her hair swing behind her in her tight ponytail. “And you basically confirmed my theory when you said you have eyes too. If you really were dating Vivian and you knew how she truly felt about another guy, then that would just make you really desperate.” She took one more step closer to him “And you don’t seem desperate to me.” She stood very still and eyed him down.

Bryan didn’t say anything to that accusation because the fact of the matter was that he knew what he was doing was a desperate act for him, yet he continued to go along with Vivian’s schemes.

Calming her rage down she said in a softer tone “You think that I don’t have Scorpius’ well being in mind, because trust me I do.”

Bryan somewhat distracted by what Rose had said just nodded his head “Good,”

As she watched Bryan walk away she got the sudden feeling that she was alone, and that no one would be following her again.



“Bryan,” He heard Stacy say from behind him. Turning around he looked at her. The halls were dark and the moon shown on her face. “Have you finished your halls?” she asked softly.

Bryan took one last glance down the hall. “Yeah, I think were done for the night.”

Stacy nodded pleased that she was done, taking a glance around she commented “I hate it when the castle is dark like this, throws my nerves into hyper mode.”

“Yeah I know the feeling, but I suspect that is what they want when they assign head boy and girl, people who will be extremely aware of their surroundings.” Bryan said starting to walk to the direction of the heads dorm.

Stacy nodded, “I guess so,”

They were walking in silence down a hall that over looked the court yard, when suddenly Stacy stopped.

“What is it?” Bryan asked, confused by the sudden behavior.

Stacy hushed him and quickly dragged him behind a pillar, “Look,” she whispered pointing to the court yard. Leaning their heads out a bit Bryan stared at the young man waiting in the middle of the court yard. He thought that this behavior was bizarre considering they were heads and could just go up to the person and tell them to go back to their dorms. But with the sudden movement of the boy’s hair he saw the flash of blond, shine in the moonlight.

“Is that your friend Scorpius Malfoy?” Stacy asked softly.

“Yeah it is,” Bryan said in a surprised voice.

“But why would he be out past hours in the court yard?” Stacy asked confused.

“One guess why,” Bryan mumbled and sure enough a second after he said that Rose Weasley came out from the other side of the court yard and she rushed into Scorpius’ arms.

“I missed you,” Scorpius said joyfully, tightening his grip around Rose.

“I know, I’m sorry that I made you stay away,” she said looking up at Scorpius and quickly kissing him. Even though it had only been a couple of days it had felt like forever.

Scorpius cupping her face pulled back and smiled back down to her. “You want to get of here?” he asked breathlessly.

“You know I do,” she said lifting her head up again to kiss him.

Releasing his grip on her Scorpius grabbed her hand, “Let’s go.” he said softly and led her out of the court yard.

Things went very still in the hallway almost as if Bryan and Stacy couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

“Was that Rose?” Stacy asked needing to have her sight confirmed.

“It was,” Bryan said slowly. He wasn’t sure what was weirder the fact that earlier that day he had had a conversation with Rose about her relationship with Scorpius, only to have his suspicions confirmed that night, or actually seeing Scorpius and Rose together.

“Wow,” Stacy said looking at Bryan trying to comprehend the information that she had just seen “People are going to freak out about this when they find out.”

Bryan all of a sudden was being pushed back into reality and said “What are you crazy we can’t tell people about this. That happens to be our best friends out there.”

Stacy had to agree on the fact that by telling people about this relationship wouldn’t exactly help to mind things between her and Rose.

“We have to keep our mouths shut about this.” Bryan said sternly.

“Fine,” Stacy said both of them starting to walk towards the direction of the heads dorm “But you at least have to admit that it is weird,”

“Okay I’ll give you that, it is extremely weird.” Bryan said, and then on an off handed note he asked “Today’s Thursday right?”

“Yes,” Stacy said slowly.

“Man I hate Thursdays. It’s shit like this that only will happen on a Thursday.” He exaggerated.

“Yes, I’ve heard the theory.” Stacy said in a monotone voice. As they walked back to their common room together they didn’t notice the other person who had seen the interaction between Rose and Scorpius.



Scorpius and Rose hadn’t actually planned on going anywhere in particular they just wanted someplace that was away from the castle where they could be alone. They didn’t go far into the woods but far enough to be out of sight.

They were sitting on a large boulder rock that over looked a creek. They had laid down their school robes for them to sit on and Scorpius had shot flames from his wand and charmed them so that they floated in circles around them.

The cold from the air and the heat from the flames gave the oddest feeling to each other. Sitting close together Rose pulled back her lips from Scorpius’. She looked at him and smiled. She watched as his eyes softened from passion to concern she loved him. No matter how complicated things got between their families, she would always love him.

Pulling him closer to her she continued to kiss him, letting her fingers rest on the hem of his shirt. Tugging on it she let the shirt slid off his body and fall to the ground. Sliding her hands up and down his back she couldn’t get enough of the softness of his skin. It was for him, everything that she did, or lack of did with Ben was because of Scorpius. She understood that now. This moment that she craved to have was meant for Scorpius.

Slowly he started to lean her down on to the ground carefully unbuttoning her shirt. Rose feverously deepened the kiss. Scorpius let his hand sweep over the bareness of her stomach, feeling the goosebumps form as he did. 

There was nothing better feeling than skin to skin contact to Rose. Letting Scorpius’ body press fully against hers, she took his hand and let it linger on the button to her trousers. 

Breaking his lips away from hers he looked down at her and whispered softly “Are you sure?”

Rose met his eyes. “This is something that I only want you to have,” She let the palm of her hand rest behind his neck and she said “I want it to be you,”

Scorpius looked at Rose, she was perfect in every way, shape, and form and this was one of the few times that he actually felt regret. He wished that he had waited for her just like she had waited for him. He leaned in to kiss her.

Gently peeling off her clothes and the rest of his, Scorpius took Rose into his arms and became one with her. Clamming Rose’s gift, as his own.


A/N: Alright I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to update, I seriously got 41 Viruses on my computer and it was awful. Well anyways I hope that you liked it. Let me say that there will be NO teen pregnancy in this story, that plot line isn’t particularly my favorite so I just want to make that clear. Now who do you think is following Rose and what about Bryan? Also Bryan and Stacy finding out along with another mysterious person? I’ll tell you Bryan and Stacy will keep their mouths shut, but will the other person? Thank you so much for reading and I will try and update as soon as I can. Please Review.

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