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What Means Most by Owlpost68
Chapter 7 : Nervous Thoughts
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Chapter 7

Nervous Thoughts


A/N: Hi everybody, I'm sorry for the long wait, I didn't think I'd be one of those authors, but here I am, making my readers wait :P Anyway I hope you like this chapter, I happen to love it :D Let me know if you do too in the nice little box, Thanks for reading! Enjoy!



Ron’s POV


I’ll never get used to landing after a Portkey.

Though this time I’m not complaining because Hermione happened to fall on top of me, and I could feel all her curves very well. Unfortunately this isn’t the right time for it…


She buries her head into my chest, “I was hoping to be able to mentally prepare for this a little longer,” she says, worry clear in her voice.

I hug her to me, “listen ‘Mione, you can’t really prepare yourself for what’s going to happen for this. Whatever does happen, I’ll be right here for you,” I give her a lingering kiss on the forehead, and savor the moment.

I doubt there will be too many of these before we find her parents and we know their memories are fine. This must have been similar to what she felt like when she’d comfort me. It’s good to know I seem to do this just as well as she does, ‘cause I see her peek up at me from under my chin and give me a small smile.

“Thanks Ron, I'm still a bit scared, but I feel better knowing you’re with me.”

As we start to get up I’m finally able to take in our surroundings. We’re in the middle of a deserted field with the occasional dry looking tree, all the grass was a golden brown color in the hot sun, and the only sign of life are the 2 fuzzy animals who just popped from the ground.

I turn to Hermione, “Do you see those 2-?“

“Oh good, here are the 2 Australian Ministry officials Kingsley was telling us about,” she says as she points over my shoulder.

“Hermione, those aren't officials, they’re just little-“

“Hello, you 2 must be Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger.”

I nearly jump out of my skin. “Waaaaaa!!”

 Hermione giggles, I’m glad she finds this amusing.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Thomson and I are Animagus, we ‘ad to transform in order to stay cool out ‘ere at the apparation point,” said the wizard.

Well that explains it.

“I’m Ted Tally, each of us ‘ill help take a couple bags an’ we’ll side-apparate to the Min’stry.”

The other wizards grab a few of our bags, and I take Tally’s hand and reach out to Hermione.

She doesn’t reach out right away, and just stares at my hand. I lean over to look into those beautiful brown eyes of hers that are currently full of worry.

“Come on love, we’ve made it this far, and I’ll be with you the whole time,” she looks up with a small smile, and giggles as I feel a drop of sweat from the heat trickle down my nose and off like an absurd slide. “Not to mention it’ll probably be cooler at the Ministry,” I take her hand and we turn into the non-existent wind.




It's dark by the time we step into our small, but recently done flat, it’s a new modern look I’m not used to, but that’s what Hermione says, so it must be right. Unfortunately, I know enough about her that a modern new flat isn’t going to make up for what the Australian Ministry said.

“How do they expect me to just wait while they find them?" She starts pacing the newly polished darkwood. "After we come all the way here?! Sure, they made a point since I didn’t move them magically the only way to find them now is to secretly find them muggly…”

“Is that even a word? Muggly?”

“But how can I just wait??”

Wow, she’s so far gone she didn’t even argue or stop and chastise me. Something needs to be done.

“I mean why can’t I even help? I know them, they're my parents, I think I’d be able to help-“

I grab her arm mid pace and kiss her. It works, not only does she stop talking, but she finally melts into my arms. After how tense she was, it’s amazing that all of it just leaves. I love her and she’s brilliant and all, but the only way I’ve found to make her think of something to relax her is this or something similar. She opens her mouth to deepen the kiss, and I can’t help but moan and pull her closer. Her curves against me drive me crazier than a mad garden gnome. Now I can pay some attention to them, rather than not being able to before. After a minute she comes up for air and rests her head on my shoulder.

“I don’t know whether to be mad this was the only way you could shut me up or just relax and let you hold me.”

“I go for the latter love.”

“Yes, but we could have talked or do you not want to talk about it?"

She starts babbling again, but this time I let her.

"Are you avoiding it ‘cause maybe you’re nervous meeting them or--?”

Okay, I had to say something this time, as much as I wanted to just kiss her again, I'd never hear the end of it.

“For the record, of course I'm nervous about meeting them, but you and I argue and banter over everything, do you really think this would be any different? You’ve had enough to deal with today. We took a Portkey halfway across the world, and then found out less than great news. You need to rest and relax. We’re in Australia, I think we’ll find some things to do while we wait.”

She nods and smiles a little.

I pull away slightly and head over to my trunk in the bedroom.

I stop in my tracks and look around. There’s only one bed.



Hermione’s POV



I follow Ron into the room to see him staring at the bed.

“Ron is something wrong?” Leaning on the doorframe, I quirk my eyebrow at him. I act relaxed, but I don't know if I can take more.

“Is this the only bed? I mean, its fine, more than fine, but really?” His voice cracks.

I relax, blush, and giggle at him. “Yes it is. I guess they figured all on their own we’re together.”

“Oh,” he shrugs his shoulders, “well okay then,” he bends down to his trunk, grabs a T-shirt and starts unbuttoning his long sleeve shirt.

My breath catches in my throat and I make a funny sound. Sure, I’ve seen him without a shirt, but 1, we were on the run for our lives and there wasn’t time for this kind of reaction, 2, I didn’t think we’d actually have this kind of relationship at that time.

He tosses his dirty shirt into the wardrobe and I can now see how muscley he got the past few months. Then, unfortunately, he puts a more comfortable T-shirt on.

“Aww…” I mutter in dissapointment.


A week goes by quicker than I thought it would. We stroll through muggle and magical sites, go to muggle shops, and have a generally wonderful time. I won’t lie and say I don’t think of my parents, and worry that the search for them isn’t going well, but Ron talks me out of it or through it, and we go on with our day.

The nights are both the sweetest and the worst part of our stay. We settle in, he wraps his strong arm around my waist, and hold me as we fall asleep. Sometimes we passionately kiss, but he always holds back from going too far. As much as I'd like to someday go further, with what's going on, now's not the best time. The worst and best come after we fall asleep. Even with potions, nightmares of Malfoy Manor plague me. They’re horrible, and Ron always has to wake me up, and hold me as I cry into his chest. It’s the sweetest most calming thing in the world when he holds me after those dreams. Somehow I’m able to clear my head, which is amazing since he normally drives me mad.

One morning, about a week after arriving, I wake up with no Ron next to me. I sit bolt right up in alarm. He never wakes up first I’m usually the one to drag him out of bed. Then I see a note spellotaped to the mirror above the dresser. I grab my wand,

“Accio note” and it floats toward me. The note reads:


‘Love, I went out to buy some groceries at the wizard market Tally told me about. I’ll be back soon, just relax and enjoy. I’m going to try to make today special, but you know me enough that I might mess up, so bare with me here.



I smile, I’d never thought that Ron could have it in him to be this sweet, but he was right. He might mess up, but he’s at least learned to let me know what he’s trying to do. I have to tell Ginny. I quickly do the math in my head and since its morning here, it has to be eveningish there. Either way, I know no one’s asleep. She should be at the burrow.

I take a quick trip to the toilet, make sure I’m presentable, grab a handful of floo powder, since it’s so far, and stick my head in the fireplace of the living room, “The Burrow”

Okay, note, flooing long distance, even just my head, takes at least 10 minutes…

My head stops spinning, but I promptly throw up.

“Ewwww…. Aunty Ginny!! The fireplace threw up!” I hear Sirius James yell from the side of my head, even while it's still feeling nauseous. I can’t see him though he must have just come in the room.

“Sweetheart, I’m sure the fireplace did not… UUGGH! Wait, Hermione??!! Oh my Merlin, are you okay? Scorgify,”

Thank Merlin the mess is gone, I can now breathe properly.

“Aunty ‘Mione!! Ahh!! What happened to the rest of you???” I never thought about how this could terrify the boy.

“Don’t worry hun, the rest of me is nice and safe. Um, just imagine it’s playing hide and seek alright? Don’t seek for it though, it’s here in Australia,” I tell him. That has to be the most I’ve ever thought on my feet. Or on my knees. Or whatever.

“Oh, okay. Um," he still looks a little frightened "I have to go help Aunt Molly, we’re making cookies. Do you want one?” He asks me.

The thought gets me nauseous again, “No thanks. You have fun,” and he dashes off. I turn to Ginny, “I’ve scarred him for life haven’t I?”

“No, I think he’s fine, you should have seen the look on his face when he came to tell me about the fireplace, he thought it was the coolest thing. The guys will never top this. Now, what’s going on? Have they found your parents?”

I give her the brief explanation of what the Ministry is doing, and Ginny does what all friends do and looks affronted by the fact I can’t help.

“That isn’t why I flooed though, it’s because your brother is actually out getting food for us, and is going to try to make today special, whatever that means.”


“I know, I wanted to warn you of impending apocalypse.”

“Of what?” Now she just looks generally confused.

“Never mind, I wanted to tell you of what an unexpected thing your brother’s doing.”

“Unexpected hardly covers it, it must be something important. He’s never done anything like this before.”

“What am I supposed to do while he’s out then? I can’t just sit here. He told me to relax, but how can I?”

“Well, um, I guess, get yourself ready, almost like for a date. Trust me it takes time to do it properly. Take a shower; do your hair, everything. Maybe not dress up, but make yourself pretty, and let him know you know it’s important.”

We chat a little more, what everyone’s up to. Apparently Angelina stops by a lot, Neville and Luna are dating, which is adorable, Harry’s looking smoothing over things with Gringotts and our part of what we did with the place, and a number of other things I’ll be trying to remember to tell Ron. I’m going to try to after the spinning to come on the way back.

Ginny was just about to see if others would like to see me when my knees start to throb.

“Uh, Ginny, as much as I’d like to, my knees are killing me, so I’m going to go and get the spinning over with and try not to act like I’ve thrown up, and get ready for Ron.”

We say goodbye, and I brace myself.





A/N: Hi again, just letting you know that the next chapter should be up soon, I've been recently making some changes so that probably means more chapters :) I've also just got an idea for a major plot for this story more than just their lives, I'm really excited about it!

Please let me know what you think, good bad, whatever, I'm starting to feel a little lonely lol. I'll respond too, promise! See you soon :)

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