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As The Tide Comes In by TheseEmeraldEyes
Chapter 2 : Apple Scented Shampoo
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Anything that you recognise here belongs to J.K. Rowling. Enjoy :)

      Hermione rolled over and turned off her alarm. She sat up blearily and rubbed her eyes in attempt to make sense of her blurry surroundings. She pulled on her slippers and made her way out to the kitchen to make a mug coffee. Unlike most girls Hermione knew, Hermione took her coffee black. But then again, Hermione wasn’t like most girls. While most teenage girls spent there adolescence worrying about spots, boys, make up and clothes Hermione spent hers studying to be the best damn ‘’mudblood” there ever was and constantly fearing for the life for her two best friends Harry and Ron. Not exactly “normal”, at least not by Pavarti and Lavenders standards anyway, but she wouldn’t swap any of it for a second.


Hermione picked up the coffee not even caring that it burned her mouth and drunk quickly. She headed towards her small bathroom knowing that not even her morning coffee ritual was not enough to wake her up. She stepped into her shower and turned the water.


 “Ahhhh” She yelped the water was freezing. “Great, just great.” She mumbled to herself. She bent down and picked up shower gel and began scrubbing the skin on her arms and legs. After her dream last night she felt unclean and confused but had no idea why. She remembered a forest and a streak of silver flash before her but woke soon after seeing it. Hermione had been having strange dreams for little over a month but could never remember anything about them. Sighing, she began to wash her hair. At Hogwarts her hair had always been a frizzy mess with the exception of the Yule Ball. However after a book from Ginny on spells for hair and make-up and a really good muggle shampoo, her hair no longer resembled a bird’s nest on her head. It wasn’t curly or wavy or straight and disliked almost as much as when it was a tangled mess.


Hermione slid out of the shower, stood in front of her mirror and grimaced. She turned away from her reflection and grabbed the biggest fluffiest towel she could find. Hermione padded to her room quickly and sat on the side of her bed. She kept having an odd sensation that someone was watching her that she couldn’t shake. 



When Hermione had first left Hogwarts she had stayed at Grimmauld place for a few months before she got her own place. She had spent weeks searching for her perfect apartment and thought she had finally found it. It was a medium sized, two bedroomed apartment, with tall ceilings and mahogany floors in the centre of town. It was big enough that it felt spacious but small enough that you could live their alone. The previous owners had painted it in deep shades of red and had dark wood furniture that matched the floors. It had a Gothic feel about but the wall that had been removed and replaced with glass windows kept it light making it feel open. There was a set of French doors in the kitchen that opened out on to a small balcony that overlooked the small section of the city she was in. The building the apartment itself was situated in was vast. It had over 20 floors and she could just sit and stare at the architecture. Gargoyles poked out from the side of the building but didn’t look menacing. The front door was accompanied by two huge columns and lead straight into a large hall. It was perfect for her. So she had been ecstatic when she had been told that the owners weren’t asking for very much from it. She had put an offer in within minutes of being inside. For the first time in ages she felt content until her estate agent phoned her and told her that she had been out bid and that someone else had been given the apartment. Her current apartment was painted in beige and had beige carpets covered in stains. It was small and stuffy. She had moved in around two months ago and the uneasy feeling she felt had been gradually increasing. The only thing she liked about her apartment was that it was around the corner from the one she wanted. She had to pass the building everyday on her way to work and she promised herself every day that she would one day own that apartment. That was a promise she was going to keep.  At the time it had seemed like at a good idea but two years of walking past her building left her feeling angry and a little depressed and this feeling she kept getting was starting to make her anxious.



The feeling normally crept over when she was tired or when she was relaxed. She had always felt a little paranoid since the war but that was to be expected. No one could go through something like that and come out completely unscathed. After the war Hermione had gone back to Hogwarts, without Harry and Ron, to finish her final year and had done so attaining top levels in everything. But Hogwarts wasn’t the same. The Great Hall now stood as a memorial to the war and had been left in its destroyed state but the rest of the castle was repaired. Other than the memorial Hogwarts looked the same but it was tarnished with the memories of the events that had unfolded almost four years previously. Everywhere she had looked her mind had been filled with images of the war. At night the screams and cries filled her dreams. It had always been the same dream, at least until she had left Hogwarts. Even now the dreams worked their way back into her sleep though not as frequently. But lasts night’s dream had been different she knew that but she just couldn’t remember.


    Sighing, Hermione stood up and walked over to her wardrobe to choose what to wear. She pulled out her favourite jeans only to realise they had a huge stain down the front. 



“Why is it always me?” Hermione groaned. She stopped abruptly and burst into peals of laughter. That had been Neville’s catch phrase throughout Hogwarts. A sudden wave of sadness washed over. She hadn’t spoken to Neville since she left Hogwarts. Actually she hadn’t spoken to a lot of people since then. She’d kept in touch with Harry, Ron, Ginny and the other Weasley’s. But even then she hadn’t spoken to them recently except for few owls now and then. I really ought to write, she thought to herself.


Hermione grabbed whatever reached her hands and pulled them on before heading back out to the sitting room and sat down at her desk to write a letter to Harry, Ron and Ginny. She pulled out some parchment and her quill and began writing.


Dear Harry, Ron and Ginny,


                She sat staring blankly at the page for the next 10 minutes. She shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts. Deciding that sitting there wouldn’t do anything to help she pulled on her trusty converse and headed out the door. It was only (time) she had some time before she had to leave for work. She followed her normal route to where her dream apartment was trying to find something new about the streets that she hadn’t already seen. It was a dumb thing to do but it helped her calm down and that was exactly what she needed. She turned the corner just as someone else did and knocked her to the ground.



*Draco’s POV*



“Oh Gods! I’m so sorry are you ok?!” The woman at his feet asked as she stood back up gathering the contents of her bag which had somehow exploded in the collision.


“Yeah I’m. It wasn’t your fault. I was a little distracted.” Draco chuckled to himself before mentally kicking himself. “Here, let me help you with that.” He bent down to pick up the woman’s purse frowning. He knew he has heard that voice before but he just couldn’t remember.




“No you don’t need to do that. I’m can do it.” She looked up and smiled at him. He looked at her properly. She couldn’t be much younger than he was, perhaps a year or so. Her hair was light brown and hung it soft curls that reached the centre of her back. She was slim but had curves in all the right places. Her head was level with Draco’s shoulder and Draco liked what he saw.  But why does this woman look so familiar? He thought to himself. As her gaze met his, her hazel eyes widened with recognition and her features distorted with anger.




“Malfoy? Draco Malfoy?” The girl’s voice became harsh and filled with disgust.



“G-Granger?” Draco tried to return his comment with the same disgust but it just sounded strangely happy and since when did he have a stutter?




“What’s the matter Malfoy? Ferret got your tongue?” Granger snapped.


“Looks like the bookworms grown a spine.” Draco smirked.


“Still the same inbred, ass wipe you always were.”


“Insufferable know it all. And I am not inbred!”


“So are trying to look like a Goblin or is that purely coincidental?”


“Ooooh I’m so offended. Blast Ended Skank.”

“Is that honestly the best you’ve got?”


“Oh just go swallow a Hippogriff.”

               “Wow, aren’t you a funny one?” She said her voice dripping with sarcasm. She finally dropped her gaze and sighed “Look, Malfoy, as much as I would love to stand here swapping insults all day I do need to get home and get ready for work. In fact I’m positive you do too so why don’t you run along and do the same?”


“So you give up then?” Draco smiled with triumph and took a step closer to her in an attempt to make her feel uneasy.


“Not at all.” Hermione growled taking a step closer taking on his challenge. “You haven’t changed one bit.”




No matter how hard Draco tried he couldn’t help but feel hurt by what she said and he shocked himself with his reaction.


”You’re wrong.” Draco asked. Not taking his eyes of hers.




“W-what?” She stammered.



“You’re wrong.”



“No, I’m not.” She said defiantly “You’re exactly the same.”



“If you think that, let me prove you wrong. Come with me to dinner tonight.” Draco watched her eyes widen with surprise then narrow in confusion and suspicion.



“What on Earth makes you think I would say yes?” By this point they were so close he could smell the scent of apples radiating of her. He lent forward until his lips brushed her ear.



“Because you can’t stand being wrong and you’ll never get another chance to prove that you are right.” He whispered seductively. “Even you can’t resist that.” He drew his head back and stepped away. “Meet me at Dos Hermanos tonight at 8. Dress nice.”



And with that he turned on his heel and walked away.












A/N: So what did you guys think? Was it too cheesy? Too fast? Apologies for the long wait. Let me know :)

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As The Tide Comes In : Apple Scented Shampoo


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