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Not Just Another Love Story by kira lovegood
Chapter 2 : Day one at school
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I'm absolutely falling in love with Draco & Luna! So, I'm trying to make this as realistic as possible. Also, I'm amazed at my own sanity, because earlier, I was a Dramione fan :P

Hope you like this chapter

Disclaimer ~

I wish I'm JKR :(

** This starts right after DH, epilogue of the book disregarded **


chapter two

Draco woke up with a groan. It was nearly half past six in the morning. The castle was finally at peace with the students snoring in their beds. An eerie silence engulfed him and the only sound he could hear was the steady breathing of his best mate Blaise, coming from the other side of the room.

Draco walked up to the window, seated himself comfortably on the sill and smiled. After nearly six months of mental and physical struggle, he was amazed to find some peace in this queer peace, the castle. He could perhaps see, why Potter had felt like at home, when he was there.

So much had changed in the past few months. His life had almost turned up side down. He was scared would be an understatement. The ministry had nearly sacked them all, threatened them (his family) to deprive of their property, but somehow that little change of heart in the last moment seemed to have done miracles. They were exempted from the punishment, their properties, companies were not ceased, keeping in view, their worker's welfare. Everything turned out to be good. His dad was thrown into a nasty cell in Azkaban. Though Draco wouldn't admit it aloud, he was quite content with that. It was just him and his mother in the manor. Pansy, Blaise preferred staying over the manor as their parents were jailed as well. Draco was immensely pleased. Their company seemed to have drowned the despair in him, that sometimes, still resurfaced in his heart.

How could he forgive himself for what he had done? He had done so many bad things, which he wished he hadn't. Everything he believed in, turned out to be a pile of utter waste. Sure, the ministry and the order had sensed his helplessness due to which he had sided with Voldemort, but.. still! How could he bring back the lost glory of their family name? He was so proud to be a Malfoy, but could he be anymore? He had accepted the dark mark, turned into a monster! Though he had not done that willingly! How could he change all that?

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice his fellow slytherin had slipped out of his bed and was eyeing him with interest.

" What' s bothering you, Drake? " Blaise asked, his voice thick from sleep, "it's a lovely morning, isn't it?"

Draco nodded smiling. What would he have done with out these wonderful creatures called friends? Surely, he, Blaise and Pansy couldn't be compared to the golden trio, but they had always been friends ever since they were four. Well, they were the slytherin trio, which was quite unnoticed, till date.

"You know.. I sometimes wonder what's gotten into you? You always seem lost in thoughts. Just don't think that hard, dude! Everything will be fine. See, here we are, with Voldy gone forever! We aren't one among the flock they call death- eaters! Its gonna be fine.. it.. just needs some time, Draco."

Draco's eyes were fixed on the black lake, which was glimmering in the rays of the sun. It was a wonderful view from their prefect quarters. And he was glad, it was Blaise who was sharing it.

"Draco?" Blaise began, taking in his friend's silence.

"Oh, for merlins sake! Stop being my nanny, Blaise! I'm perfectly alright! Its just you know.. I was just wondering how, this world is gonna treat us... I'm scared! But that doesn't stop me from being the person I am!"

Blaise merely smiled, ignoring his friend's silly remark. He still enjoyed this bickering with him, in which he always had the upper hand.

"Good to know that you won't stop being a git! Well, Potter may suffer a heart attack if you stop doing so.. But we don't want to kill him, now. Do we?"

"No... But I'd like to see that! I will still enjoy tormenting Potter, its my favorite pastime."

Blaise laughed at this, "oh! Then you're lucky! We can see him in the prefects meeting this evening! "

"Prefects meeting?" Draco raised a blonde eyebrow.

"Yeah, we received an owl from Mc. Gonagall. You were snoring last night!"

"I wasn't. Malfoys don't snore!"

"Oh no, you were dude! I bet it's the journey, you might be tired!" Blaise reasoned with a chuckle.

"You could be in Ravenclaw, with that dingy brain of yours!" Draco muttered darkly, making his way towards the bathroom.

"Oh, thanks!" Blaise stood watching his retreating form with a smile on his face.

Half an hour later, the boys found themselves dressed in their trademark slytherin robes, walking out of their dorm, only to find a smiling Pansy Parkison.

"Morning guys! " she greeted them with the cheerfulness, that was so uncharacteristic of her, "ready for the day?"

The boys nodded, smiling back.

"Is it just me or you think she's seemingly happy?" Blaise asked his mate.

"Oh, well.. " Draco chuckled, " What's up Pans?"

"Nothing, just feeling free.. like I'm at home. I have reason to be happy now, right? Besides, I don't need to keep up the pretence that I'm your freaking girl friend anymore!"

Draco snorted at this, "come on, Pans! Was it that worse? Any girl would die to be in your place! I could get any girl to be my girlfrien - " Draco paused in mid sentence.

That was probably in the past! No matter, he still looked as handsome as ever, but what girl would look at him? He was a former death-eater ! A cold hearted bastard! Even the slytherin girls would loathe him now, seeing that he sided with Potter. A betrayer of the lord in their eyes! But still, it wouldn't hurt his ego, in case he hadn't found a girlfriend. He actually never had one and was never going to have any.

Blaise noticed the change in his demeanor, "well, I bet there will be some girl, who's equally sane to match your wit!"

He patted Draco's back who chuckled, "lets go get something to eat! I'm starving!"

The gang set off towards the great hall.

Mean while in the great hall ~ the same morning

"Do you think Malfoy had changed? " Harry asked Hermione , while sipping on his pumpkin juice.

Ron was busy stuffing the chocolate pudding in his mouth. Ginny , Neville and Luna looked curious.

"I don't know, Harry, " Hermione hesitated, glancing up from her 'Advanced Potions for seniors' book, "what I heard on the train is forcing me to believe he had changed. But then, its Malfoy and I'm not sure!"

Harry nodded, he wasn't quite sure himself.

"But he seemed less dangerous, I can say!" Neville remarked, "he didn't insult us.. or jeer at us, during the whole ride!"

"I must agree!" Luna remarked dreamily. He didn't sneer at her, call her Loony or insult her. He even replied to her question, allowing her to share his compartment. That was, well, kinda sweet of him! Who knew , it might be the wackspurts playing around his head back then!

"I feel the same too, " Ginny added abruptly, "he looked almost human!"

"Hmm.. yeah, Malfoy never had it in him. When we were back in the manor, captured by the death-eaters, he couldn't torture us. Not even once!" Dean mused, "he was the only human being besides his mother in that place!"

Ron had finished the pudding, now joined the discussion, " you are out of your minds! Honestly, Draco Malfoy- a human being? these words could hardly fit in a sentence. He was only acting that way because Harry had saved his bloody ass during the war! OUTCH!"

Hermione slapped him with her book and smirked, "language, Ronald! You're the head- boy remember?"

Ron looked away, feeling sheepish. Harry chuckled.

"What do you think, Luna?" Harry asked his best friend, who had the ability to see things logically.

This was a sensitive topic and he could only trust Luna's judgement.

"Is it possible for a person to have a change of heart?" Harry went on, leaning forward on his table.

He looked up right in time to spot the slytherin trio walking their way towards their table.

"Yes, I do believe in it Harry!" Luna began dreamily.

Of course she would believe! She believed in the things which others thought didn't exist. So, why not this!

"Sometimes, people change their opinions, the way they act. Its all matter of time, " Luna smiled, her blue eyes reflecting her knowledge, the humane heart she had, "and time can only answer that question, if they have changed or not!"

That was really true. Only time could answer if Malfoy was regretting his past or not.

"Oh, wow! " Harry smiled, "thanks, Lune. I'm glad, I've got a ravenclaw with me now!"

Luna smiled, a dreamy smile that played against her lips.

The conversation slipped away and they all merrily chatted about random topics starting from their summer activities, subjects they had to take up to their future ambitions and what not!

He could certainly not think about Malfoy anymore, Luna made it clear. Time would sort things out! And he had, well, so many things on his mind. He needed to train to become an auror, then there was quidditch cup, and he needed to spend more time with Ginny ... Harry sighed, this was indeed going to be an interesting year!

Later, that morning, Harry found himself seated in the 'Advanced Potions' class which he had to attend with the slytherins.

To his surprise, there was not any single snide comment from the Malfoy group. It was like they had ignored others. Harry could help but doubt why Malfoy had suddenly changed his attitude. And what were they talking on the train? They wanted him to win the war? Why? He shook his head as a cheery voice boomed.

"Oh, a pleasant morning, isn't it? Good morning students! Harry, my boy!"

Slughorn greeted him, "lovely to see you again! Can't believe its over eh?"

The slytherins rolled their eyes.

"Nice to see ya all too, " Slughorn went on, " Miss Granger! Mr. Beasley!"

The slytherins laughed as Ron's ears turned red, "its Weasley sir," he mumbled.

"Whatever boy! Ah, Mr. Malfoy!" the professor went on to greet the tall blonde teenage wizard, who was sandwiched between Blaise and Pansy.

"Hello, to you sir!" Draco greeted him back.

"Lovely to see you son. Its really good to see you're so much like your mother! Stubborn and brave! You made your choice against your father! Good going! "

Malfoy smiled, a sad smile playing at his lips.

Slughorn returned his attention to the class again.

"Advanced Potions will be fun this year! You will be partnered with another student so that you can learn working as a team, a little difference now. We need to promote inter-house unity.. So, yes! I will announce the names! Mr. Beasley, Ms. Parkison! "

Ron choked and grunted at this, Hermione elbowed him.

"Mr. Finnigan , Mr. Nott, and Mr. Zabini, Ms. Granger and who else.. well Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy!"

"Bloody hell!" Ron gave a sympathetic look to Harry.

Harry's eyes widened. He needed to work with- ? No, that couldn't be possible.

Malfoy kept silent, on the other side, though internally, he cringed at the idea.

"I see, you don't get along too well, " Slughorn chuckled, "but you could be an example. Do you have any problem with this my boy?"

Harry looked unsure.

Draco shrugged, " I certainly don't mind who my partner is.. "

Harry was doomed. Not that he was scared or anything, but the guy was still a Malfoy, and he hated it. Thankfully, the class ended soon for him and he sighed.

This was sure an interesting year.

Draco sighed as he walked out of the potions class. He didn't had much interaction with the pot-head but still somehow, his presence seemed to irk him. Perhaps, years of hatred or so called enemity was showing off its effect.

"So you and Potter, then?" Blaise cocked his head as he stepped along, "how does it feel?"

Draco grimaced, " you and Granger? Must be fun!" he shot back.

"Oh she's clever at things! But, she's the stuck up book worm as ever!"

A distraught Pansy joined them as they rounded the corridor.

"Ronald Weasley is terrible, awful hyppogriff!"

Draco, Blaise burst out laughing.

"Don't laugh!" Pansy cried, outraged. She'd slice the potion master into two. That was the right thing to do!

"Eh, umm... so what's next Drake?" Blaise diverted the topic.

"Runes.. you?"

"Free period, yay! " Blaise laughed, "see you during lunch!"

The slitherins split up to reach their respective destinations.

Next chapter~

Draco sighed, he had to put up with Potter in potions and now, he had Lovegood in Runes! Oh merlin! As the class ended, he thought 'may be... Lovegood couldn't be as bad as Potter.'



Not much of Draco/Luna inter-action in this.. but lot more to come:)

Reviews would be lovely to read :) They make my day!


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