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Through Dust and Lies by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 2 : Dinner
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Disclaimer: Most of the characters and events/plots that are mentioned in this story belong to J.K Rowling; anything you don’t recognize belongs to me. Thank you for reading!

“Teddy, we need to talk about things” Teddy raised his eyebrows slightly; he’d only just arrived and taken a seat in the Potter’s home when Harry had spoken. Ginny quickly disappeared into the kitchen making an excuse up about having to check on the food- Teddy knew the situation was serious at this moment, otherwise Ginny would have surely voiced her opinions. “I’ve heard about you and Victoire, as I imagine you’ve already figured out by now” Teddy gave a stiff nod in response.

“I figured James wouldn’t have been able to keep his mouth shut for long” he answered truthfully, Harry chuckled slightly at this before speaking again.

“And I know that you know what I’m going to say to you now, but please- Still listen” he paused for a moment, biting down on his bottom lip before looking Teddy straight in the eyes. “I want you to be careful”

“Like you said Harry, I know” Harry nodded solemnly, staring down at the ground for a moment- Teddy had quickly learnt that his godfather wasn’t great at these kind of moments, not that it particularly bothered Teddy, in fact he preferred this way much more to have to talk about his feelings . That reminded him too much of the ‘mind healers’ that his grandmother had taken him to see when he was younger.

“Please don’t be angry with me or Ginny, but Bill and Fleur are coming around tonight for dinner too” Harry paused again to see Teddy’s reaction, the latter could only nervously run his fingers through his hair. “No doubt they will have heard”

“I’ll be on my best behaviour Harry, I promise. Victoire means a lot to me” he replied, though he was sure his voice echoed the lack of confidence he had in himself at that moment. He knew Bill and Fleur Weasley, had known them since birth but he hadn’t expected to meet them as Victoire’s boyfriend so soon.

“I know Teddy” Harry sighed, placing his hand on Teddy’s shoulder before he disappeared into the kitchen with Ginny, leaving Teddy completely alone with his thoughts.

It was moments like these that he wished his parents were still alive, as silly as it sounded. He wanted his mother to fuss over him and make sure his hair wasn’t sticking out in all directions and he wanted his father to pat him on the back and ensure him that he would be fine as long as he was himself.

Soon enough, there was a knock at the door and Ginny and Harry emerged from the kitchen, the latter sent Teddy a look before following after his wife. Teddy took a deep breath at the sound of the door clicking open, he could hear the four adults exchanging pleasantries before footsteps began to make the way to the living room. The four of them stood awkwardly to the side of the couch that Teddy found himself glued too.

“Hello Teddy” Bill said cheerfully, leaning forward to shake his hand- Teddy finally managed to peel himself off the couch and shook the older man’s hand.

“Allo” Fleur added, despite living in England for over twenty years she still had her think French accent, something that Teddy noticed Victoire had picked up. He kissed Fleur’s cheek before stepping back and smiling nervously at his girlfriend’s parents.

“I should go check on dinner” Ginny broke the silence a few moments later, though it seemed to feel like hours for Teddy. And so Ginny disappeared back into the kitchen.

“We should sit down, dinner won’t be too long” Harry finally managed to speak, he led Bill to the table as the two of them began to ramble on about something that was happening in the Ministry at the time. Teddy moved quickly to Fleur’s side, making sure to pull her chair out for her before he sat down beside her.

“You are such a gentlemen Teddy, oh, you ‘ave grown so much” she exclaimed, her eyes twinkling at him while she took a sip of the red wine in front of her.

“It was all thanks to my grandmother, she makes sure to look after me” he replied with a smile, letting out a small sigh when she turned slightly to say something to Ginny who had re-entered the room with everyone’s dinner. The room fell into a comfortable silence for the first time that night as the five of them began to eat the dinner Ginny had ‘prepared’, though Teddy had a feeling that it was actually Grandma Weasley’s cooking.

“This is lovely Gin” Harry broke the silence with a small smile, everyone nodded quickly in agreement though no one spoke another word until Fleur, being the last one to finish, had scooped up the remainder of the sauce.

“How about you show me that new trophy of yours sis?” Bill asked before he and Ginny disappeared upstairs to see yet another Quidditch trophy that Ginny had received, Harry followed quickly after the two of them leaving Fleur and Teddy alone.

“Victoire says you are ‘er boyfriend now” she asked the moment Harry’s footsteps had disappeared causing Teddy to be thrown off guard for a moment, he blinked a few times. Now he understood where Victoire got her ‘no nonsense’ personality from.

“Yes, I am” Teddy replied confidently after a moment, he could hardly keep the smile of his face as he thought of her.

“I know you will be good for ‘er Teddy, just please be careful” Fleur whispered, her voice was laced with concern for her daughter but at the same time, she sent Teddy a look of complete trust.

“I promise” He found the words slipped out of his mouth before he even had the chance to think them over. He wasn’t planning on hurting Victoire, that wasn’t the kind of guy that his grandmother had taught him to be.

“Now that’s over, what do you plan to do now you ‘ave finished ‘ogwarts” Teddy stared at her blankly, it was the ultimate question that Teddy had no idea how to answer- of course no mother wouldn’t want their daughter stuck in a relationship with a man who had absolutely no plans for his future- Teddy had been ignorant to think otherwise.

But how could he answer? He adored Victoire more than anyone else, except possibly his grandmother, but would she want him once she realised that he was going nowhere. He’d already been out of Hogwarts for two years and nothing had gone well for him, what if it stayed like that for the rest of his life?

He regained his focus on the question, should he lie and say that was looking for different jobs now? But Teddy knew that Fleur would definitely tell Bill and Victoire which could lead to Harry and Ginny knowing and he didn’t want all of them believing a lie that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

“Uh” he spluttered, his mind had been so caught up in thinking out different situations in his head that he had completely lost track of time- he didn’t know how long he’d been sitting there and staring blankly at the wall.

“Are you alright?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowing slightly. He didn’t have time to respond before Bill, Ginny and Harry made their way back down the stairs. Fleur turned her attention to Bill and Ginny while Harry placed his hand on Teddy’s shoulder.

“Don’t be too worried mate” he whispered reassuringly though it didn’t make Teddy feel much better. Instead he kept silent for the rest of the night, only opening his mouth when Bill and Fleur finally left, soon after that he returned home himself and collapsed onto his bed.

The next morning Teddy didn’t feel better at all, in fact the rest of the week passed and he still felt the same. It was tough, realising that he was a failure and that he didn’t deserve Victoire at all- now all he needed was for her to realise this.

Since that night, she had tried to send him multiple letters- obviously her mother had clued her in on what had happened. Teddy had taken the letters from Victoire’s treasured owl, Avis, but had promptly thrown them on his desk without even bothering to open them. He could tell that Victoire was getting angry with him for her handwriting on the front had become more and more desperate with every letter. It was difficult for him to ignore every single letter; they sat there and teased him until he had almost given in, so far he’d been able to remind himself at the last minute about what he was doing.

Victoire wasn’t the only one who was sending him letters though, the night after what Teddy had labelled as the dinner debacle Harry had sent him a letter. Begrudgingly, Teddy had read it and instantly regretted it, even now the exact words of the letter played through his head.

Whatever Fleur said to you- don’t worry about it. She can get carried away sometimes, like Molly. Come around for dinner again soon, okay?

Harry and Ginny

And the letters hadn’t stopped there, Victoire had obviously conned her cousins into sending him letters as well because he had received a letter from all the Potter-Weasley clan within two days.

Another persistent pecking at his window broke Teddy’s train of thought, he stared over at the owl- realising it was Avis again before letting himself fall backwards onto his bed. He bought his hand up to his hair and pulled at some of the tuffs before finally giving into the owl and letting it in. He took the letter and went to throw it onto the pile with all the others when his grandmother knocked at the door.

“Come in” he replied and not a moment later his grandmother made her way into the room, a little bent over due to the constant pain in her back. She took the state of his room in, the unmade bed, the dirty clothes on the floor, the pile of letters on the desk, the face down frame that held a picture of Victoire and him in and the letter in his hand.

“Teddy, I’m worried about you” Andromeda said truthfully, her eyes mirroring the solemn expression that Teddy saw every anniversary of his mother’s death. That look broke his heart all over again, every single year. He looked back at the letter in his hand before speaking.

“I’m fine”

Authors Note: And there’s the second chapter for you all! I’d like to thank the lovely TenthWeasley for motivating me to get this chapter finished, also to AquariaJasmyne who half-consciously became the perfect person to base Andromeda on and finally to the lovely reviewers, Thank you all and I will see you next time.

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Through Dust and Lies: Dinner


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