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Expecting Otherwise by majamariamaja
Chapter 8 : Empty Classroom
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wonderful ci by KatDaniels here at HPFF, I urge you to read her stuff

Chapter 8. Empty Classroom

"You know when you can tell what you've eaten by the taste of your own sick?" I asked rhetorically as I plumped my five month pregnant self down on the bench next to Bray, Clover and Deuce. "Well, on that note, I no longer eat baked beans."

Brayder let his fork fall down onto his breakfast plate of baked beans and eggs while letting out a growl. "And after this, neither do I."

As usual I didn't give much attention to my surroundings, and didn't catch Bray's grumble. Instead I focused on getting myself fed, shuffling a mountain of fried chicken onto my plate, almost drooling with anticipation. As a matter of fact, I reminded myself of Homer Simpson, the cartoon character, when he thought of donuts.

All of a sudden I was craving donuts. So after I finished my creation of fried chicken drowning in brown sauce, I threw a good five-six donuts on top. I actually felt like exclaiming a 'ta da' at my awestruck friends. They could never get over how much I ate nowadays.

The throwing of food into my mouth seemed to put them all off their own meals, but I can't say that it mattered at all to me. Mama needed a refill of grub, and you know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On that note, maybe I should inhale a few pancakes as well?

Pregnancy really is the best excuse for having pancakes every single morning for breakfast. I’ll save the healthy, less fattening food for other meals. I’m waking up right.

I wish that I'd learned by now how sick all of this made me afterwards though, but I guess I was stupid when it came to food. It was annoying really. Because anything other than crackers made me sick, and what I wanted to eat was, well, everything but crackers.

My feeling more sick by the second had made me stop my grossly exaggerated way of eating and I finally pushed away my plate. When I did this though, I noticed Deuce staring at my chest and I scowled at him. I'd had to unbutton the top buttons of my shirt in order to get it on this morning due to my ever growing bosom.

"Deuce," I warned in a low voice, but Deuce didn't seem to hear me. "You know what they say about how sticks and stones may break your bones?" I asked him, and I finally gathered his attention. "Well, you know what's worse than breaking bones? Breaking manhood. Something you'll suffer from if you keep staring at my tits."

"It's not my fault they've gotten so enormous!" He exclaimed as though he'd been bursting to say this for a long time. "We all know that men act on instinct. When breasts are out, we go gaga. It's not our fault, it's nature's."

Something inside me snapped and before I knew it, I found myself leaning over the table with a handful of Deuce's soft hair clutched in my fist. Why did he get to have soft hair and not me? Argh, this was so unfair. I tightened my hold on him after this thought, and Deuce let out a very feminine squeal.

"Adella!" Clover breathed and tried to pry my fingers open. "What the hell are you doing?!"

Brayder was clearly entertained by his girlfriend physically assaulting his best mate and his laughter boomed across the Great Hall. 

The lack of sound in the room, apart from Clovers reprimands, Deuce's girly screams and Bray's barking laugh, made me freeze. Not only was I the pregnant girl anymore, I would from now on be known as the mental, pregnant girl. 

I quickly let go of Deuce's soft(growl) hair and sat my large bum back on the bench.

Bray's laughter subsided into a low chuckle, and after a few seconds of silence the hall erupted into an orchestra of whispering. I wish I didn't give a toss what they were thinking about me, that I were so sure of myself that I could just shrug it all off with a smile. Well, that was not the case, and I bit my lip uneasily.

Deuce massaged his scalp and was eyeing me as though I were a ticking time bomb, and this combined with Clover ignoring my prescence was enough to make me feel utterly miserable.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked myself while fiddling with a strand of hair that'd come loose from the messy bun in the nape of my neck. "Am I unfriendly?"

"No, not compared to, say, Voldemort," Brayder answered with a smirk.

"It's your hormones, Del," Deuce said, back to his teasing self. "They're making you crazy."

"Don't anger it," Chase mumbled in a sing-song voice as he sat down next to his brother. I scowled at him, but reminded myself not to go off again. One outburst was enough, at least for now. I could grant myself another one at lunch.

"What's the story, morning glory?" Bray greeted his friend as he pulled the plate of baked beans and eggs back in front of himself. I reckon he was over my puke-story now. Bray wasn't exactly known for having the best memory in the world. I bet he'd forget the pregnant-thing if it hadn't been for my ever-growing belly there as a constant reminder.

"I want to kiss her," Chase answered in an annoyed tone, and didn't notice how his brother was smirking to himself. I did however, and decided to investigate this further at a later date. "I want to win this bet."

"And I want to play for the Holyhead Harpies, but I'm shit at Quidditch," I shrugged, still fiddling with the runaway curl. "And I'm five months pregnant."

"Point being?"

"We don't always get what we want."

"True," Brayder muttered with badly hidden anger. "I mean, I want to go back in time and strap a rubber on my johnson." He didn't look at me but I knew he would have given me a bitter scowl if he did. "But I can't. And now I'm fucked."

After this little confession Brayder got to his feet and walked away with his fists clenched.

I gave a sigh.

Chase obviously noticed my quivering lip and decided to change the subject.

I really do have wonderful friends.

"You know the girl I'm sitting next to in Human Relations?" He asked and I rapidly blinked my eyes before turning them away from where Bray had just vanished. 

"Yeah, ehm... Cyan, was it?" Clover caught what Chase was doing and quickly engaged in the changed topic.

"Correct," Chase sighed and peeled an orange with a lazy twirl of his wand. "The girl is insane, I have never met anyone like her. And I can't say that I have missed out."

"And I thought Hufflepuffs were the very epitome of fluffy optimism," Deuce joined in, not aware of how the others had so sneakily changed the course of the conversation.

"I did too, but it seems we were wrong." Chase split the orange in two parts and gave me the biggest half, knowing how my over-eating usually made my stomach queasy and that oranges usually helped. How nothing ever went past this lad I would never understand. "You have no idea what it's like to have such a moody, condescending person sitting next to you. It's eerie."

"Uh, hello. Del and I share a room with Wednesday Addams," Clover argued as I slowly ate the orange, giving Chase a grateful look.

"You mean Ayla?...Yeah, alright. You win," Chase admitted before returning my look with a smile.

None of us had taken notice of how Deuce had left the conversation and was now engaging in a serious eye-flirting session with a brunette from the Ravenclaw table.

"You see that girl?" He nodded to the brunette while nudgning his brother with his elbow. "I'm going to do nasty, unmentionable things to her."

And you know the worst part? We all believed him.

The three of us watched as Deuce got up and strut confidently over to the brunette, his muscles evident through his shirt. I didn't blame the females of this school for fawning all over his maddening good looks, but I really wished that they'd one day see Deuce for what he really was. Or, actually, they all knew that he was a player, he was notoriously known for it. Maybe that was part of his charm?

Well, in that case, they couldn't really blame anyone other than themselves for the heartache that would follow sooner or later.

Chase had turned to talk to a team mate and they were now discussing the upcoming Quidditch game against Hufflepuff.

"Could you just fall in love with me already?" Clover mumbled to Deuce's back. No one but me heard her. "No? All right then. I'll just wait," she sighed, and I gave her a sad smile while putting my hand on top of hers.

Clover caught the look I was giving her, and she knew what I was about to say. 

"I know I have to let him go, I just..." She let out a breath, looking up at me with her hazel eyes. "I just don't know how."

"Listen," I said, giving her tiny hand a squeeze. "All men are idiots, and you have unfortunately fallen in love with their king." Clover let out a chuckle, and I awarded her reaction with a grin. "The sooner you forget about that prat the better. He doesn't deserve your affection."

"You're right, you're right," she repeated, ridding her eyes of any signs of tears. "I know you're right."

"Clearmont," we heard a slithering voice behind us say, and we raised our gaze only to look up into the evil eyes of Victoria Darren. This girl had a wonderfully bad sense of timing. "You really have the most amazing, tiny body. Are you a bulimic, or what?" 

Where did she come up with these insults? Did she have like a guide to follow? How to Make Others' Life a Living Hell - For Dummies.

"I know it's probably wrong to daydream about killing another human being," Clover growled while glowering at the redheaded monster as she walked away from us and over to the rest of the geek squad. "But I think, in this case, even your dear uncle would have made an exception."

I nodded in agreement, remembering how my dad and uncle Harry sometimes talk about how they despised each other in school. It was quite entertaining actually, because they never seemed to agree on who won their fight in the end. Something that eventually caused the two of them clearing the table and challenging each other to an arm wrestling match. Neither of them ever won, though, seeing as they usually were quite drunk when this happened.

It was all in good humor though.

In short, I think it's just a tradition for us Malfoys to have a sort of nemesis at Hogwarts. Unlucky for Clover, she was stuck in between our quarrels and had eventually been the one getting most of Victoria's stinging comments directed at her.

"I really don't like her. At all. Actually, if she went down in flames I would get a bag of popcorn and watch, while laughing hysterically."

I grinned at this statement before checking the time on my watch.

Clover caught the look on my face, and groaned. "It's time for Martinez's class, isn't it?"

No need to answer, the look on my face spoke volumes.

"Oh, girls," Chase gathered our attention as he stood up. "It's HR in a few minutes, we better get going."

"I don't wanna," I said while pulling my face into a pout.

"Hey," Clover said, and I instantly knew she was going to try cheering me up. "Maybe the earth yawned and swallowed her up?"

"We can only hope," I concured as I let Clo and Chase haul me up from my seat.

"You shouldn't talk back like that," Chase told me while keeping up with my angry pace. I didn't answer. I just growled. "You'll get detention every week if you keep it up."

"I don't care," I snarled. "Professor Martinez can just kiss my arse."

This class had been no better than the last, and what made it worse was that this time Bray hadn't rescued me from Martinez' hurtful comments. He wasn't even present.

"I'd pay a Sickle to see that," Deuce smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at me. I ignored him. But I swear that that boy would be bald by the end of this semester if he kept up this teasing, seeing as I'd gotten fond of pulling his hair when I was annoyed at him. Which was often, now that I thought about it.

"You're disgusting," Clover said while grimacing.

"I hate her," I stated simply, sitting down for lunch, and looking forward to devour another meal.

"Listen," Chase sat down next to me, smiling. "If she's getting you down, look at her through the prongs of your fork and imagine her in Azkaban."

I raised my fork up to eye-level and did as he said. She was up there on the podium, sitting next to Professor Flitwick, sipping something from her goblet. If it were blood from an unborn child, I would not be surprised.

"Look at her sitting up there like she fucking owns the place..." I growled lowly.

"Hi Del," an innocent voice behind me said, and I turned to smile at my brother.

"Hello Heath."

Heathcliffe was fiddling with his shirt sleeves, obviously uncomfortable with being near my friends. I remember myself how intimidating it was to talk to the 7th years back when I was a mere 1st year.

"Ehm," he didn't seem able to get out a sentence, and I tried assuring him with a smile, but it didn't work.

So I grabbed a sandwich, got up from my seat and waved at Clo, Deuce and Chase. "Catch you later, guys."

While grinning widely, Heath let me take his hand and then the two of us walked out of the Great Hall.

He was eyeing my rather large belly, and I couldn't help but grin at his awestruck expression.

"Looking forward to being an uncle, are you?" I chuckled at him, and he quickly looked up at me.

"Ronnie told me I'm too young to be a real uncle," he told me with a worried crease between his brows. Mum had the same one, and I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach as I thought about her. I was going to have to tell her soon, wasn't I?

"Well, Ronnie's just jealous," I assured him, but it didn't seem to help. "What's wrong, Heath?"

"She also said that you would never let me hold the baby because I'm too clumsy..."

"You mustn't listen to everything Ronnie tells you," I sighed. "That girl has inherited her father's wit and her uncle's prankster gene."

Heath looked at me with hope in his crystalized blue eyes, I could never get over how much they resembled dad's.



"So you're going to let me hold him?"

"Him?" I grinned before taking a bite of my sandwich.

"Yeah, I hope it's a boy, cause then I can teach him Wizarding Chess, and-and Quidditch, and muggle football, and-"

"And you can't do that if it's a girl?" I raised an eyebrow at my excited brother.

"Oh, yes, o-of course I can, it's just that, ehm-"

"It's okay, Heath," I said, rolling my eyes. Sometimes I wondered how my sweet brother was ever placed into Slytherin.

I sat down on the top step of the staircase leading down to our common room, and let go of Heath's hand in order to lower myself down.

"When are you going to tell mum and dad, Adella?" He asked, and I let out a groan. When would people get off my back about telling my parents?!

"I dunno," I told him truthfully.

"They're gonna be mad," he said matter-of-factly, to which I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, really? I hadn't thought about that," I said sarcastically.

"Is that why you haven't told them?"


"Scaredy cat."

With squinted eyes I stared at my little brother as he grinned devilishly at me, now sitting down at my side.

I take back my previous statement of not understanding why Heath had been sorted into Slytherin. The boy was a snarky bastard.

"Watch yourself or I'll never visit your club again," I warned him and finished the rest of the sandwich in one big bite.

Heath's expression changed in a heartbeat, causing me to sigh. Why did he have to have this power over me?

"Please, I'm sorry, Del. I-I didn't mean to-"

"Oh, give it a rest, you sneak," I muttered as I tried getting to my feet. "You know perfectly well that I can't deny you anything."

Heathcliffe's grin was wide as he nodded proudly at my true statement, and I rolled my eyes again.

"You really are one spoiled kid," my voice said in a strained matter, my lungs were tired because I had just huffed and puffed until I'd finally gotten up from my seated position.

"I have to go back and eat some more, want to join me?"

"Ehm..." Heathcliffe was shifting uncomfortably, still sitting down. "I-I actually have to go to meet Ronnie and Lily," he said in a rushed matter. "We are, ehm, going to, you know... The library."

I leaned down to give my little brother a big hug and cast him a smile before wobbling away from him. 

Almost at the same second as I sat back down next to Chase, I grabbed the nearest dish and threw whatever it was into my awaiting mouth.

"Should I start peeling the orange now, or...?" Chase asked me mockingly, but I ignored him.

Me pregnant. Me eat food. Me not give shit about anything else.

After several minutes of filling my already full stomach with everything edible in sight, I leaned back and gratefully took the usual half of the orange given by Chase. I then looked up and noticed how Deuce was once again flirting silently with the brunette from across the room.

"So did the two of you do any nasty, unmentionable things?" I asked him, and his attention was now focused on me.

A sigh was breated out between his full lips. Not that I noticed their fullness. No, not at all. "It was more of a Disney-version of that, I'm afraid," he admitted, but then gave me and Clo a wink. "But don't fret. I still got some."

"Deuce, I have to ask," I folded my hands on top of my belly. A natural gesture that'd slowly snuck upon me. "How do you do it? That girl was a total stranger yesterday, and now you've obviously been engaging in the horisontal tango in the nearest broom cupboard."

"I don't believe in many things, but I do believe in sexual attraction."

"Meaning?" Clover asked dryly, picking at the polish on her nails. It was painted in Deuce's favourite colour, dark green, in the hope that he'd notice. Of course he hadn't.

"It doesn't matter if two people know each other or not, if you have that physical part down then that's all you need to establish a contact."

As though she'd heard us talking about her, the brunette appeared behind Deuce with a flirtatious smile.

"Hello Deuce-"

"Later," Deuce rudely interrupted, not even granting her a second look before strutting away.

"Oh, my God," the brunette exclaimed, quite flustered by the sudden change in treatment. I, on the other hand, was used to this and was not surprised in the least. It was hard not to say 'I told you so'. "What's wrong with that guy?"

"Why don't you start, Del?" Clover said in an irked tone. "I'll jump in when you get hoarse."

"So, tell me, what was wrong with this one?" I asked in a whisper during our History of Magic class.

"We didn't have anything in common," he answered, shrugging his broad shoulders.

"Since when did you care about that?" Clover muttered under her breath, not really caring whether he answered her or not.

"And besides, that's a lie." My voice was lowered, and I paused our quiet conversation as I copied what Professor Binns had just written on the blackboard. "I know for a fact that she was just as slutty as you are."

"Do you find yourself humorous?" He whispered back at me.

"As a matter of fact I do."

"I'm with Adella on this one, brother," Chase cut in and raised a brow at his twin. "Why did you dump the brunette? She was hot."

"We were too different. The one thing we had in common, not including the physical part, was that she wanted to travel and I wanted her to leave," Deuce finished, smirking wickedly. I glowered at him, as did Clover. "And you can't build a relationship on that, can you?"

I snorted and delved into my History of Magic book, turning to the page Professor Binns were reading loudly from in his ghostly voice.

After the class was over I quickly packed my things and exited the classroom before anyone else, but this gathered me more attention from my classmates than I cared for.

With my eyes lowered to the ground I tried to make myself unnoticeable by walking close to the wall, but I still felt everyone's eyes on me as I moved through the hall. 

Just before I was about to break into a run, desperately wanting to get out of the public eye, I caught sight of a messy, black head towering over the rest of the students who were pointing and whispering amongst themselves.

"Hey Al, can I talk to you for a sec?" I didn't have to squeeze myself between the mass of students crowding the hall, they parted just as though I were Moses and my belly was his magic staff. 

"Of course," he agreed, not the slightest surprised to see me. "Is this a 'talk here'-conversation, or 'empty classroom'-conversation?"

"Definitely 'empty classroom'," I told him, giving him a loaded look. I'd come up with a beyond brilliant idea as I saw him, and I was now about to put that plan into action. But I needed Al's help.

"Come on, then." He grabbed my hand, dragged me through the crowd and into the nearest empty classroom. Once inside he sat himself on top of a desk and locked the door with a wave of his wand. He then used his father's 'muffliato'-spell to make sure nobody could eavesdrop, and then turned his attention to me. "All right, Del. What's up?"

"I need to borrow your cloak."

"Why do I have the feeling that you don't mean the one I wear when I'm outside?" He squinted his eyes at me.

"Because that's not the one I need," I admitted. "I need the other one."

"Oh, I don't know, Del," Albus squirmed uncomfortably. "Dad told me and James to never lend it to anybody else."

"But this is an emergency!" I actually stomped my foot.

"What kind of emergency?"

"Look at me!"

"I am," he admitted while letting his gaze sweep my bizarrely-shaped body. "You're kind of hard to miss, you know."

"Exactly," I exclaimed while throwing my hands helplessly in the air. "And for once I would just like to walk through these halls and not feel like a wandering freak show. They stare and point and whisper. Sometimes even laugh. I hear them. And I hate it!"

"Come on, Del, they're not laughing at you," Albus tried consoling me, but I knew it was a lie.

"Oh, yes they are!" I argued. "I have laughed at enough people to know when I'm being laughed at."

"I-I still don't think that-"

"Please, Al. I really need this. Only for a little while. Please, I'm family"

Al let out a long and unsure sigh. "Promise you won't tell anyone?"

"I promise!" I jumped at him, well, bounced is more like it, and hugged him tightly. "Thank you! You're a wonderful man, Albus Potter."

"So I've been told," I heard him chuckle into my hair. He then let go of me and pulled back only to dig his bright green eyes into mine. "How are you?"

"Fine. Perfectly fine." He just continued to stare at me, not convinced in the least. I caved. "Horrible. Absolutely horrible."

"Still haven't told them?" I shook my head. "Why not?" A quick shrug was my only response. "You're going to wait until you give birth, aren't you?" With a guilty expression painting my features I lowered my gaze to the floor and wriggled out of Al's arms. "Holy pimple, Adella! You can't keep this a secret-"

"Yes, I can!" I said indignantly. "Because nobody's going to tell them."

Al gave the air above my head a searing scowl, and I dug my eyes into his, forcing him to look at me. "Nobody's going to tell them, right?" At this, Al moved his eyes away from me, avoiding my brown glare. "Albus?"

"Argh. No. Nobody's going to tell them," he said, giving in, and put his hands in his pockets as he stood up. He was now towering over me again. "Not that I could even if I wanted to... Stupid McGonagall," he mumbled to himself, and I couldn't help but feel grateful to the Headmistress for casting that wonderful spell. "But promise you'll do it yourself at Christmas. Okay?"

"Give me a week with the cloak, and you have got yourself a deal, Mr Potter," I proposed as I reached out my hand. I could see how the wheels in Al's head were turning, apparently torn. Then, apparently giving up, he took my hand and shook it carefully. 

"Meet me here tomorrow after dinner. With the cloak," I told him sternly as I retrieved my hand only to point a finger at him.

"Yes, yes," Al mumbled and forcefully put his hand back in the pocket.

"Thanks!" I stood up on my toes and kissed his stubbled cheek, then strut toward the door with a bounce in my step before turning my head and calling out a genuine "Love you!" before letting myself out.

As of tomorrow afternoon, I would no longer feel stared at and this thought caused me to grin all the way to the common room.

At some point I actually found myself skipping. Adella Malfoy-Granger didn't skip. But after casting a glance about the dark corridor and realising I was alone, I thought 'what the hell', and continued skipping.

Who knows? Maybe I was a skipper after all?


As always, I would be very happy to hear what you have to say, and which parts you particularly enjoyed :)

You are so amazing for reading this story. I am truly grateful!

Hugs and kisses,


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