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Smeared Lip Gloss and Pretty Lies by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Chapter Six

The car ride home was awful, completely silent as Louis fell asleep in his seat. He usually doesn’t go to bed this early, but everyone’s always exhausted after a Weasley family get together.

Dom hasn’t spoken a word to me all night, not since she told the world I was shagging a professor. I don’t even know where she would begin to come up with something like that or why. Actually, I do know why. She’s probably still upset that I’ve become the prime target for rumors. With all the stuff people are saying about me, it’s probably harder for her to rise to the top like she wants.

My own sister throws me under the bus because I’ve ruined her chances at popularity. I slip my hand around the back of the seat and pinch her side hard. “Ow! Victoire! You’re such a bitch!”

“Language, Dominique,” Mum says sharply, the polite tone from earlier gone from her voice. When it’s just the immediate family she doesn’t care how upset she appears. Polite only comes out for company and the rest of the Weasley clan. When it’s just the five of us she’s perfectly happy without faking.

“It’s not fair!” Dom insists, glaring at me. I’ve often thought if looks could kill I’d have been dead years ago. None of those previous looks could possibly stand up to Dom’s glare. She would have been the better sister to get the veela genes. She’s certainly got the vicious personality for them. “Why am I always the one to get in trouble?”

Dad keeps his eyes on the road, choosing to stay out of this conversation. I don’t blame him. Hell, I’d stay out of it if it were at all possible. But I’m the only one willing to defend myself. “That’s not true,” Mum finally says. It’s true to an extent, but Dom’s also kind of right. After Mum and Dad screwed up so much with me, they came down harder on her and Louis. Changing their parenting style was the only thing they could think to do. They had to save face with their other two children.

“Whatever. At least I don’t go around shagging blokes for favors.” Dom gives me a disgusted look and for a moment I’m too shocked to respond. Why does she say these things? I’ve only been with two boys ever. Michael and my boyfriend from last year, who ended our relationship when the year ended. He didn’t want any entanglements when he went off to Spain on vacation with his family. At least he had the decency to break up before shagging other girls.

Dom snorts and I realize she’s been waiting for me to say something, anything, to refute this. If she wants a fight, that’s what she’s going to get. I may not like confronting Yvette and causing dramatic scenes at school, but I can stand up to my own little sister. “That’s not true in the slightest!”

“Puhlease,” she says, dragging the word into two syllables. For the first time the anger and frustration in her voice ebbs away. Dom almost seems calmer when she’s got someone fighting back against her. “The whole school knows you’ve been shagging Harrelson for weeks. It’s why Michael ditched you for Yvette.”

My mouth drops open. That’s what’s been going around school? It would explain why Harrelson reacted so strangely, and Yvette that day in the corridor. But if Harrelson knows, that must mean the other professors know, or at the very least they must have heard something. And if Professor Longbottom heard about it, it’s a sure bet he told Uncle Harry.

Did everyone hear about this before me? A tear pricks my eye, more from surprise than disappointment in people. “Oh, spare us the sob story that is your life. It’s so hard to be beautiful and on top of the world.”

“Shut up.” My voice surprises me at how harsh it is, but Dom doesn’t even bat an eye. “I’m not shagging anyone and you know it.”

She’s about to respond when Mum intervenes. “Stop this bickering right now! I don’t want to hear another word out of you until we get home.”

Dom closes her mouth in a heartbeat. Neither of us want to find out what punishments Mum would come up with for us. She’s probably still upset that we embarrassed her at dinner.

So Dom and I quiet down. We don’t antagonize each other, unless you count dirty looks and plans for the future. Tonight, when Mum and Dad go to sleep, I might sneak into her room. Give her arm a good twisting. She deserves it and I just know she’s making plans of her own. Dom’s spent so much time trying to become popular that she’s mastered the art of sneaky underhandedness.

I stare sullenly out my window, wishing I could be like Louis, asleep and oblivious. He still has that innocent little boy thing about him, but it won’t last long. He’ll grow up after one year at Hogwarts. It’s what always happens. We always group the first and second and sometimes even third years together as the young ones, but there’s a huge difference between first and second years. By the time they come back to Hogwarts they’ve changed.

Dom wasn’t a vindictive little bitch her first year. Her desire for popularity didn’t even come into play until second year. First years are innocent, but one year at Hogwarts changes everything. I almost wonder if muggle school is any better. Muggles are people too, but maybe their schools are different. Not that I’d want to be a muggle for anything.

At home Dom and I both head into our rooms. I quietly close and lock the door behind me. Privacy has always been very important in our family and even though Mum and Dad could break through the lock in an instant, they wouldn’t unless it was really important.

Dom on the other hand slams her door as hard as she possibly can. It rattles the house and makes me cringe. Loud noises have always been more her thing than mine. Just an illustration of one of the many differences between us, I guess.

After an hour Mum and Dad are still downstairs. I can’t go into Dom’s room until they go to bed, so I’m pretty much stuck twiddling my thumbs and staring at the wall. I try cracking my door open, but they’re whispering in the kitchen and I can’t begin to hear what they’re talking about. Something serious or they’d already be in bed.

A soft hoot lets me know that Swivel, my owl, has returned from her hunting. I don’t particularly like owls, but they’re very useful. I guess getting used to dead mice in my room is a small price to pay for mail. As soon as I give her a few treats, I finally hear footsteps heading down the hall.

Too loud for Louis and Dom’s already in her room, so Mum and Dad must be going to bed. Still I wait a minute before slipping down the hall and into Dom’s room. Her door isn’t even locked so I open it quietly and slip in.

Dom is curled up on her bed and smirks when she sees me. “Aw, poor wittle Vicky,” she says in her most condescending baby voice. I don’t know if it’s possible to have a baby voice that isn’t condescending, but that’s not important.

“Why did you tell them I was shagging Harrelson?” Direct and to the point has always been the best approach with Dom. If she doesn’t answer the question, she wouldn’t have answered it anyway. It’s always best to get the conversation over as quickly as possible.

“Who’s ‘them’?” She asks, her voice mild. We both know exactly who I mean. Yvette mainly. Michael. Terra and Meghan. I shrug. “I didn’t tell anybody anything.”

“Well stop spreading rumours about me!”

“Shh!” She hisses as my voice reaches an inappropriately high volume. It’s probably the first time she’s ever shushed me in her life and it’s clear Dom is incredibly pleased with herself. She always loves correcting me. “I didn’t tell anyone you were shagging Harrelson, okay?”

She looks me straight in the eye as she says it, but Dom can lie better than almost anyone I know. It’s hard to tell when she’s lying and when she’s telling the truth. “You’re lying,” I accuse, just guessing.

“I’m not lying at all!” She insists, not a hint of a lie in her voice. Since I don’t have any other options, I take it at face value. If Dom’s lying, there isn’t really anything I can do about it at this point.

I sigh. “Do you know who started it?” I ask slowly, as though I’m talking to a small child. I can be just as condescending as her when I want to be. Besides, I am the older sister. It’s my job to be as condescending as possible.

“Did anyone catch the two of you in a broom cupboard?” I shoot her a dirty look. As if I would lower myself to shagging a professor in a broom cupboard! The idea of it alone is disgusting. “I dunno, Yvette probably. Doesn’t she control everything?”

I should have thought of that myself. Dom may be awful sometimes, but she wouldn’t start something like that about me. “It’ll be horrible when we go back.”

She snorts when I say this. “Didn’t you hear Mum and Dad talking?” I shake my head and wonder what she’s going on about. She must know something I don’t. “No wonder you’re completely clueless. You don’t even try to figure out what’s going on around you!”

“Not true! They were whispering!” I did try to listen, briefly, but they were too quiet to hear.

Dom pulls a flesh colored string out from under her pillow and dangles it in front of me. “Extendable ears.” Oh. That would have been a good idea, using Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products Uncle George gave us for our birthdays. “You’re so freaking stupid, you know that?”

I cross my arms in front of me. I shouldn’t put up with that from my sister, but I just want to know what she does. “Tell me.”

“They were talking about what to do with you.” What to do with me? I haven’t done anything wrong! The surprise must show on my face because Dom sniggers. “Well they can’t send you back to Hogwarts while you’re shagging Harrelson. He could get fired.”

“I am not shagging Harrelson!”

Dom just shrugs, as though she’s bored with the conversation. “But everyone thinks you are. It means the same thing in the long run.”

I bite my lip and think about what she’s said. If it’s true, and that’s a big if, what do Mum and Dad plan on doing for my education? Hogwarts is where everyone on Dad’s side of the family went. Mum went to Beauxbatons, but I’m not fluent enough in French even if they did let me in. Hogwarts is all I have, even if it is miserable there half the time.

“Gives you a lot to think about, doesn’t it?” Dom says, sneering at me. “Don’t strain yourself.”

I think about making a rude hand gesture, but think better of it. Better to just leave her on her own. Besides, she has given me a lot to think about. Mum and Dad can’t really be thinking about removing me from Hogwarts, but it’s the only thing that really makes sense.

How did all of this happen so fast? I wish I was a little kid again, like Louis. They never have to think about their reputations or finishing school or anything like that. At the very least I wish I could have sunk into the background at Hogwarts instead of being picked out for being pretty. I wish I didn’t have a great grandmother who was a veela.

I wish. I wish. I wish.

I wish wishing got me somewhere.

A/N: Ugh, I don’t know if it’s because I’m crabby and exhausted, but this chapter took forever to write and I'm still not happy with it. Okay, that's the end of my complaining. Hope you guys like it!


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