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In This Together. by LucyTonks
Chapter 3 : Prophecies and Predicaments.
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"Yeah...why not?" James demanded. I couldn't tell them. Not now.

"Er - nothing - I just don't think I'll be very good, that's all," I mumbled, blushing.

Thankfully the colour flooded back into my dads face and I sighed. He walked over to me and pulled me into a hug.

"You'll be great... I promise you," he said in that annoyingly modest voice. At least it wasn't 'Lily Luna, you were named after two students at Hogwarts, one of them was a Prefect and she was the bravest woman I ever knew..' or something like that.

"Yeah, I mean, prefect duty's easy," James said confidently.

"James you were never a prefect," Al pointed out.

"Oh yeah.."

"And that is why he never was," Mum grinned, ruffling his hair.

I couldn't ruin this...not now. They were so happy...James was a Quidditch Player - injured, but still -, Al was Head Boy and I...I was pregnant. I was pregnant.

Oh God.

I was pregnant...had I not realised that before? Did I think it was some kind of game? I'm so stupid. Acting like it wasn't's that going to get me anywhere?

"Lily, are you okay?" Albus asked. "You've gone really pale and you're shaking."

"Y - yeah I'm fine, b - bathroom," I murmered, running past them into my bedroom and locking the door. Shaking, I slid down onto the floor leaning against the door.

I couldn't do this. I'd be hurting too many people. Including myself. And my dad. And James. And my dad. And Albus. And my dad. And my mum. And my dad. And Rose. And my dad.

This was it. I'd ruined my life. One stupid mistake. One equally stupid boy.

"Lily Luna Potter, open this door right now," I heard a voice say sternly. Gran Molly.

"Gran?" I whispered.

"Yes it is, now open the door."

Slowly I got to my feet. If there was one thing I'd learned in life it's not to say no to one Molly Weasley. I turned round and unlocked the door, before pulling it open.

"Hello dear," she told me, pulling me into a hug. "Best lock that door again," she added. "The others are here."

I shut the door slowly after she stepped inside, before locking it.

"Er...take a seat?" I said, wondering what on earth she wanted.

"Thank you dear. Come and sit by me," she replied, patting the chair next to her. I did as she said and leaned my head on her shoulder.

"Now are you going to tell me whats the matter? Are you worried about something?"

"Yes," I sniffed, wiping my eyes.

"Well you can tell me, you know. No matter how bad I'll always be your gran."

"Promise?" I whispered.

"I promise sweetie," she told me.

"Well...don't hate me," I murmered.

"I would never hate you."

"Even if I've accidentaly made you a great-grandma before it's meant to happen?" I mumbled, just loud enough so she could here.

Her face went a ghastly shade of white, like my dads, before turning a very red.

"Please - please don't shout at me. I know mum will really badly so - so you can save your breath - if - if you'd like."

"Oh, Lily. I'm not going to shout at you - not at the moment anyway. But why you? You were the good one. I always thought it would be Victoire, Roxanne or Dominique. Maybe even Rosie. But not you."

"For what?"

"I don't think it's my place to tell you. I would if I could - let's - let's go downstairs, dry your eyes, dear," she said, hugging me as I wiped my eyes.

We stood up and walked downstairs. As Gran had said, everyone was here. Percy and Audrey with Lucy and Molly; Teddy; Bill and Fleur with Dom, Louis and Vic; George and Angelina with Fred and Roxy; and Ron and Hermione with Rose and Hugo. And Scorpius.

"Let's have a word with your mum," Gran whispered as we were surrounded by family members. "Ginny! Over here!" she called.

"Yes, mum?" mum asked.

"Come into the other room, it's a bit cramped in here." The three of us walked into the back room silently. "Sit down, Ginny."

Mum obediantely sat down, she also had learned the same life lesson about Gran and doing as she asked.

"What is it?" she asked, looking from me to Gran.

"Well..." I began. "It's kind of complicated."

"Tell me," mum snapped.

"I'm - I'm pregnant, mum," I whispered. Her eyes widened, then she went very, very red.

"Lily Luna," she growled. "You stupid...stupid little girl. How could you be so thick? Everyone else turned out fine! Albus is Head Boy! James is playing Quidditch for a good team! Teddy's an Auror-in-training! They were never this...idiotic."


"Enough, Lily! You're fifteen! You're just a girl!" she raged on. "And now you're - now you're pregnant! And who is the father may I ask?"

"Malfoy..." I blushed.

"Scorpius! Rose's boyfriend? Oh this just gets better and better-"

"Ginevra. It's happened," Gran told mum firmly and she stopped dead.

"The 'it' as in that prophecy that old fraud Trelawney made?" she scoffed.

"Wait...what? Professor Trelawney? The Divination teacher? And what prophecy?"

Gran sighed; "Well we have to tell you now. Just after Molly was born, in 2009, we went once again to ask Minerva to be Godmother. She was having a meeting with Trelawney at the time.

"Trelawney stayed when we spoke to Minerva, and said she felt unwell. After Minerva had accepted and began to leave, Sybill grabbed my shoulder and her eyes had sort of...rolled back. That evening she made a Prophecy."

"And...what did that Prophecy say?" I asked warily.

"The last of the Weasley girls born older boy born three years before, son of the enemy, lover of the third born. One of the girls will bring enemies together for the first time...bearing child by a drunken accident caused by lack of watchful eyes...a second accident shall occur causing one of the Weasley women to leave us forever."

" I'm the girl? And the enemy is Malfoy?" I asked.

Mum shook her head; "Don't believe any of it, Lily."

"But... but I was drunk that night...and James and Al weren't there..." I frowned.

"You see, Ginny? It all fits," Gran insisted. "And she was right about both the predictions about Harry."

"Yes, but the third born isn't Lily, it's-"

"Rose, exactly. He's going out with Rose."

"It's not real, Lily has just made a silly mistake...that's it. Isn't that right Lily?"

"No, mum. I believe Gran."

"Mother! You can't have her believe in all this Prophecy stuff!"

"Mum, it all makes sense. Even you have to admit that," I insisted.

She sighed. "Fine. But you listen to me young lady, what happened, prophecy or no prophecy, you are in big trouble."

"Yes, mum," I said.

"Right, lets go back to the others," Gran said, and steered my mum to the door. I quickly followed.

"Ah, welcome back!" Vic shouted. "I 'ave good news. Please listen." Everyone fell silent and Teddy stood up beside her.

"Well, go on then," he grinned.

"I am pregnant!" she smiled. "And Teddy and I are to be married!"

Bill stood up, frowning, but Fleur pulled him back down and he reluctantly clapped with the others. Gran, mum and Dom were all looking at me as a sinking feeling fell down my stomach. Dom ran over, hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"You've got to tell them, please. For yourself," was what she said.

"If it was for myself I wouldn't," I hissed back, before standing on the table. "Guys...I have an announcement."

"What is it, Lily? Boyfriend troubles?" Fred joked, causing Al to hit him.

"I'm pregnant too," I blurted out.

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