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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 3 : Chapter three
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 Anna locked her gate, locked the back door and pulled the blind down over the glass; she then pulled the blind over the window which looked out over the vacant drive. Moving into the lounge she drew the heavy curtains and shut the door behind her. She pulled the blind in the bathroom and the curtains in the box room and then checking thought the lace curtain and again she pulled the flowery curtains in the master room.

Sitting down on the end of the bed in the darkened room, Anna breathed deeply. A huge wave of nausea hit her and she sprinted to the bathroom, just in time to let the contents of her stomach splash against the avocado porcelain.

She cried, hot stinging tears rolling down her cold cheeks. Anna smelt of sick, it was in her brown hair and the taste lingered horribly in her mouth.

In the corner of her eye she spotted the pile of clothes from the night before. She grabbed the metal bin from under the sink and threw the t-shirt and jeans on top of the rubbish inside.

Pulling her wand from its holster she muttered, “Insendio.” And the rubbish went up in flames. As soon as the flames had started they died down and Anna tucked the bin away under the sink.

Anna washed her face and the ends of her hair in the sink and watched as the water drained away. She removed her more formal clothes and threw them into the washing basket. Traipsing slowly into the front bed room she listened for any suspicious sound, but heard none.

Whenever Anna closed her eyes, even if it was to blink, the horrible images of the murdered people flashed in the dark; filling every part of her body with dread and sending shivers down her spine.


Anna woke with a start, a cold sweat covering her skin. The room was dark still, but instead of day light the light of the street lamp outside poured in through the gap in the curtains.

Anna didn’t know why she had woken; her sleep had been dreamless. But that made it more sinister, there was nothing at all. There were no horrified dreams of gore and blood, nothing at all.

She rolled over and pulled her duvet up to her chin and closed her eyes. Anna wanted nothing more to fall back to sleep, but nothing happened. She tossed and turned for another half an hour before giving up and swinging her legs round to get up.

When she flicked back the duvet a large red stain met her eyes and Anna had to cover her mouth to stop a scream escaping. Her heart was racing, and her eyes wide with terror.

Soon her rational took over and she calmed down glancing quickly at the date on her alarm clock.

“There is nothing to be scared about. It’s natural,” Anna said to herself, tying to calm her nerves.

She stripped the bed and bundled the dirty sheets into a ball and walked with them to the kitchen.


Draco rolled over and checked the time; it was way too early. He rolled over again, the events of the previous day haunting him. It wasn’t the gore, no he had witnessed worse, it wasn’t the huge loss of life no; that could not be solved now. It was, in fact that style of the attack, it was just too deliberate, too out in the open...there was also something about the scene that he felt was missing.

Harry’s warning to not linger on the cases had long since been disregarded when Draco rolled out of bed and padded bare foot down the corridor of his near empty house to the kitchen.

There was a stack of papers on the edge of a well scrubbed kitchen table and several empty coffee mugs. Draco sat down at the table and rubbed his eyes of sleep.

Anna Jane Waterson, Croxley Green, Watford, Hearts

Spell Cast: Disaperation spell

Time Cast: 6:18 am

Reason for casting spell: out for run, return home using spell.

Verdict: innocent and unrelated.

Draco knew a lie when he saw one; he was good at detecting them because he had told so many as a youth.

The main reason Draco thought that this was a lie was because of the location of her house from the disapperation point. There was no trace of a previous apparition nor had she asked for a port key. He supposed that she could have flown there, but that was unlikely. The Ministry Investigators who had questioned her were definitely not the brightest bulb in the packet.

He flicked through the file,

Anna Jane Waterson,

Date of Birth: Septmeber 2nd 197_

Mother: Lillian Summer Foster (deceased)

Father: John Richard Watesron (deceased)

Magical qualification: N.E.W.T. level

School: Hogwarts 199_ -199_

Why? Draco thought, had the years of her birth and education been removed?

Draco squinted at the paper, below the last bits of writing there looked to be more, but it wasn’t quite there.  Then he turned his attention to the small photograph of Anna.

She was unremarkable: brown hair, brown eyes and a simple face that was open and honest looking. She had small lips and her chin was small too. But behind those eyes Draco saw something else, he wasn’t quite sure what.

Anna Jane Waterson was not everything she seemed and it also seemed that she was connected to the Hounslow case, even if the Investigating Wizards had discounted her.

“Yves!” Draco called curtly.


“Yes Master?” the elf said bowing so that its long nose brushed it toes.

“Can you please go see this woman, do not make your presence known and if she sees you come home.” Draco said showing Yves the address of Anna Watsons bungalow.

“Yes master.” Yves said before bowing and disappearing.

The clock on the wall struck the hour.

“Augh!” Draco groaned in an exasperated tone and let his head fall on the table.


There was a strange rumbling noise. Then Anna realised what it was; her stomach was complaining. She hadn’t eaten in nearly twelve hours.

A few moments later she was stuffing her face with cereal.

Silently she began to wash her bowl in the sink, the warm water spilling over the lip of the vessel and flowing down the plug hole.

Anna peeped at the clock on the wall. It was five past two; she stared at the second hand slowly ticking its way round the face.

Then she felt a strange prickling sensation, like someone was watching her. She quickly flicked round and in the gap where the blinds had fallen wrongly, two large orb-like eyes glinted back at her.

Frozen with fear in the gaze of the strange orb like eyes, Anna could do nothing. Her wand was in the bedroom and as she assumed that creature outside was magic, so hitting it with a something was going to do little.

Cautiously Anna moved towards the light switch, she flicked the lights on and watched as the eyes quickly disappeared.

Breathing heavily Anna slid down the wall, her head between her hands. What was she to do?

She couldn’t go to the police, she would seem crazy.

She couldn’t go to the Ministry of Magic because she had told them that she had been running, not running from a crime scene. They were also most likely to suspect her as the murderer, not the innocent bystander she was.

Anna shuddered, the image of the bloody carnage flashing before her eyes.

“I’ve got to go.” She said to herself.



Draco jumped up, nearly knocking one of the coffee mugs to the floor.

“Yves has been a terrible spy, Master, she saw Me!” the elf wailed, moving towards the table with a look of disgust on its face.

“Stop!” commanded Draco who knew too well that the elf was about to hit its head hard on the table leg.

“I want you to go back there instantly and watch her; if she leaves the primacies inform me no matter what time of the day or night.”

The elf disappeared again and Draco looked down at the Waterson file.

The woman was boring, she had done nothing, there was nothing interesting about her, and she lived a nondescript life with little effect on the world. She rarely used magic and owned a News Agents. All of this mediocrity led Draco to be suspicious; he knew most of the people in the country were more interesting than this woman and they were mostly muggles. It was almost as if Anna Jane Waterson was trying, deliberately, to fall below the radar. Which meant that she was not who she claimed to be or that she was hiding something that she didn’t want the rest of the world to know about.

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