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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 8 : The chosen one against the better one
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Being startled awake was not how Amelia wanted to be woken up but having someone jump into your bed and hug onto you was enough to make anyone startled, especially if the one hugging up to you was your soon to be ex husband. So Amelia done the only things that made sense at the time, she kicked her legs back violently and let out a loud scream.

She heard James let out a cry of pain before he pressed his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming and waking up the entire household. She began thrashing out at him and trying to get him to let go of her. He managed to get his other arm around her and holding her tightly to stop her from hurting him again.

“Stop it,” James hissed urgently as she continued to struggle against him, His leg still hurting painfully from where she kicked him, “You need to stop screaming.”

He dropped his hand from her mouth and she continued struggling against him. “You get your hands off of me,” she snapped pushing his arm away from her and scooting away from him.

“Why on Earth, did you think it would be a good idea to jump into bed with me and start man handling me?” she growled turning to face him and poking him painfully in the shoulder.

“Because my family are arriving and one of them has knocked on the door to come in, and believe it or not we’re supposed to be married. I think that fact that I was sleeping on the floor would make them suspicious,” he told her in a whisper.

Amelia listened out for a few moments for a sound outside the door but she heard nothing. “And where are these make believe family members of yours? I don’t hear anyone out there.”

“They’re out there believe me,” he said scooting closer to her and she recoiled in horror as his body touched her.

“That better have been your hand,” she said with a shocked growl as she moved away again, nearly at the edge of the bed. James’s face went a little red and he fell quiet, but this was all the confirmation she needed.

“Oh, Godric, you are disgusting.” her face filling with repulsion.

“It’s the morning I can’t control it.” he told her honestly going to move towards her but she put her hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Don’t I know about how you can’t control it,” she snapped angrily, James was about to retaliate but before he could, the door was thrown open and a loud screech was heard from the door. Amelia looked up in time to see a tall, blonde haired woman running towards her and before she could do anything to protect herself from harm the person ran at the bed and jumped on it, throwing themselves in the middle of James and Amelia and engulfing Amelia in a hug. James let out a low sigh as he sat up straight.

“Hello, Lucy,” he said looking over at his cousin who had sat up on the bed and was looking at Amelia whose mood seemed to have changed drastically. Both she and Lucy got off of the bed, standing on the side so they could hug each other properly.

“I’ve missed you,” Amelia squealed as her and Lucy stopped hugging each other. “I was looking forward to seeing you at Uncle Ron’s birthday party.”

“Yeah, something that Uncle Ron hasn’t seemed to forgive me for yet. But I think my present will sway him,” Lucy said with a wink and they laughed again.

“Well, give me about ten minutes while I get washed and dressed and then we can talk more. I’m so excited that you’re here,” Amelia squealed again as Lucy nodded and turned to leave the room.

“Oh, and hello by the way, James,” Lucy said as she left. James waved at her and got out of the bed as Amelia rushed passed him to grab her stuff and running out of the room to use the bathroom outside.

James stood up as he grabbed his own clothes and got ready, knowing that he wouldn’t be seeing much of Amelia now that Lucy was around.


“It’s getting very crowded in here,” Fred Weasley mumbled, scratching at his darker skin on the back of his hand before poking his sister Roxanne in the ribs, she squirmed before turning around and slapping him on the arm.

“Touch me again, dork, and you will regret it,” she threatened him, glaring at him the same way his mum does.

Fred felt a goofy grin fill his face as he reached forward and grabbed his sister in a hug and held her tightly, “you know you love me,” he told her as she shrieked again and tried to shove him off of her, “you love your big brother admit it."

“Mum.” Roxanne cried, her mother came into view from behind a few of the adults that were making a crowd in the kitchen, Fred and Roxanne had taken a place at the table sitting opposite Lucy and Amelia who were talking animatedly. Angelina Weasley walked forward threateningly and Fred was quick to let go of his sister and stand up, rushing to hide behind his dad who was talking to Percy. Angelina frowned angrily before walking back over to talk to Hermione.

James sighed as he looked around at the mass crowd that had taken over the kitchen. Since he had woken up his family members had been arriving within minutes of each other, no sign of Uncle Bill’s lot yet, and everyone had chosen to congregate in the kitchen, although some people had gone out the back door and were standing in the garden.

It was still quite cramped in here and James had to edge around people to try and find somewhere to stand where he wasn’t going to get accidentally trodden on, or elbowed. He gave up eventually and found himself standing in the middle of Ron, Hermione, Audrey and Angelina’s conversation about Ron’s party.

Feeling boredom overwhelm him he wondered just long he would be stuck here, but it wasn’t going to be long, as he heard the door open and voices float down the kitchen. James looked around the room eagerly seeing the faces of all his cousins suddenly light up and everyone stood up to face the door.

The footsteps echoed down the hall and into the room came Teddy Lupin, Victoire Lupin, Dominique Weasley, Louis Weasley and Fleur Weasley. The adults all said 'hello' in unison and the ones by the door ushered them into the cramped spaces, but the younger ones didn’t care about that, they were searching for someone else, and they were all edging as best as they could towards the door as a shuffling noise was heard coming towards them.

“Uncle Bill!” came the cries of nine people as they rushed forward pushing all of the adults out of the way, not caring that they had pushed people into counters and onto the floor. Treading over Percy in their haste to be the first one to hug Bill, something that had been going on longer then everyone could remember.

James reached Bill first as the look of utmost horror filled Bills face as he realised that with carrying all of his families luggage in, he was left defenceless to their attacks. James hugged Bill but soon the weight of eight people piling into them was too much and they all fell to the floor in a heap, each one of them trying their best to hug Bill. Some people got an arm, some people got a leg, James had the torso and Fred was hugging Bills head.

“Someone help me!” Bill cried from the floor.

“Oh, come on now,” Molly scolded to her grandchildren as she walked forward and tried to pry Fred away from Bills head but to no avail, no one would be the first to let go of Bill, “You are adults.”

“What’s your point, Grandma?” came Albus’s reply as he clutched onto Bills foot.

“Mum, help,” Bill said, not even having the strength to struggle away from the weight of all of his nieces and nephews.

“Fred, let go of Bills head,” George said trying his best not to laugh like his dad, Ron and Harry who were laughing heartily in the corner not even trying to help, glares being shot at them from their wives.

“No, I’m not letting go first,” Fred told them all, still clutching hold of Bill’s head. The rest of them mumbled about how they weren’t letting go first.

“How about you all let go at the same time?” came Victoires voice from the side. The others all glanced at each other all agreeing that this was the best solution. “After the count of three you can all let go.”

They all nodded as they readied themselves to stand up as Victoire counted down, “3...2...1...”

They all let go at the same time and dusted themselves down walking away from Bill and leaving him on the floor. Walking back over to where they had previously been walking passed the adults who were shaking their heads at their children and Percy dusting himself down after being trampled on.

James decided to walk over to where Amelia had stayed sitting during the whole thing and was shaking her head at him.

“You are an idiot,” she told him, James flashed her a smile as he took Lucy’s old seat; she was still making her way over to them. “Why did you do that?”

James shrugged, “been a family tradition.”

Amelia seriously doubted it had become a family tradition but part of her knew that it was going to become one.

“If it’s a family tradition how comes you didn’t do it at the party?” Amelia asked eyebrow raised.

“Well, the simple fact that Lucy wasn’t there,” James said as though it was obvious, “we can only do it if we’re all there.”

“That’s just ridiculous,” Amelia told him with a shake of her head.

“Not really it wouldn’t be fair if everyone wasn’t involved.”

“What about Victoire, Dom and Louis?” Amelia queried as Lucy came over and saw that James was sitting in her seat so decided to sit on him.

James shuffled around so he could see Amelia better, “It’s their dad so it doesn’t matter to them about hugging him, they hug him all the time.”

“I’m so jealous of them,” Lucy said looking over at Bill who was talking to Ron and Harry, Fleur rubbing his back sympathetically.

“Can everybody please be quiet,” came the stern voice from Hermione causing everyone to become quiet and look over at her. “I have got the names of who’s having what room on this list.”

There was excited mumbles from the younger ones, Amelia turned to James who still had Lucy on his lap.

“You need a list?” she enquired dubiously.

“Of course” Lucy replied for James, “with a family this big, without some sort of order then we’ll just get out of control and crazy. This is why we need organised people like Aunt Hermione and Uncle Percy to keep us all in check.”

Amelia’s eyebrows rose as she looked to James who nodded in confirmation, “believe me, you haven’t holidayed with the entire Weasley plus Potter clan, we can be a little unruly so I’ll give you some advice. Never let Albus catch you alone. Never trust anything Fred gives you and if Hugo won’t stop looking at you or won’t leave you alone distract him with dad. Dad is his idol!”

“Oh, and never touch Dom’s leather jacket if you like having your fingers the way they are. And be careful if Rose and Dom are together, they like to play pranks on everyone,”

“Rose? Seriously?” Amelia asked turning to look at the red haired girl hugging her father and smiling.

“She may not look like it but she’s one of the worst ones,”

“When you are all finished talking I’ll continue,” Hermione snapped causing them to all stop their conversations and look back at her. She looked down at her list as she spoke to them, “the houses will be split up into two. In the other house will be Harry and Ginny, George and Angelina, Bill and Fleur, Mum and dad, Percy and Audrey and me and Ronald.”

The adults all smiled at one another as Hermione continued.

“In this house will be Lucy, Molly and Dominique sharing,” Lucy groaned slightly, Amelia turned to look at her questioningly, “I was hoping that I would be able to share with you and James would go elsewhere.”

“I was hoping for the same thing,” Amelia said causing James to let out a fake laugh before shaking his head at her.

“Fred, Albus, Hugo and Louis are sharing,” Hermione continued reading, the boys just named cheering and jeering at each other causing Hermione to frown, “Rose, Lily and Roxanne are sharing, James and Amelia are sharing...”

“Hang on one minute!” Albus said loudly standing up causing everyone to look at him “Why do they get to share? I thought that rules in the house were no girlfriends sharing with boyfriends?”

The family all frowned at Albus’s statement,

“Er, Albus,” James said raising his hand so his brother would look at him, “Me and Amelia are married.”

“Barely,” Amelia and James glanced at each other wondering how on earth he knew. They tried to hide their guilty looks before Albus continued, “you were married in Las Vegas, everyone knows they only do fake marriages.”

“Who on earth told you that?” Ginny asked looking at her middle child with her hands on her hips.

“Its common knowledge,” Albus stated looking around his family for confirmation they all continued staring at him.

“Albus, I hate to break it to you but if you get married in Las Vegas you are married everywhere.”

Albus went silent as he slowly sat down looking a little sheepish and shocked, but he quickly recovered as he sat down properly. Hermione frowned at him before she continued.

“Teddy and Victoire will be sharing,” she quickly glared at Albus in case he interrupted again but he stayed quiet, “and Charlie will have his own room.”

“Oh, yeah.” Charlie said loudly punching the air.

“How comes he gets his own room?” Fred asked, “and four of us have to share one room!”

“You can share with me if you want?” Charlie offered but Fred just shook his head, “But I warn you now I may have some ladies come back with me,” he gave him a wink and Fred gagged slightly.

“God, no, I’d rather share with the others,” he told him and Charlie let out a laugh.

Hermione scowled at them before she folded up her list and placed it neatly on the side, she turned back to them and saw that they were all in exactly the same places as they were before.

“Well, off you go and put your stuff away,” she said aiming her statement at the younger adults who all jumped up and made to the door exiting it as quickly as they could without getting stuck in the door, several pushes and yells of ‘move it!’ were heard as the group managed to get through without any major casualties much to the chagrin of their parents. Lucy came back into the room a few moments later carrying a medium sized bag and walking over to Ron who was talking to his wife.

“Uncle Ron,” Lucy said standing in front of Ron who turned away from Hermione to look at her.

“Lucy... what a pleasant surprise I was worried you might not be able to make it, just like with my party,” Ron said giving her a hard look, but Lucy gave him a smile.

“I am so terribly sorry for that, Uncle Ron; I really wanted to be there.”

“Well you missed a great party,” Ron told her before turning back to look at his wife who had been brought into a conversation with Ginny and Percy.

“I know and I regret not being there, which is why I have brought you an extra special birthday present.”

Ron turned around eagerly and took the bag that Lucy held out to him, all thoughts of his anger at her not being there forgotten as he smiled at her, letting out a gleeful yell as he looked in it.

“Chocolate, My favourite.” he told her giving her a big hug, Lucy smiled knowing that she was forgiven for missing the party.

“And it’s Swiss chocolate from Honeydukes,” Lucy told him, knowing that her Uncle Ron had always wanted to try Honeydukes chocolate in the store in Switzerland.

“You are my favourite niece,” he told her quietly as he placed a kiss on her head and hugged her even tighter.


“Okay, so we have our teams!” Albus called looking over at all of the boys and men surrounding him, each holding a broom (except for Arthur) and looking expectantly at him and James who were both captains of the impromptu Quidditch match they had decided to play in the massive garden.

“Uncle Charlie, you will be seeker,”

Charlie let out a ‘whoop’ as he walked forward and stood beside Albus as he looked mockingly over at the other team.

“And dad, you will be Seeker,” James said as Harry walked forward and stood next to James.

“As if he is able to play any other position,” came Ron’s voice from the back where he was in position to play Keeper, the others let out a laugh as Harry turned to glare at Ron who looked around as though he hadn’t said anything.

“So,” Charlie said swaggering forward his broom thrown over his shoulder as he stood in front of Harry and sized him up. “Think you can beat me?”

“I don’t think I can,” Harry said simply, “I know I can.”

“So it’s the chosen one against the better one. This is going to be interesting.”

“Enough with the chit chat,” came Albus’s voice, “we have a match to play. Now positions! Granddad are you ready to start that game?”

“Yes,” Arthur said putting his glasses on and settling into his chair comfortably, a table next to him with ink, quill and parchment on it so he could keep track of the scores.

“Medic, are you on standby?” called Albus looking over at Amelia who was sitting with the other girls, including a very angry Roxanne who was told she couldn’t play as she was a professional Quidditch Player and that would be cheating. It was the same for Ginny, who was currently in the kitchen with all of the older females, currently making refreshments for the boys and men. Amelia let out a groan as she shook her head,

“Why have I got to be the medic? You shouldn’t need a medic,” she called back.

“First of all you work in St. Mungo’s therefore would make the best medic, and secondly you always need a medic in a game as big as this.” he turned away from her and back at everyone else.

“Ready, Granddad?” Albus called as he jumped on his broom.

“On the count of three. One... two.... three!” Arthur Weasley yelled.

With that everyone flew in to the air and the game began.


The girls at the start had been uninterested in the game but had found it hard to not be drawn into it. They were all cheering loudly as the team they picked to support scored a goal or saved a goal. Amelia was cheering for James’s team, knowing that it would look suspicious if she didn’t support her own husband’s team.

She found whilst watching the game that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of James as he flew around the air, throwing the Quaffle to Fred, her gaze lingering on his arms as she damned him in her head for ever getting them out in the first place.

The game so far had been very action packed, both of the teams each playing quite dirty and viciously, neither of the teams were afraid to hit, pinch, kick at each other or pull each other by the clothes to stop them from beating them. Arthur found this perfectly hilarious, and kept getting distracted by his wife who kept him refreshed with many cups of teas and plates of cakes.

“That was a foul!” James cried as he landed on the floor, the game momentarily pausing as Teddy landed on the floor as well. Teddy had had his Quaffle intercepted by James and retaliated by grabbing hold of his t-shirt to stop him getting away, ripping it from the back and tearing it so it hung loosely off of James’s body.

Arthur looked up from his cup of tea at James and shook his head at Teddy. “I award a free throw to James,” he said. Teddy threw his arms in the air as he got back on his broom and flew into the air. James quickly ran over to Amelia as he pulled his tattered top off of him and threw it to the ground next to her. Amelia looked up and felt her stomach swarm with butterflies as he knelt down in front of her.

She moved back slightly getting a better look at his sweaty face, his hair was windswept and dishevelled and Amelia thought that he looked more beautiful than he had before. She felt shocked at her thoughts and quickly pushed them back pretending that she had never thought that.

“Can you get me another top please?” he asked her, his face inches in front of her face. She looked at him for a moment as she swallowed, trying to catch her breath and stop herself from looking down at his lips, his closeness intoxicating her more than it should.

“I prefer you without one,” she said out loud without thinking. Her eyes widened as soon as she said those words and James smirked at her, knowing that she didn’t want to admit that out loud. He stood back up still looking at her. He noticed that she let her gaze rise up to his eyes slowly.

“I’ll stay like this then,” he told her as he backed away and over to his broom, getting on it and carrying on playing, a wide goofy grin on his face as he rose in the air. Amelia tried to calm her breathing down as she glanced a look sideways and saw the other girls all giggling and winking at her. She rolled her eyes as she felt herself smiling with them, carrying on with watching the game.

The game ended a good hour later; many fouls were caused but nothing that required Amelia to act on her medic duties so she was able to continue watching with the others, including the older women who had all came out from the kitchen and were cheering along too.

The end was an epic battle between the both Charlie and Harry who had at one point during their chase of the snitch flown through their group causing them to dive out of the way and Charlie managed to grab the snitch though only by the skin of his teeth as Harry was right beside him grabbing for the snitch as well.

When they landed Charlie along with the rest of his team cheered loudly and called out how they had beaten the chosen one at the one thing he was good at. Harry laughed along with them, entirely used to his family making fun of him; he even enjoyed it most of the time. He shook hands with Charlie and congratulated him on a great match.

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