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Unplanned by ohmymerlin
Chapter 1 : Suspicions
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Okay, well I had this story before but, because I'm so awful at technology I may have accidently deleted it... It was about a day or two before the queue closed and I was trying to delete an unvalidated chapter but I deleted the whole story -.- which incidentally was one chapter, but because it was a while back, I decided to change the beginning bit but I will be keeping to the main storyline and I'll be using the same characters and stuff... Sooo, I'll get to the story now and stop this long note

It was just after Victoire and Teddy's wedding and I was staying with James at his new flat. We were drinking and suddenly he kissed me. Instead of pulling back like any normal person would do, I kissed him back. He deepened the kiss and I happily obliged. Soon I was underneath him on his bed – how did we get here? – and I was unbuttoning his shirt. I threw his shirt into the corner of his room and my back arched up so he could unzip my dress. Soon we were tangled in the sheets, with all our clothes on the floor, panting and sweating from all the effort and excitement.

It was four in the morning and I currently had my head in the toilet bowl. It was three days – actually two days because it was currently the morning – to N.E.W.T’s and I’m freaking out. No, not because of the upcoming exams that will shape my life, but because I was throwing up in the morning again. Just like I had been for the past few weeks. I also worked out I’ve missed my period. I have also been very emotional but I thought it was just from the stress of exams. Now, I’m not so sure.

You see, it was mid-April. The night I decided to sleep with one of my closest friends. The night I lost my virginity. And apparently, the night I got pregnant.

Okay, I’ll start from the beginning.

My name is Larissa – or preferably, Reese – Rizzo and I’m Muggleborn. I have an older brother Blake and a mother and father. I also have a pet cat called Lionel.

I’m in my seventh year. And my best friends consisted of Rose Weasley, Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. What’s a Malfoy doing being friends with a Weasley and a Potter I hear you ask? Well, in my first year, I sat in a compartment with Scorpius because we were sad little loners. Then, Al and Rose come in because they had nowhere to sit. Or, they were trying to get away from their family because they were taunting them. Something like that. At first they were hesitant in becoming friends with Scorp but me, not knowing that apparently all their families hated each other, decided to make each other become friends. They told me in third year the history between the families so needless to say, I was shocked.

But, the shock and horror for the Malfoys, Scorpius ended up in Gryffindor! The rest of us became Gryffindors as well as Rose and Al’s cousin, Roxanne. I had read about the Weasleys, but seeing majority of them at the school was a bit unnerving and considering I had just befriended two, I met all of them in one day. Including James.

My first thought of James was, ‘Wow he looks like Al’. Everyone always said that James and Al looked completely different, aside from the crazy black hair, but to me, it was so similar it was like seeing double. Although it looked like there were deliberate mistakes. Al’s eyes were obviously the bright green with glasses, whereas James’ were a warm brown without glasses. Al’s smile was a bit more crooked than James’ but other than that – to me – they were identical. I became friends with all the Weasleys and Potters eventually but there were so many of them it was a little intimidating at the start. I was a short little eleven year old with curly brown hair and dark green eyes. I stood out from the Weasleys and Potters immensely. All the Weasleys and Potters are tall and they all have red hair.

Well, not all of them. James and Al clearly have black hair as do Roxanne and Fred. Fred is Roxanne’s older brother and was in James’ year. The two were a menace to the school and as soon as they graduated, I swear all the teachers breathed a sigh of relief. Others that don’t have red hair are Louis and Victoire. They have the glowing Veela hair but their sister, Dominique has strawberry blonde hair (but it was closer to red, she just won’t admit it). Other than that everyone had red hair. Of course there are different shades but it was all red.

So, after I had met everyone that currently attended the school and hung round them a bit, I started to get to know them. They accepted me straight away because I was an innocent little girl but with Scorpius, it took them quite a while to accept him because of his family. But again, I came to the rescue and forced them to be friends because I still didn’t know the history about their families.

So let’s fast forward. I rinsed my mouth out and flushed the toilet, sat down on the cold bathroom floor and positioned myself so I was hugging my knees and rocking back and forth slightly. Since I didn't finish my story, I’ll backtrack and continue my explanation to how I might be (I haven’t done the test yet) pregnant.

So, I was sitting at the Great Hall around March-ish at breakfast eating chocolate pancakes because chocolate pancakes are delicious and the mail comes. Big whoop. I hardly got mail from my parents. They still found it hard to accept that I was a witch.

Maybe I should take a minute to explain about my parents.

Okay, my dad is Christopher Rizzo, more commonly known as Chris, or Stoph, as my mother calls him. Don’t ask me why, my mother’s just weird. Speaking of, my mum is Anastasia Rizzo. Both my parents are quite old-fashioned, so finding out that their own daughter was a witch was very hard for them to comprehend. So, now they hardly ever talk to me. Because I was born on the 31st of August, Professor Longbottom came out to me a month earlier explaining I was a witch. This was the most exciting thing that could have happened to me because I knew I was different. I remember I had made one of my primary school teacher's hair turn bright pink. Of course she couldn’t prove it but I remember I was angry with her because I had made my drawing of my cat pink and she said something along the lines of, “No, Larissa, you're nine now. You know cats aren't pink.” This made me so irrationally angry and I ended up giving her the stink-eye and all of a sudden the whole class burst out laughing.

She was so shocked and she tried to blame it on me. (Even though it was technically my fault).

But I digress.

So my mum and dad are shocked out of their brains that their daughter is apparently a witch and will be attending some strange school called Hogwarts. But my older brother, Blake, thought it was so cool. He is six years older than me so he had nearly finished high school then so the thought that his baby sister wouldn’t go through the hellhole of normal education was very uplifting for him. Mum and Dad hardly talked to me for weeks but luckily Blake knew how to drive and Neville – I mean Professor Longbottom – taught him how to get into Diagon Alley saying his wife owned the Leaky Cauldron so she would help us. Thankfully, my brother was able to convince our parents to give him money so he could buy my supplies. So, long story short, Blake and I became very close. Even though he didn’t live at home anymore and I normally stayed with one of the Weasleys or Potters, we still remained close.

So, let us fast forward to March of this year when the mail came. Then all of a sudden, one owl came towards us holding about a hundred envelopes. All of them had the Weasleys names on it. And the Potters.

You know, from now on, I’m going to say Weasleys instead of ‘Weasleys and Potters’ because it’s far too long to say both every single time. So you know now, when I say the Weasleys, I’m including the Potters as well. Yes, I know people call them the ‘Wotters’ but this bugs them all to no end. So don’t call them that. And anyway, ‘Wotter’ is a stupid name. It sounds like someone is trying to say ‘water’ with a bad American accent. ‘Wotter’ I mean what is that? ‘Peasley’ would be heaps cooler but when I suggested it they all gave me the stink-eye.

Anyway, Molly came from the Hufflepuff table and we all read our own invitations. Rose – the quickest reader out of all of us – randomly screamed, “ITS TEDDY AND VICTOIRE'S WEDDING!” Then all as one we all started whooping because I swear to God, they’d been engaged for more than three years. It may have been more or less but still, it had been a long time!

The next day we all got a note from Mr Weasley saying they’re having it at the Burrow so we could all stay there. Scorp and I felt awkward because this was a family thing and we felt as if we were intruding by staying at the Burrow. Although Scorpius is actually, technically related to Teddy so he should have been felt fine but he still felt uncomfortable. Scorp decided to stay with his parents and two days before the wedding he would come to help set up. Now, I would always stay at one of the Weasleys houses because my parents hardly talk to me, and it could get kind of boring and made me go a bit crazy, which was not good for me. Trust me. So, if all the Weasleys were staying there, there wouldn’t be much room and I would be in the way. But luckily James had just become a Chaser for the Chudley Cannons around last summer (Ron was so proud) and with his earnings and stuff, he bought an apartment and let me stay there with him. We still went there every day to help set up but we left at night.

It ended up most people stayed at their own respective houses s I would have fit, but it was easy to just keep the plans we had.

Since James and I were very close, it wasn’t uncomfortable staying there. Although, I had to keep my uncomfortable-ness hidden because little did he know, I started to fancy him round the end of fifth year. It may or may not have been when I first smelt him. It had nothing to do with it. Psh.

But luckily he never picked it up and we acted like we always did.

Until the night of the actual wedding. At the wedding we were constantly flirting and dancing. And when we got home, we were a bit tipsy. We started watching the Magi-Telly and every time someone said the word ‘magic’, we did a shot. Needless to say we got completely smashed in about five minutes and then we were daring each other to do things. He dared me to do something inappropriate, but before I could get the object that I required, he pulled me down and kissed me. And, I’m pretty sure you know where this ended.

So, now it was 4:23 am, and I was crawling into my bed hoping that I could fall asleep. After about an hour of tossing and turning I decided to go for a walk. Thank God Al had an Invisibility Cloak so I snuck up to the boys’ dorm and nicked it. Al would be fine; he’d probably think Lily took it or another one of the many cousins.

I snuck out to Hogsmeade and walked around for a bit to see if a shop was open yet. I walked into an alleyway and at the end of the alleyway, I saw a bright light. It sort of reminded me of a Muggle convenience store so I went in, clutching my wand tightly in case it wasn’t. I’d never been around this area of Hogsmeade, and it seemed that not many people did either. It kinda had that smell about it, you know the one where it smells abandoned. When I looked around, it reminded me of a Muggle convenience store, so I relaxed slightly.

I found a pregnancy test and grabbed it off the shelf quickly, as if someone from school would see me. You would think that being magical they would have a charm or potion to tell you if you’re pregnant. It would be much easier for me because I was practically broke. (Another problem, if I was pregnant, how the hell was I going to be able to support it?!)

I paid the barely awake guy and nearly ran out of there. I went through the Honeydukes passage (you’d think Honeydukes would guard their shop more carefully?) and came out of the one-eyed-witch statue and hurried to Gryffindor tower. I quietly returned the cloak to Al and tiptoed back up the girls’ staircase. I was slightly out of breath, but I changed back into my pyjamas and went into the bathroom again. It seemed like I was going to live in this small place.

I took the pregnancy test out of the packaging. I read the back of it and realised I had to pee on the stick.


I fidgeted for a while, not sure if I should actually take the test because what if I had just blown it out of proportion? What if I wasn’t actually pregnant and instead just had food poisoning or stressed because of exams?

And what if I was pregnant? What would I do then? What does one do when they are pregnant?

What if I wasn’t pregnant? What would I do? Would I carry on with normal life pretending I hadn’t just had a chance of my world changing?

Ugh, I think I will just take the darn test.

I washed my hands thoroughly after and rested the white stick on the edge of the sink. I made a mental note to clean that sink straight after I had gotten rid of the test.

After two minutes of fidgeting and picking at my nails, I tapped my wand at it and something finally came up. It was a red equals sign. I stared at it in confusion before realising I didn’t know what was the positive symbol or negative symbol.

Cursing my foolishness, I stuck my hand in the bin and pulled out the box. I glanced at the back of the packaging and my heart skipped a beat.

It was positive.

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edited: 26/07/13

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