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The Years to Come by TeddyLupinPotter
Chapter 5 : Explanations Begin
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 Chapter Five

After three helpings Harry was finally full; it tasted like the best meathead ever eaten. A while later, all the weasley's were finished as well. At this time, professor McGonagall descended from the staff table and approached Harry. For the first time the Weasleys didn't try to stop the approach. 

"if you're all finished, everyone is ready for the meeting. I did as you asked Harry, and invited all those who I thought ought to know. We just need to find a classroom big enough to fit everyone." she explained.

"Thank you. I was also wondering if I could borrow the pensieve, and have professor Dumbledore's portrait there as well?" he asked nervously. " I think showing you certain parts will be easier then trying to describe them."

"Of course, I'll go and get them. I suggest we meet in the transfiguration classroom, it's the biggest." she decided.

"We'll meet you there."

With that, McGonagall hurried off to tell everyone where the meeting was to be held. Harry stood up, and once again the Weasleys formed a human shield around him, this time however, Ginny stood beside him holding his hand. They walked in silence, all lost in their own thoughts. When they got to the classroom door they entered, still in silence.

The classroom was filled with desks, some of which were broken. "We need to fix these, or transfigure them into a bigger table. Which would you prefer?" Bill broke the silence, and looked to Harry for an answer.

"One big table, a round one so we can see everyone." Harry responded, his nerves mounting. While the two ŵere talking, people started to arrive. Neville was the first, who was still carrying the sword of Gryffindor with him. He was different from the Neville who had met them at the tunnel entrance; his wounds had been healed, so his face no longer looked bruised and bloodied. But there was more to it than that, he was more confident. Next came a group of DA members, led by Luna. He was amazed by just how many of the there were. It seemed that only three people two people from the group left at Hogwarts were missing. Colin was dead, and Parvati told them that Lavender was in the hospital wing after Greyback had attacked her. She was in a stable but critical condition, a few more seconds of Greyback attacking her, and she would have died; the trio shared looks of relief. Next came some of the Hogwarts' professors, who all congratulated Harry. Hagrid was oddly distant when Harry tried to talk with him, Harry knew he would have to explain to Hagrid why he had to play dead. After half-giant, came the few remaining order members. They were closely followed by Kingsley, who immediately assured Harry he was there as a friend and order member, not as the Minister. 

The last person to arrive was professor McGonagall, who was levitating the pensieve and a frame. Once the pensieve was placed on the table, and the portrait was hung on the wall, everyone found a place at the table and sat looking towards Harry. 
"Hi." Harry started, looking around the room, seeing everyone mixed together, not in groups. "I asked you all here, because I believe you deserve to know where the three of us have been for the past ten months, and what we've been doing." He saw a relieved look on Mrs Weasley's face, she had clearly been dying to know. "But I do ask that before you tell anyone else, you get my permission." Everyone nodded.
As you all know, I have been fighting Tom Riddle my whole life." If anyone found it weird that he refused to say Voldemort, they hid it well. "What you don't know is why. I, on the other hand do. After I was born, Sybil Trelawny made a prediction, a prophecy." he saw looks of disbelief on people's faces, " it was one of two real predictions she made. Both concerning Voldemort. She was applying for the Divination position when the prediction was made, she made it to Professor Dumbledore." He nodded to the portrait. "Unfortunately, someone overheard, and told Riddle. However this person never heard the end of the prophecy, had they, I reckon they wouldn't have told Riddle." Harry decided to leave out the fact that it was Snape who overheard, he wasn't sure how he felt about the potions master yet. "This was the same Prophecy Riddle tried to steal from the Department of Mysteries. Fortunately, it was smashed before Riddle could hear what it contained. Dumbledore showed me the prophecy in a memory, one I will now share with you. 

Harry walked over to the pensieve, and found the correct memory. A shadow version of Trelawny rose from the pensieve, and started to speak, the room fell silent. 
<"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... And the Dark lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... And either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches, he will be born as the seventh month dies...">*

Harry watched Neville as he heard the prophecy, Neville didn't understand just how close he was to having Harry's life. However, some of the older, original Order did. 
"How can you know it meant you Harry." McGonagall asked. "Mr Longbottom also fits that description." her eyes kept flitting between the two men before her. Harry saw Neville's face change to one of fear.

"As usual, you are right. It could have been Neville, up until the point that Riddle chose me. When he tried to kill me, the half blood like himself, he marked me as his equal." Harry brushed the hair off his scar. "that's how I know it meant me." Neville looked relieved.

"It could have been me?" he muttered, almost to himself.  "No disrespect, but Harry I'm glad it was you. I don't think I could've coped." 

"I know how you feel. Everyone has to understand, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without all of your support. Every single one of you did all you could to help me, even when it seemed hopeless." Harry deliberately looked into every face around the table. Everyone smiled back at him, Mrs Weasley even stood up and hugged him, before returning to her seat. 

Harry continued his explanation. "Now you all know why Riddle targeted me, but you still don't the whole story. Dumbledore told my parents about the prophecy, and they went into hiding. It was decided a Fidealeus charm needed to be cast. My father asked Sirius, but he said no, that it would be what people expected. So instead, they made Peter Pettigrew secret keeper. This was mistake, which led to their deaths. Riddle threatened to kill Pettigrew, so he told him where my parents where, the charm was broken." This revelation shocked some people, however, the Order members already knew. "Riddle came to our house," tears formed in Harry's eyes. "My dad saw him through the window, handed me to my mother and told her to run." tears were now cascading down Harry's face, he felt Ginny give his hand a comforting squeeze, when he looked towards her he saw tears in her eyes as well. With her encouragement he continued. "My mum ran upstairs with me, and my dad got ready to face Riddle. He had no wand, because he had left in in the sitting room, where he had been entertaining me only moments before. Riddle didn't say anything to him, just murdered him where he stood in the hall, trying to protect the two of us. Upstairs, my mum barricaded the door to my nursery, placed me in my cot, and took up a position in front of me. Riddle blasted the door open, destroying the barricade, he laughed at my mum's pitiful attempt to stop him." Harry had to stop there, he couldn't speak because of the tears. Instead, he walked over to the pensieve, and extracted the remainder of the memory. He placed it in the pensieve, and asked the room at large, " Is there anyway to show the memory in the air, rather than in the pensieve?" he spoke quietly, looking towards older witches and wizards in the room. Flit wick nodded, and quickly cast the charm.

Ginny pulled Harry into a hug, even before the memory finished, both of them needing the comfort. By the end of the memory, every girl or women, and even some of the men, had tears running down their faces. No one spoke for a few minutes, trying to come to terms with what they had just seen. Everyone had known the facts, but actually seeing it was harder to deal with then they had anticipated. 
Harry then picked up the story, from when Hagrid first arrived and told him he was a wizard. Harry thought he saw his old friend smile, but couldn't be sure. Then he went on to talk about his adventures during Hogwarts. Most of top these things were a shock to everyone. 

"You three do realise that you broke hundreds of school rules, and could have been expelled for all the things you managed." McGonagall asked in disbelief.
Ron laughed, "Professor Dumbledore told us that in our second year, and instead Harry and I got awards for special services to the school." Questions were asked and answered, right up until the beginning of Harry's 6th year. Harry was starting to get nervous now, he had to try and explain about the Horcruxes. 
Harry began by explaining about the private lessons he had received from Dumbledore, and then decided to just take the plunge, and talk about the Horcruxes.

"How many of you know what a Horcrux is?" A few people gasped, Slughorn paled, and the rest stared back at Harry with blank expressions. Harry took in everyone's reactions, and then aimed his explanation at those who didn't know. "A Horcrux, is an object containing part of someone's soul. To make one, you have to commit a horrendous crime, you must murder without feeling remorse." Harry said slowly, giving time for that to sink in. "If you have made a Horcrux, and are killed, you will not die, you soul will live on."

"That's how 'he' survived, isn't it?" Kingsley asked quietly, afraid of the answer. "He created a Horcrux, right?"

"Yes, and no." Harry replied, with a serious expression.

"What do you mean 'yes and no'?, that makes no sense. How is that possible?" Kingsley asked, confused by the young man's answer.

"Yes, that's how he survived. But no, he didn't create 'a Horcrux', he created seven." Harry saw the confusion on his two best friends' faces, but was interrupted before he could respond.

"Bloody hell!" Bill exclaimed, and for once Mrs Weasley was to shocked to reprimand her son.



AN This is a quote from - The Lost Prophecy [ch.37]. Sorry it took so long, i put it in for validation a while ago, but it got rejected. 

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The Years to Come: Explanations Begin


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