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Trying not to love you by Elenia
Chapter 1 : Chapter one - Best Friends Forever
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else that you might recognize.

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Chapter one – Best Friends Forever

Have you ever been in love?

It’s a wonderful feeling really. The way the bottom of your stomach prickles every time your eyes see the person of your dreams, how the cold shivers rush down your spine even from the slightest touch from them and the warmness that emits from your heart, pulsing down through your veins every single time they call your name.

There’s no other feeling to top that. You should consider yourself lucky if you ever get to feel that, if you ever get to love someone because it’ll be the most special thing in your life. Especially if the person you love happens to love you back. People should respect the rarity of that gift more. Things could be different.

Because in some cases there’s a person, head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t even notice them. They just walk past the admiring eyes, not even bothering to look around them enough to notice that there might be somebody who only has eyes for them. It’s heartbreaking.

Still, I think I’d even welcome that kind of love anytime. I’d be perfectly happy loving somebody who didn’t even know I existed. That way I could sigh in the corner of the room, dream about how one day he might turn his eyes towards me and say, ‘Hey, I’m Mr. Gorgeous, the man of your dreams, and I’m hopelessly in love with you’. I could easily take the heartache that was caused by the ignorance. That’d be much better than the situation I’m in right now.

Because I happen to be in love with my best friend and he doesn’t know it. And I don’t plan on telling him either. Why, you might ask? It’s quite simple actually, it’s because I know for a fact that he doesn’t love me back. There really is no point ruining our friendship for my silly feelings. So instead of fantasising about my dream man from afar, I get to spend every day with him. Many might not see the tormenting side of that, but I can tell you it’s hell. Try to imagine it. I’ll give you an example.

The man who you love is sitting right next to you; he whispers in your ear how beautiful you look because your hair’s done differently that day. The butterflies in your stomach go mental at his words. You turn to face him and say thanks, only to notice that he is already leaning towards his girlfriend on his other side and kissing her passionately. A piece of your heart falls down on the floor and smashes to pieces beyond repair.

Or another situation where he laughs at your jokes and twirls you around, and your whole body tingles at his touch. He lowers you down gracefully, pushes a lock of your hair aside, stares you deep into your eyes and tells you how much he loves you. And your heart goes crazy as he finally admits the thing you have been feelings towards him for a long time, only to get beaten down when he adds ‘like a sister’. And the pieces shatter to the ground again.

Every day hurts more, but I endure it because it would kill me if I ever lost his friendship. Some say true friends would stick together in every situation, all you have to do is tell it to him. But what if it doesn’t? There’s always the possibility that things will get only awkward after a revelation like that.

I’m living proof of that already. I have a friend who was one of my best friends back when we were still in school. He came to me and told me that he loved me, always had and always would, and he’d do anything to make me love him too. And even though I did love him as a friend, I could never feel anything else towards him. So we remained friends, but never could manage the same kind of relationship than what we had before. The word love would always linger in the back of our minds, making things uncomfortable.

I definitely didn’t want to ruin another friendship like that, especially the one that was the most important to me. So I decided to swallow it all and torture myself in silence. And I’m excellent at it. Nobody has ever suspected a thing, never even hinted anything like that, so most of the time I’m perfectly fine. It’s the little things that manage to surprise me from anymore, since I’m quite used to everything already. It’s been almost eight years after all.

The day our story begins was a day like any other, nothing too special about it on the morning when I woke up – it was just an average Tuesday in October. But it’s a perfect day to start as a few important things ended up happening on that day.

My bedroom floor felt hard against my back as I lied there, ignoring the alarm that had been ringing for ten whole minutes already. I kept squeezing my eyes shut, trying to get as much rest as possible. Normally I didn’t have any problems getting up early, but as the alarm clock kindly informed, it was only twenty to five in the morning. And last time I checked, that was still night time!

The sad thing was that this was a completely normal scene. This actually happened every Tuesday morning, for the part of the alarm clock at least – waking up from the floor happened every single morning. I had a weird love-hate-relationship with beds. I slipped under the covers every night and fell asleep very comfortably in the soft luxury of a mattress and pillows. But then came the morning and I found myself lying on the floor with no recollection how I ended up there. It was just bizarre.

The sound of the alarm clock pierced through my thoughts and finally forced me to open my eyes. I glanced towards it and frowned at the unholy hour on the screen. It only reminded me that I should already get up – I had approximately forty eight minutes left before I needed to be ready. Getting dressed would take exactly thirty six minutes, so that meant I only had twelve minutes to make some coffee or I’d fall back to sleep while fastening the straps of my Quidditch kit.

The gear wasn’t that easy to attach when you were dead tired and couldn’t even see straight, that’s why I needed the whole thirty six minutes. I was not going to go poking myself with my wand at that hour in the process of hasting things up. I wasn’t! Because I had tried that once, and it wasn’t that pleasant when the Healers had to cut the straps from my skin because I had yawned at the same time I’d nonverbally pronounced the spell.
Apparently I yawned in my thoughts too.
I eventually managed to cram myself up from the floor and stretched my back for a few seconds. I grabbed my wand from my bedside table and finally shut the alarm clock before slouching into the living room and towards the kitchen.

When I stepped out from my bedroom, the first thing I could smell was coffee. I glanced towards the kitchen and I could see a pot full of fresh black liquid of happiness. As I reached it, I noticed the small red note besides the coffee pot. ‘I knew you’d over-sleep’. I traced the familiar handwriting with my index finger and a smile rose to my lips. The butterflies fluttered a bit inside my stomach.

Yes, it was from him. There was a reason why he was also awake at this inhumane hour. We both played in the same team – Pride of Portree – as chasers. And he also happened to live right on the other side of the hallway from me. We practically did everything together. Except the part where I was madly in love with him and he only saw me as a sister.

I poured some coffee into my favourite mug, a lopsided white porcelain one with a hand drawn image of two people holding hands. The words ‘BEST FRIENDS FOREVER’ are written under the moving image. It was a birthday present from him when I turned twelve. I inhaled the dark, rich scent of my favourite drink – even the smell made me feel more awake – and took a large sip. This was my breakfast every morning, a big cup of black coffee. I couldn’t eat anything when I woke up or I’d be feeling nauseated the whole day.

After my cup of pure heaven I went to the bathroom, did my morning routines and then went back to my bedroom. I put on my sweatpants, a top and my hoodie, and then started to attach the straps of my gear. Exactly thirty six minutes later I was done. I’d done it so many times already that I could probably do it with my eyes closed and still finish in precisely the same time.

I grabbed my precious Dragonstar – my priced possession – from its cabinet. One of the fastest brooms in the world, but not many wizards and witches used it as it was quite a handful. You needed extreme control and determination over it to make it work for you.

That’s why it was the perfect broom for me. It kept my concentration on the game and not on a certain figure on the same field that could easily mesmerize me with his trademark grin. I’d gotten hit by the bludger so many times in the past because of that, but after I found Dragonstar that had not happened once. Not because I had stopped dreaming about him, but because when I did, my broom had thrown me off its back immediately before any bludgers had even gotten close. And after the time I cracked my skull open for the third time in one week, I learned my lesson.

I exited my flat and apparated to the border of the Portree Quidditch stadium in Scotland. Jumping on my broom, I sped it to full speed zigzagging between the obstacles. My heart was beating fast out of the excitement, the common feeling that being airborne always made me feel. That was one of the best things about my job; I got to be outside and flying every day, and actually made a living out of it.
I’d always known that this was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. It’d been pretty clear to my mum and dad too when I‘d actually learned how to fly with my toy broom before I even learned to walk. By the age of six I got my first real broom. I was already a Quidditch maniac by then and a huge fan of Pride of Portree, just like my dad. It was a special thing between him and me, to go together to the games and cheer for our favourite team. I can’t even describe how happy I was when I got the letter, informing me that I‘d been accepted straight into the team where I‘d been aiming to get for as long as I could remember.
The Quidditch pitch opened before my eyes as I circled around the last podium. I could see a group of people standing in the middle of the field and I directed my Dragonstar towards them. My long, brown hair was getting in my eyes as I hadn’t had time to tie it up yet, so it slowed me down a bit, but I managed to collapse at their feet exactly seven seconds before the clock stroke half past five.
“So glad you could make it, Miller,” the voice of coach McGormack mocked.

“Sod off,” I muttered against the cool ground.


I glanced up in horror at my grinning coach. “But I made it in time!” I protested immediately.

The sneer on his lips only deepened. “Maybe, but you have to learn to respect your superiors. You’re in the team for the sixth year and you still can’t.”

I groaned as I crammed myself up from grass and started to run. I did get a glimpse of a crooked smirk first as I passed a certain somebody.
Bloody arsehole.
It did make my stomach prickle though.

I kept running around the pitch and watched as my team mates mounted their brooms along with coach and started the practice, leaving me to run on my own. I knew McGormack would make me suffer for a long time, he always did. He loved to hear me whine and groan and curse, call him names, and list hexes I’d use on him when I got the chance. Because even though I did all off that, I also did everything he told me to do, and usually even better than the guys in my team. And that made them work even harder because they hated when they lost to the only woman in the team.

This time they were doing a speed practice. They were zigzagging through a course that Coach had conjured for them. The goal was to fly through it as fast as you could, avoiding getting hit which would count as additional seconds for the final time. The guys were flying as fast as they could, determinate to get a perfect run, because they knew that once I got there, even if I was exhausted from my laps, I’d still make a hell of a time. And beat them all – well almost. Only one person there would top my time, like he always did because ‘Men don’t get beaten by girls’. And that was the reason he’d spent countless hours on the pitch, practicing harder than I’ve seen anyone do, only so he could outfly me. He had succeeded and I gave him the credit for it. He really deserved his spot on the top. Right above me…

I wished.


I tried to concentrate on running. Even though I hated coach McGormack’s evil torturing method, I had to admit that it worked. Because it made me annoyed, and I always flew better when I was pissed off. That was probably the reason why all the magazines called me the Jinx, because that’s what I was – for the other teams. I was usually the one they tried to knock off with a bludger immediately after the game started.
Outside the pitch I was a very tolerable and loveable person. Most of the time.

“Miller, get your arse up in the air!” McGormack shouted eventually.

I really did like him as a coach even though he was always pestering me.

I ran to my Dragonstar and kicked off the ground. I‘d tied my hair into a ponytail while I was running, so it wasn’t distracting me anymore. The cool air was brushing my face and it made me feel alive once again. It was my happy place, being in air; it made me feel free and all my troubles seemed to be so far away. If I ever had decided to learn how to become an animagus, I was certain I would’ve been something with wings. That way I could’ve gone flying whenever I wanted and even the presence of Muggles wouldn’t matter.

I stationed myself at the end of the queue and watched as a familiar figure made fast turns to avoid the swinging bats and roaming bludgers. All I could do was admire as I tried to steady my breath from all the running. I wrapped my fingers tighter around the broom handle to keep it at bay and tried not to let my thoughts wander too far out of reach.
But damn, he was so hot on his Firebolt.

James Sirius Potter. That was his name and quite a famous one too. That was also one of the reasons why he was so determinate to be the best. His father was probably the most prominent wizard in the whole world after killing the most evil dark wizard several years ago and his mother was a well-known ex-chaser of Holyhead Harpies. It was no wonder James wanted to make a name for himself, and not just be the son of a famous person. And that was exactly what he had done.
I watched him dodge all the obstacles. Apparently he topped his previous record as the other guys started to cheer wildly. He flew back to us, supporting his famous grin and brushing his hand through his hair. I swooned and then pressed my knees together to steady my broom, which had instantly tried to escape from under me.

“Nice one, Potter!” coach McGormack credited him.

“Still slacking on my right turn, I can do better,” he informed, halting his broom next to me.

I shook my head a little. He never was content enough with his own performance, always finding something to criticize.

He then turned to look at me, his hazel eyes twinkling amusedly. “Good morning sunshine.”

I could see the golden spots in them so clearly.

“Oh yeah, I’m practically the ray of light.” I rolled my eyes to him.

“You will always be to me.” He smiled warmly.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was what I had to go through every day!

“Sod off!”

James laughed. “You are losing your touch if that’s your come back of the day.”

I hated it when he laughed. It made my stomach prickle every time and then I had to laugh too to cover it.

“You just wait when it’s my turn.”

Okay, I was lying. I loved his laughter; it was one of the best features about him. It just got to me every single time.

“By the way, we need to go to Shell Cottage for lunch today,” James informed.

“Oh? No Burrow today?” I asked a bit disappointedly, always sad when I missed on his Nana’s cookings.

“Nope, Bill invited the whole family there,” he told me.

I nodded. “Okay.”

Family – that meant the whole Potter-Weasley clan. It included me also, even though I wasn’t related to any one of them. But for the past years, I had just been invited to every gathering, ever since things with my own family had gotten… well… hard. Let’s just leave it to that for now.

“I’m suspicious,” James commented.

I raised my brow. “Oh?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know. They’re planning something,” he said and we flew a bit forwards as the queue moved.

“We’ll have to wait and see then.”

A grin rose on James’s lips. “I bet you five galleons it has something to do with Louis. That boy is trouble. I bet he has knocked up a broad or something. He’s always jumping from a relationship to another.”

I rolled my eyes. “Says the hypocrite. But deal. I say it’s about Victoire.”

“Naah, it can’t be. She and Teddy are so boring,” he replied.

“I’ll tell them you said that.”

“No you won’t.”

True, I wouldn’t. Because I knew he was only kidding. Teddy was one of his best friends, we hang out with him and Victoire quite a lot. Victoire was James’s cousin, and my best female friend. Actually all my female friends were related to him, the girls back in Hogwarts never liked me. Not that I minded, I always preferred boys’ company more since I was never into fashion and jewelry and stuff like that. Quidditch pitch was my home, and hoodies and sweatpants my favourite clothing. I didn’t even own a dress.

“Want to see a movie later?” James suggested.

“Don’t you have plans with Amy?” I asked.

His girlfriend.


He shook his head. “Old news.”
“Oh? What happened?” I questioned, trying to sound like I was sorry, but truthfully I was feeling quite the opposite.

I wanted to punch the air victoriously, but I suspected that even James could’ve seen through that.

“She was boring,” he said.

“She was a bit,” I admitted.

“I mean, who doesn’t want to go to the Duelling Range for a date?” He sighed as we moved forwards again.

“Beats me.”

It was one of the favourite places of me and James. We went there at least once a week to unleash some pressure that was caused by the media. There’d been countless times when I‘d wanted to blast the reporters from my way when they asked stupid and pointless questions about rumors that had nothing to do with the truth. They made me so angry, and at the Range I could unleash that feeling towards the duelling dummies. It was quite the stress reliever.

“Do you have a special movie you want to see, or shall we just pick the first one on the list?” James asked.

“Everything’s fine with me,” I replied.

Our other passion was Muggle movies. There was this small movie theatre in Chelsea where we always went, usually just picking the next movie that was starting and conquering the middle seats from the back row. It was also one of the things that made me the most uncomfortable. At some point of the movie he’d always take my hand and held it for the rest of the film, either squeezing it or drawing small circles onto my palm. My heart was always bouncing in a very unsettled pace when that happened. And when I eventually got home and slipped under my blanket, I’d always cry. It just hurt that much. But again, I wouldn’t change it to anything. Because when it was happening, it was the best thing in the world.

“Come on now, Miller, you’re up!” coach McGormack shouted to me.

“Show us what you’re made of, Gwenny.” James smiled at me.

That was my name – Gwen. Or Gwendolyn Josephine Miller to be accurate, but nobody called me by my full name. I had my reasons for not liking my given name. So it was always Gwen or Gwenny, or one of the alterations James always made up. I had already lost count of how many nick names he had given me.

I turned my broom towards the obstacle course and flew to the starting point. A purple line crisscrossed through the pitch, showing me the route I should follow. My eyes narrowed in determination and I rolled my head once from side to side, to stretch my neck and shoulders.

“Bet you ten Galleons she beats us all,” I heard James say from somewhere behind me.

“Even you?” The voice of Matthew Lynch asked amusedly.

“Even me. She’s on a roll, I can tell,” James replied.

“I’ll take that bet,” Matthew commented and somebody else murmured in agreement too.

A smirk rose to my lips and I felt the boost of confidence run through me. I wouldn’t disappoint him.

Coach started to count down from five. The moment he shouted ‘GO’, I smacked my feet on the pedals and my broom soared forwards in a high speed, faster than any other broom.
On the first turn a Bludger flew straight towards me and I avoided it by doing a loop in the air. A Beater’s bat swung few inches from my head only two seconds later and I let out my first curse. There was just something about being on a broom that loosened all my verbal inhibitions. I really couldn’t control my mouth one bit.

Just as I thought the course was extremely easy this time came the trouble. A conjured dummy on a broom came out of nowhere approximately half way of the track and almost knocked me off mine. I sent a numerous threats at Coach and I knew he was sniggering, he always was.
A bright light blinded me when I was supposed to fly through one of the goal hoops, but I managed to do it anyways. After that I got a bit distracted when I heard James cheer from afar and one of the Beater’s bats smashed against my left arm.

Seriously, if I died in one of the practices it would be his fault.

I pushed the pain aside and concentrated on the goal line that was glimmering close by. I passed the last obstacle, a sudden blow of the wind, quite easily, using the air current for my advantage. I passed the golden line and my team mates started to whoop.

James laughed as I flew closer to them. “Pay up, boys.”

Matthew and Stefan groaned in response.

“Guess I did well then?” I panted as I took my place at the end of the line.

“Brilliantly. You beat Potter’s time by eight seconds,” Coach told me.

“Would’ve been faster, if the git hadn’t cheered,” I pointed out.

“Oi!” James protested.

“I’ve told you, I like you better silent.” I smirked.

He muttered something about disrespectful friends. I laughed and his lips twitched amusedly when he took his place on the starting line.

“Bet you five he’s going to kick my arse with his next time,” I stated.

All the boys took my bet, informing me that it wasn’t possible; his Firebolt could never fly as fast I had on my try. They were wrong of course and I was twenty five Galleons richer only moments later.
They should know by now that James and I can always predict each other’s performance perfectly accurately.

The practice lasted for another two hours. We ended up doing some accuracy and dodging rehearsals and James beat us all in them too. He’d be on an annoyingly chipper mood for the rest of the day. I hated that mood because that’s when he would get all touchy and he’d want to hug people all the time. And I usually happened to be the person standing right next to him.

We apparated together in front of the main door of our apartment building. It was a high security house as many celebrities of the wizarding world lived there, and it was impossible to apparate inside of it. Only the door man could let you in, if your name was on his list. Just a security measure because of all the crazy fans out there.

We greeted Smithson as we rushed inside. We didn’t bother using the lift; we always raced up the staircase with our brooms. I’d always win; unless he cheated like he did this time, and grabbed the tail of my broom. I smashed into the last wall and he soared past me. He laughed and I was cursing because I hurt my already aching arm.

“Arse,” I muttered and punched him hard.

“Ouch,” he whined, massaging the spot on his shoulder I had just hit.

I rolled my eyes at him. “You’re such a girl.”

“Well, you are freakishly strong for a woman your size,” he said and pulled me into a hug.

I tried not to inhale too deeply because his scent always made me feel a bit light-headed.

“Meet you here in thirty minutes?” he asked, ruffling my hair.

“Sure.” I nodded, trying to squirm away from his arms.

“Unless you want to come take a shower with me to save up on the water bill?”

My heart was practically beating out of my chest at his words.
Almost every part of my body was screaming yes.
All except for my mind, which was telling me to wait for it…

“Eww, even the thought of that’s just wrong, right sis?”

Yep, totally disgusting…

I ended up just shaking my head to him.

“See you in a mo.” He kissed my forehead before letting go of me and marching into his flat.

I sighed as his door closed, rubbing the spot where his lips had touched before entering my own.

It took me five seconds to take off the Quidditch gear as I was awake enough to cast the spell to loosen the straps. I then entered the bathroom and took a nice warm shower, dreaming about what it would’ve been like if I was actually taking it with James. I perhaps got a bit caught with that thought and suddenly had only one minute left to get myself ready before I’d promised to meet James in the hallway.

“Man, you really should take a lesson about punctuality.” He smirked as I rushed to the corridor two minutes late and my hair dripping as it was still soaked.

“Pointless. But if someone would come up with a potion or spell that could stop the mind from wandering, then maybe I’d be on time without having to hurry,” I said and used a charm to dry my hair quickly.

James grinned. “Who were you dreaming about then?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” I smiled mysteriously.

“Oi! I need to approve before you can start dating him!”

I let out a sarcastic laugh. “Like I need your permission.”
“Big brothers always look after their siblings,” he stated, “I always judge Lily’s dates too!"

“She doesn’t listen to you either.”

“And that’s why she needs to learn a lesson! But luckily you always do what I say.” He stuck out his tongue and then disapparated before I got to object.

I hated when he did that.

James was waiting for me with a smug grin on his lips when I apparated next to him. I wanted to punch him to make it disappear. And then kiss him for an apology. And then snog him senseless in the white sand that surrounded us, and rip of his button-up shirt with my teeth and…

Where was I?

The Shell Cottage stood tall next to us; the home of Bill and Fleur Weasley, James’s Uncle and Aunt. It was a beautiful house, made of white-washed stone. The walls were full of shells, hence the name. The sounds of the sea brushed our ears softly as James knocked on the door and we stepped inside the house.

The air was filled with happy squeals and for a few moments all I could see was red hair as three of the Weasley women rushed to hug me.

“There’s my favourite little Quidditch star!” Nana Weasley beamed when she released me.

“Oh yeah, compliment her alright, I’m only your grandson,” James muttered next to us.

“Oh shush Jimmy, you have enough fans already.” Nana smiled and squeezed him into a warm hug too.

She was one of my favourite persons in the whole wide world. She had flaming red hair which had started to turn grey already, and the same warm hazel eyes with golden spots that James had. Molly Weasley (I) was the heart and soul of the whole family.

“Still, you should love me more than her,” James pouted, but the amusement was clear in his eyes.

Nana just smiled as she went back to the living room.

“You’re such a bloody idiot,” Lily commented as she unwrapped herself from around me.

“You mean a loving big brother and your hero?” James asked.

“No!” Lily rolled her eyes.

Little Lily Potter. She was so tiny I could fit her into my pocket. She was three years younger than us, and truly felt like a little sister to me. I could see so much James in her, that’s probably why I had connected so well with her during the years.

“How you’ve been, Lils?” I asked.

“Great. I have so much to tell you,” she said, her eyes twinkling excitedly.

“About him?” I winked and she nodded.

“Who are we talking about?” James inquired.

She stuck out her tongue. “None of your business.”

“But it is! I need to know who I have to beat up if they don’t treat you properly!” James informed.

“I’ll beat you if you don’t stop talking like that!” Lily said.

“First my Nana, then my sister,” James sighed and followed his grandmother into the living room.

I couldn’t move. There was still one person wrapped around me quite tightly.

“Um, Rose? Are you going to let go of me any time soon?” I asked.

“No,” a voice mumbled against my shoulder.

“Okay, just checking.”

She chuckled against me and the finally released me from her hug.

“I missed you, Gwenny,” she said.

“I missed you too, Rosie.” I smiled back and then we hugged again.

She was my other best female friend. My first female friend actually, since she was only a year under us in Hogwarts, and James’s cousin, so she didn’t hate me for hanging out with the boys.

“Come on, girls, people are waiting,” a voice shouted from the living room.

Rose and I squeezed each other one last time and then we walked to the next room. It was extremely packed with people. It was a small room and about 30 people had squashed themselves there. James had managed to snatch the last armchair, which had apparently been Lily’s seat as she was now trying to beat her brother out of it. She didn’t succeed so she went to sit on the floor in front of her other brother Albus. He waved at me, as did many of the others too.

Everybody seemed to be here already, we were the last ones to arrive. My eyes soared through the room, smiling at the familiar faces. Some of them I had seen just yesterday and the others months ago. But I loved every single person in this room; they always made me feel so welcome.

“Come here,” James said and patted his lap.

My heart did a back flip as I followed his request. Boy was he making my life uncomfortable today, I thought as he slipped his hands around me and pulled me closer.

Louis Weasley wolf-whistled at the sight of us but he was quickly silenced by Fred Weasley, another best friend of mine. He had been on the same year as me and James, and was a member of our little gang.

Victoire gave me a little wink from the other side of the room. She was standing behind the long couch, holding hands with her boyfriend, Teddy Lupin. Nana and Grandpa Weasley sat on the sofa with Victoire’s parents Fleur and Bill. The latter stood up.

He smiled warmly and greeted us all. I tried to listen what he was saying, but I was too distracted by the muscular chest I was leaning into. Especially when I felt him lean closer to my ear.

“It’s about Louis. He looks so guilty it’s almost painful,” James whispered and sent cold shivers through my spine as his breath brushed my neck.

“He is in pain, didn't you see the punch Fred served him?” I asked, forcing my tone to sound normal.

“Still, quite a suspicious look on his face,” he continued.

“Na-a, it’s about Vic and Ted, look at their faces,” I pointed out.

I was certain about it now, their expressions had revealed them.

“They always look that,” he replied.

I shook my head.

“Want to up the bet?” he questioned.

I shrugged. “Sure, if you want to lose your money.”

“Twenty Galleons and the loser cooks the dinner tonight?” he suggested.

“Scrambled eggs and bacon aren’t dinner, James.”

“Oi! I can make other food too!” he protested, “And besides, I won’t lose.”

“I’ll take your bet. Now shush and listen, loser,” I said and punched him with my elbow a bit.

“And now I think my daughter Victoire has something she would like to share with you guys,” Bill said and turned towards his eldest daughter.

“Fuck,” James muttered behind me.

The couple stepped from the back of the couch and beamed to every one of us.

“We’re engaged!” they stated in unison.

And the room went wild.

AN: Hi guys! This is the very first fan fiction that I ever publish! I have written a few before but they are very well hidden inside my trusty laptop and will probably never see the daylight (: But I really like this story and decided ‘what the hell, I’ll give it a shot’. I can always easily fade into the background if you guys hate it.

So please be kind with your reviews. Just kidding. I really do want to know what you honestly think about this. Should I continue or just drop the whole idea of publishing my stories. Tell me what you like and what you hate. I want to hear what are your favourite parts and quotes and most of all how much my grammar sucks. English is not my native language so I know there will be errors.

But enough babbling; I will go hide under my blanket now and wait for my very first ever review. Hugs for the brave one (:


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