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Beyond Friends by BrownEyedGirl
Chapter 2 : The Hogwarts Express
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"Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them."

Chapter 2: The Hogwarts Express

Early the next morning, Ron was woken up my his mother fawning over his hair.

"Mom, PLEASE!" Ron said.

Slightly put out, but satisfied that Ron was now awake, Molly Weasley left the room. Groggily, Ron sat up, and then realized he would have the unfortunate task of waking up Harry. Last night, Harry had yelled at Hermione because he overheard her telling Ron how she thought Harry felt. With a surge of anger, Ron remembered how Hermione was just showing that she was feeling bad for Harry, and then Harry had to go and verbally attack her. Ron put on Jeans and a red Tshirt reading "Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes". He put his robes in his trunk so he could put them on in the train. Reluctantly, he relized he could stall no more.

"Harry, wake up." He said. No response

"Harry!" Ron said louder, and shook Harry's shoulders.

Harry woke up but didn't say a word to Ron. He just went downstairs to breakfast.

Ron followed and found the rest of his family sitting down to eat, rather rushed.

"Well look at that Fred, Ron's wearing our shirt!" George said.

"He must be proud of his big brothers!" Fred replied grinning.

Then without warning, Fred and George got up from the table and tackled Ron to the ground. Ron wrestled with them for a bit but then got up to eat some breakfast. Bill and Charlie had already left to go back to work and to do things for the order, while Arthur Weasley was at work and Molly was frantically trying to get everything ready. Harry finished one piece of toast then went outside to fetch his broomstick and avoid Hermione and Ron. Ginny ran after him. Ron and Hermione were left alone at the table.

"Ron, when is Harry going to stop acting like this?" asked Hermione, looking straight into Ron's eyes.

" 'Mione, your asking me? You're supposed to be the smart one." Ron replied, half joking.

Hermione smirked and said, "Ron, your just as smart as me, you just don't

"APPLY YOURSELF" Ron finished for her, knowing exactly what she would say as he had heard her tell him this countless times before.

Hermione couldn't help but laugh, and Ron couldn't help but be slightly proud that he had made her do so.

Meanwhile, Harry was outside, heading for his firebolt that lay by a tree from yesterday's game. He didn't realize that Ginny was behind him until she said softly, "Harry."

"What!" He said meanly, then seeing her expression, he said softer, "I'm sorry Ginny, what?"

Ginny wasted no time trying to be tactful but just said bluntly, "Harry, whats going on with you? I've waited all summer, my whole family and Hermione has waited all summer to see you, and we havent seen you since last June. Like it or not, we've been worried about you. We're not sure how to talk to you. I'm not sure how to talk to you, especially after the row I heard with you and Hermione and Ron in the bathroom.

"Well, you seem to be doing fine talking to me now," Harry muttered.

"If you don't want to talk about whatever happened, fine." Ginny continued. "But you still should just talk to us and hang out with us."

In spite of himself, seeing Ginny looking at him, and hearing what she had said made Harry's anger fade. "I do want to talk to you, Ginny, and thanks for coming out here to knock some sense into me. Sorry if I've been acting, weird or whatever, maybe we can sit together on the train."

Ginny smiled at Harry. "I'd like that, and if anyone has a right to act weird, you do."

"Well, I'll just put everyone's brooms away and then I'll come inside." Harry said.

Ginny skipped back inside, beaming.

Ginny, Harry, Ron, and Hermione all piled into a ministry car, that Molly drove. Since she refused to let Arthur bewitch it at all, they had to get a large van to fit all of the trunks, and in turn, the four students had to all smush in one three person row. Molly, having not driven much before, was a terrible driver and they kept falling on eachother. Ron's head was dangerously close to the roof of the car.

" 'Mione, scoot over!" Ron said. "You too Ginny, your practically in my lap!"

"Fine then," Ginny said. "I'll just sit in Harry's lap." She said, sarcastically. "We're all squished here, your just going to have to deal with it.

Finally, they made it to the station, and on to the Hogwarts train. But Mrs. Weasley held Harry back.

"Harry dear, if you need anything, anything at all, just send an owl. You are practically my son, and I'm truly sorry about what happened to Sirius. If you need to talk to me, or anything, I'm here."

With that, she gave him a motherly hug, and Harry felt a little bit better.

On the train, Ron and Hermione were off at a short prefects meeting, and Harry found Ginny alone in a compartment, waiting for him.

"I have the whole compartment, so Ron and Hermione could fit if they get back from their meeting, but for now, its just you and me." Ginny said smiling.

Harry sat down. "Look Ginny, I don't want to talk about Sirius right now, but I'll tell you I really miss him and I feel terrible because it was partially my fault. I grew up without parents, and when I found Sirius, I don’t know, it was like I had found a lot of what I had been missing. And then I lost him, and I was missing it all over again, and the hole just became greater."

"Don't blame yourself." Ginny said.

"Then who do I blame?" Harry replied, a little louder than he had ment.

"Voldemort." Ginny whispered quietly.
Harry looked at her with respect. She was wise, and she was also shuddering a bit at the name she had said for the first time.

"Its okay," Harry said, rubbing her knee gently. "You should say the name."

Ginny got goosebumps at his touch, even though he was only touching her knee, over her jeans.

Suddenly, Harry removed his hand and faced Ginny. "Let's not talk about that anymore." He said. "Are you excited for your fifth year?"

Ginny looked at him and said honestly, "I'm scared to death, and worried about owls."

Harry replied, "Don't worry, you'll do fine. You're very smart."

Ginny glowed. Soon the food cart came around.

"Hey, I'll buy you some chocolate frogs." Harry said to Ginny happily, and they spent the next few minutes eating together blissfully, sometimes talking.

At the prefects meeting at the front of the train, Ron was snoring lightly while Hermione was taking notes. Every once in awhile she would elbow him in his side, but to no avail. Finally it was over, and the prefects started dispersing. Hermione stood up, but Ron was still sleeping in his seat.

"RON!" Hermione shouted in his ear. "Oh, Honestly!" she said, and dragged him by his arm down the train looking for Harry and Ginny.

But then, they passed malfoy who opened his compartment door and shouted, "Ron, do you enjoy being dragged around like a dog by your mudblood girlfriend?"

People near malfoy in other compartments opened their doors, hearing the commotion. Faced in a sea of stares, Ron pulled away from Hermione and turned bright red, but continued following her back to find Harry and Ginny. When they finally got inside their compartment, they could finally talk without being overheard by anyone.

"Ron!" Hermione said. " You have GOT to listen during those prefect meetings! I can't take notes for you while you're snoring. You are a PREFECT, you represent the school!"

" ' Mione!" Ron replied angrily. "They’re not important, and they're boring as hell! And you're the one who had to drag me out of their and get Malfoy at us!"

"I had to DRAG you, Ron, because you were asleep and wouldn't wake up. And if your so embarrased to be around me,"

" ' Mione don’t be so thick! That's not it so don't try to change the subject."

"You know Ron," Harry said, slightly amused, "Calling somebody by their nickname and not their full name is a sign of endearment. Which is an interesting thing to show while your yelling at somebody."

"What?" Ron sputtered. "Endearment? Wait, doesn’t that mean…what does that mean?"

"Endearment," Ginny said laughing, and conjuring up a magic dictionary, means ' Affection or love' "
"Endearment? Endearment! Is that a JOKE?" Ron said, quite cruelly. "Hermione?!"

"Ron, stop." Ginny said. "It WAS just a joke."

But Hermione had already turned bright red in anger and embarrasment, and left the compartment, slammed the sliding door, and sputtered something to the effect that she was going to go patrol the halls.

"I think you've really upset her mate," Harry said.

Ron, who was now calming down, started to realize what he had said. "Really?" He asked. "How upset is she?"

"Well Ron," Ginny said, "You just made a huge and cruel show saying it was laughable that you would EVER think of Hermione in an affectionate way, or even just a good light. And," she continued, " She's probably crying somewhere right now, in anger, frustration, and hurt feelings."

"But I didn't mean to, I don't want her to be…" Ron sputtered.

"We KNOW." HArry said.

"I've got to go find her." Ron said glumly.

"Yes, you do." Ginny said quite briskly, and threw Ron out the door, but not before shoving some kleenex that Hermione might find helpful in his hand.

"Well," said Ginny sighing, to Harry, now alone in their compartment again, " That was quite a show."

"Yes, it was," said Harry laughing. "They're always having a row about something though."

"If they don't stop pretending to hate eachother they might never love eachother." Ginny said.

"What?" Harry said. "They don't love eachother in that way, and I doubt they ever will."

"Harry you know that's not true." Ginny said. "Just think about it."

"Well," Harry said pensively. "I suppose a lot of their fights are about jealousy or eachother, like with Victor Krum last year."

Soon enough, Ginny sighed and started getting tired. In spite of herself, she was soon resting her head on Harrys shoulder, and subconsiously laid down to fall asleep with her head on his lap.

If Hermione came back and saw them in their compartment, Ginny and Harry would never know, because Ginny was asleep, and Harry was busy watching her.

Later as they arrived at hogwarts, Ginny was still asleep with her head on Harry's lap, and Harry was absentmindedly stroking her hair. Hermione and Ron came in, to tell Ginny and Harry they had arrived at hogwarts. Yes, they had made up, but Ron made quite a show of calling Hermione by her full name, and not 'Mione, after that, lest anyone could accuse him of "endearment."

PLEASE ReVIEW, people! it makes someones day, and i would like to know what you all think of my story, and should i continue! So please, please, just drop a little note. Click the link, its easy! Good/Bad reviews taken!

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