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Secrets Well Kept by Weasleynumber8
Chapter 17 : The Foot Massage
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 Chapter 17: The Foot Massage



His hands were wandering towards her belt buckle. Again.

Rose swatted away Dan’s hands (again) and tried not to let it annoy her too much. She was rather enjoying the snog.

But when his hands strayed to the ‘promised land’ again, Rose felt it necessary to inform her boyfriend that she was not enjoying the snog that much.  So, she pulled away.

Dan was equally annoyed, if the aggravated “What?” was any indication.

“Oh, let me finish that sentence for you. What do you think that you’re doing?”

 Dan slumped back in his seat, the ancient male symbol of defeat, “Nothing, apparently.”

Rose gave him an arch look before settling into the couch cushions as well, “Is something bothering you, dearest?”

By the look on his face, Dan didn’t exactly appreciate the endearment, “Nothing’s bothering me.”

An incredulous silence ensued. Then Rose said in a flat tone, “Uh huh.”

Dan chewed on his cheek for a second or two, a look of annoyance on his face, before starting to speak, “Ok, look. We’ve been going out for a year right?”

“Right,” Rose said slowly, her eyes alight with irony.

Dan didn’t seem to be looking in her eyes, because he did not catch the warning that was in them, “Well, don’t you think that it’s kind of… time?”

Rose crossed her arms and cocked her head to the side in mock confusion, “Time for what, exactly?”

“You know!”

“Nooo Dan, I don’t. What do you mean?” Oh brother.

“You know… sex,” he whispered the last word.

Rose tried to hold in a huff of annoyance. She was not enjoying this conversation at all, “So, what you’re telling me is, you want me to have sex with you, even though you can’t even say sex at a normal volume?”

“Rose,” he paused, “Be serious.”

“Oh, I’m being perfectly serious. We are not ready for that sort of thing, Dan.”

“Look, all I’m saying is that I’m sick of being the only person in my group of friends with a serious girlfriend, and, strangely, the only person in my group of friends who is still a virgin!”

Rose wasn’t very impressed by that argument, “Colin has had sex?”

She had him there, “Ok, so Colin may be lying…”

My boyfriend is an idiot was all that Rose could think at that moment in time, “No Dan, they’re all lying. And do you want to know how I know this? Because they don’t date girls who actually communicate with their friends, so their girlfriends cannot dispute them when they outright lie to save face with their mates. That is the only difference between you guys.”

“No it isn’t!”

Rose stood up, fully intent on going upstairs, “This discussion is over Dan. We’re doing nothing. Apparently.”

And with that last word, Rose disappeared into her dormitory.

Once she arrived, Rose plopped down on her bed, feeling rather deflated.

Now that she was alone (and couldn’t be proven wrong) Rose had to admit that Dan had a bit of a point. Yes, he went about it in a completely asinine way, but his arguments did have some validity. Rose knew for a fact that Al was having sex with his current girlfriend (and found out in a very scarring way… she tried not to think about it too often) and Dom lost her virginity last summer, with her muggle ski instructor. Perhaps Rose was being too choosey…

It was just that, if she was honest with herself, Rose hadn’t really been feeling it recently with Dan. Ever since, she punched her pillow in annoyance, the day that she saw Scorpius, there just was something off about her and Dan’s relationship. And she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was…

Well, she knew several things for sure. One, after her conversation with Scorpius, she realized that she knew next to nothing about Dan. Second, she didn’t particularly want to learn anything about him. Dan had always been the fun distraction that didn’t really bother her with his problems, which was always a-ok with her. Third, he wasn’t even that fun of a distraction any more.

Fourth, when reciting these reasons to herself, she sounded like a selfish bitch.

Fifth… She didn’t know. She quite literally had no idea what it was, but, all of a sudden, she just felt really uncomfortable in her own skin. There was something wrong with the whole situation, and Rose quite frankly dreaded discovering the cause.

“Rose?” Dom mumbled in a sleepy voice, “Whatcha doing up?”

Rose sighed before responding, “Nothing.”


The next morning, breakfast was kind of… tense. Alright, very tense. First of all, Dan and Rose, last year’s golden couple, were pretty much refusing to speak to each other. Second of all, Bri and Fred, decidedly not last year’s golden couple, were acting completely disgusting. Rose looked over to see Bri feeding Fred bits of egg and smiling indulgently as they completely missed his mouth, fell down his robes, and settled in his lap, where they stayed. She held back a sad sigh. There was a time when Bri would have called Fred disgusting scum when he was covered in food. No one quite knew how to handle this new found behavior, and everyone was secretly harboring a wish that they would get into a fight.

But neither of these interactions were what contributed most to the tension. No, that prize belonged to—

“Lena Karovsky,” Colin squeaked from his seat beside Rose.

Sure enough, Rose turned to see none other than Lena Karovsky walking towards them. Lena, the Greek goddess of Hogwarts, was looking lovely as per usual. Tall, and with glowing, honey-colored skin, Lena didn’t walk so much as float towards them. She was one of those girls who seemed to have a permanent fan about half a foot from her face, so that her perfect dark-chocolate curls flowed effortlessly from her face whenever she moved. All that, coupled with a pair of impressively big golden eyes and a “banging bod” (as she had heard Al say a time or two) made her hands down one of the most beautiful girls in Hogwarts.

And, if the rumors were to be believed, one of the biggest, well, slags in Hogwarts.

Rose was never one to believe rumors of course, but it had to be said that she had never heard Lena deny the accusations. Nor did she really hear Lena say much of anything. The girl was kind of… standoffish. Dom went as far as to say bitchy when they were discussing her last night, but Rose wasn’t all too convinced about that.

Now, why was she walking towards them? And why were Rose and Dom discussing a girl that they had never talked to before?

James Potter, that’s why.

Ever the hopeless romantic (emphasis on the hopeless), James never gave up on his quest to win the fair Carrie. His reformed approach wasn’t working, so he decided to move on to his next strategy: make her jealous.

Enter Lena Karovsky.

Beautiful and with a reputation for being easy, Lena was a good candidate, they all couldn’t deny. So, he asked her out, they went to Hogsmeade together, and she became his girlfriend. Simple as that. And none of them had a clue on what to do about it. Honestly, what does one say to one’s cousin’s-girlfriend-but-not-really-because-he’s-just-using-her?

Seeing as Lena was standing awkwardly about a foot away from the table, hello seemed like a good option.

“Hi!” Colin beat Rose to the chase with a little too much enthusiasm, “I’m Colin Mason! I don’t believe that we have ever been formally introduced!”

Lena looked him over for a few seconds before responding in a low voice, “No, I don’t believe that we have. I’m Lena.”

“I know! I mean…”

James seemed to take pity on him as he grabbed Lena’s hand and pulled her into the spot beside him, “Hey Lena, sit here!”

She smiled a tight lipped smile before taking the seat. Then the awkward silence began. Well, until James got bored, that is, “So Lena,” he began, “You now know Colin. Do you know anyone else?”

She gave each of us a cursory glance before she looked back at him, “Nope.”

“Well then!” James exclaimed, as if he was positively delighted to be the bringer of a new friend, “This is Rose, Dom, Al, Bri, Fred, Dan, Jack, and… Ok, well that’s a first year. That’s the group! Minus the first year, of course.”

The fact that James neither pointed nor said their names in any particular order did not occur to him. As far as he was concerned, the introductions were already made and it was time to move on. “So Fred, Bri,” He turned to his friends, interrupting what seemed to be a competition for who could give the other the soppiest grin, “I have a few ideas for the Quidditch team that I would like to run by you.”

Leaving his new girlfriend free to make small talk with his closest friends and family. Yayyy…

Rose, who was sitting next to Lena, gave her a sidelong glance. Currently, the girl was sitting with her lips pursed and her back ramrod straight. Rose had a sneaking suspicion that she didn’t want to be there anymore than they did.

Well, might as well make the most of an awkward situation.

 “Hi, I’m Rose,” Rose said, sticking out her hand, “You probably didn’t catch that from James’s attempt at an introduction.”

“I did actually know that,” She said, shaking her hand. It was a little awkward, seeing as how they were seated next to each other at a table. Lena’s elbow accidentally knocked into her orange juice, and they both spent a highly tense moment watching it wobble from side to side before settling down again. Then they realized that they were still kind of holding hands and quickly sprang apart.

Rose distinctly felt like she was on a first date. With her cousin’s girlfriend, apparently.

“Erm,” Lena continued, hiding her hand in her lap, “Does he normally do that?”

Rose frowned, confused, “Does who do what?”

“James,” She gestured to her “boyfriend”, who was at that moment making whirling motions with his hands, clearly trying to make a point known to Bri and Fred, who just looked puzzled, “Does he normally just… Expect people to understand what he’s talking about?”

Rose had to think about that, before realizing that the girl was absolutely correct, “You know what? He does! There are two things that you need to know about James. One is that he looks at the world in a very… unique… way. The other is that he expects everyone else to look at it in the same way that he does.”

Lena nodded, muttering, “Huh, well that’s… interesting,” before turning to her food.

Rose had to say that Lena didn’t really look that interested. She had a sneaking suspicion that this relationship was not going to be a very monogamous one.


“Why isn’t this working? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WRONG?!”

Scorpius looked to his left (feeling not a little fearful) at Rose, whose hair looked absolutely frightful and whose face was brick red in anger.

“I don’t know, ok? Stop yelling at me!”

They were in Potions, and, for perhaps the first time ever, things were not going well. Having both received an Outstanding OWL, they had moved into NEWTs level Potions with a few Slytherins and Gryffindors, one or two Hufflepuffs, and a whole load of Ravenclaws. They had both thought that it would be the cake walk that it had been in the past, but they had both assumed wrong. Very wrong.

“Oh, just let me do it,” Rose pushed Scorpius out of the way rudely while she feverously started to stir the cauldron, “One stir clockwise, two counterclockwise, one stir clockwise…” Was all that Scorpius heard from her for the next minute or so.

Scorpius didn’t know what kind of magic Rose thought she would perform by muttering like that, but it sure as hell wasn’t working. Their potion was still a pussy yellow, as opposed to the deep Cyprus that the book described.

“Rose?” Scorpius asked timidly, “Perhaps you could let me try again?”

Rose gave him what could possibly be the scariest look she had ever bestowed upon him. Rose while she was failing an assignment was absolutely terrifying.

“Fine,” She spat before jerking the stirrer in his direction. He had to dodge a bit to avoid getting punched in the ribs.

Scorpius decided that the directions they were given were obviously not working, so set to work testing a new stirring method. After a few minutes the potion began to turn a little greener, and he relaxed enough to attempt a conversation, “Someone’s a little touchier than normal today.”

“Shut up and stir,” Rose spat.

Scorpius hid a smile as he replied, “You’re the boss lady.”

He loved it when she got so riled up.

After his bomb-shell realization a few months ago, Scorpius had come to terms with his “situation.” Well, ish at least. He definitely gave up on finding a replacement for Rose, now that he knew that there could be no replacement. All of Hogwarts was practically abuzz with rumors on why he had remained single for the entire school year. And while he was missing the decided lack of snogging, he was a lot happier than he was last year. There was something to be said about the calming effects of realizing your fate, even if you knew it was a damned one. 

And unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it, he did love Rose. It was a realization that grew stronger each day. It grew stronger each time she walked into the same room as him, it grew stronger each time she left the room… he really was a poor sod when it came to that girl.

He was interrupted from his musings by the loud huffing of ‘that girl’, “How the bloody hell do you do that? I hate that about you.”

Nice to know that his feelings were mutual.

“Hate what about me?” Scorpius responded, unruffled.

“That you’re,” Rose started at a yell but then quieted down so that no one else would hear, “Better at Potions than me.”

Scorpius could have dropped the spoon in surprise, but he held onto his grip with difficulty, “Did you just admit that I’m better than you at something?”

Rose gazed furtively around and made frantic shushing motions with her hands, “Let that get around and I’ll kill you in your sleep. I swear I will!”

“Oh,” Scorpius set to work on the next set of directions, as the potion had reached its correct color, “And how, pray tell, would you have access to where I sleep?”

“I have my ways,” she mumbled.

He dropped his knife and took a step towards her, “And why may I ask would you be around me while I was sleeping in the first place.”

Rose looked up at him with wide eyes for a moment, seemingly frozen. Then, in an instant, she looked down and started to frantically chop flobberworms. Well, someone is flustered, Scorpius smirked before giving the cauldron a little stir, just to have something to do. Another thing that had changed since last year was that Scorpius had stopped caring about appearing like “just a friend” to Rose. He had definitely stepped it up on the flirting, and he wasn’t apologizing.

As Rose nudged him in the stomach (rather harder than necessary he might add) to make way for her to put the worms in the cauldron, Scorpius took a step back. But once she started stirring again he stepped right back into her personal space. He was ashamed to say that it had become a bit of a hobby to make Rose feel uncomfortable.

Rose continued like it wasn’t bothering her (like she normally did) for a solid ten seconds before her irritation got the best of her, “And will you take a step back,” she snarled.

Scorpius complied without objection. That’s the way he liked Rose best: snarling and annoyed.


Scorpius was puzzled as to why Rose thought that he would let that little comment she made earlier go, he really was.

“Will you fucking shut up,” Rose grouched from her seat on the ROR’s floor, where she was doing homework.

“Come on,” Scorpius, who was playing some mindless melody on the guitar, smirked, “I just want you to say it one last time!”

Rose rolled her eyes and stuck her quill violently into a bottle of ink, “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity I’m afraid.”

“But… but I wasn’t expecting it!  I didn’t have time to fully prepare my mental camera!”

“Sorry, it’s not my fault that you’re mentally slow.”

“That,” Scorpius stated with glee, “Is not what you said this morning.”

“Did I now? There doesn’t seem to be any evidence, seeing as how you can’t seem to remember it properly.”

Scorpius decided to ignore this bit of logic, and get on with his point, “Come on, just once! I’ll be properly prepared this time and you won’t have to do it again, I swear!”

Rose didn’t have to say anything to tell Scorpius her opinion on that option, her face said it all.

Pouting was most certainly in order.

Scorpius took the guitar off of his lap and crossed his arms in a huff, “But Roooose!”

With an equally dramatic huff, Rose tossed her quill down and plopped down on the couch, “You’re not being a good study partner tonight,” She said as she swung her bare feet onto Scorpius’s lap.

Scorpius looked down at her feet and then back at her, “What am I supposed to do with these?”

“Rub them silly! My feet hurt,” She wiggled her toes for emphasis.

Ewww… “Touch. Your barefeet. With my bare hands. You must be joking,” he replied with his most haughty voice. Malfoys did not touch other people’s feet! It wasn’t dignified. But on the other hand… well things could certainly be worse. At least Scorpius could content himself with the fact that he could at least get Rose’s feet naked. Better than nothing, he supposed.  

“You never know, if you do this for me you might just get a chance at hearing ‘it’ again.”

Scorpius was probably going to do it anyways (yes, he was that pathetic), but getting something out of the situation couldn’t hurt, “Well, I guess so. It’s that worth it to me, mind, so you should really be a good sport and not renege on your promise.”

“I make no promises, just chances.”

Scorpius pretended to think hard on that one, “I could live with that,” he said, and he set to work.

After a few minutes Rose finally broke the silence, “Ugh, you are so much better than Dan at foot massages.”

“I have a feeling that I am better than Dan at a great number of things,” Scorpius mumbled and then found Rose’s toes very close to taking his eye out as she kicked at him.

“I heard that!” She yelled.

“And I never want your foot that close to my face ever again,” he said as he pushed her foot away, laughing. She was disgusting!

“Don’t diss my boyfriend,” Rose, giggling, replaced her foot to where it was a moment before: right in front of his face.

“Ugh, your toe almost went up my nose!” Scorpius knew that he had to put an end to such slovenly behavior somehow, so he ran is finger up her foot arch, in an effort to tickle her into submission.

Which landed him a sharp kick to the forehead.

That didn’t work. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Rose exclaimed as Scorpius clutched his forehead. She was still laughing though, so her sincerity was questionable at best, “Are you alright?”

While she leaned forward to inspect his head Scorpius saw his window of opportunity. He snatched her, threw her across his lap, and started tickling her mercilessly. He’d be lying if he said that this was a spur of the moment decision… more like one of the many scenarios that he had planned with military precision. But still, Rose didn’t have to know that.

“You… are… acting…like…a…child,” Rose gasped between giggles, wiggling around all the way.

Uh oh… In Scorpius’s plans he had forgotten to facilitate for one detail… and the wiggling was not helping.

As if she sensed Scorpius’s momentary distraction, Rose took her escape. “Aha!” She let out a victorious cry as she gained the advantage: pivoting herself around so that she was straddling his lap and holding his arms on either side of him with a deathlike grip, “I win.”

Scorpius for his part did not register her victory. He also did not register the smile that she wore, which in normal circumstances he would have found absolutely adorable. No, a look into his mind would have looked something like this:

She is straddling me. SHE IS STRADDLING ME. STADDLING. ME. STRADDLE, LAP, SEX… Shit… Dead bunnies, dead bunnies, dead bunnies… Grandma Narcissa in a bathing suit that one time we went on holiday together… ugh. Ok, so got that under control.

Problem solved.

“You are not a very good sport Miss Weasley,” Scorpius smirked, only feeling a little bit shaky.

“I am a plenty good sport, thank you very much Mr. Malfoy,” Rose replied, flipping her hair in a haughty motion.

Scorpius repressed a groan as a wave of the scent of her shampoo hit him. No. Must resist. Besides, his moment to gain the advantage was on lock. Shaking the attraction off, he continued on undaunted, “Well then, Miss ‘I’m a good sport,’ how about you say ‘it’ one more time?”

And right on cue, Rose threw her hands up and looked heavenwards in despair, thus leaving Scorpius’s hands free.

A mistake on your part, Weasley.

“Victory is mine!” Scorpius exclaimed as he pinned her to the couch, using his full body weight to hold her down. They were both laughing hysterically when…

Something very strange happened. 

One moment they were laughing and then next it was just fading into nothing. Scorpius inhaled sharply and shut his eyes tight as he realized just how good Rose felt completely molded against him. Better than he had imagined, better than he believed anything could feel.

It felt so good that he had to know if Rose felt the same way.

His eyes snapped open and began to search Rose’s face for something, any sign he could find, that showed that Rose was thinking the same thing he was. What he found was confusion, plain and simple. They lay there for what seemed like an eternity, him searching her face and she searching for a word that described what she was feeling. And then—

“I guess that you win,” Rose whispered, her gaze flickering to his mouth briefly before quickly returning to look him in the eye.

It was in the look that she gave him when their eyes met that Scorpius found his answer. It was only a second before the mask of confusion set in again. Maybe it was crack in her subconscious, where her true feelings were briefly exposed before they were reburied by common sense. It was a look of desire, a look of want, a look that showed Scorpius that he wasn’t completely crazy

And he was lost. 

Before Scorpius could even think to stop himself, his lips were already moving over Rose’s frantically. It was like he had been in a drought, and was finally allowed to drink. He was probably bruising his lips, he was pressing against her so hard. But he didn’t care. Truth be known he wasn’t thinking very well at that moment in time, he didn’t even think to wonder if Rose was kissing him back.

After a few moments the insanity wavered, however, and he came to his senses a little bit. He should have asked Rose if he could kiss her, not just attacked her like that! So, with great effort, he tore himself away, “Rose! I’m so s—“

That was about all he got out before he felt a hand clutch the back of his neck and yank him back down again.  And the insanity once again took hold.

Scorpius groaned as he swept his tongue into Rose’s mouth, loving the fact that her tongue came to meet his almost instantly. Rose’s hand, the one that had pulled him towards her, fisted in his hair while the other wrapped around his waist. Scorpius, for his part, didn’t know where to put his hands first, and just contented himself with letting them roam all over, as if he was trying to memorize as much of her as possible.

The first two kisses that they had shared were nothing compared to this. Scorpius didn’t think that he had experienced anything that even came close to this. This was intoxicating, this was everything he wanted and yet not enough all at once, this

Rose put an end to any eloquent thoughts that were running through his head as she wrapped her leg around his waste.

If Scorpius was exerting self control that he tossed it. Pushing Rose deeper into the couch, just to feel like he was getting closer, Scorpius started raining kisses on her cheek, her chin, her neck as he fought to lift her shirt enough let his hand in. He needed more.

Rose’s breath started coming faster as his hand felt the silky skin of her stomach. Scorpius sucked at the base of her neck and listened for her sharp inhalation once his hand enclosed over her breast.

“Scorpius,” She panted, even though she was using an admonishing tone, “Don’t suck, you’re going to leave a…” 

And suddenly, the person who was just wrapping herself around him a moment ago went stiff as a board and then started to frantically shove him away, “Mark. You’re going to leave a mark!”

Scorpius sat back, still feeling a little stunned by what happened, and watched as Rose hyperventilated and fought her way to a standing position, “Shit. Shit!” She mumbled as she straightened her clothing, not meeting Scorpius’s eye. And he sat back and watched as she gathered her homework together and through it into her bag. He even sat back and watched as she started to make her way to the door.

He thought that she was going to leave without saying a word, he really did. But then—

“I have a boyfriend, Scorpius. A boyfriend!” Rose suddenly whirled around to yell.

Scorpius thought to himself that he probably would have preferred the silence, “I know,” he mumbled.

She still looked like she had just been kissed. Her lips were undoubtedly swollen and her hair was an absolute mess. That was all that he could think about as she whirled around and stormed out the door.

He didn’t stop her. But he knew he didn’t have to, she would be back.



A/N *Hides behind tree and waves white flag of truce* Sooo it’s kind of been awhile… How you guys doing? *readers still glare at computer screen* Ok… I’m sorry. Alright? I’m SORRY! It was a REALLY awful quarter for me! I had to read 15 books for one ten-week class, FIFTEEN! And I had to write two page papers for every one of them and then write actual essays every two weeks or so and that was just one class! I had three others with essays and speeches and projects. Then you factor in school clubs, work, and an attempt at a social life whenever I had the free time (which was rare, gotta say) and you have one sadly neglected story as a byproduct.  College bites the big one, I suggest to all of you to just avoid it at all costs. But enough of my rant on last quarter…

I at least hope that I gave you a good chapter! You definitely waited long enough for it… I think that it’s a pretty good one. I mean, I give you conflict with Dan, a new character, AND a Scorose make out session?! I felt like I was spoiling myself as I was writing it. Sooo what do you think? Is it a good chapter for you guys or a dud? Let me know iiiiinnn a review!

Love you all, and I hope that it won’t take too long to give you guys the next chapter! I will be honest with you, if next quarter is as bad as the last then you might not be seeing anything until March… But I’m going to try my hardest! Who knows, if I get enough reviews I might get really happy and write a chapter in a day or so… Just saying! Alright, well I HOPE to talk to you guys soon!

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