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When Life Takes Over. by carellio
Chapter 3 : iii.
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Author Note: This is to my readers who started to read my story before January 2012.  I have decided to change the plotline of this story and the first two chapters have been changed around a bit. If you read this chapter and get totally lost/confused I suggest you go back and read the first two chapter again :)

But if you have only just started reading this whole story, after January 2012, please... Read on!


Chapter image by amoretti @ TDA!


I feel like a Goblin has just come up behind me and whacked me over the head with a brick. Which is literally impossible, considering a Goblin would only reach my knees.


But, I’m in shock!


Who wouldn’t be? Seriously, tell me there’s someone out in the world who wouldn’t find their brain fizzled and their mouths tongue tied when some guy you’ve just met asks you to date him.


Has he lost his freaking mind? Had he even been listening when I told him I was in love with Albus!?


“Excuse me?” I choke out in a squeal that could have broken windows, blinking my eyes in utter confusion, “What did you just say?”


Aiden smirks at my and leans back in his seat trying to bring on the whole ‘bad boy’ display, “Oh, I think you heard me quite well.” He replies, his eyes boring into mine.


I was in so much bloody shock, I couldn’t even get excited that I had, yet again, been able to talk to this boy.


Damn him.


This is now the second time I have regretted telling someone else my feelings for Albus.


I’m seriously adding something else to the list of things I need to fix about myself: Learn to keep big mouth shut.


“You can’t be serious, though?” I ask, but I already know the answer. He wouldn’t have asked me if he wasn’t serious.


He gives me a pleasant smile, “You know I am.” He says simply standing up from his seat and cracking his back.


I cringe and nearly swear at him. I hate that sound. It m akes my insides squirm. Rose youse to do it all the time when we were younger. She would always end up with a smack over the head for it too.


“But...Why?” I ask flabbergasted. I can’t even think of a simple explanation.


“Well, you see,” He moves over to me and stands behind me as I am still sitting in my seat, too stunned to move anywhere. I really think he’s trying to be intimidating, because apparently that’s gunna make me help him. I resist eye rolling “I wasn’t just studying in here. I was...”


He cuts off abruptly and runs a hand through his hand again, obviously going through some internal struggle.


 I nearly snort at how ridiculous he is being. I just told him everything about me; he can’t do the same?


“I just told you all of my deepest secrets, remember?” I say a little roughly, a little bit annoyed. Although I was kinda excited, I admit.


I wanted to know what the hell he was doing in here. I mean, I believed he was studying, yeah, but surely he had to be doing something else. I mean, he must have been put into Slytherin for a reason, I kinda expected him to be in here trying to manifest the Dark Lord.


He gives a short, non-humorous laugh and a weird smile. Really, it was creepy, “Yeah.”


He moves around me again and I’m kinda wishing he would just stay in one spot; my neck is hurting from swivelling around to look at him.


He sighs as he sits back down in his old chair.


He runs a hand through his hair in frustration, and I figure he’s just given up on telling me what he was doing, when he suddenly whips his head back to look at me and places his hand on the table in front of him with a loud smack.


I flinch and my eyes go wide.


“Okay, you see, I wasn’t just in here studying. I was kinda...” He seems to struggle for the right word, “hiding, I guess.”


Hiding? Seriously? He’s a big ol’ Slytherin Quidditch player, who (or what) would he have to hide from?


I start to ask him this, but he speaks before I can decipher a word, “No, wait. Just let me get this out.” He says kinda pleadingly. He seems to be at an all time loss, and it’s strange hearing a Slytherin like this.


There meant to be all tough love and smart arse like...right?


This is obviously really hard for him to get out and I presume he hasn’t told anyone this before. I guess, I should feel privileged.


He looks at me expectantly. Probably thinking I’m going start bombarding him with question. I must say, it’s a pretty big struggle and the temptation to cave is almost unbearable. But I control it (I know, I’m surprised too) and gesture with one hand for him to continue.


He nods and takes a deep breath, “Okay, well I was, kinda, hiding from my...stalker, I guess you could put it.” He says slowly, looking at me, from under his lashes, for a reaction.


I gasp and I can tell my eyes have gone wide. A stalker? I thought they only appeared in totally clichéd Muggle movies?


I swallow, “Okay,” I say slowly, totally lost, “And where do I come into this?” My brain is seriously about to fizzle, I’m that confused.


“I’m getting to that,” He says harshly.


I raise my eyebrows at his tone but he ignores me, “I need you to date me to get Kathryn off my back.”


“Kathyrn?” I ask. I can’t remember there even being a Kathryn at this school.


“Kathryn Penn, fifth year Hufflepuff.” He says exasperated. “We used to be friends when I was in third year – that’s not that strange, you know, a Slytherin doesn’t just have to just like other Slytherins.” He adds, obviously seeing my face.


Honestly, I didn’t care if Slytherins were friends with other Houses. I thought it was great they were finally getting over that pureblood ‘we’re better than everyone else’ bullshit.


He had simply misunderstood me; I had made a face when he mentioned Kathryn Penn.


I remember her now and from what I knew of her (which actually isn’t very much), she is incredibly nice, I mean, she’s in Hufflepuff, isn’t that kinda of proof in itself? Hufflepuff are meant to be nice! She’s very pretty too, with curly brown hair and bedazzling blue eyes. She’s also very quiet and shy, which is why I find it hard to believe she is stalking Aiden. Therefore the reason for the face.


I don’t have time to explain any of this to Aiden though, he’s already talking. He’s also looking at his desk and it seems to me as thought he doesn’t even care if I’m listening or not, he just wants to get it off his chest.


Like I had when I told him my story, I realise.


“We were good friends,” He continues, “bestfriends I guess you could call us. We were practically inseparable even though we were different ages. Then just last year she started acting really weird. She got really protective of me when I was talking to other girls, always wanted to know where I was...that kind of thing.” I nod my understanding.


“I didn’t talk to her for a while, and I guess we drifted apart. I thought we had drifted apart. But then she started following me around, she would always just pop up in the most unexpected places.” He shudders. “My sister even told me that Kathryn had asked her for some of my old stuff. It’s getting really creepy.”


He looks back up at me, finished.


I stare back and take a deep breath of my own, “...And so you think dating someone – dating me – will get her to stop stalking you?” I say incredulously.


I wasn’t as convinced this would work as much as he was.


“Yes.” He states while crossing his arms, leaning back in his chair and smirking.


I raise an eyebrow at him, “And you’ve never heard the term, ‘A girl always wants what she can’t have’?”


I sounded incredibly bitchy saying that, but I’m extremely disappointed. The only guy who has ever actually bothered asking me out, is fake.

If that doesn’t boost your confidence sky high, I don’t know what does...


Ugh, my life sucks.


He looks momentarily stunned at my statement and I try (and fail) to take satisfaction in that. He opens his mouth and then closes it; obviously he hasn’t thought this over very well.


I roll my eyes. Guys are idiots.


I’ll even be willing to admit that Albus is an idiot, because, you know, he hasn’t figure out his feelings for me yet; which therefore makes him an idiot!


He’ll learn though, trust me.


“I guess, I hadn’t thought of that. But,” He practically yells, obviously realising I was about to snap him with a retort, “if you want me to help you, you’re going to help me.”


There we go! Now I realise why he’s in Slytherin. He’s blackmailing me!


“Do you wanna talk to Albus?” He says tempting me, obviously sensing my uncertainty.


Well yes, I did. Obviously. Who wouldn’t?


After a moment I groan loudly at the roof, “Fine, I’ll help you!”


I seriously have a feeling I might regret this.


He gives a joyful yell, but then must have caught my incredulous look.


He leans over and ruffles me hair, “Don’t worry Wynton, it’ll be worth it.”


I sigh as I fix my hair. I sure, bloody, hope so.




Author Note: Finally, after two months I am up to chapter 3! So sorry for the long wait, but I got massive writers block and then decided to change the plotline of this story, so...I’m sorry!

Anyway, this chapter isn’t very exciting, I admit. But it was just the lead up, so we finally get into all the fun and adventures, blah, blah, blah... :)

Let me know what you think anyways? The grey box below demands it! ;)

As always, thanks for reading!


[Edited: 16/January/2012]

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When Life Takes Over.: iii.


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