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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 13 : The Workings of a Lily - Lily
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 It was dead weird you know, I know considering I was Head Girl and the NEWTs are like literally two months away I should be completely focused on doing that and applying for internships and jobs at the Ministry of Magic - trying to get in anyplace possible and Merlin only knows how hard I am trying; but I can’t help but notice Adriana and Sirius. I mean, after the break up everything was so fragile and painful to be around … but then over Christmas things started to heal and I honestly thought that they’d be back together within a week - especially after that day.

But now, I’m not to sure. Considering she’s openly longing and pining after her - which does nothing for the image that she has created and which she loves - and he is completely ignoring anything to do with her. He’s even sending James and Remus on alternate turns to pick Summer up, giving Ade a completely unbelievable stupid reason for why Sirius can’t be there himself.

Her heads messed up.

And I’m sure that his is just as bad.

I’ve always meant to go and speak to him and sort out their love life but I just have to much work to do. And James keeps complaining that I’m not giving him enough attention and then looking after and loving Summer as often as I can, I haven’t got the time to sort out my best friends love lives. Merlin knows how much they do actually need it as well.

So right now, its 7 o’clock and James and everyone else are at dinner, expecting me to come and join them - but I really haven’t got the time so I’m going to figure some stuff out that needed sorting a long time ago. So right now, its 2 o’clock and I’m say in bed reading Ministry of Magic magazines and wondering where I would fit in best.

I mean the Department of Magical Law Enforcement would be good because I’m good with all that and I’ve got Prefect, Senior Prefect and Head Girl on my record for that so I’d be a step up against the candidates, however that could include messy Divorces and stuff and I’d just want to Stupefy the lot of them.

Auror would be okay, I mean I’ve got the skills and the motive. This anti-muggle movement is getting scary now and I want to be right there on the front line fighting it all. But I know that’s what Sirius and James want to do as well… and I don’t know if I want to be doing the same thing as them two - I mean I love the two of them so much but they annoy me so much sometimes.

Department of Mysteries would be good, and I am really good at keeping secrets so that would be perfect for me I think. Except I do not like going into work and not knowing what I would be doing. Like the first day of Hogwarts I came in knowing some stuff that some Third Years did not know. So I don’t think that that would be a good idea.

The Department of Misuse of Muggle Artefacts? Well I suppose I do know a lot about Muggle Artefacts, considering I’m a Muggleborn and I did actually grow up around all of the Muggle artefacts so I would know if they were being misused. Plus I know all the wand work and I suppose every day would be different and I would never get bored? Eh, who am I kidding, I would be bored stiff working in this department…

Sports and Magical Games Department? I’d probably be working closely with Adriana considering she wants to be scouted as a quid ditch coach so I’d probably have to interact with her and her team. But I am no good at sport and I don’t particularly understand it so that’s probably a stupid option to consider. However its still in the Ministry and that’s better than nothing at all.

Daily Prophet? Or something to do with the Media aspect of the Wizarding World? Actually that could work. If I correctly worked my way up into a high position then I would be able to have my say in everything that is Wizarding. And on the way up I’d be one of the first to know everything… and I like that. I can write really well too. I will actually apply there. First an internship so they can see that I work hard and that I would be worthy of an actual job and from there get to maybe assistant editor and finally editor of the Daily Prophet. Or even better, I could start my own Ministry based newspaper…

I like this idea.


“Lils, are you up here?” I heard Adriana shout from down stairs,

“Yeah, the bedroom,” I shouted down to her, James had obviously been overruled - he doesn’t like not being the one to check on me. He’s cute.

“Kinky, you dressed?” I heard the laughter in her voice, and I laughed with her

“Yeah,” I laughed as I heard her come up the stairs.

Adriana stood in the door way with a false smile upon her lips, accusingly looking at me sprawled out in bed with parchment all around me. I smiled innocently, knowing that she knew what I was doing but she was going to make a joke out of it - to take away from the pain she was obviously feeling about a certain Mr Black.

“Searching for a new boyfriend Evans?” She asked raising her eyebrows smoothly, I sniggered but played along,

“Don’t you know its Bells, Potter is so messy. I’m holding auditions next week, wanna be my wing woman?” I asked her flirtatiously, winking seductively. Ade sniggered before continuing,

“Potters the messy one? I would hate to see you two going at it then,” She shuddered and I just burst out with laughter, Ade joined me on the bed both of us in fits of laughter.

“No, seriously do not let me ever walk in on you and James having sex. In fact don’t have sex. Ever. You’ll get pregnant. And die.” Ade shuddered seriously and I burst out with laughter…

“Just like you did hey Ade,” I laughed happily and poked her in the ribs playfully.

“Yeah, didn’t you know I was dead?”

It was good to just sit their and laugh with my best friend, it had been so long since we’d been so innocent and childish together - and I guess it was really ironic considering it was my future that we were lying on top of. Maybe this was a metaphor for my life- Adriana and my friends where always going to come first. At least I’ll always have them… even if my future plans to become ruined. And lets face it, that will never happen!


“So what’s going on?” I asked Adriana once she had helped me neatly pack away all of the parchment and I was getting myself ready to look half-what decent in front of the Hogwarts population…

“With what?” She’s playing dumb… I actually genuinely think that she doesn’t know that I know when she’s playing dumb, and I totally do.

“Your hair and I mean what did you do.” I said sarcastically putting on my best ‘bitch I know you aren’t that dumb’ face. Tat was helping me perfect it. She thinks I suit it… I don’t.

“Ha. Ha. But seriously with what? Life? Or Summer?” She asked laying down on my bed as if it were her own…

“Sirius Black, your baby daddy,” I laughed at that saying, it’s so stupid I mean how can he be the baby daddy. Isn’t I more like the daddy of the baby? Whatever… wow that knowledge was definitely going to help me become a journalist.

“Well that is complicated,” Ade paused and looked at me through the mirror, I caught and held onto her eye, threw the mirror of course, “I don’t know. I mean one night he stayed at my place and he was telling me that he missed my bad morning breath and the next day were all flirty and we arrange to meet up. But I accidently crash out on the sofa with Josa and Tat - I send him a letter to explain and he’s ignored me ever since. So honestly Lil, I haven’t got a fucking clue.”

I actually turned around to Ade, she didn’t deserve none of this. Her life was going places and she was an amazing mum, and the only thing she wanted was a family. A family with Sirius. And now he was being a prick about it.

“You given up the ‘I don’t care’ stage?” I asked her, I asked her because she cares. And I know as well as everyone else here knows that she is still deeply in love with him. And I know as well as everyone else here knows that Sirius Black will be the only person that she will ever be in love with, and she’ll be in love with him forever.

“I want him back Lil,” She just answered me, letting out a groan of impatience.


It was that sentence there that broke me. ‘I want him back Lil’ that broke my heart and made my decision. No matter how much more studying or babysitting or application forms I have to do… I will sort out Adriana and Sirius’ relationship. They’re too perfect for it not to happen. They’re too made for each other for it not to figure itself out. And of course I’ll need James, Josa, Tat and Remus’ help. We all know how stubborn and stupid the other can be. I’m going to sort this though, it’s Ade’s turn to be happy. And Sirius? Well everyone knows he wants Adriana. Everyone has always known it.









The next morning I was considerably calmer than I had been in days… I think it’s because I’ve finally have a solid idea on where I’m going after Hogwarts. That’s really good because now I know what I need to focus on mostly - well I will do after my careers meeting with Professor McGonagall which I have now booked for tomorrow afternoon in my free period. And I know I just need to get Sirius and Adriana back together, and I don’t mean to sound big headed about my studies but I think that that task will be the hardest one to do.

At breakfast it seemed really different. I couldn’t put my finger on why though. No-one was missing… we were all here. Josa, Tat, Remus, Sirius, Ade, James, little Summer even Benjy and Marl were sitting with us. But it was different… like something was missing.

“Hey Sum, throw this at that table!” James said sniggering with Sirius. He gestured over to the Slytherin table as he said this. I eyed him suspiciously…

“No Summer don’t throw a bagel at the Slsytherins!” Ade exclaimed… okay. Did I get that right? James just told baby Summer to throw a bagel at the Slytherins.

“Are you mad?” I asked him, raising my eyebrows… seriously I don’t think my boyfriend is all there upstairs if you know what I mean.

“Mummy I should ‘cos there scum! Right daddy?” Summer said happily in the cutest voice I’ve ever heard her use.

Everyone who was sitting around us burst out with laughter. All except Adriana and I. we just sat there in shock of the words that had just come out of her mouth.

“What the fuck have you been teaching her to say?!” Ade actually looked murderous as she spat at Sirius.

“The truth!” He spluttered out through his own laughter.

“Summer baby, that’s naughty don’t say that. In fact don’t repeat anything that Daddy or Unky Jams an Unky Rems say ever okay?” I told her lifting her over the table onto my lap. She had a smile on her face but I could tell that she had no idea why everyone was laughing.

“Lets get you to Madame Pomfrey sweetie,” James took her as Sirius and Remus stood up with him obviously all taking her to her nursery for the day.

“Need to speak to you later Sirius! Don’t forget!” I shouted after them, quickly remembering my mission. I might have to get James in on it, but I suppose I’ll have to wait and see how this conversation goes.

“Okay Red!” He shouted back happily, swinging a laughing Summer around his shoulders.


“Well that was a barrel of laughs,” Marlene giggled, she liked this you know. The relationship of arguably the most beautiful couple in Hogwarts. She wants Sirius to fall for her… it’s pathetic really. But it’s Marlene and we’ve been friends for ages so I know what she’d up to.

“Oh fuck you Marlene,” Ade replied before getting up and going to our next lesson probably.

“What did I say?” She asked the rest of us stupidly… Josa, Tat and I just tutted before following her to Transfiguration.



McGonagall was revising Animagi, I know about them. And honestly I’m really eager to get the potion sorted and the spell work and everything… I think being and Animagi would be one of the most fascinating things about being a witch. I mean the opportunity to become an animal and live as an animal for as long as you like. It would be so good. I wonder what animal I would be. Of course it’s the same animal of your patronus but I haven’t quiet mastered the corporal patronus yet, James is helping me so I’m sure it wont be long till I know it.


A ball of paper just smacked me on the back of my head, followed by sniggers. Of course followed by sniggers. I ignored it… it was probably only Sirius trying to irritate me because he thinks its better than studying for the NEWT’s.



He honestly does my head in. I turned around to glare at him, but I timed it perfectly and another ball of paper hit me straight in the face. Giggles joined the sniggers as some of the girls started laughing to. Sirius just waved fondly at me… and my perfect boyfriend? He sat there laughing.

I opened up the piece of paper - just out of curiosity.

You wanted to speak to me Red?

The worst thing is, he was genuinely being serious. He wanted to have this conversation right now. In the middle of lessons. In our NEWT year!

“Miss Evans, would you care to read us all the note your obviously more interested in?” Proffessor McGonagall said from in front of me. Really? I’ve just been caught out because of him.

“Its from Black Proffessor, he seems to think now would be the perfect time to chat,” I snitched on him. Yeah bitch. Went there.

“Evans, Black detention,” She commanded before turning around and continuing with the talk.

You have got to be kidding me.

Sirius Black just landed me in detention…

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.












“James! Detention! He made me get a detention! I don’t want him here! In my dorm! I don’t want him anywhere near me!” I screeched at James who was happily reclined back on our bed playing with Summers hair who was laughing at me.

The creature in question was lounged on the bedside sofa of my room!

“Come on Lil it wasn’t-” It started before I cut it off

“NO! LEAVE!” I screamed. Apparently that seemed to tip Summer and James over the edge and they ended up lying down laughing. At me.

Their girlfriend. Their godmother.

And you know what the arrogant idiot did? He smirked and leaned back a little more.

“ARG!!” I stomped and left my room.


He’s such an arrogant idiot! No wonder Ade doesn’t want anything to do with him!!


I know it probably seems like I’m over reacting- but I have only ever gotten a detention two times in my life! And both of them were because of Sirius-sodding- Black!!


I didn’t care that I had obviously just left him in my room and it would have been easier to arrive with him rather than separately- but it wouldn’t have been dramatic enough. And I need to get that point across. Just so he doesn’t land me in another detention this year.

Taking deep breaths I knocked on the door to the Transfiguration classroom, the butterflies in my stomach flying madly. Yes I was nervous.

I walked in and went to sit at my usual position, whilist freaking Sirius Black was lounging back on the chair in the middle of the room. I. have. Just. Left. Him. Why is he here first? This shouldn’t be happening!

“Where you bin Lil, you’ve just bin with me!” He smirked and winked at me. Thankfully and wisely Professor McGonnagal ignored him and acknowledged me with a nod and a smile. That was cute. Never seen her do that.

“Evans, Black, writing lines. I will be back in an hour.” she then flicked her wand to reveal the lines on the board before sweeping out the room.

“Well we got off easy!” Black laughed happily, throwing his feet up on the table in front of him. I just glared and got my quill and some parchment out of my book bag. ‘I will not pass notes with arrogant males.’ Oh how McGonnagal gets me..

I will not pass notes with arrogant males
I will not pass notes with arrogant males
I will not pass notes with arrogant males
I will not pass notes with arrogant males
I will not pass notes with arrogant males
I will not pass notes with arrogant males





And then I couldn’t take it. He would never stop…

“WHAT!” I shouted rounding on him!

“Whoa!” He said putting his hands up in defence looking at me with wide eyes. I huffed and turned back to writing my lines.

I will not pass notes with arrogant males

I will not pass notes with arrogant males

“Aww come on Lil! You’re the one who wanted to talk to me!”

I will not pass notes with arrogant males









“I cannot do it. I will not do it!” I huffed as I fell back onto my bed. James - the oh so loving boyfriend that loves me with his life - simply glanced up to look at me with an amused smirk before looking back down with what was in his knee. And what was that, which was oh so much more important than me? Quidditch plays.

“Jammmmeess!” I whined dragging out the ‘s’ in his name, I rolled over onto my front and put my chin on the corner of his knee. I wanted him to fuss over me, I feel like poo.

He glanced at me with a small smirk and closed over his notepad and put it on the side of our bed. His fingers brushed along my auburn hair which was pushed out to the side of me. He sighed,
“Okay then, I’ll bite. What can’t you do?”

I glared playfully at him and pouted slightly, he strum his finger down my bottom lip, making a weird sounding noise. I giggled. It was funny. I leant upwards and he, downward until our lips met in the middle. It was a sweet kiss and it again made me realise how lucky I actually am to have an amazing boyfriend like James. He was more than I deserved and most of the time I saw better, prettier girls that he deserved more than I did. He was sweet and gorgeous and lovely and just simply the best person ever and then there was me. I was average. I was nothing compared to him. But I was selfish. I couldn’t bring myself to let him go though. And sometimes, I think he’s thankful for that.

“Will you talk to Sirius about what’s going on with Adriana?” I said as a pulled away from the kiss. He groaned and rested his forehead on my own. “Please baby,” I pouted again as I kissed the side of her face. “Baby,” I nuzzled up against him.

“Can’t we just leave them too it?” He said collapsing backwards onto the pillow. Effectively smacking his head on the head board. I laughed loudly as a snuggled up next to him, he opened his arms so that I could snuggle up into his torso.

“But baby… Summy needs her mummy and daddy,” I whined looking up at him, trying to look convincing. I don’t know how to even look convincing or seductive.

I once asked Marlene you know, she laughed and just told me I already knew and it was mean to rub by sexiness in others faces. To this day, I haven’t the slightest clue in what she was going on about.

“Don’t do that to me!” He groaned smothering his face on the side of my neck. He started playfully nibbling my neck.

“Talk to him?” I persuaded, as my arms went to his chest and started idly tracing lines .

“Yes yes, whatever!” He moaned at me before nipping his way down my neck.


Ah I love my boyfriend…….





Authors Note: hi! me again! proud of how quick i got this one up! and actually, i think this was my favourite Lily chapter to write... she seems much more laid back and confident in this one i think? well i don't really know, how about you review to tell me about it ;) 

and i just wanna say a quick thank you to the 12 people who have reviewed Seventh Year, i don't think you understand how much it means to me knowing that people actually like my story and the random things that go on in my head. you 12 people mean the absolute world to me. and every single person that has ever read this story. it means more than you could imagine. so please continue to review with what you like about it what you don't like about it, what you think is going to happen or what you want to happen! i am thankul for every single reveiw and i do reply to!! and if you havent reviewed before, review now! just review anything!

thank you so much! love zo:)


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