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The Many Secrets of Victoria Malfoy by Hplover1008
Chapter 1 : Sixth Year: Finally Meeting Harry Potter
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It started on the first day of sixth year. Hogwarts also gave co-ed dorms for the first time. On the train, I saw a girl with brown and bushy hair. That girl was no other than Hermione Granger and my best friend. She spotted me and moved down the corridor. She began running, not noticing how far we were from each other.

            “Victoria!” she said as she embraced me.

            “Hello, Hermione. How was your summer?”

            “Okay, I stayed with Ron this summer at the Burrow. You?”

            “My brother went through some stuff, so I have to take care of him this year. So, you and Ron? Eh?” I smiled.

            She rolled her eyes at me and hugged me again. It had been a long time since I had seen her last. It felt like forever since the end of fifth year.

            “Do you want to sit with Ron, Harry, and I?”

            I thought about it and knew that Hermione also knew about my secret. She knows that I’m Harry Potter’s, the boy who lived, twin sister. He didn’t even know that I was alive. He probably didn’t even know that Draco Malfoy, my brother, had a sister. So, that wasn’t going to be good. I shook my head, and Hermione pouted.

            “I don’t think that’s a good idea. But I’ll see you once we’re in the Great Hall.”

            “Okay,” she whined. She waved goodbye to me and I did too. She entered a compartment, which left me alone.

            I walked to the other side of the train, passing my fellow Gryffindor students. I was greeted almost all of the Gryffindors. It seemed like my whole life had past until I got to my brother’s compartment. I saw Pansy sitting there, but she got up once I was in sight of my brother. She left as I opened the door. Her black hair whipped in my face as I was trying not to touch her. Blaise and Goyle were sitting with Draco, who was already dressed in his robes.

            “Draco, it isn’t like you to be dressed in your robes already.”

            “Oh, Tori. Thank Merlin Pansy left. You are like Pansy repellant, Tori. Why couldn’t you be in Slytherin?”

            “Ask the Sorting Hat, Draco,” I smiled lightly at him.

            My brother couldn’t be anymore different than me. Like my father, he had platinum blonde hair. My father and mother have grey eyes that Draco has possessed. I, other hand, had dark brown hair and brown-green eyes. It didn’t take me that long to figure out who my parents were. I had a complicated past, especially with my biological parents.

            “Blaise, why do you think that Tori isn’t in Slytherin?” Draco asked as he cocked his head. I glanced at Blaise as he smiled.

            “Well, Victoria has a certain look that the Lions possess that the Snakes just don’t. Although you two are twins, you guys are quite different. Also, she’s a lot smarter than you are.”

            I jumped in front of Draco before he could do anything. I knew that he would probably curse Blaise, but I wouldn’t let that happen. Draco pulled my arm and sat me down next to him. I put my legs across Draco’s and sat against the window.

            “You are the only person who can do this and not get me angry, Tori.”

            “I know,” I smiled. “Why do you even let Pansy hang out with you anyway? I know she annoys you so much.”

            “Ever since first year, she’s done nothing but cling onto me. It’s so awful.”

            “Why do you let her?” I raised my brow.

            Draco didn’t answer, so I leaned back and didn’t talk for most of the time. Things wondered through my mind like Harry Potter never knowing that I’m the only living family he has left. Also, Draco has no idea that I’m not his biological sister. Merlin’s beard, I’m messed up.

            It was almost nightfall, and I hadn’t gotten into my robes. I woke up from a jab in the ribs by Draco.

            “Tori, it’s almost time to go. Get dressed,” he said as he helped me up.

            I went all the way to where the Gryffindors sat and grabbed my robes. I went into the train’s bathroom and got dressed. I placed my wand in my robe and went back outside. The night sky was beautiful. There were only two stars, which complimented the new moon in the sky. You could barely see it, but if you looked closely, you could see it.

            “Victoria, we’re here,” Hermione whispered.


            We walked outside and got a ride to Hogwarts. I didn’t really remember the transportation because all I was thinking about was the moon and its stars. I was with Harry, Ron, and Hermione; that I remember. We had been walking on the stairs to Hogwarts once again.

            Once in the Great Hall, I watched Albus Dumbledore make he’s annual speech. It ended on a happy note, like it always does. Of course, Ron was eating most of the food by the end of Dumbledore’s speech. Hermione whacked him in the shoulder with her book. I sat next to Hermione when Harry came in. I moved my gaze to my left, where Luna Lovegood was. Her blonde hair was out of control as always.

            “Oh, Victoria. I hadn’t seen you there.”

            “How was your summer Luna?”

            “Oh much fun. Father just planted some Fanged Geranium. It bites him so much; he had to get stitches from a muggle doctor. He had to lie on how he got the bite marks in the first place, but it was a fun trip. I take it your summer was good?”

            “Yeah, it was definitely interesting Luna. Would you excuse me?”

            I got up abruptly and tried not to attract much attention. I did, however, see Harry looking at me as I left. I ran up to the Gryffindor common room. The Fat Lady had smiled once she saw me.

            “Ah, Victoria. Finally, a Malfoy that I like. Password?”


            She opened the door, and I felt like I was at home. The warmness from the fireplace in the left of the room made it homier than Malfoy Manor ever did for me. I loved the color black, but my whole house looked like it was made of iron, and it definitely felt like iron. I took out my letter and found my bedroom. I was going to be sharing a room with Hermione. I was utterly happy.

            My room was huge. It would fit everything Hermione and I had. Two beds with two windows beside them sat on each opposite sides of the room. Glass windows, I might add. Two desks also sat next to the other sides of the windows. It was beautiful. And it helped knowing that Peter Pettigrew wasn’t going to be in your house, and you didn’t know where he was. He was a rat, literally. I heard a knock on the door and I jumped.

            “Hello?” a boy’s voice questioned.

            I turned around to see Harry Potter standing in my doorway. I stayed silent for a while and he walked forward. I usually didn’t get silent when someone I know is in my presence, but not all of them are my twin brother and maybe one of the most famous wizards in my world. I sighed and walked over to him.

            “Hello. I’m Malfoy, Victoria Malfoy.”

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