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Opposites Attract by justcause
Chapter 4 : Beautiful
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A/N Hello dearests :) I know its been quite a while, but I'm almost a second semester senior now, so I can crank these out a bit faster. Yay! Hope you like it. This one's in Scorpius' POV, as well as the next one. See how the other side thinks. Enjoy!

Scorpius POV

  I found myself in a more than awkward situation. See, even though Alb was my best friend, and I spent quite a lot of time at his house, I hadn't seen Rose all summer. Being as Rose and I didn't get along in the slightest, I hadn't minded, and had quite welcomed her absence.

But then today had arrived. Father had sent me off warmly, excited, I presumed, to go off romantically vacationing with Mother.

I had gone to board the train, when I saw a very, and I do mean very, striking girl from afar. Her dark brown hair shone a bright copper where the light skimmed it, and her figure was, to say the least, flawless.

She hadn't changed into robes yet, and was still wearing muggle clothes. They were quite fashionable, I noticed, a dark grey plaid miniskirt with thigh high stockings, showing off long slender legs. A tight vneck teal shirt clung to all her well placed curves. I started to walk towards her, wanting to introduce myself to her, but then she turned her pretty face to me, so I could see it front on.

In an instant, I took in her perfect skin, red, red lips, and bright sea blue eyes.

And I stopped in horror and recognition.

That crazily beautiful girl was the one and only Rose Weasely. The girl I was meant to, and did hate. I felt my heart thud, with what emotion I wasn't sure, and I bolted without a second glance.

Well, maybe with one, but whatever.

I had to keep this to myself. No one would ever let me hear the end of this, so I would tell nobody. Nobody at all. So I turned tail and walked towards the train quickly, fervently hoping and praying that no one had seen my momentary slip in reasoning.

"Hey Alb!" I called, seeing him ahead of me. Thankfully far away from Rose. I didn't know what I was going to do if--when we all shared the same compartment on the train.
I did have one thing to say though. Rose--she really had grown up over the summer. The Rose I remembered hating was brash, with red lips on a face that hadn't yet grown up. Also.  She had to have grown at least six inches over the summer, forcing her somewhat chubby figure to elongate to model status.

Dammit. Why did she have to go and get so pretty? Hating her now would be a little--no---a lot more difficult. Why, Merlin, WHY?

"What's up Scorp? How was France?"

"It was fun, I guess. I think Mum and Dad rekindled their um...romance. Let's just say...they spent quite a lot of time with each other. It was pretty boring for me though. I think they're going on a second honeymoon now that I'm back at Hogwarts."

Al made a little bit of a face at that.

"That's lovely, Scorp." He deadpanned.

I figured he didn't really want to hear about my parents' love lives. Heck, I didn't want to either. But if it kept the topic off of Rose, I was game. We kept walking towards the train, climbing the steps and getting closer to our usual compartment, where I knew Rose would be.

"So...have you seen Rose at all this summer?" It had begun. Damn you Albus.

I quickly shook my head no, all the while my thoughts screaming for him to change the subject.

He didn't.

Well fuck you Potter. Way to read my mind.

"She's really quite a looker now..." He rambled about her for a few seconds, then stopped. "My, don't you look ill."

No shit Sherlock. So he'd noticed my discomfort.

 "I don't really feel like discussing Rose now. We hate each other, remember? Why would I want to discuss her now?"

"...Right, mate." His face changed, though, as he peered closely at me. "Wait a second."

Damn you Albus Severus. You're too fucking perceptive.

" HAVE seen her, haven't you?"

"Of course not."

"You're lying."

"Am not."

"Are too."



This went on for quite some time. Finally, tired of it all, I rolled my eyes.

"So what if I've seen her already?"

"It means you think she's peeeerrrrrrtttttyyyyyy." If he said that again, I was going to start questioning his sexuality. Seriously.

"Dude. Don't you ever say that that way again. And I don't think Rose is pretty. I hate her, remember? You seem to have a very short memory span."

"Suuuuuuuuurrreeeeeeee." Al smirked at me, looking more like me in facial expression than I could have ever thought possible.

I should have never taught him that trademark Malfoy smirk. Using it against me.

"Whatever you say Scorp." He grinned at me. I growled softly to myself.

We finally made it to our usual compartment. Al peered inside, then quickly, very speedily, slipped through thte door and into the compartment. I followed him, but without the haste.

Once inside, I realized why Albus had bothered to hurry. I had been too busy lamenting about Rose's newfound beauty to realize how bloody busy the train was this year.

Especially the overabundance of first years.

So I was a bit shellshocked when I found seven people in the compartment. Normally, James and Ava went off on their own, and Tayla or Tianna would be off with their current boyfriends or siblings. Usually it was Albus and I, and Rose plus one of her friends in the compartment. But no, this year was so bloody crowded.

What, had the entire wizard female population all gotten knocked up at the same time? Well then.

I took a quick look around. No seats. Ava was on James' lap, which gave me a brilliant idea. I could feel the trademark Malfoy smirk spreading across my face. Might as well get a rise out of Rose, just so everyone could rest assured we still hated each other. Plus, I could have some pleasure out of this. Why not, eh?

So I plunked my, as I knew, very fit arse down onto Rose's slender legs. I turned my smirk on her at full blast, fully expecting her retaliation. She immediately turned to me, with cheekbones flaming pink, letting me see her beautiful face in all its glory, up close. And she was beautiful, even with a glare on that face of hers.

"Get the bloody hell away from me," She snapped.

"And why would I do that Scarlet? I think I quite like it here."

"Malfoy?" I was slightly distracted by her now-brilliant smile. "Get the fuck off."

Suddenly, I was hovering above, then lying on the hard ground. Damn Wingardium Leviosa. Dammit. 

I took another good look at her. Snap. We were both hot now.

All right, Rosie. You want to play games? All right.

Bring it on baby, bring it on.

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