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Chapter 2 : Chapter 1: Bad News
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"SUMMER!!" My mother’s high pitched, screeching voice slipped through my sleep heavy mind. “Get out of bed Summer! Now! Get up! Get up! For god’s sake, GET UP NOW!"




 I didn’t even flinch when she screamed in my ear, amplifying her voice so it was 100 times louder and almost exploded my ear drums. Although it made my head feel like it would fall off if I heard much more I didn’t react, I had been taught not to show any weakness, if I did I was punished more. My eyes flashed open and I looked around my bedroom, suddenly full of light in the early morning sun.  The velvet green hangings around my king sized bed had been wrenched open and the pinched, haughty face of my mother glowered down at me. Her dull mud brown eyes stared into my tired bright green ones. When she spoke her voice was hard and flat, all emotion withheld. It was hard to imagine that this woman could ever love her only daughter.




 "Narcissa Malfoy has invited you to her manor for the remainder of the summer holiday; we are expected to arrive there in one hour."




I rolled over in bed, shutting my eyes again, not even bothering to reply. If I didn’t want to go to the Malfoys I wouldn’t. My mother must have guessed my thoughts because the warmth of the covers was whipped of my body. I shuddered as the icy air slapped my bare skin. My mother spoke again commanding and impatient.




“You will go to the Malfoys because the Dark lord requires you to be there. Now get up!” She threw something soft at me, which I presumed was the dress I would be wearing, and swept out the room, leaving me to get up and get ready, I glared my annoyance at the back of her disappearing head.




Grudgingly I sat up and opened my bleary eyes, then winced as the hard light hit them. After a moment or two I stood up carefully, picking up and examining the elegant green dress my mother had left out for me. It was silk, soft and smooth under the touch of my dainty fingers. Slowly let the material flow across the palm of my hand like water and felt some of my annoyance seep away into the fabric. I sighed heavily and pulled it on over my slim curved figure, it wasn’t mother’s fault I had to go to the Malfoys, but being the only person in the house she was the easiest person to take my anger out on. I gazed at my reflection in the full length mirror that took over most of one wall. I was tall for my age, with long straight hair, dark as a moonless night. High proud cheekbones, long, strong nose, wide, full mouth and my eyes, deep emerald fields of green complemented each other against my ivory skin. I picked up my wand, (Soft Ivy, 14 1/2 inches, crystallized sphinx venom, rigid) and pointed it at my hair, almost immediately it curled loosely around the ends enhancing my finely chiseled features. Gently I added the two silver hair combs mother had given me for my birthday, they were goblin made handed down my family for centuries with rarest green jadeite laid into the jeweled tops.




As I gazed into my reflection I heard an old, spluttering voice complement me. “Mistress Fareiettre you look absolutely beautiful today." It was the mirror in front of me. It carried on in its wheezing voice. "The Malfoys will be impressed" I smiled slightly.




"They better be" I murmured. 






After I had finished getting myself ready I slipped into a pair of matching high heels and left my room, gliding down several long corridors towards the grand marble staircase. Here I met my mother finely clad in a shimmering silver dress that showed off her boney body. I noticed the black snake necklace my father had given her clasped tightly around her neck. It wasn’t a pretty thing, and to be honest it had always scared me a little when I was young after I had become convinced that it came alive at night. I stood there silently watching as she circled me, looked me up and down. After smoothing a few creases out of my dress and fixing the jeweled combs more firmly into my hair I was given an approving nod before she marched me swiftly into the drawing room fire place.




I hastily grabbed a handful of flu powder and when I stepped under the arch of the fireplace I threw it down and said clearly "Malfoy Manor.” I was engulfed in green flames and as I started spinning into oblivion, the rooms of my house fading from site I muttered darkly to myself. "The home of the damned devil."

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