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Lessons and Love by itswonderland
Chapter 2 : Love
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Disclaimer: I'm not JK Rowling (although I do sometimes wish I was), all that belongs to me are my OC's and my plot.

chapter image by Marzipan@tda!

It was Saturday afternoon and I had yet to leave my dorm. Last night’s humiliation was too much for me. How could I face the world (Louis Weasley and the unidentified pink haired girl) after that? I couldn't. I would just have to hibernate... in March.


"Lori, you've been moping since you've got up. It's not even funny to watch anymore," Breanne whined.


Meet Breanne Byrne: she was the complete opposite to me. Not even Merlin knew how we became friends. Breanne was outspoken, funny and a bit arrogant. She knew she was funny, she knew she was gorgeous; Breanne had the most beautiful dark brown hair I had ever seen and the brightest blue eyes. She was confident around the opposite gender. She had the ability to talk to good looking boys (like Louis Weasley) without turning into a blithering wreck.


Sometimes I would wonder why she chose me to be her friend but then I remembered the sorting in first year and how infuriated she was to be sorted in Hufflepuff, I was the only person who let her rant to me and anyone who could listen to Breanne Byrne ranting was good enough to be her friend.


But around Breanne, I just felt plain and unnoticed.

I shot Breanne my best annoyed look which wasn't very intimidating as Breanne just laughed. I sighed in frustration.


Breanne liked to call me the doormat of Hufflepuff; she made a certificate and everything. To most people, that gesture would come across as mean but that was just Breanne’s way of showing affection.


She once had a boyfriend who she really, really loved and do you know what she did? She wore an 'I love doxys more than him’ t-shirt on one of their dates just because she thought it would be funny. Unfortunately for Breanne, he was a very sensitive guy and dumped her immediately. Surprisingly, Breanne wasn't too bothered.


"Sorry," I mumbled.


Breanne let out an over-exaggerated sigh and sat herself down on the bed next to me.


"What's up, Munchkin?" She asked, suddenly acting as if she cared.


Breanne had always called me Munchkin due to my height and because I was such a doormat (as Breanne would say), I let her. Truthfully, I used to hate the nickname but over time it grew on me.


"Tutoring with Molly Weasley last night then caught Louis Weasley in a broom cupboard with a pink-haired girl," I mumbled.

"Repeat," Breanne ordered.

After lots of sighing, I told her the entire story from start to finish. I told her about the tutoring I needed, I told her about how annoying I found Molly Weasley, I told her that I was going to fail my N.E.W.T's and I would never become a top healer and I finished with the traumatic period of the night - the Louis Weasley and pink-haired girl incident.


We sat in silence for a moment before Breanne spoke, "That is completely and utterly ridiculous, Loria."

I stared at her. How was that ridiculous? I had embarrassed myself in front of the love of my life who was officially my tutor and she called that ridiculous? It was the end of my life.

"Yes, you were your usually shy, idiotic self but I'm sure Louis has moved on from it," she said. "Anyway, that pink-haired girl you said about is Zoe Walters; she’s a right slut and is only going out with Louis for his money and very good looks."

My mind went blank after 'she is only going out with Louis'. Throughout all my obsessing, I never knew he had a girlfriend. That was news to me, Breanne had never mentioned it. I couldn’t believe I didn’t know.

Breanne must have noticed the look on my face because she then said, “They only made their relationship public at dinner yesterday when you weren't there."


Ah, the ‘secret relationship’.

I nodded my head before we lapsed into silence. Breanne went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for her date to Hogsmeade while I flopped backwards onto my bed. Sadly, my head missed my soft pillow and hit the head board. I yowled in pain and clutched my head where I hit it. I could already feel a bump forming.


It was really not my day.


Suddenly, the door flew open and a panting Emily Savage burst through. Emily and I were both quite similar in looks. We both had blonde hair, hers was slightly lighter than mine however and we were similar heights (although she is slightly taller), skin tones and face shapes. People often mistook us for sisters.


"Lo - Lor - Loria," she panted.


I glanced at her, questioningly.

"Lou- Louis Weasley," Emily started to regain her breath, “Louis Weasley is outside the common room, he asked me to fetch you. Well not you specifically, he actually said: 'that crazy shy girl with the blonde hair' and since you're the only other blonde and, come to think of it, the only crazy shy girl I knew he meant you."

I was in a state of shock, horror and confusion. Louis Weasley wanted me. Louis Weasley wanted me to see me. He wanted to speak to me.


Must. Not. Fan girl. 


"What are you waiting for?" Emily asked impatiently, "Get down there."


And on that note, she pulled me from my bed and kicked me out the dorm before locking the door. Emily always was a violent one.


Nervously and slowly, I walked through the tunnel that led to the Hufflepuff girls’ dorms. Naturally, it was painted yellow. It was like walking through a tunnel of sunshine. I loved it.

I reached the end of the tunnel and stepped out into the common room which was buzzing with the chatter of the other Hufflepuffs. A few first years smiled at me as I walked past and I smiled back. Unlike most people, I adored the first years. They were so cute.

As I got the entrance tunnel, I took a deep breath and crawled through the tunnel. I tumbled out at the feet of Louis Weasley. It was almost as if the roles of yesterday had been reversed.

"Laura?" he asked tentatively as he pulled me up.

I nodded. Yes, I know; my name wasn't Laura but was I going to disagree with Louis Weasley? No, I was not.


"Sorry about last night."

I was confused. Why was he apologising to me about last night? I had been the one to catch him in a broom cupboard.

"I know I should have turned up to the tutoring," he continued to say.

That made sense. He wasn't apologising for the broom cupboard incident. I thought that, like me, he might be a bit embarrassed.

"I know I am your tutor and I should be committed to helping you," I never knew Louis was so kind and caring, no wonder I loved him, "And I promise from now on I will be. I have no... plans for tonight and I am going to start being a good tutor and not put you through what Molly did," I couldn't helped but smile slightly at that, "So how about you meet me in the library after dinner and we will start our tutoring. Is that alright for you?"

I nodded mutely.


"Great!" Louis grinned," By the way, I don't bite. You can talk to me."

I was slightly taken aback but before I could answer, Louis nodded his head and turned around walking away."




All throughout dinner, I was nervous and jittery. This annoyed Breanne greatly.

"Will you stop bouncing on your seat and just eat your bloody food already?" she yelled, attracting a lot of attention from our peers.

My face turned bright red at all the stares and I just prayed to whoever was up there that Louis was not one of the people watching. After all, the Hufflepuff table was right next to the Gryffindor.


I sneaked a glance over there but was relieved to see Louis joking around with his cousins. I found it so sweet that despite him being older than them all (except Molly) he still hung out with them regularly at school. He would be a great father.

I did not just think that.

Images flooded my head of lots of little blonde babies running around and an aged Louis watching them fondly.


It was unrealistic but idealistic. Louis' good looks would be able to balance out my non-good looks and our babies would be perfect. And cute. And have all Louis' personality traits; none of mine. I would make it my goal for my children to not turn out like I did.

Mum tried her best with me. She, my sister, Carey, and I would attend all kinds of Ministry balls and family parties. I was always the one sat by myself eating all the cucumber sticks from the buffet table.  People would often come up to me to ask how I was and each time I would reply with a shy smile and an 'I'm fine'. That would always get them off my back.

I hated any kind of social gathering. I hated being social full stop. I could chat to myself for hours in my head but when it came to people I would just mumble and not know what to say. Breanne usually did the talking for me and I had no problem with that – it stopped me from embarrassing myself.

A glance at the giant clock told me I had ten minutes left. I decided to leave now so I would arrive in time. I couldn't have Louis thinking I was rude along with being shy, idiotic and crazy. That would really ruin my plans for our future.

With a quick goodbye to Breanne, I left the Great Hall and started the trek to the library. The walk there was horrifically long so I was glad I had left early.


I didn't know any short cuts round the castle so I had always had to take the long route. It was a pain in the arse but it had to done. I didn't want to trouble myself with finding these short cuts that I had overheard in conversation because, knowing me, I would get lost.


The corridors were empty as I strolled through them and I was pleased with this. I was practically invisible to most of Hogwarts and would get pushed and shoved around a lot. I didn't have any hard feelings against this as I understood that due to my height and lack of speech, I wasn't very noticeable.

At long last, I arrived at the library. Warily, I walked inside and spotted Louis at one of the tables. He looked like he was writing something but as I approached and glanced at the parchment I thought he had been writing on, I noticed it was empty.

How strange.


I pulled out a chair opposite Louis and sat down. As soon as I sat down, I wished I hadn't sat directly opposite. This meant he was in full view of me and that made me uncomfortable.


Louis smiled his trademark cheeky grin at me and I blushed.

"Hey Lorna," he greeted.

Once again, I didn't bother correcting my name.


"Hi," I mumbled, blushing.

"We'll carry on with what you and Molly started yesterday," he said and upon noticing my horrified expression he laughed and said, “Don’t worry; we’re going to do actual rune translation; not the introduction and history. I don't even know why they put the history of Ancient Runes in this textbook but hey-ho."

Great minds think alike. We were meant to be.

Louis began to explain the concept and different way to remember them by comparing them to other things "this one that looks a bit like Harry Potters scar or a backwards N, means wishes". He showed me all the basic ones that I couldn't remember learning any of this in my Ancient Runes lesson. Louis was a much better teacher than Professor Babbling would ever be. The woman was old enough to be my grandmothers’ grandmother.


As mean as that was to think, it was true. She truly was a very old woman but that is probably what made her so skilled in the knowledge of ancient runes. Not so much the teaching, however. The woman chatted aimlessly like no bodies business, sometimes she would chat about her grandson and how well he was doing as an Auror but sometimes she would go into a rant about her cat, Tubby, and how he kept scratching her new floorboards.


I listened intently as Louis talked about runes. He made such a boring subject seem almost interesting.


I hadn't spoken throughout the whole two hours, only nodding to show I understood and 'hmm'ing when appropriate. I really, truly appreciated Louis taking his time out from snogging Zoe in a broom closet to tutor me, plain old Loria Jane Kent. Plain Jane.


The best thing was, Louis didn't seem bored and if he was, he didn't show it. What a great person. We should have just got married. Right there in the library. The epitome of all that is romance.


Although I'd have to wait until he first learnt my name. Then we could get married and have lots of beautiful babies.

"I'm going to set you a bit of homework," Louis said, "Find the symbol for the rune meaning love."

My heart leapt. He wanted me to look for the love rune. Love. Love. At that moment, I was almost certain he knew how I felt about him, but that couldn’t have been possible – unless Breanne or Emily had told him, they are the only two that know of my obsession – ahem – crush.


I just nodded like I had been doing the whole time I was in his company.


While he was writing something on the empty parchment from earlier, I picked up my belongings and turned to leave but I was stopped by Louis hand on my arm. His soft but manly hand on my arm. This was the first bodily contact I had ever had with a boy and I could feel the goose bumps rise up under his touch. As cliché as that sounded, it was true but not due to some strange love connection – his hand was just really cold.


Louis turned me to face him, "Why are you so shy Laurie?" he asked.


"I - I don't know," I answered quietly before turning and leaving.


At least he got my name almost right.


A/n: so here it is chapter two! Thanks to the people who reviewed the last chapter, it really means a lot. This chapter was just to get the plot going so it’s not too exciting but how do you like Louis? Personally, I love him but it’s your opinion :P

Please review, I’d love to know what you thought 

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