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What time will tell you by GinnyFan91
Chapter 2 : This is so weird!
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Disclaimer: I owe nothing but my own ideas! Unfortunately!

Lily opened her eyes and looked around, the first thing she saw was a tall man with messy black hair and a slim woman with long red hair in a flowing white dress standing next to each other, she couldn’t hide her surprise

“Oh James,” she exclaimed, “the time travel went wrong! It sent us back to our own wedding instead of Harry’s!” Lily had tears in her eyes, she was afraid that this was a sign that Harry never would get married, perhaps he wouldn’t live long enough? Would he, too, be killed by Voldemort?

“Lils,” James interrupted her troubled thoughts, “Lils, look around – this isn’t our wedding, look at the dress, the garden, the minister – this isn’t our wedding, Harry just picked up his dad’s fondness for redheads,” James couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of his son falling in love with a beautiful redhead, just like he did himself!

Lily looked around once more, she took in the scene, she noticed how the garden was filled with white chairs instead of the blue ones that had been used at her own and James’ wedding. She looked at the woman standing in front of the alter and at the exact moment Harry and the woman turned to face each other, she saw the smile on both faces and instantly new that they were deeply in love and extremely happy. The woman looked at Harry with a fierce and determined look in her brown eyes, she was beautiful, Lily thought, truly beautiful.
“They look happy,” she whispered, just as the minister turned and faced the crowd.

“Witches and wizards,” Lily heard him clearly even though she was standing behind some trees hidden from the crowd, “we are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Harry James Potter,” Lily felt a thrill at her son’s name, “and Ginevra Molly Weasley” Lily suddenly realized that the woman standing at her son’s side must be a daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley – Lily had known Molly for years, she was several years older than her but she lived at the same street and had babysat her a couple of times during her childhood and both Molly and Arthur were members of the Order. Lily had always liked the older woman, and to know that her son would eventually marry Molly’s daughter was a joy to her!

Lost in her thoughts Lily realized that the ceremony was over and had turned into the wedding party, Harry and Ginevra, (she really hoped she had a nickname, why on earth did Molly choose that name??), was sitting at a table and smiling like crazy.

“Yeah,” James said quietly, “ they really look happy, but you’re right Lils – they look like us, Harry with his messy black hair and the Weasley woman with her long red hair…”, “Ginevra,” Lily said, “she has a name you know,” – “yeah, but Ginevra? Come on Lils, what kind of name is that?” James had to bite his lips to keep from laughing and so did Lily. They both looked at the table just in time to see Harry rise from his seat and get everybody’s attention.

“Ginny,” Harry started and looked at his wife just as James and Lily looked at each other relieved from the revelation of the nickname, “I look at you right now and wonder how on earth I deserved someone like you – you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever known!” Lily could hear the sincerity and nervousness in his voice and she was close to tears. “you are the one who told me to get over myself and face the press after the war at Hogwarts, you are the one who can kick my but at Quidditch even when I try my best,(James smirked at this, knowing his son played Quidditch made him happy) you are the one doesn’t give a damn about my past – you only care about our future together, and right now, so do I!” Lily saw Harry smiling at Ginny and Ginny beaming back at him. She noticed how they seemed to have a special connection, and that everybody present in the room seemed to know and understand this.

“Gin,” Harry continued, still only seeing his beautiful bride – almost forgetting there were anybody else in the garden, “you know me better than anyone else, you know exactly what to say when I’m sad, or how to cheer me up when I need so, you know when talk to me and when to leave me alone, you even know if I’m trying to surprise you, which made it damn hard to propose to you without you knowing it was coming!” Both Harry and Ginny laughed at this, as well as all the guests. “Gin, I love you more than anything – I would like to say I always have, but you know it took me a little more time to open my eyes,” Ginny blushed and laughed, Lily didn’t really understand the joke but figured it had something to do with how they got together in the first place, she smiled sadly – she would like to know everything about her son and his life!

“I love you Gin,” Harry said seriously, taking Ginny’s hand in his “I have since the first time I kissed you,” he pulled her so she was standing right in front of him, “and I always will.” Lily saw her son kissing his wife lovingly, passionately, not caring about the people looking at them and clapping. She felt the tears welling up in her eyes as she saw how happy he was.

“Come on”, James whispered as he pulled Lily away from the garden, he led her to the back of the house where nobody would hear or see them, “It’s okay, they are happy Lily, Harry is happy love,” he whispered as he held Lily close to him, she was crying and sobbing into his chest, making his shirt wet but he didn’t care – he understood the grief that she felt. It was clear that Harry had been through a lot, his speech to Ginny had revealed that much – it was also disturbingly clear that neither James nor Lily were present at the wedding. Even though they both knew they wouldn’t survive Voldemort’s attack, a small hope had always remained – maybe, just maybe one of them could survive and take care of Harry – but none of them would live long enough to see his wedding.

Lily’s breathing slowed down and she stopped crying slowly, keeping her arms locked firmly around her husband, hugging him tightly, never wanting to let go. She sighed deeply and whispered: “Thanks James, it’s just…” “I know, love,” James said silently, soothing his wife, “I know…”

They were interrupted when they suddenly heard a woman giggling and a man whispering words they couldn’t hear – James pulled Lily with him and hid them both behind some bushes. It was dark enough that they wouldn’t be discovered.

“Harry, what are you doing?” the woman asked while laughing – the man and woman where know visible to Lily and James, and they could see their son and his wife, still wearing their wedding clothes, walking close together away from the wedding party.

“I just wanted you alone for a few minutes,” Harry said, turning Ginny around so that she was facing him, “you look so amazingly beautiful Ginny” even though the words weren’t loud at all, Lily and James were close enough that they could hear them. Lily felt slightly bad for eavesdropping on her own son, but this was her only change! She would never know him like this! James on the other hand, had never had a problem with eavesdropping, and this wasn’t any different!

“Why thank you, you don’t look half bad yourself Mr. Potter,” Ginny teased, while smiling at Harry, Lily saw Harry bow his head and slowly pull Ginny towards him, kissing her lips softly while caressing her hair and chin. Lily was reminded of her own wedding where James too, had pulled her away from the party and kissed her with more passion than was appropriate in front of the guests when…

“Harry, Ginny, Harry, Ginny, Harry, Ginny….” a small boy called, coming around the corner with a happy smile on his face. Lily couldn’t see him clearly in the dark but it looked like his hair was blue (?!) – who was this?

“Eeeew, Harry… stop kissing aunt Ginny like that – it’s gross!” the small boy said with disgust in his voice, having interrupted a fairly deep kiss from the newlyweds. “You know, I don’t think my parents ever did that!”

Ginny started laughing and picked up the small boy, “Teddy Lupin,” James gasped when he heard the name Lupin, “do you know why Harry kissed me like that?” the boy shook his head, he definitely had blue hair, “It’s because I love her,” Harry answered, taking the boy, Teddy, from Ginny and wrapping his free arm around her shoulder, “And I know your mum and dad loved each other too you know, just as much as they love you Teddy, you know that right?” Harry looked at the boy with concern, “I know Harry, will you tell me stories about mum and dad tonight?” he asked eagerly, “Teddy you’re staying here with grandma Molly tonight, not with us,” Ginny said, stroking the boy’s hair, “you can ask her, she knows a lot of stories about your mum and dad!”

Teddy jumped down from Harry’s arm and said: “I’ll go ask her now!” and with that he was gone again.

Lily looked at James, he looked shocked and was still staring after the small blue-haired boy.

“You know,” Ginny said, pulling Lily and James out of their trance, “I once caught Remus and Tonks in action at Grimmauld Place” Harry laughed mischievously and said, “I don’t think we should tell Teddy that story about his parents!” He put his arm back to Ginny’s shoulder and began to lead her back to the party.

“Remus,” James whispered, looking at Lily, “I know James, let’s go back, I think we’ve seen enough!” James nodded and they both took the picture frame in their hands and whispered together: “Home”


Lily and James landed in the living room where Sirius sat on the couch with baby Harry sleeping in his arms, they both looked so peaceful. It was a weird sight – having just seen Harry as an adult, now being back with the baby they both knew so well.

“Hey guys,” Sirius said silently as to not wake up Harry, “how was it?”
“It was,” Lily didn’t know how to describe it, it had been so weird, but still nice, “it was strange”, “yeah,” James agreed, “strange but good – he was happy!” James smiled, it pleased him to know that his son, who right now was just a small child, would someday be married and happy.

Both Lily and James were deep in thoughts, but Sirius wasn’t satisfied – “come on guys, tell me something more! Like who does this guy marry? Was I there? Were Moony there? Or Peter? Give me some details!” James laughed at Sirius impatience, but Lily frowned: “I don’t think we should tell too much James, you know we can’t meddle with the future” she said sternly.

“Can’t we just tell him who he marries? It’s not like that will ruin anything right?” James begged, he wanted to share everything with Sirius but knew that it would be unwise of him. He hadn’t seen Sirius there at the wedding either, not Peter and of course not Remus – he had however heard about Remus, what was the name of his wife – Tonks, weird name. A thought suddenly hit him: “Hey Padfoot, didn’t one of you cousin marry someone named Tonks?” Lily’s head snapped up when she heard James mention the name Tonks, she remembered it too. “Yeah,” Sirius said confused, “Andromeda married this muggle named Ted Tonks, they have a girl, but she’s like 8 year old now or something like that – please don’t tell me he marries someone that much older than himself?” James laughed, “no don’t worry, I just think he knows her somehow,” James thought about it a moment before he decided to tell Sirius who they had seen Harry getting married to, “anyway, he’s going to marry Arthur Weasley’s daughter, you know Molly is pregnant right know, that’s probably with her!” James suddenly remembered that Molly had resigned temporarily from the order due to her pregnancy, they had a small son as well, Ronald or something like that.

“James,” Lily hissed, “Oh you two – just don’t tell Molly or Arthur, don’t even hint it! They can’t know anything about this - understood?” James and Sirius nodded and found it best to keep their mouths shut, they wouldn’t want to cross Lily by telling Molly or Arthur, but James couldn’t help but wonder about Sirius cousin Andromeda who apparently had a daughter Remus would end up marrying…

Author's note: Thanks so much for reading - please review! If you have any ideas as to what Lily and James should visit please write me a review and let me know :)


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What time will tell you: This is so weird!


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