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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 15 : Let's show moaning myrtle our ball gowns
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 Everything belongs to JK Rowling :D

Many Thanks to GinnyPotter25 @TDA for this image :)

Hermione woke that morning to a very annoying and consistent poke in her stomach. With her eyes closed, hoping to fall back asleep, she tried swatting it away. That didn't work. She tried hitting it. That didn't work; finally she muttered a wandless levicorpus.

"AARGH!" Hermione's eyes shot open as she heard a very familiar male yell. Hoping it wasn't what she thought it was, she slowly opened her eyes and looked up. Yup, there was Draco Malfoy, hanging midair by the foot, flailing his arms about.

"GRANGER PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" he hollered. Now Hermione, being the intelligent wonderful kind human being that she is thought about that. Get him down? Or Leave him hanging for a while? Unfortunately, her good side got the better of her. She stood up and thought, Liberacorpus.


Oops… Maybe she should have put something down to cushion his fall. Oh well, it can't be helped.

Draco glared up at her as he got up off the ground while rubbing his butt, trying to get rid of the pain. He better not have broken it or something. He stood on his feet and walked over to Hermione. He looked down on her, trying to intimidate her. He was pretty angry. Here he was, the nice amazing gentleman, trying to help a poor damsel out of the hospital wing… what does he end up with? A broken butt. He glared at her, narrowing her eyes. But then that little she-devil grinned up at him, using the ultimate weapon. The puppy dog eyes. He hated it when Pansy or his mother used them, now Granger was too! The poor life of Draco Malfoy, all his resolve to be angry with her melted away as she smiled.

"Hmph," he grunted, crossing his arms and looking away. He wordlessly handed her her wand, trying to appear like he was still angry with her.

"Awe, don't be mad! I thought you were a fly!" she grabbed her wand.

"So you tried to levicorpus a fly? Who does that?" Hermione just grinned.

"It's early, I can't be a genius all the time you know. Speaking of early… what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I'm springing you from this jail," he tried to sound all chivalrous.

"I don't need springing, Madame Pompfrey said I could leave today anyway," she snorted. Oh right, he forgot about that.

"Well, then I'm assisting you. Don't be so ungrateful," he joked.

"Oh don't worry! I'm not, you can carry my books for me!" She pointed to a huge stack of textbooks. He just rolled his eyes at her and shrunk the books with his wand and stuck them with his pocket.

"Silly Mugglemuffin can't even remember to use magic," he muttered. Hermione responded by sticking her tongue out at him and marching out the door. He followed behind her.

"What time is it?" she asked, slowing down so they could walk side by side.

"8," he replied.

"Oh! I'm supposed to meet Luna and Ginny at the great hall at 8:30, oh well I still have time," she nodded to herself before a look of horror came upon her face, "oh no! I never told Pansy when to meet us!" She stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Draco.

He smiled and shook his head. He pushed her forward and kept walking.

"She'll be in the great hall now anyway, you can just grab her and go," he informed her.

"Oh, phew! Thank Merlin. Not really in the mood to walk around the castle looking for her, I want to go straight to Hogsmeade!" She made a punching motion with her hand. What a weird little thing she is,thought Draco.

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you for inviting Pansy out with you guys," he looked at her.

"I'm happy to have done it, she seems like a pretty nice person," Hermione smiled.

"Yeah, she walked into the common room yesterday and casually mentioned you invited her to come with you today. She laughed when my jaw dropped. I know she can seem like a pretty rude person, but she really doesn't have any female friends so I think you'll be a good influence on her," he thanked.

"Yeah, besides, now that she's pretty much dating my best friend, she's joining our group. Just like you and Blaise! Slithering your ways into our amazing little Gryffindor group. I always knew you wished you were one of us," she smirked. He playfully pushed her away.

"Yeah right," he scoffed.

"Where are we going?" he asked as he looked around.

"Oh, we're going to our rooms, I need to get changed and put away my stuff," she said.

Right, obviously that's where they were going seeing as how they were taking the only route that led there. He really needed to pay more attention to his surroundings.

Hermione muttered the password and the portrait swung open.

"Could you please put my books on the desk?" she asked. Draco complied and unshrunk the seven text-books that were in his pocket.

"You know Granger, normal people rest when they are in the hospital, not do their homework,"

"Oh I wasn't doing my homework, I'm done all that, and I was just doing some light reading,"

Draco stared at her… she really needed a life, and he told her so.

"Hermione, I say this because I care, please get a life," he took her by the shoulders.

"Har-har, you amuse me Draco Malfoy, now bugger off. Go find Blaise or something. I need to go get ready," she shook him off and walked towards the stairs.

"You're welcome!" he shouted after her, "So rude." He stood there for a while before deciding to take her advice and he left to find his best friend.

Upstairs after having just taken a hot shower, Hermione walked over to her closet. She needed to wear something flexible. Something she could easily take off since they would be trying on dresses today. With that thought in mind, Hermione's eyes drifted over to a sweater dress that she had, warm, comfy and easy to take off. Perfect. She slipped it on with a pair of leggings; after all, it was almost winter so it was a bit chilly outside. She dried her hair with her wand and grabbed her money bag.

Hermione stepped down the stairs leading into the foyer of the great hall and she saw a flash of blonde and red hair standing by the doors. She made her way over and then suddenly, she was attacked!

"Urgh, geroff me!" she mumbled through the red hair in her face.

"Oh Mione! Thank goodness you're alright!" shrieked Ginny.

"Hello Hermione, I knew you'd be alright, the Blibbering Humdingers told me so," Hermione and Ginny just looked at Luna oddly, before deciding it would be best not to comment.

"Right, let's go shopping!" cried Ginny, dragging Hermione to the door.

"Wait!" Hermione halted in her steps, forcing Ginny to stop. "Um, I don't know how you guys will feel about this, but I invited Pansy to come with us," Ginny's jaw dropped.

"Hermione! Why would you do that! She's a Slytherin!"

Hermione raised her eyebrow, "And here I was under the impression that you were going to the ball with a Slytherin? The same Slytherin who is best friends with Pansy." Ginny huffed and looked away. "Look, I know we don't know her that well, but we might as well get to know her, she is Draco and Blaise's best friend, and she's pretty much dating your brother, it can't hurt can it? Besides, Draco thinks it's a good idea."

"Well, if darling Draco thinks so, then it must be a swell idea!" Ginny turned to face Luna. Hermione smiled at her friends antics and knew that she was okay with Pansy coming along.

"Just wait here, I'll go get her from the Great Hall," she didn't receive a response so she shrugged and turned around. First thing she did as she entered was head over to Ron and Harry at the Gryffindor table so that she could grab a piece of toast. A girl's got to eat after all.

"Good Morning!" she grinned. Her friends glared at her.

"It's too early, go away," mumbled Ron through a mouth full of oatmeal.

"Ronald, that is disgusting, please close your mouth and chew so that you don't spew your food over everyone," Hermione wrinkled her nose. Ron responded by throwing a grape at her.

"Off to Hogsmeade Hermione?" asked Harry, preventing the argument from escalading.

"Yes! Which reminds me, behave today please, and try not to get into any trouble. I know it'll be hard for you two, but just try," Hermione smiled and turned around, scanned the Slytherin table and made her way over to the black haired girl flipping through the pages of a magazine. She rolled her eyes as from behind her she heard Ron say, "We never get into trouble, don't know what she thi- wait, Harry, why's she going over to the Slytherin table? Why's she going over to Pansy!"

"Hello Pansy, are you ready to go?" Asked Hermione as she nervously stood in front of the girl, she wasn't going to admit it, but being in enemy territory bothered her just a little. The Slytherins didn't bother her or anything, but it's only natural for a Gryffindor to be cautious of the little Snakes.

Pansy looked up at her and nodded. She put away her magazine nicely in her bag and stood up.

"Do your friends know that I'm coming along?" She asked.

"Of course! I just told them actually,"

"And are they okay with it?"

"They couldn't be happier" Hermione lied.

Pansy looked at her, a bit skeptical, but just nodded as they exited the Great Hall and walked over to Ginny and Luna.

"Hello Pansy," said Luna serenely.

"Lov- Luna," Pansy stumbled over her mistake. Luna was being more than cordial to her, the least she could do was return the favor. Ginny just looked at the girl, Pansy looked back. They seemed to be sizing each other up, Hermione and Luna - well Hermione mostly since Luna was staring off into space – looked at the two girls stare at each other, it was best not to get involved.

"If you hurt my brother, so help me Merlin, I will make you regret it," warned Ginny. Pansy scoffed.

"Save it Weasley, Hermione already said this little speech to me," Ginny glared at Hermione.

"Hey! I'm the one who's supposed to warn her Mione!"

"Sorry," she apologized half-heartedly, "let's go!" She opened up the doors and left, knowing that the girls would be following behind her.

It was a beautiful day, just a bit nippy. The walk into Hogsmeade was a bit awkward to say the least, Hermione tried to make conversation but she only got one worded answers in reply, Luna was too distracted to contribute to anything Hermione said.

"Uh, well which shop should we go to?"

"Well, Madam Malkin has set up a temporary shop at Gladrags Wizardwear, there are loads of dresses there," offered Pansy.

Hermione smiled thankfully at her, "Well let's start there then."

The girls walked over to the shop and the bell tinkled as they walked in.

"Urgh, not more!" shouted a voice, "never should have done this, should have stayed in Diagon Alley!" they muttered. Madam Malkin appeared over a stack of robes, glaring at the four girls.

"Oh! Miss Parkinson! I apologize, I didn't realize that it was you! How may I help you?" the seamstress quickly changed her demeanor.

"Madam, my friends here require attire for our ball, I trust you have something suitable for them," Pansy raised an eyebrow, as if daring her to say no.

"O-of course Miss, right this way," she disappeared behind the stack, leaving the girl's to follow her.

Hermione, Ginny and Luna stared wide-eyed at Pansy. She noticed this and offered them a small shrug.

"Pansy! What was that?" demanded Hermione, not angry but surprised.

"You think that was bad? You should see shop-owners when one a Malfoy enters their stores. As it is, my mother and I are long-time customers of Madam Malkin so she always treats us a bit above everyone else, a bit annoying actually," she rolled her eyes and followed the path that Madam Malkin had taken. The girls looked at each other but followed Pansy. They ended up in the back of the store where Madam Malkin was bringing out a large variety of beautiful dresses. Every color, every style imaginable!

'Miss Parkinson, this blue color would really bring out the color of your eyes! It would look magnificent on you!"

"I have already purchased my dress, we only need them for these three," Pansy walked over to the mannequins that modeled all the dresses.

"Oh, alright, how about this red one for you?" Madam Malkin pointed to a hideous princess style dress and looked at Ginny. Pansy saved her the trouble of responding by answering herself.

"Madam Malkin, just because I am not in need of a dress, does not mean that you will not make an effort with these young ladies. I expect nothing but the best for them. In fact, I will find the dresses, you may go," Pansy waved her hand and Madam Malkin apologized and left.

"Pansy, that wasn't very necessary, was it?" asked Hermione.

"Hermione, we'll get this done much easier without her, besides, I'm going to be a designer when I finish Hogwarts, I do think that I know what will look good on you guys or not, did you see how she offered that red dress to Ginny? Not only was it atrocious, that color would clash horribly with her hair!" Ginny nodded.

"She's right Hermione, she wasn't exactly making an effort to help us," everyone stared at Ginny in surprise, she just agreed with Pansy! Hermione sighed in defeat, knowing that they were right.

"When did you get your dress?" She asked instead.

"Oh, a few weeks back, I ordered it from a catalogue. That reminds me, none of you are wearing green since I am,"

"I hope you realize that Ron hates the color green," Ginny went back to acting like herself.

"He won't hate the color when he sees it on me," Pansy smirked. "Now, let's start with you Weasley," She pointed to the little couch in front of the changing room and commanded the three girls to sit. Pansy walked up to Ginny, looked her over, and nodded her head a few times as she muttered under her breath.

"No pink or red. No green. No warm colors. Nothing poufy. Nothing short," Finally she turned around and started to point at different dresses with her wand. After about five minutes of this she clapped her hands together.

"Good, now go to the dressing room and inside you'll find a bunch of dresses," Ginny stood up, "to try them on, simply point at the dress and say Portis and it will appear on you in your size. When it is on, I want you to come out and show us and we'll tell you how it looks," Ginny looked like she wanted to object, but thought better of it, at least Pansy knew what she was doing.

The first dress Ginny came out in was the blue one that Madam Malkin picked out for Pansy. The girls liked it, but decided that it wasn't the one for her.

Ginny tried on multiple dresses, blues, blacks, golds. Finally she stepped out in a form-fitting silver dress.

Hermione gasped, even Luna looked awe-struck. Pansy smiled proudly.

"That's it!" the three girls cried at the same time. Ginny looked into the mirror at the dress. It had a corset for the top and the rest of the material fell down her legs gracefully. It was beautiful.

"Did you know that silver is Blaise's favorite color?" smirked Pansy. Ginny blushed and walked back into the dressing room and changed into her normal clothes. She walked out, hugging the dress.

"I'll take it!" she grinned. Pansy stood up and waved her wand at the remaining dresses so that they would go back to their mannequins. It was Luna's turn.

"Luna, come here," As much as Luna would have loved to make her own dress, she let Pansy have her fun and find one for her. She could always add her own touch to it later. Pansy repeated the same procedure with Luna and wordlessly pointed to the dressing room so that Luna could go and try on the dresses.

Every single dress that Luna came out in was either pink or light blue, and they had to admit, they all looked so absolutely stunning on her that it was hard to decide which one looked best. She finally stepped out in a pale pink dress that made the girls squeal.

"That's it! That's the one!" cheered Ginny.

"Whoa Luna, where have you been hiding all these years?" cried a stunned Pansy. All her friends looked fabulous and she was worried that she wouldn't look half as good.

Luna smiled happily and changed back into her normal clothes. Finally it was Hermione's turn.

Pansy stood in front of her for what seemed like ages, looking her over and furrowing her brows.

"It's a shame that green would look so good on you," she finally said. Hermione stayed silent and let Pansy do her thing.

"No, no, EW, no, ugly, gross, hideous, absolutely not, ugh, no," that was all Hermione could hear from Pansy as she observed the dresses. Every once in a while she would send a dress over to the dressing room. Finally, after twenty minutes of this, she was done.

"You are extremely hard to find a dress for," Pansy glared at her as if it was her fault. Hermione shrugged and walked into the dressing room. She waved her wand at a random blue dress and walked out without looking at herself.

Pansy immediately shook her head and Hermione walked back in. Next was a white one, then a black one. None were good enough. She then got to the group of red dresses.

"As well as you represent your house colors, that dress is not good enough," Hermione marched back into the dressing room. Twenty dresses later, and fifteen different shades of red later she finally got to the last batch of dresses. There was a cream colored one and an amethyst colored one. The cream one was what she tried on first.

"Oh what a hideous dress! How did that end up in there?" cried Pansy. Hermione groaned and went back in. There was only one dress left and she made up her mind. Even if they didn't like it, she was going to get it. It couldn't be that bad on her after all. As long as she still looked like a girl, then she'd get it. She waved her wand and stepped out. Everything was silent. Finally Pansy started to clap.

"Who would have thought that the resident book-worm actually had curves beneath all those frumpy clothes of hers," she smirked.

"You. Look. So. Hot. In. That. Dress," was all Ginny said.

Luna just smiled at her.

"Is it really that nice?" asked Hermione, a bit skeptical.

"Yes! And if you don't get it, we will never speak to you again!" threatened Ginny.

"Ok ok!" Hermione laughed and walked back into the dressing room. She looked into the mirror and let out a gasp. It really did look good on her! She grinned and walked back out.

"Now, we need to pick out some shoes and jewelry," stated Pansy. The three girls clutched their dresses as they followed Pansy over to the shoes. She picked up a pair of silver heels and tossed them to Ginny. The white ones were for Luna and the black ones for Hermione. She then picked out a pair of silver ones for herself, completely different from Ginny's of course.

Next was the jewelry. Hermione looked at a beautiful silver diamond necklace and reached out to touch it but her hand was slapped away by Madam Malkin.

"That one is reserved Miss," Hermione didn't notice Pansy smirk out of the corner of her eye. Instead she looked at the bracelets and settled on a chunky purple bracelet. Luna got a thin gold bracelet and matching earrings and Ginny got silver bangles and chandelier style earrings. Pansy didn't need any jewelry since she had a very large collection back home that her mother would send her items from. The girls each paid for their purchases and walked out of the store with Hermione looking longingly back at the necklace that was reserved.

"Should we go and get some Butterbeer?" asked Ginny.

"Might as well," responded Hermione. The four girls walked over to the three broomsticks and ordered their drinks. They sat at a table for four and sipped on their beverages.

"Thanks for the help Parki-Pansy," thanked Ginny. She said it a bit reluctantly but the girls knew that she meant it.

"You're welcome, thank you for letting me come with you guys, I had fun."

The words exchanged between the two girls broke the silence around them and they all started to chatter happily about the guys...



Speaking of the guys, Ron and Harry made their way down to the lake so that they could catch some sun after a morning of being cooped up inside finishing Snape's essay.

They sat down under their tree and heard a groan come from beside them

"Ugh! Why do you have to ruin our perfectly good morning!" whined Draco from the tree beside theirs where he sat with Blaise.

"Us ruin your morning? You ruined our morning!" protested Ron.

"No you did!"

"No I didn't it was you!" They continued to bicker like children not seeing Harry and Blaise get up and sit beside each other in the space between the two trees.



"Doing well?"

"As well as one can be, yourself?"

"I'm doing alright."

Draco and Ron finally noticed their respective best friends having a friendly conversation with each other.

"Blaise! What are you doing! Stop talking to him!"

"Harry! Get away! He's the enemy!"

"Honestly Ron, you're dating their best friend, you could at least try and get along with them," sighed Harry

"What! I thought you were just taking her to the bal?" Glared Draco.

"Same thing for you Drake, I bet Hermione would really like it if you made peace with her best friends," Blaise added.

"But I don't want to!" Ron and Draco protested at the exact same time. They looked at each other and glared, then looked away quickly.

"Such children," Harry shook his head.

"So pathetic," agreed Blaise.

They were all silent for a moment before Harry decided to speak.

"Hey Malfoy, I just want you to know, Hermione's like my sister, and if you ever hurt her, I'll hurt you, badly," Draco glared at Harry, he wasn't going to answer him.

"Well, since we're on the topic, Weasley, Pansy is like my sister, if one hair on her head is harmed, consider the Giant Squid your new best friend because you'll be living with him," said Blaise.

"Yeah, well Ginny is my sister, I don't like you. But I can't make her stop liking you, don't know what she sees in you but if anything ever happens to her, be it physical or emotional, I'll make you regret it. Heck, not just me, but all the Weasley brothers will come after you," Ron shook his fist at Blaise who grimaced; he did not want to get on the bad side of the six Weasley brothers. He would definitely not come away from that the victor.

"Well, since everyone's threatening each other, Potter, if you hurt Lovegood, I hope you fall off the astronomy tower and break every single bone in your body and are thus unable to ever move again and then Lovegood can go find some guy who believes all her wacky stuff and have little Looney non-Potter babies. Merlin knows we don't need any more of you in this world," Draco shivered in disgust.

Everyone stared at Draco oddly.

"Why are you defending her honor?" asked Ron.

"Well... no one else was."



"Want to go play some quidditch?" asked Blaise, looking around. The three boys shrugged and walked off to the quidditch pitch together. Anyone who saw these four together nearly suffered a heart attack or thought that they were hallucinating; no way would these bitter enemies ever hang out together. It was just too unlikely.

I would like to thank all my reviewers. You guys are honestly so great and I love logging on and having that message saying I got a new review. I smile :D

ANYWAYS, I will see you when I see you I suppose, and please Review!

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