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Remembering You by EverDiggory
Chapter 1 : The Fall
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Authors Note: Hey y’all!So this is written for the “Absolute Death Challenge”.  This is my first posted angsty/romance/death story,so I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know!




Lucius Malfoy paced in the extravagant parlour,eyes filled with a hundred emotions. The dark wood,the emerald green velvet and large windows revealing the rainy day accurately portrayed the situation the man was in. The dark colors represented his mood perfectly. Lucius Malfoy the perfect pureblood, wealthy,and most of all arrogant…yet here he was:a wreck. With his tie undone messily,and hair a tangled mess,he fell onto the couch. He was ringing his hands over and over.


Surely,it could not be not be true,he thought. There was no way it could be possible. Narcissa Evangeline Malfoy, was not…She could not be…


The distressed man could not bring himself to say it.


He truly believed that his wife of 27 years,could not be dead.


“Father,”a voice called out. Lucius closed his eyes,and finally stood up.


“Yes,Draco?” he choked out,knowing he could not bare to face his son.  How he resembled her.


“Father,we must go now.Or we will be late.”


Lucius could not help but notice his son’s clipped,cold tone. “Why are you angry with me,Draco?” he called out,yet to face his only son.


“I wonder why Father…”he replied,his Malfoy attitude obvious. “Lord Voldemort died. Yes,he’s dead. The man you have destroyed your family for is no longer. You gave up your child,and wife for him. But now Mum’s dead. And you can’t change it.  You abandoned her when you knew she was sick with a deadly disease,” Draco yelled,and balled his fists in rage. Draco paused for the slightest moment,desperate to control himself. He took a slow deep breath and continued in a voice much lower,yet still full of the fury inside of him. “You abandoned me and Mum, for somebody purely evil. And now….now Mum is dead. She’s dead Father. She was alone Father…because you were willing to sacrifice us for a killer.A man who left you to hang many times before. And now she’s never coming back.


Lucius didn’t move. Draco’s words pierced through his body,and his chest tightened. He stood there for several moments before replying. “Draco, you don’t understand. I did it all for the both of you. To protect my family.”


“I believed that Father.For a long time. But is that really your excuse for running off for months after his death? Unheard from? Father,honestly. Don’t bother.”


Lucius turned to face his son,ashamed of the tears welling up in his eyes.  “Despite your beliefs Draco,I truly loved your Mother. But…But I….I’m…” Lucius trailed off,and continued to ring his hands.


“Say it Father,”Draco demanded.




Draco’s eyes softened automatically,and his hands relaxed. That lasted for a moment,until he stormed off. Lucius remained still for a few moments longer,and shuffled to the book shelf.  He lightly ran his fingers over the leather spines of many books.  On the second shelf,Lucius removed the last three books to the right,and smiled at the white photo album hidden that was revealed. He carefully reached for it,as though at any moment it might dash off like a mad animal.


Lucius smiled slightly as he ran his fingers over the cover softly,and memories rushed back at him.


He stumbled into the manor,intoxicated with alcohol. The pain he had suffered from the Dark Lord had been so unbearable,and he had decided to drown out the pain with firewhiskey.


“Lucius?”a soft voice called for his attention. Even though everything was fuzzy,he could tell it was Narcissa,holding their nine month old son.


“Hey ‘Cissy,how’s you going?” he slurred,and Narcissa shook her head.


“Lucius Abraxas Malfoy,honestly?” she scowled,and she leaned her weight onto her left foot.


“I sorry baby,it was hem,I swore. And I just wanted a drink or nine” he slurred,and caused Narcissa to scowl even more. She shifted Draco into her left arm,and took her wand out with her right hand.


In seconds Lucius straightened up,thankfully sober. “Thank you,”he said,desperately trying to avoid her menacing gaze.


“Oh Cissy,don’t look at me like that,” he pleaded as he took a few steps her,and attempted to wrap his arms around her.


She quickly stepped away,glaring at him disapprovingly. Draco cooed,and both were momentarily mesmerized by their son. When Lucius looked back up at Cissy,it was apparent to her that he truly did love her and their son. Her shoulders slumped ever so slightly,and she laughed at how easily she melted by plainly the look in her husband’s eyes.


Lucius gladly took his young wife and son into his arms,and inhaled the scent of her perfume. He lightly pulled his fingers through her silky hair,then down her soft cheek. She smiled up at him,and Draco began to slowly close his eyes. Lucius’s heart swelled as he was filled with so much pride and love he could hardly stand it.


“I love you,” Cissy said,and her blue eyes stared at him so lovingly he leaned down and kissed her.


“Father!Now! We are going to be late!” Draco yelled from another room. Lucius sighed,and gently put the album back,resisting the urge to look through it before he left. He tentatively replaced the three books,and sighed when the album was concealed.


Lucius slowly made his way out of the room,but was not pleased with what emotions quickly overpowered him. The simple pink roses were enough to make him fall to his knees. Memories rushed back,despite how hard he struggled not to remember. The pain the brought was almost unbearable.


“Mummy!” Draco ran into our bedroom,and pounced on the bed. I wrapped my arm around Narcissa’s small waist,and she didn’t move from the bed.


“Mummy,mummy,daddy,daddy!”he cried out joyfully.


“What is it honey?”Cissy asked him,and attempted to calm his hair as he bounced whilst sitting eagerly beside us.


“Mummy!” he replied,exasperated. “Don’t you know I’m turning six today?”


Lucius watched them both intently,and realized just how closely he resembled his mother.


“Oh,dearest,I forgot” Cissy teased light heartedly. Lucius  could not help but laugh as Draco’s face fell dramatically.


“You forgot?” Draco said,eyes large in disbelief. Lucius reached over to ruffle his son’s  hair, still laughing at the disbelief plastered on my sons face.


“Of course not darling,why don’t we go downstairs? We’ll have cake for breakfast” Cissy laughed,standing up.


Lucius quickly ran over to the window,and pointed his wand over at the garden. In less then ten seconds,he had a bouquet of perfectly trimmed pink roses. He rushed over quietly to Cissy, and wrapped my arms around her from behind. She blushed,and took the roses from his hands. She turned to him,and delicately smelled the beautiful flowers. “My favorite,love.” She smiled.



“Father for the love of Merlin!”


Lucius jumped at the sound of Draco hollering.


“Coming,”he whispered shakily,as tears spilled over.


How could he possibly attend his wife’s funeral?




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