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Dancing in the Moonlight by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 1 : Dancing in the Moonlight
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Dancing In The Moonlight






I found these things in her eyes. I would never tell her of course, but there’s a reason why everyone stops a stares at her when she walks down the hall.

She’s truly beautiful.

Now, I’m not saying I’m in love with her or anything.

No way in hell could I ever love a Weasley.

She still caught my breath all the while. Her copper hair, shimmering and soft, blue eyes as mysterious as the sky. Her temper, just another Weasley trait, I suppose.

When did this start, you ask?

One word.


Professor Jingle’s Potion Class

Gryffindor and Slytherin

Fourth Year


“Can anyone tell me what ingredient is crucial to our Dragon Tonic?

Weasley’s hand shot up in the air.

“Do you have the answer Rose? I presume you were the only one who did the reading last night?”

“2 cups of Eagle Owl Feathers, Professor.”

My own hand shot into the air.

“Actually, Professor,” I knew she would say that. I guess she didn’t read ahead to chapter 8, which states…

“4 Cups of peacock feathers is truly the most crucial because without it you would make a Dragon Lagoon, making the complete opposite of the tonic and instead of calming our dragon, we would have it in an uproar.”

“Excellent Mr. Malfoy, 10 points to Slytherin.”

All eyes shot to the back of the room, focused directly on me. I guess they figured someone so dirty shant be smart? They all turned back to focus on class, except for our Red Haired beauty, who stared me down.

I can read her like a book.

Who dare correct the all knowing Rose Weasley?

Me, Scorpius Malfoy. Come at me, Darling.




“What the hell!”

I smirked, knowing it would egg her on. It’s what I do.

Acting innocent I replied,

“So, now I’m not allowed to say the correct answer?”

I saw the fire rising in her eyes.

“You are a complete arse Malfoy.”

I do what I can. My smirk resumed as she turned around and started walking down the corridor.

“What’s the matter Rossie? You know it’s not nice to call people names.”

She stopped in her tracks.

“Don’t call me that, Malfoy.”

I knew I was pushing her. But honestly? I was loving every minute of it.

I braced myself. I knew what was coming; after all, we’d been at this four years now.

“But, Rossie…”



I grabbed her wand and dogged the birds turned around and started to run…

…only to smack right into Headmistress McGonagall.

Not one of my smartest moves.

“Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley. In my office, NOW!”

McGonagall was a kind person, but when she was really mad, her voice got shrill.

I guess you could say her bark is worse than her bite.

But really, she sounds like a hyena at times.




“That’ll be two weeks of detention for the both of you.”

Rose groaned.

“Would you like to make it three, Miss. Weasley?”

“No ma’am.”

“Good, go then, you are late for your next class. I expect you both here at eight, do not be late”

We walked out of her office and the moment the door closed, our red head beauty was gone.

Year 5

She likes the lake.

She says it makes her feel like a part of something when she sits under the tree and peers up at the stars.

She sits there now.

I walk down the hill and sit beside her. Her head snaps up, wand always at the ready.

“Relax Rose.”

“Why are you here Malfoy?”

“I thought I’d take a dip in the lake, wearing nothing but my trousers, and get eaten by giant squid.”

“Shove off Malfoy, it’s not funny.”

“Oh relax Rose! I’m just playing with you.”

“Well I didn’t come here to be played with.” She started to get up but I grabbed her hand and pulled her down.

“Sit with me Rose.” Her eyes looked uncertain, as if she was afraid the snake within me would come out and bite. I took off my shoes and lay down, as the grass hugged my feet.

She sat at my side facing me.

“Why are you here Scorpius?”

“Does there always have to be a reason for everything, Rose? Can I not be spontaneous?”

“I didn’t know “spontaneous” was part of the Malfoy façade”

I sat up then, and looked into her eyes.

“I didn’t know pushing people down and never letting anyone in was part of yours.”

“Then maybe it’s not.”

“Maybe,” I knew where she was going. The things we saw in each other.

“Maybe, we are both to scared to let people know who we are. Maybe we don’t even really know who we are.”

“I know who you are.” She fires back, her eyes dancing.

“Oh yeah? Who is that?”

She needn’t say another word. Her warm lips on mine, was enough.


Year Seven

It was then I saw her again. Lying under the tree, with her feet in the lake. We were even older then, and it seemed to me we had both grown past the hate.

I lay down next to her, and she sat up startled.

“What do you want, Malfoy?”

Or, you know maybe there was a smidge of hate still there. That didn’t matter to me though. I knew I could crack her. I did it before.

“Touchy. I just thought I’d spend time with you darling.”

Rose stood up and wiped the dirt off her skirt. Her copper locks bounced as she shook the grass from her hair and straightened her blouse.

I guess I should say she had reached her most supreme level of beauty.

I will never forget the way her eyes caught my breath and the way her skin looked with the stars.

I flicked my wand and music started to play. I got to my feet and walked over to her.

“Care for a dance, Weasley?”

Her eyes looked uncertain, almost as if she was afraid of me, which I suppose she had every right to be. But she took my hand anyways, and I twirled her around in the grass.

We were laughing. I bowed to her and her wicked grin made my heart leap.

Boy, am I in trouble now.

The song started to end, so I pinned her up to the tree.

Her eyes bore into mine.

“Do you trust me?”


I kissed her then. I didn’t want to stop kissing her either, until she pushed me away.

“I know where this goes Malfoy! You kiss me, and then you run away!”

She was yelling now, and the tears stream down her face. I back up but she walks toward me anyways.

“You are so scared of what may happen! You chase after girls who will never like you back! Why? Because it’s safe! Because you don’t want to take a chance. You don’t want to put yourself out there! Well guess what! I am done pretending! I don’t want to feel safe. I want to feel you!”

She came closer, her voice softening,

“Scorpius, don’t you want to feel it too?”

Maybe I could love a Weasley after all…

A/N - Thanks to my fantabulous (wow did I really just say that?...) beta SevLovesMe... Also to the people who have my love! :)





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