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The Unsorted Child by AshleiMalfoy
Chapter 12 : A Mistletoe Masquerade
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 [A/N: This chapter covers a lot more time than my usual chapters do, to avoid unneeded dialoge, I have added alot of narratation.]



        Nineteen Years ago, after the Death Eater Sentencing was over, Hermione and Draco went back to Hogwarts to finish their final year. Hermione and Ron are, at this point, still together. The following takes place immediately following Chapter Four.


        “What else is on your list?” Hermione asked.     
        “I just refilled my potions ingredients, so that leaves a new wand,” Draco replied. Harry had given him back his old wand but it was nearly useless to him after Harry won in from him.

        "Oh right,” she said. “I need a few sets of robes, so you go get your wand and I’ll be off to Madam Malkins.”       

        “Do you want to meet at the Leaky Cauldron after for dinner?” Draco asked.

        “Uh, alright,” she replied. She wasn’t sure what Ron would say, but the way Ron had been acting recently, she wasn’t all that concerned with what he would think.

        A while later Hermione and Draco were sitting at the Leaky Cauldron waiting for their food and drinking butterbeer. Draco’s new wand was stowed in his robe pocket, he was pleased with his new purchase, it suited him: 14” Hemlock with Dragon Heartstring, sturdy.
        “So all that you said today, was it true? I just don’t understand this side of you,” Hermione had been avoiding this topic all day, but she just had to ask.

        “Everything I said was true. I don’t want to be like my dad, I don’t want to hurt people,” Draco felt his jaw tighten and he looked down to the floor; this was a tough topic for him.

         Hermione felt her face flush, “I’m sorry to bring that up. I guess this other side of you is intriguing.”

        "Don’t be sorry, Hermione. If anyone is to ever trust me, I need to be willing to answer these questions,” Draco replied with a sigh, laying his hands on the table in front of him.

        “I think that it is very commendable that you are willing to own up to your faults and are trying to be better. I am very happy for you Draco,” Hermione smiled laying her hands on his, “I really mean it.

        “What the bloody hell is going on here?” Ron asked angrily as he approached Draco and Hermione’s table.

        Hermione reflexively put her hands in her lap, “We were just getting some food.”

        “I don’t bloody well care. This knob has been taking the mickey out of us for years and your here all cozied up, eating dinner like old friends,” Ron was trying to control his growing anger, but his efforts were failing him.

        What Hermione did not know was, Ron had been in the Leaky Cauldron, he had observed them at their table. Ron might not have been so upset at Hermione for having dinner with Draco, had it not been so obvious how much she enjoyed his company. It had been a while since Hermione had looked at him the way she was looking at Draco, and when she put her hands on Draco’s, he just couldn’t stay silent anymore.

        “It’s just dinner, calm down and pull up a seat,” Draco didn’t really want to eat dinner with Ron, but he didn’t want to cause a fight for Hermione.

        “I will not break bread with you—not now, not ever. Let’s go Hermione,” Ron reached for her hand.

        “I haven’t eaten yet, and I already ordered. I am waiting for my food,” she replied.

        “You are going to stay here—with him?” Ron asked.

        “Yes Ron I am. I happen to think that he is making a strong effort to be a better man and I will not fault him for the past.”

        “Do whatever the bloody hell you want,” Ron said, then turned to Draco, “and you had better keep your hands off my girlfriend.”

        “Weasley, calm your broomstick,” Draco replied with a smile.

        Noticing the smirk on Draco’s face and Ron punched Draco in the jaw and disapperated.

        After a moment to take in what had just happened, Hermione turned to Draco, “Are you ok?”

        “I’m fine, that moron you call a boyfriend hits like a girl. Honestly woman, you hit harder than he does.”

        “Are you sure?”

        “Yes Hermione, I am fine.”

        “I need to be going, see you on Monday.”

        “Bye Hermione, have a nice night.”

        “Bye Draco.”

        That night Hermione and Ron’s flat was more of a war zone. They fought for hours about everything from Ron’s practice schedule for Quidditch to Hermione going back to school. Hermione felt like they never spend any time together and Ron felt like her going back to school was going to make that even worse. He didn’t see why she needed to go back to school anyway. They love each other, but with no time together and endless fighting was making them both unhappy.

        By the end of the night, Hermione was in tears with a night bag, standing on Luna’s front steps after Ron suggested they take a break in the relationship. Hermione knew that it was the best thing for them right now, but that didn’t make it any less painful.

        On Monday, she and Luna went to King’s Cross and made their final Journey to Hogwarts as students. Because the school wasn’t finished being rebuilt, the Great Hall temporarily only had two tables. And as luck would have it, Slytherin and Gryffindor shared a table. During the Start of Term Feast, Draco sat at the end of his table and because of his past misdeeds; no one would sit near him. When Hermione walked in, she quickly noticed this.

        “Can I sit here?” she asked.

        “Sure,” he said.

        "Thank you,” she replied as she took her seat.

        Her eyes weren’t as red as they were that morning, but Draco could tell that she had been crying. “Are you ok?”

        “I’m fine,” she responded.

         Draco did not want to push the issue and went back to his chicken.

         After a few awkward moments, Draco struck up a conversation when he asked Hermione a question about a muggle book he had heard of. She instantly knew the book he was referring to. Before long, her tears were forgotten and the feast was long over, most of the other students had gone to their common rooms. Hermione was in the middle of telling a joke about a group of dwarfs in a pub when Professor McGonagall approached them.

        “Good Evening Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy. It is nearing time for you both to be in your common rooms.”

        “Yes ma’am,” they both responded.

        “I suppose it is getting late, talk to you later,” Hermione said.

        “Goodnight Hermione.”

        “Goodnight Draco.”
        They both went to their dormitories. Hermione never thought that she could have had such a nice night with Draco. Draco lay awake that night hating himself, feelings for her –of ALL people—was just unacceptable. He had to get over this and fast.
        Over the next few weeks Draco tried his best to distance himself from Hermione. However, the fact that he had nearly every class with her, posed a serious flaw in his plan. He found himself drawn to her and he hated himself for it.       

        Before long, it was the holiday season and the Christmas festivities were underway. Each house had their own Christmas Party, but there was also a New Year’s Party that was school wide and held in the Great Hall. It was decorated with many partitions and the theme was Renaissance Masquerade.

        During the night Hermione danced mostly with her friends, while Draco sat in the corner, watching his classmates enjoying themselves. When Hermione noticed him sitting alone, she decided it was time for him leave his little corner.

        “Dance with me.”

        “Excuse me?” he responded.

        “Dance with me,” Hermione repeated.

        “I don’t think so,” he said.

        “Oh come on,” she asked again, “Please?”

        “Fine,” he sighed, “One dance.”

        Just as they got on the dance floor, the music changed to a slow song. One awkward moment later, Draco held out his hand. Hermione placed her hand in his and he pulled her into the slow dance. They danced for what seemed to them like hours, but in reality it was only a couple minutes. During their dance they both seemed very much at peace, not saying anything just swayed to the music.

        When the song ended, replaced by a party tune, Draco broke the silence and asked, “Would you like some punch?”

        “Yes please,” she responded.

        “Alright, be right back,” Draco went to get their drinks in the next room and Hermione went to find a table.

        When she couldn’t find a table, she went to find Drac.  Hermione was walking through the doorway, at the same time Draco was coming out. Hermione went to the right to go around him at the same time he went in the same direction to go around her. Still at an impasse, they again attempted to get out of the other’s way, only to find them once again blocked from the room. The laughed.

        “Ooooooooooohhooo Mistletoe!” a second year girl pointed above their head.

        Both Hermione and Draco looked up to see the Mistletoe hanging a few feet above their head. Hermione blushed and looked down at her feet and Draco froze in place.

        Draco did not know what to do and as quickly as his nervousness has come, it had gone away and what was to happen, became clear. Draco dropped the drinks, and with both of his hands he grabbed Hermione’s face and pressed his lips firmly on hers. It could have been minutes or hours or even eternity and neither of them would have noticed.

        For them time had stopped and stared in amazement. In reality, the whole school stopped to stared in awe.

[ A/N Thank you so much for reading, I am happy you all stayed with me. I am sorry it took so long to get this posted, life has been pretty crazy lately. I started a new job, my computer crashed and then there was the holidays, so busy busy I am. Ha!

Love you All thanks again for reading. Leave me comments good OR bad I love them all!



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