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Cut Loose by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 1 : chapter one: Surprise in Greece
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The beach was peaceful, Greece. I was finally here on the most remote and beautiful beach I had ever seen and all I was doing was reading. I sighed and put the book down, just like my mother, I was reading while on vacation. I smiled and shook my head at the irony; it had to be expected by Hermione granger’s daughter didn’t it? Sometimes I wished I didn’t have to be miss perfect, I wish I didn’t have to have the highest grades or take care of everything. I guess that’s what came with being born to Hermione. The worst part was they were never here, my dad as an auror He is constantly fighting evil with uncle harry. My mother was always busy with her job at the ministry she was head of the department of magical creatures rights (a department she had created). I then remembered that we were here because there was a business meeting here that both my father and mother had to attend. If it were not for this tip being business related I would be sitting at home back in England. I stood and decided to make the best of the summer I was to spend here; I probably would never come back again. I laid my sunglasses on my beach towel and let my long wavy red hair out of my high pony tail. I walked across the hot white sand to the water’s edge. I let the soft waves roll over my toes, it felt like bath water. I looked out across the horizon the water was light blue and clear as far as I could see, it was absolutely breathtaking. I walked deeper into the water, before I sat and let the soft waves wash over my body. At that moment I felt so peaceful. I closed my eyes and leaned back further into the water. I just sat there I felt so relaxed, all my worry’s and thoughts were whipped clear of my mind, the only thing I was concentrating on was the feeling of the sun beating down on my face.


“are you going to waste your summer reading?” a male voice said my eyes snapped open and I scanned the beach finally stopping at a tale male figure standing by my towel holding my book. His back was to me, the back of his hair was covered in blonde hair. He wore a white collared shirt and to my utter dismay he wore black trousers. Who wore black trousers to a beach? The male turned around only then did I realise who it was “your brother told me you would be down here” Scorpius said tossing my book onto my towel. “Surprised to see me?” he asked with a raised eye brow and a cocky smirk.


“Yes I figured you would have stayed home in that depressing manor” I said he glared a bit. God I detested him, he had hurt Elisabeth when he called her horrible names. By hurting Liz he had hurt me she was one of my best friends.


“You know Liz cheated on me, that hurt. No one seems to acknowledge that fact” he said as if he was reading my mind, who knew maybe he was.


“It doesn’t mean you have to call her horrible names” I said Scorp nodded in agreement.


“I never said it was right to do that, her actions gave me no excuse to call her names. All I’m saying is that she wasn’t the only one who was hurt by what happened” he said. I took in his words, he was right Elisabeth did cheat on Scorpius. That must have hurt a lot; I know it would hurt me if jack cheated. If I was in Scorp’s shoes I probably would have done the same thing out of anger. I got up and walked out of the water, as I walked passed Scorpius I could feel his eyes on me I couldn’t help but blush. I didn’t want to but I had too, I hesitantly bent over and picked up my book, sunglasses, clothes and towel. I decided that the walk back to the villa would take enough time to allow the sun to dry me. I slipped on my flip-flops before walking away. “Where are we going” Scorp asked following into step beside me.


“We?” I replied


“we, your brother wasn’t much fun so I thought you could entertain me” I gasped and sent him a glare he just smiled. I stopped walking


“what were you doing at my villa anyway?” I questioned him. He smirked


“you didn’t think that huge house was just for your family did you?” I stood there stunned I understood what he was saying. His family and mine would be staying in the same villa. I started walking again and wondered if my dad knew, and if he didn’t how he would react to the news. My dad hadn’t quite gotten over his grudge on the Malfoy’s; this might just make things worse. “So anyways where are we going” he asked I growled under my breath. I could here him chuckle “how about lunch on me know this great café” I looked at him sceptically his grey eyes seemed genuine, the Hermione side of me was screaming danger, it was time to cut loose a bit and maybe going out to lunch with a Malfoy was the first step. I smiled


“sure why not” Scorp led me through the beautiful streets of Greece. We had stopped so I could change into my denim short and pink tank top. I had no idea why but I absolutely adored muggle clothes. The cafe was small Scorpius ordered for me he absolutely insisted I try it. It was some sort of Greek pastry it had feta cheese and spinach on the inside. It was absolutely delicious. I think I have found a new favorite food.


“What did you think?” he asked as we exited the café


“it was amasing we have to come back!” I said


“we?” he said with a smile he was mocking me from earlier. I just glared “alright come on then let’s go back to our villa” he said draping his arm over my shoulder as we walked I was brought back to reality. Dad, same villa, Malfoy’s. I sighed this was going to be a long summer.

Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the awesome J.K. Rowling

Ok so this is just a story I came up with its filling in some blanks on my other story: Elisabeth Finnigan and the curse of James potter. You don’t have to read that one to understand what has happened. This is just about what Scorpius and rose get up to during their summer. I have never been to Greece so sorry there is not much detail on how it looks. im sorry for the short chapter next one will be longer. What do you think? Leave some thoughts. :D


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