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What really happened in the broom closet Neville? by Rosethorne
Chapter 1 : Thank you Slughorn!
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Please feel free to leave reviews, this is my first Luna and Neville fan fic

             Neville couldn’t stand it anymore. He really couldn’t.  The girl of his dreams was sitting inches from him, only she didn’t have a clue. All Summer he had been trying to ask her out and all Summer he had failed. He wanted to ask her before summer break, but it wasn’t working.

                He tried by the pumpkin patch, the boathouse, Hagrid’s hut. Each time he had stumbled over his words or turned bright red like a bloody beetroot. It was official. He just wasn’t destined for a girlfriend.

Neville sighed and placed his head in his hands, glaring at his textbook, which he was supposed to focusing on, but instead he was daydreaming about Luna.

            Harry glanced at his friend. “Cheer up Neville,” said Harry, and patted him on the back. “It might never happen.”

            “It already has happened. She doesn’t know I ’m here.” Neville cast a glance toward Luna and Harry’s mouth fell a gap.  

            “You and Luna? You like Luna? When did that happen?”

            “It’s been happening all Summer. Merlin Harry where you been?”

            Harry laughed, “Oh I don’t know, just trying to save the world. That sort of stuff. You know the chosen one and all. I tend to lead a busy career.”

            “Old news that,” replied Neville, and Harry smirked at his friend as he replaced his head onto his hands. 

            Behind them, Ginny and Luna where giggling, and with Slughorn out the room, Luna slid out from behind the desk and glided over to Neville. Ginny lifted her head up. 

            “Err Neville?” asked Luna, and she tapped him lightly on the back, Neville cranked his head around.

            “Yeah, oh Luna I didn’t—“

            “I was jut wondering Neville. Professor Slughorn asked me if I would like to clean out his closet, well accidently I said yes, but I’d rather not go by myself and well….”

              “I’m so on it,” replied Neville, and Luna smiled as Harry chuckled.

              “I, what I meant was that I’d love to. If you’re asking that is?”

Luna nodded. “I Guess I’ll see you outside the closet then, about eight?”

Neville nodded. “Outside the broom closet, at eight, got it.”

Luna began to skip off back to her seat, her dirty blonde her falling graciously behind her back, it bounced around her shoulders as she skipped.  

Neville and Harry looked at each other as Luna and Ginny giggled.

Neville looked to Harry and beamed.

            “Well, no need to guess what’s going to happen in that Broom closet tonight mate.”

            “What I’ve been planning all summer, with any luck,” replied Neville, and Harry laughed. They both faced the front as Slughorn strode back in.  One word passed Neville’s mind: Thank you Slughorn!


            Neville waited. He leaned against the closet door at eight. Just liked she’d asked him to and waited. A smile played at his lips until he saw Malfoy striding up to him, Blaise by his side.

            “On a date Long bottom?” asked Malfoy, and both he and Blaise chuckled. “I would love to be a fly on the wall.”

            “So who is the lucky girl?” asked Blaise, as they both approached him. “Or has she stood little Long bottom up all already?”

            “Shove off,” replied Neville, and Malfoy drew out his wand.      

            “Neville?” asked Luna, walking down the stairs, both Blaise and Malfoy burst out laughing and then walked off chanting something about Looney and Long bottom. Neville gritted his teeth.

            “Don’t let them get to you Neville,” said Luna, and she placed her delicate hand on his shoulder. The pair glared at each other in silence. “We better get this broom closet out of the way then,” said Luna dreamily, Neville nodded and both of them entered the closet, but Luna turned around.

            “A good friend of mine, once said to me, that it’s funny what happens in a boom closet,” said Luna, before her lips crashed down onto Neville’s and his whole world spun, as he pulled her closer to him.

            “Yeah, funny what happens in a broom closet.”



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What really happened in the broom closet Neville?: Thank you Slughorn!


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