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Pretty Little Gryffindors by SeverusSnape15
Chapter 1 : Pretty, Pretty
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“Don’t do it, Marlene, it’s mean! We’re better than this!” Dorcas Meadows yelled at her best friend, Marlene McKinnon, who stood on the Gryffindor table.

“He deserves it, and you know it,” Marlene snapped back, pushing her blonde hair from her pale face. She cleared her throat, looking directly at Regulus Black.

Throughout their six years at Hogwarts, Regulus had been the one person that always bothered them. From their first year, when he put gum in Mary McDonald’s hair, to fifth year when he’d hexed Lily for beating him in a playful Quidditch match with Sirius and him.

The Great Hall grew quiet and Marlene’s smile widened. “Attention, students of Hogwarts,” she began, “I’d love to let you know what I’ve just found out!” Marlene winked at Regulus before proceeding. “Regulus Black – oh, I’m sure we all know that terribly annoying sole – is very…well, let’s say he’s very…not straight. That’s right! The big, bad Regulus Black likes boys, and I have proof!”

Lily Evans frowned and grasped Marlene’s leg. “Stop it, Mar! You’re steeping down to his level!” The redhead looked over at Sirius, giving him an apologetic look. Marlene only ignored her friend and continued, flicking her wand to enlarge a picture of Regulus Black kissing a guy whom Lily recognized as Jeffery Spencer, a Hufflepuff boy in their year.

Regulus’s face was a dark red as he looked around at everyone, hearing them begin to laugh. Sirius got up, glaring at Marlene before he went after his brother, who ran from the Great Hall, followed by Jeffery.

“That wasn’t cool, Mar,” Mary chimed in with her squeaky, childish voice.

“Agreed,” Dorcas and Lily mimicked at the same time.

Marlene rolled her green eyes and hopped off of the table. “Well, everyone else thought it was funny,” she smirked, pushing away her blonde locks of hair.

Lily shook her head as she stood up. “Now, what if something happens because of that? What if he was in the closet for a reason, Mar?”

With a giggle, Marlene replied, “Forget it, Lils, it’s not that big of a deal,” she said, holding her purple diary to her chest.

Since their first year, the four had been best friends, occasionally letting Remus Lupin into their group. Marlene had always been the odd one out, as well. She’d do things that the others wouldn’t date to do. She’d go out with boys in London at night, only to come back two days later in the same clothes. It was something that Lily would never approve of, but who was she?

Lily Evans – she was known as the ‘leader’ of their group of friends. She never saw herself as one, though.

With one last look at Marlene, Lily stood up and took a glance at Remus. “Why don’t we go study for our exams, Remus? I need to keep myself occupied,” she muttered, turning to walk away. She knew that Remus would follow her – he always did. Lily and Remus were more alike than different. They were both prefects and they constantly competed for the best grades.

“Let’s go, Mary,” Dorcas said quietly, pulling on her brunette friend. Mary grasped onto Dorcas’s cold hand. The blonde couldn’t hide her blush, but she sure tried to. There was one reason that Dorcas wouldn’t stand for what Marlene had done – she felt the same way about girls…particularly one girl.

For years, the blonde had been in love with Mary. She didn’t understand her feelings towards the girl, nor why it wasn’t Lily or Marlene, but there was one thing that Dorcas did know – she wasn’t going to come out anytime soon if people treated her as they treated Regulus. Now, she understood why he was so evil to people – he was hiding who he was.

Soon, Marlene was left at the Gryffindor table with Peter and James. This blonde wasn’t completely different from Dorcas. She as well was strong and independent, but not the way Dorcas was. Marlene was the kind of girl that would go on a date late at night and return home two days later in the same clothes. She was what some people would call…a badass. Marlene knew this and she was proud of it.

“I wouldn’t have even gone that far,” James said, glaring at Marlene with his hazel eyes. James had never liked Regulus, but he knew where to draw the line. Marlene had crossed it.

“Potter, when you’ve been tormented all of your life,” she spat back, gesturing towards the Slytherin table, “you start to get angry and you can’t stop yourself.” A smirk arose on her lips. “Watch yourself and grow up, Potter, or the same thing will happen to you.” Marlene looked at Severus Snape, who sat across the room at the Slytherin table before she left the Great Hall.




A month later, Jeffery Spencer turned up missing. A month and a half later, Spencer’s body was found in an ally in Hogsmeade. Though Marlene refused to think it was because of what she’d done, the other three girls knew that it was. Regulus was from a Pure-blood family, a strict one on that, they didn’t stand for too much.

There was a ceremony held at Hogwarts the following week. Mary, Lily, Marlene, and Dorcas arrived together, taking a seat in the chairs that were set up. “Let’s go to the front row,” Marlene said quietly.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Mar. Let’s sit here,” Lily said, pointing towards one of the last rows. The other two girls followed her, while Marlene glared at Lily. They had always competed for the role of ‘leader’ but Lily had won in the other girls’ eyes.

“Just sit, Mar. Here, you can come by me,” Mary said, her eyes sweet as could be. Marlene let out a small sigh and sat down beside the brunette. What was she going to do? Mary was the sweetest thing around, she couldn’t say no to her.

The ceremony began a half an hour later. It began with Professor Dumbledore speaking on behalf of Spencer’s parents. He stated a letter they’d sent and information on different things.

After the ceremony, the girls waited behind for everyone to leave. Marlene suddenly felt hot breath on her neck. “You’ll pay for this, McKinnon, and you know it. You got him killed; now you’re going to pay the price.”

Marlene didn’t need to turn around to know that it was Regulus, but when she did he was already gone. Her green eyes scanned everywhere for the boy, but he was nowhere to be found. “Mar? What’s wrong?” Dorcas asked, looking at the girl curiously.

“Nothing,” the girl answered, “Let’s go.” She walked out of the Great Hall, thinking of what he’d said. Whatever Regulus had meant, he wouldn’t get close enough to her to do so, she’d make sure of it.






A/N: I'm REALLY excited about writing this story because I'm a HUGE PLL fan. I can't help but love this story already. Please do me a favor and Read, Review, and Rate. I'll love you forever if you do. ~Cierra

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