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Bitten. by starrynightshy
Chapter 3 : First Full Moon
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Chapter Three

The first transformation is the most difficult for newly bitten werewolves. Only about twenty percent survive their first full moon. Some werewolves describe the pain as if they were walking through a wall of fire and being stabbed by little knives all over their body.

After reading that last part I slammed Werewolves and Their History down, causing Lily to jump a little in the seat next to me.

“I’m going to die tonight.” Lily rolled her eyes at my dramatic statement. Looking around the Great Hall, she was thankful that only a few people woke up early today for breakfast.

“Dumbledore said everything was going to be taken care of,” she lowered her voice so low that only my werewolf hearing could pick it up, “don’t worry so much.”

“Easy for you to say. Your body isn’t going to be turned into a monster tonight!” I started shoving bacon into my mouth at this point.

I’d started taking a liking at the feeling of meat being torn in my mouth for some strange reason. I just can’t get enough the stuff.

It was about 8 o’clock when the Marauders walked into the Great Hall laughing together, probably about some prank they had just played on someone. I expected them to just walk by and sit somewhere far from us since Lily and James can’t be in the same room together for more then an hour. But of course they did the exact opposite of what I think they’re going to do and they sat right in front of us. To my surprise there were only three Marauders today. Funny, usually it was Peter who was absent from the group usually sleeping in or eating large amount of helpings in the kitchens. At this point, I was so tired I didn’t care that much about the Marauders motivates; the pull of the full moon was already starting to have an effect on me even though the sun had just woken up. I can just imagine how crappy I look right now.

“Bad day Bell?” James bluntly asked.

“Fuck off Potter.” Goddamn my bloody mouth. Why can’t I just be nice to people?

“Ms. Bell that is no way to speak to your classmates.”

Oh my terrible little mouth getting me into trouble again.

“Sorry Professor, I’m not a morning person.”

Professor Seether pressed her lips together tightly and pushed her bird-beak of a nose in the air. I swear she wanted to hit me at this point as I stared at her in boredom.

“The Headmaster would like to see you Ms. Bell,” I almost snorted at her cold voice.... almost.

I sadly left my bacon uneaten and stood up. “Sure, sure. Whatever I was about to go any–”

Professor Seether rudely interrupted me, “It is rude to keep the Headmaster waiting Ms. Bell. The password is Lemon Drops.” With a nod she swiftly left the group in a rush.

I hate being summoned. I hate following rules. I hate how when I told Dumbledore my secret I was nearly crying. I hate that I basically owe him my life now. I hate my secret. I hate the moon, the night and everything to do with dogs now. I hate feeling scared. I hate that I only have a twenty percent chance of living tonight. I hate being alone in this and I hate that I can only confess this to myself.

With my babbling thoughts, I found myself in front of the Headmaster’s Tower. Mumbling the not so secret password, the staircase came to life and started to roll its way down towards me. I wonder what Dumbledore wanted with me now. I had told him about my condition and he kindly provided me a safe place to complete my first transformation. He told me that my secret would remain just that: a secret. Was he now changing his mind? With every step I took the crazier my thoughts became. By the time I got to the door I was now thinking that the Minister of Magic was going to be on the other side waiting to attack me and put me in a cage.

What I found was nothing like the strange scenarios in my head. There sat Dumbledore smiling at me with his eyes twinkling at me. Damn those all knowing eyes. Professor Dumbledore always had this way of turning my scattered thoughts into musings of pure stupidity. Honestly, what was I thinking? Dumbledore would never report me to the Ministry of Magic unless he wanted to go to Azkaban himself. Werewolves aren’t exactly welcome in the wizard world, more like they’ll never be accepted. Wizards find werewolves to be too dangerous to interact with their children and basically too unpredictable to be part of this magical world.

Dumbledore’s office was filled from ceiling to floor of past headmaster/headmistress portraits. I could see Professor Dippet, the last headmaster, smiling down at me along with the other faces, making me feel extremely uncomfortable. Even though I was highly aware of the dozens of eyes peering at me, I could only concentrate on one pair.

Remus Lupin’s eyes always seemed to age faster then his body. When I first met him on the first day of first year, his eyes held the presence of someone the age of a thirty year old instead of an eleven year old. I always wondered what drew me to those eyes seven years ago. We were friends until he hit puberty in third year and started ignoring me. Yeah, guys tend to do that sometimes with no explanation. I never really thought about our falling out until now. He was such a kind, brilliant and genuine person. I always put our old friendship in the back of my mind. I even pretend to not know him sometimes. Well, in all honesty I don’t know Remus anymore. He has changed so much since third year. He was no longer the boy I always pictured him as, he was a man now looking sexier then ever but please don’t tell him that.

“Professor, you wanted to see me?” I decided to ignore Lupin for now.
Professor Dumbledore gestured to the chair in front of his desk. I sat down looking at Remus in confusion he shrugged an answer to my silent questioning face.

“The two of you are some of the most unique students to have graced this school.”

I frowned at his statement. Was Dumbledore off his rocker? I was a horrible student. I almost never did my work, I’m never on time to class and I blend in with all the other students as far as grades go.

“How is that Professor?” Remus’s warm voice sprang me from my thoughts.

“Ms. Bell has just brought forth an interesting problem. I believe that you can learn from each other if Ms. Bell would grant me the permission to tell you her condition.”

I stared at the old man in surprise. He wanted to tell Remus Lupin about my furry problem. Now I know for a fact that he was off his rocker. What kind of sick bloody joke was he playing at? There was no way I was going to let him tell anyone. It was bad enough that I had to tell Dumbledore.

“I’m sorry Professor but I don’t feel comfortable with that.” My voice sounded shaky and horribly weak.

Lupin wasn’t looking at the Headmaster anymore but at me. Something I was highly aware of and too much of a chicken to return the favor. Instead I focused my gaze on the winkles in Dumbledore’s face. I could see that the Headmaster was unhappy with my answer but I didn’t really understand why.

“I urge you to reconsider Ms. Bell.”


Headmaster Dumbledore peered at Chloe Bell in surprise, he didn’t expect her to answer so fast and so harshly.

“I will not push the matter anymore Ms. Bell. Mr. Lupin, may I share your condition with Ms. Bell?”

I turned my head so fast I swear I could hear my neck crack. Lupin wasn’t looking at me this time. It was almost like a game of cat and mouse except we kept switching bodies.

“Your condition?” I thought my head was going to explode. “Are you trying to tell me that our condition could help each other?”

Dumbledore nodded in excitement.

“I don’t see how it could help anyone. It could get someone killed!”

I stared at Lupin. “My thoughts exactly!”

“Wait. How does your condition kill people?” Lupin pointed at me when he spoke those words making me cringe.

“Well… I-” Hmmmm now would be the perfect time to run. “I don’t have to tell you anything. I’m late for Potions.” I could care less about potions but I quickly rushed out of that awkward situation.

I was down the stairs and in the corridor when I stumbled on the hem of my robe causing me to drop all the books in my arms. “Shit!”

“You and you’re dirty mouth.”

“Shut up Lupin.” I tried to pick up my books as fast as possible; potions class was just a hallway away.

The silence was killing me as I was rushing to gather my things. Please don’t say anything, better yet just leave. My thoughts were for nothing though. He actually started to help me.

“You do realize this is the nicest thing you’ve done for me since third year.” Lupin threw me a confused look.

“I’m nice to you Bell.” Judging by his expression he was hurt by my statement.

“We barely talk anymore Lupin.” I sighed. “I can’t even call you by your first name without it getting weird.”

He put my books in my arms. “I’m sorry…” He stumbled for the next few seconds searching for something to say. I silenced him with a glare after he couldn’t produce a complete sentence.

“Exactly. That pretty much sums up our relationship in a nutshell.” I moved past him to get to class.


“Breath Chloe.”

My hands were starting to lose their feeling and I was dizzy with the lack of oxygen. I think I’m having a panic attack. Now don’t give me that look, I have every right to have this panic attack. I could be dead in the next hour! I have no clue why Lily is still with me at this point. We were practically running in the secret passageway to get to the safe house that Dumbledore had set up for me. Lily insisted on seeing me off at the safe house before she left me for the night. Finally reaching the end of the passageway I yanked the door open.

My body was on fire at this point. I was sweating profusely and everything I wore felt ten times heavier by the minute even my socks. I started pulling off my shoes unable to stand the uncomfortable sweaty foot feeling unaware of the commotion around me. I simply let my werewolf instincts take my actions over.

Lily Evans had prepared herself. Tonight was the night that her best friend, Chloe Bell, was going to go through the worst experience in her life. She hadn’t told Chloe yet but she was planning to stay with her all night just to make sure she was okay. She was prepared to see the horrible transformation and see her best friend be taken over by a frightening creature from within. In the passageway she nervously counted the drops of sweat that were rolling down Chloe face before they opened the door to the safe house.

Unfortunately her eyes stopped watching Chloe as soon as the door opened. The old creaking house was not empty by the time they got there. While Chloe was busy taking off her shoes for some strange reason, Lily was busy staring at three boys standing on the rotting stairs in the left corner. Lily, whom was usually excellent under pressure, panicked.

“What are you doing here?”

Potter, Black and Pettigrew for once were all out of clever comebacks. Just when Black was about to say something a large crack caused the four teenagers to focus on Chloe.


Goose bumps viciously attacked Lily’s body. The fright and flight instinct was sudden forgotten as Lily watched Chloe’s bones crack with every growing transformation. Hot tears went unnoticed as Chloe’s screams sent chills down her body. Lily’s heart broke when she knew she couldn’t do anything as Chloe’s hair grew longer and her face was started to resemble a rabid dog. Time became more and more valuable as the transformation was almost complete. James acted quickly and lifted Lily up on the way to travel back down to the passageway to the Whomping Willow.

“Potter! I need to help Chloe! Put me down!”

“I can’t Lily. She doesn’t have her human conscience anymore; she could kill you.”

Chloe was proving Potter’s statement at that moment as she took a swing at Black and Pettigrew. Barely missing them, they pulled out their wands and transformed into their Animagus forms. As they tried to retreat up the stairs they became sandwiched in between two werewolves as Remus was starting to wander the house in his terrifying form. Unwilling to handle two werewolves with just a black dog and fat rat, Sirius and Peter ran out the front door. They heard a loud howl as they reached the castle.

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