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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 8 : Welcome to Class
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Lily Evans ate her porridge while trying to ignore all the inane babble around her. She honestly did not understand why they were making a fuss about being seen by a boy. It isn’t like she had no desire to date. She wanted to focus on her studies. Her plan was to graduate and get a job in the magical world, before looking for anyone special in her life.

“Lily, be a dear and budge down a seat,” said Cassie.

She looked up to see Cassie fixing her makeup and adjusting her robes to show maximum cleavage. It was breakfast of the first day and Cassie was looking to get her perfectly painted fingernails into some bloke. Where Lily wanted to have a career before finding a man, Cassie looked at finding a man as a career.

“Lily, move he is looking this way,” hissed Cassie.

“He is looking at all the students,” stated Francine.

“His eyes are lingering on me longer. I know it, because I am used to that happening,” Cassie stated haughtily. “Lily move!”

Lily grabbed her bowl of porridge and Charms textbook and slid the direction that Cassie wanted her to move. Cassie started to put on quite a show. Smiling and flipping her hair back while pretending to be eating her toast.

Why don’t you just strip naked? Lily thought to herself, as she watched Cassie perform. Her curiosity got the better of her. She turned and looked to see which sixth or seventh year was the object of Cassie flirtations. As she looked over her shoulder, she didn’t see any men that she thought Cassie would be interested in. They all seemed too young or not fit enough for her.

“Blimey, he is a Professor,” whispered Bea.

Lily almost choked on her mouthful of porridge. She looked up at the head table. The only Professor that was in the line of sight for Cassie was the new Defense Professor, Professor James. Lily looked back at her dorm mate. She was definitely staring at Professor James.

“There he looked away,” said Cassie. “Did you see how he smiled at me? I can’t wait to get into his class.”

“I thought you said that you weren’t going to take Defense this year?” questioned Francine.

“I will tell Professor McGonagall that I changed my mind. “Bea, be a dear and keep a watch for when he looks back this way. I don’t want him to see me not looking beautiful.”

Lily almost snorted at Cassie’s comment. If she put half the energy into her studies as she does trying to get men, she would be the top of the class. A person sat down beside her. She didn’t even need to look up to know it was Potter.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said cheerfully. “You never said how you liked my bouquet of flowers?”

Lily didn’t look up from her book. She didn’t want to make eye contact with that arrogant toe-rag. He would probably take that as a confirmation of her affection towards him.

“I threw them out the train’s window. If that was your idea of a romantic gesture, you are even more arrogant than I ever imagined.”

“What type of a romantic gesture would you like from me?”

“None,” snapped Lily. Her grip was increasing on her book to keep from looking at or slapping the toe-rag’s face.

“All right,” said James cheerfully. “You didn’t say you didn’t want to go to Hogsmeade with me. So I will take that as a yes.”

“No!” yelled Lily. Potter had finally made her crack. She turned her head around and glared at him. “No! I do not want to go to Hogsmeade with you.”

“Come on mate, let’s get something to eat before Minny gives us our schedules,” said Sirius.

Lily was still glaring at James Potter as he stood up and blew a kiss at her. She hated it when he got under her skin like this. It felt like he had control over her emotions.

“I think she is softening up towards me, mate,” said Potter, as he walked away.

Lily pushed her porridge aside and closed her book. She was getting a headache. He always did that to her. Why does that prat get her so upset? No one else bothers her as much as he does. If she didn’t need to get her schedule from the Head of House, she would have left. However, she must sit here.

Time seemed to drag as she waited for the schedule. She looked at her watch and saw that it was thirty till the first class. Looking around, she noticed that the Headmaster and the Heads of the Houses weren’t in the great hall. Normally the schedules would have been distributed by now.

The door to the trophy room opened and the Headmaster and the Heads of the Houses all walked out carrying the schedules for this year. Professor McGonagall walked along the Gryffindor table quickly distributing the schedules. Lily couldn’t wait to get hers and leave. She decided to stand up. As soon as she had it, she was leaving to get away from Potter.

“Miss Evans,” said the Transfiguration Professor, as she handed Lily her schedule.

“See you in class Professor,” said Lily as she turned to leave.

She didn’t even take the time to look it over. She just wanted to leave before Potter could. He was still talking and comparing schedules with his three friends and the new student, Theodore. It bothered her that the new student was probably getting corrupted by Potter.

Lily quickly walked through the entrance hall and was ascending the staircase when she finally looked at her schedule. She stopped in her tracks when she saw it was wrong. She was scheduled to take a double period of Defense Against the Dark Arts in fifteen minutes and she doesn’t even have a textbook.

Turning around, she fought against the students leaving the great hall to find Professor McGonagall. To her dismay, she ran into Potter. Literally ran into Potter. To her disgust, he wrapped his arms around her. His face was mere inches from hers. It completely unnerved her and almost made her forget about talking to Professor McGonagall. After a second of being disoriented, she came to her senses and pushed Potter off her.

She ran into the great hall and saw the Professor exiting through the trophy room.

“Professor McGonagall,” shouted Lily. Her voice echoed off the stone walls. “Professor McGonagall!”

Her Head of House stopped walking and stuck her head out of the doorway of the trophy room. Lily ran to her as fast as she could. “Professor there has been a mistake on my schedule.”

Professor McGonagall walked back towards her. They met behind the head table.

“I am sure that your schedule is correct, Miss Evans.”

“I didn’t want to take NEWT level Defense, Professor.”

“I was going to explain the change to you, but you ran off before I had the chance,” said the Professor rather icily. “It has been decided that all Prefects must take Defense Against the Dark Arts this year.”

“But, I barely got an A on my OWLs. I was planning on concentrating on my other classes,” she pleaded.

“Are you telling me that you don’t want to be a Prefect?”

“No, I want to, but I don’t even have a book. I don’t plan on going into magical law enforcement after school.”

“Miss Evans,” Professor McGonagall said sympathetically. “We are living in troubling times. I thought you were aware of that. Taking Defense Against the Dark Arts is more than a class for magical law enforcement. We finally have a marvelous Professor to teach the class. I am sure if you explain your situation. He will make provisions for you. I have found Professor James to be an intelligent and interesting person.”

She stepped closer to Lily, and whispered. “Even though Professor James is from Australia, I think the Headmaster is trying to get him to stay on for more than just one year. Now run along we both must make it to our first class.”

Lily stood there gobsmacked that she will have to take Defense this year. It wasn’t that she hated Defense class. It was just that all the previous Professors were rubbish, and the only thing the students wanted to do was duel and hex each other.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry sat down at his desk in the classroom. He was nervously waiting for the sixth year Defense students to enter the classroom. He had been preparing for this moment for over the past month. Even though his actual mission here was to protect his parents, he still wanted to be a good Professor. He was disheartened at how poor these students had done on their OWLs.

The blonde-haire girl that was sitting beside his mum at breakfast came in and sat down in the front row. She gave him a hungry look that made him uncomfortable. It reminded him of the looks that the fan girls always gave him back in his time period. He never expected to have girls giving him looks like that in his parents' time.

Avoiding this girl’s expectant stares, he looked at the other students entering his class. Several Slytherins entered the room. Among them was Severus Snape. He quietly walked among the other more boisterious Slytherins. They found a block of seats near the back center of the room.

They sat down and mumbled amongst themselves, before one of them made eye contact with him and laughed. He was a rugged looking boy with fine brown hair and square shaped face. His protruding eyebrows cast shadows over his eyes.

“Professor James, welcome to Hogwarts,” said James Potter extending his hand to shake. He had walked up on Harry while he was studying the Slytherin student. “My name is also James, James Potter. If you have any questions about this illustrious institution of learning just ask my friends and I. We will always be willling to help.”

His dad said that with such enthusiasm that Harry almost started laughing in front of the class. Trying to control his smile, he responded. “I will be sure to remember that Mr. Potter.”

“Brilliant, well I guess I must find my seat,” said his dad, as he nearly bounced with every step to his seat. He was sitting on the far left of the room with the rest of the Marauders. Teddy or Theodore Lefevre was sitting close to them.

Harry could not stop smiling about his father’s enthusiasm and the way he seemed to enjoy life. He was just like his grandson. He was a free spirited young man who wanted to have as much fun as possible. If he happened to get into some trouble along the way, it was considered an acceptable risk.

Checking his watch Harry saw that it was time to start the class. Standing up, he waved his hand closing the door of classroom, before picking up his list of students. The students all stopped talking and stared at him.

“Abbot, Morgan,” he said aloud without preamble.

“Here,” said a young woman wearing Hufflepuff colors.

Harry wrote her name down on a seating chart.

“Black, Sirius?”

“Present and accounted for, Professor,” shouted Sirius. Several students along with the Marauders laughed at his response.

Harry wrote his name down on the seating chart he had made, even though he knew who he was. He continued to call names and record the locations of the students.

“Evans, Lily.”

No one said anything. Harry looked around the room. He knew his mum wasn’t there, but he couldn’t let anyone else know.

“Lily Evans, are you…”

“She isn’t here, Professor,” said his dad.

“Okay then,” said Harry.

He called the next name. Continuing on until he reached Remus Lupin’s. When Remus responded, the rest of the Marauders cheered. Harry cringed a little when they all cheered for Peter Pettigrew. Then his dad even stood up and took a bow when his name was called. Several other students clapped at his display. Snape looked like he had just eaten live Flobber worms.

Harry finished calling all the names on the list. The blond girl in the front row with the hungry look wasn’t on the list. He didn’t like the feeling of this situation.

“Miss, your name doesn’t seem to be on my list. Are you sure you should be in this class?” he asked the blonde.

“I decided to take this class, when I heard you would be teaching it,” she almost purred.

“Well, I appreciate you wanting to be in my class, but the Headmaster must approve all changes on curriculum. You will need to see him…”

“My daddy is on the board of governors. I will Owl him and he will make the proper arrangements,” she said while twirling a lock of her long blonde hair. She was leaning back in her chair and seemed to be pushing her breast out for him to see.

Harry gulped. He hoped he was misreading this situation. He didn’t need the daughter of an influential wizard making passes at him.

“Okay, what is your name Miss?”

“Cassie Goshawk, Professor. My auntie is the Miranda Goshawk.”

Harry was writing her name on the seating chart. He actually did not need to, because he wasn’t going to forget her name.

The door of the classroom flew open and his mum stepped into the classroom. She looked harried and out of sorts.

“I am sorry that I am…”

“A stinckin’ Mudblood,” shouted someone from the Slytherin section.

Harry snapped his head around to see who said that, but something else caught his eye. His father was getting ready to Curse someone. He was finishing the wand motion for a non-verbal spell. Using his years of training, Harry pulled his wand from its hiding place in his sleeve. He cast one of his hybrid Shielding Charms in the path of the spell deflecting the spell harmlessly up into the stone ceiling.

His father was caught by surprise that his spell was deflected. Harry used this distraction to disarm and Summon his dad’s wand to him.

The entire sequence of events only took about a second and a half. Harry went from looking at his mother walking in on one side of the room to holding his dad’s wand in his hand.

“Mr. Potter, there will be no hexing other students in my classroom, unless I give you permission,” said Harry forcefully. He was angry that someone had called his mum a Mudblood. However, he could not let it show, so he was using that anger to control the present situation.

“He called Lily a horrible name,” said his dad pointing at the Slytherin that was glaring at Harry earlier. His name was Horace Travers. Harry had wondered if he was related to the Death Eater Travers from his time.

Travers smiled and said loudly enough for everyone to hear. “Well she is one.”

“Silence!” he shouted at Travers. “That does not matter, Mr. Potter, ten points and a week of detention. See me after class to retrieve your wand.”

Harry slid the wand into the desk’s wide center drawer.

“Mr. Travers, I will not tolerate demeaning comments to fellow students. Ten points from Slytherin.”

Harry looked over at his mum, who was staring at him with a strange expression on her face.

“Miss Evans, please have a seat. I know you probably don’t have a book. I have several spare books over there,” he said pointing at a bulging bookshelf to his left. “I will give you a chance later to pick up a book until you can Owl a store and get one sent here.”

His mum snapped out of the stupor that she was in and walked over and sat down beside the Cassie girl. She looked slightly embarrassed about being late and everything happening because of her. She politely pulled out parchment, quill, and ink to prepare to take notes.

Harry smiled at her attentiveness. He took a deep breath to prepare for his opening speech to the class.

“My name is Professor Harry James. I am not a teacher by profession. I am also not British. I am one of your distant cousins from down under. I am from Australia where I have been fighting against the dark arts and dark wizards for the past…” he stopped to think about how he has been fighting Voldemort. “…thirty plus years.”

A small gasp and murmur went through the classroom, but he ignored it.

“For many years now, I have been the man in charge of a group of sorcerers like your Aurors. I am experienced at training these witches and wizards to face actual practitioners of dark magic in the field. I do not have the time nor would it be appropriate for me to use the exact same training methods in this classroom.

“I have looked at the last years OWL scores. After getting to understand your grading system, I was surprised to find so many students in this school scoring so poorly on the tests. You did acceptable work, but very few exceeded expectations. I promised the Headmaster that I would catch you mates up to speed.

“Fighting against the dark arts involve more than just spells. Many times you survive from being ingenious. If you are thinking that I will show you great and fantastic spells to defeat your opposition. You will be disappointed. I will show you all the spells necessary to pass your NEWTs, but they are not really rare or extraspecial. I have survived by mastering simple spells and using them in creative ways.

Another aspect of this class is helping you not to end up succumbing to the Dark Arts. Sometimes, wizards and witches start fighting against the dark, but find themselves being consumed by the dark arts. My first question to the class is how do you prevent yourself from becoming a dark wizard or witch.”

He looked out on the class. Sniggering could be heard from his left, his dad’s section. He saw Sirius smiling and everyone else around him sniggering.

“Mr. Black,” Harry asked tentatively. “You had something to say?”

Sirius was caught by surprise, but only for a few seconds.

“Yes,” Sirus said. “Make sure you aren’t Sorted into Slytherin House.”

The three other Marauders all sniggered at Sirius’ cheek.

“Mr. Black, I am afraid that is wrong and your house will lose 5 points. Anyone else want to guess at this?”

No one responded, until his Mum held her hand up.

“Yes, Miss Evans.”

“Don’t use Unforgivable Curses,” she said with confidence.

Harry looked up at the class. “How many agree with what Miss Evans said?”

About three-quarters of the class raised their hand.

“I am sorry, but you are wrong about that.” He hesitated while people contemplated what he said. “I have seen people in desperate times use Unforgivables to protect others, to stop homicidal maniacs, and to generally save lives. None of these people are Dark Arts practitioners. Does anyone else have an idea what the answer is?”

He waited, but he could tell by their blank faces they were clueless.

“Here is a hint. It is a four letter word.”

The class started mumbling to themselves trying to think of a four letter word.

His dad raised his hand. He had a large smile on his face. Harry knew he was going to regret this, but he called on his dad.

“Broom,” shouted James Potter.

The entire class went silent, at the ridiculousness of his statement. Remus leaned up from behind to whisper to James. At least Harry had assumed he intended to whisper, but it came out loud enough for everyone to hear.

“James, broom has five letters.”

His dad held his hands up in mock surrender. The entire class erupted in laughter. Harry was relieved that he could finally laugh at something the Marauders had done.

His mum didn’t look at James. She kept her gaze on the top of her desk. “It would figure you would want all the attention, James Potter.”

Harry was able to hear her, and he smiled at her comment about his dad. He quickly recomposed himself. Looking up at class, he waited for someone else to respond. They all had blank expressions staring back at him. He was wondering if he should give them another clue, but he couldn’t think of one.

He turned to the chalk board behind him and wrote the word; LOVE.

“The ability to love is what keeps people from turning dark,” he told the class. The students murmured to themselves. “If you lose the ability to love, you lose the ability to feel compassion to others. When you no longer feel compassion to others, then what you do to them doesn’t matter anymore. They are no more than objects. Anything that you do to these lesser beings is justified because of those feelings.

“Many of the Dark Scorcerers that I have fought against believed they had the right to torture and kill any people that they thought less then them. They were no better than beasts without any value to the dark wizards.

“Judging people by their station in life leads to that type thinking. I will not tolerate classifying people by blood status or which house they were sorted into.” He stopped talking and looked at Horace Travers and the Marauders.

“Now to address using Unforgivable Curses, we had approval to use deadly force under extreme circumstances. Only under extreme cicumstances would we allow an agent to take anothers life. The other two curses have no real use in fighting crime. There are other ways to take someone’s life with magic besides the Killing Curse. No matter how you do it, it will affect you. Unless…”

Harry walked up to the chalkboard and tapped the word LOVE. “…you can not feel love. It is not a good thing to feel nothing when a life is taken. It means that you will never heal from the deed. Taking someone’s life damages your soul, without the ability to love you will never heal.”

He stopped talking and looked out at the students some where looking at him with strange expressions while others looked bored. He didn’t think that he had spent too much time or said too much about the power of love. He pulled his wand and levitated scrolls to all the students. When he turned around his mum had her hand up. He waited until all the scrolls had been distributed before calling on her.

“Yes, Miss Evans.”

“Have you ever had to kill someone?” she asked. Harry felt put on a spot. She had a feaful look on her face. The entire class seemed to be holding their breath when she asked this question.

“Yes,” he said. His throat seemed to be tightening up. If anyone else had asked him, it might not have bothered him so much. His mum asking him the question made him feel as if he was little boy being asked about his bad behavior. The tension seemed to increase in the room.

“It was a prison break. Many of them were convicted murders, they were going to escape. I destroyed the door they were trying to get through. When it collapsed, the prisoners all died.”

The class continued to look at him. Some of them looked at him with a bit of fear others with possible admiration.

“When you talked about people using Unforgivables to protect others, were you talking about yourself?” his mum asked.

He shook his head no. “I was referring to other people I know. We were involved in a battle with over a hundered witches and wizards on both sides. Some were not even of age. A mother had killed one of the most evil witches I had ever had the displeasure meeting to protect her youngest daughter. Even though everyone understood her reasons, the action still affected her. She has since recoverd completely.”

His mum sat there and looked at him. She had an unreadable expression. She didn’t look disgusted or angry, but she didn’t look happy either.

“Any other questions before we move on to the syllabus?”

“No Professor,” his mum said while blushing slightly.

“These scrolls are a syllabus for the upcoming year. You will notice that the entire year has been planned out. Each class there are specific spells that we will be covering. All exams are also marked on the syllabus. There will be no excuses for not being prepared.”

A female student raised her hand as she looked over the scroll.

“Yes, Miss…” He checked his seating chart for her name.”… Fletcher.”

“Professor, many of these spells we covered in previous years.”

“The first part of the year will be spent reviewing and improving your skills with the listed spells. If you look at the classes after Christmas break, you will notice an NVR for most of January. Those letters stand for Non Verbal Review of all the spells we learned before the break.”

Almost everyone looked at him shocked. Some even started to murmur to each other.

“As we review the spells you can not afford to blow off the classes, it will catch you after Christmas. Any other questions?”

Severus Snape raised his hand. Harry went to his seating chart. He almost called his name, but decided it might seem inconsistent. “Mr. Snape.”

“Professor,” he said with his typical drawl. “What is the meaning of all the letters besides the dates?”

“Yes, good question, the letter T stands for theory, P is for practical, E is for exam, and NVR is for Non Verbal Review. We will be casting spells in this class during Practical and Exam dates. It will be under controled conditions. Anyone not adhering to the restrictions will be given detention or expelled from class and possibly school. Any other questions?”

“We get to curse each other?” Harry’s dad shouted out excitedly.

“Under supervision, Mr. Potter. I do not give you permission to practice spells outside of this class,” said Harry. His years dealing with James had taught him to be proactive.

“But how are we going to become proficient at these spells?”

Harry had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at his father. “Mr. Potter, I have reviewed the OWL results and found you were quite proficient at these spells. You don’t need to cast the spells to learn them, but if others need practice…” Harry smiled at him. “…you would be a good test subject.”

His mum snorted and tried to cover her mouth. Many students openly laughed. The Marauders were the loudest of all. James smiled at him and shook his head.

“You win Professor.”

Harry surveyed the room again, waiting for someone to ask another question about the syllabus. No one asked anymore questions. He looked at his watch. They still had ninety minutes left to the class.

“I have a first day project for you. This will help you rethink the way magic can be used to defend yourself. I have a large amount of reference books over there on the book shelves. You have one hour to research and then we will discuss how to avoid dying from the Killing Curse. I want everyone to write down the possible solutions and hand it in in an hour. We will discuss them in class.”

The entire class erupted with protests.

“Professor,” said his mum, while almost jumping out of her seat while raising her hand. It reminded him of Hermione.

“Yes, Miss Evans.”

“No one can survive the Killing Curse.”

Harry looked at her. Hearing her say that affected him worse than he had imagined. He had survived it because her love for him.

“There are ways of avoiding dying from it,” he said. His voice sounded thick, and he had trouble speaking. “You just need to think about it. Every curse has it weakness. You just need to find it. Do not think of the problems, but look for other solutions. You may begin.”

Some of the students stood up and walked over to the book racks searching through them. He could see them looking confused and uncertain. He knew this would cause them trouble, but he didn’t think they would react like this.

Over the next hour, Hary watched the students as they researched to solve this problem. He didn’t expect many to solve it. He hoped that Teddy didn’t give him a detailed explanantion. This was an Auror question on their written exam, he had already solved it. As the hour wore on more students looked haggard at trying to find an answer, while several of them didn’t look like they were even trying. They sat in their seats and stared at the other students.

As he waited, he checked his hair and hat. His disguise must have worked because he was sure that he would have recieved some type of comment about how much he looked like his dad. As he stared at his dad, he realized how true the statement was. The only real difference was their eyes. He scratched at his beard. It had grown in thick enough to disguise the shape of his jaw. It had bothered him for the first two weeks, but now he had become use to it.

He was pleased to see his father and the Marauders trying to solve the problem. They were talking among themsleves, and several other students were also consulting each other. Finally, after the time was over, Harry called out.

“Time is up. Please pass you answers in,” he told the class.

They all started to grumble.

“There was no solution in those books,” complained a witch.

Her complaint started a maelstrom of complaints from the students. As the students were complaining, Horace Travers raised his hand with a smirk on his face. Harry knew he was going to say something cheeky.

“Yes, Mr Travers.”

“Love, will stop it since it is so important,” he sneered while saying the entire statement. His Slytherin friends all chuckled at his comment

Harry felt anger rising at the comment. “That is not the answer I was looking for. Do not underestimate the power of love, Mr. Travers. I have seen people do heroic things. They have sacrificed themselves to save the ones they loved. Their sacrifice not only saved their loved ones, but gave the survivors the strength to overcome the dark later.”

The entire class went silent at his angry retort. He looked around waiting for anyone to say something, or hand in a piece of parchment.

His dad stood up and walked down front holding a piece of parchment. He handed it to Harry, before walking back to his seat. Harry stood there holding it. He hesitated opening it. Unfolding the parchment, he smiled at his fathers answer.

Hold Horace in front of you.

“Mr. Potter’s answer is; hold a Slytherin in front of you.” The Slytherins started protesting, but the rest of the class laughed at his comment. “It looks like Gryffindor will lose another five points, but it will also receive twenty. You have touched on the simple solution to this problem. You avoid the Curse. Mr. Potter was the only one to think of that solution. It is not the preferred method; particularly if you happen to be standing beside him.

“It looks like everyone was researching how to block the Curse after it has been cast. The Curse’s main weakness is that it must always be said. No one can cast a Nonverbal Killing Curse. Hearing the curse being said will give an opportunity to deflect the Curse or to hide behind a barrier. For practical demonstration purposes, I will not have anyone firing actual Killing Curses around the classroom.”

Harry pulled a side drawer open and removed a wooden stick. He passed his wand over it while whispering an incantation. He walked to the chalkboard and wrote a word; Abracadabra.

“This is a commonly used word by nonmagical people. They like to use it when they pretend to use magic. If you count, there are the same numbers of syllables in this word as in the incantation for the Killing Curse. I would like each of you to say this word and see how fast you can say it. Go ahead and try,” he told them. They all looked at him like he was barmy. “Go ahead; this is the weakness of the Killing Curse. Like I said; you must say the incantation so the person you try to curse has a chance to dodge it or put up a barrier.”

His mum was the first to say it. Soon the entire class was saying abracadabra, it was almost comical as they tried to say it faster and faster. He let this go on for about five minutes, before stopping it. He looked at his seating chart. He knew who he wanted to pick, but wanted to make it appear that he didn’t know his name.

“Mr. Lupin, would you please come forward,” said Harry. Remus looked up at him. To Harry’s irritation Teddy also started to stand up, but quickly realized his mistake. Remus slowly walked to the front of the room. Harry handed him the fake wand he had made.

“Stand anywhere you want Mr. Lupin. This stick was Charmed to produce a green light when the holder says the word on the board. Were you able to say it?”

“Yes, sir. It also rhymes with the Killing Curse incantation.”

“Yes, it does. Very good, do not worry about me this isn’t a wand and it won’t produce any harmful Hexes.”

“Yes, Professor,” replied Remus.

Harry walked towards the center of the class and stared out at the students. He couldn’t see Remus. He was expecting him to try the fake wand by this time. He didn’t want to delve into his Auror speech about how to use the curse properly. That felt like a little too much information.

“I will not always be the target for demonstrations. I just thought that people would get a little nervous…”

Abraca-,” Remus shouted, but didn’t finish the word.

Harry had pulled his wand and turned to defend the supposed Curse. He couldn't help himself. He doubled over with laughter. Remus was holding the feet of a live chicken. Harry knew the wand would turn into a chicken, but he never imagined it would look this funny. Remus was holding the chicken at his arms length. It was flapping its wings and clucking trying to escape his grip. His eyes seemed to take up his entire face as he stared at the bird.

What amazed Harry was the entire class was silent. No one laughed or said anything. It was his dad and Sirius that started the laughter. The shock had worn off them first and now they were laughing to the point they were having a difficult time staying seated.

“I am sorry Mr. Lupin. It seems that I have used the wrong incantation,” said Harry solemnly. He waved his wand and said, “Finite Incantatum”. The chicken turned back into a stick. He walked over and cast the proper Charm over the stick.

“There that will work properly this time,” stated Harry. “I am sorry I cast the wrong Charm the last time.”

“What was the difference Professor,” asked Remus slyly.

Harry smiled at him. He could tell that Remus was trying to get him to reveal the incantation he had used. “The first one ended with you holding a chicken.”

He turned his back on Remus and started to walk towards his desk.

“Abracada-!” shouted Remus, again he didn’t finish the word, because Harry had spun and hit him with an Impediment Hex knocking him backwards.

Harry walked over to Remus and smiled at him. “Are you all right, Mr. Lupin?”

Remus was picking himself off the floor and smiled at Harry. “I am fine. I take it you are finished with the demonstration.” He handed the wand to Harry.

“Actually, I was wondering if you would try a couple more times. Each time I will use a different technique or spell to defend myself,” Harry told Remus. He then turned to the class. “You will have an additional assignment for the next time we meet. I want you to write ever acceptable way to defend against the Killing Curse. You will of course write about what I just did. Which was, what?”

He stood and stared at the class. They all had blank expressions on their faces. “I just cast an Impediment Hex. I expect that will be one of the ways to defend yourself. If you are ready Mr. Lupin, let us continue our demonstration.”

Over the remaining time Harry used Levitation to lift his desk in the path of the Curse, a tripping jinx to cause Remus to miss the target again, he dove out of the way, and even used a Silencing Charm so Remus couldn’t’ say the word. Finally, the bell rang for the end of the class.

“Do not forget to come in with homework at the ready. I want it handed in on my desk at the beginning of class. We will quickly review it, and then move on to the next subject. Please get some sleep or you will not be able to keep up. Good bye see you in two days.”

The class quickly stood up and rushed out of the door. That girl, Cassie, waved to him before exiting. His mum stood at his desk, waiting to be called upon.

“Yes, Miss Evans,” he asked her.

“I was wondering if I could get a book to keep.”

“Of course, I told you that you could.” She kept standing there looking at him. “Yes, is there anything else?”

“Are you Muggle, I mean born to a nonmagical family?”

“Both of my parents were magical, but I was raised with nonmagical people. You noticed I used abracadabra.”

“Yes, I did,” she sheepishly replied. She walked over to the bookshelf and looked for this year’s textbook.

After she left, his dad approached him.

“Brilliant class, old boy. I was wondering if I could get my wand back now,” said his dad casually.

“I want to see you tonight after your classes are done for the day. You will be done by the time dinner starts.” Harry finished telling his Dad the rules for detention, then he handed his dad’s wand back to him. “Please be careful and don’t hex anyone while the teachers are looking.

His dad let out a joyous laugh, as he grabbed his wand. “I shall see you later.”

“No later than five o’clock.”

“Yes, yes.” His dad stopped talking and smiled extra-large as he stared at something behind Harry. “Lily flower allow me to escort you to your next class.”

Harry smiled as he heard his mum groan.

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