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Southern Comfort by Muse2488
Chapter 9 : Lots of Unexpected Surprises
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The next few days I was pricked, polished, waxed (I don’t wanna talk about it), and scrubbed to a bloody pulp. I swear I freakin’ glow in the dark. Starlene was in full ‘Make Paislee Pretty’ mode. She ordered at least thirty galleons worth of make-up and beauty products and even had them shipped the next day. Starlene’s owl was currently being patched up after an attack from a Slytherin’s owl so she borrowed mine. Poor Alura was so tired. She had returned with my letters from my friends and my Dad and was immediately sent to give the order for the crap, I mean beautifying miracles. The products came in and like I said before I was tortured. And now here I was on Monday morning looking at myself in the mirror and hardly recognizing the girl staring back at me. My blonde hair was curled in short ringlets with my bangs swooped to the side. My eyebrows were shapely now and I had eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. Starlene said it was the ‘smoky eye look.’ I had about a pound of foundation on and my light spread of freckles that normally were prominent across my nose, could no longer be seen. And my lips had been painted a dark yet slightly natural looking pink. The only thing keeping me from immediately wiping off all of the gunk on my face was Starlene’s threat to tickle torture me in the middle of the Great Hall. And she would do it too.



Stupid, bossy Brit.



We won our match Saturday by the way. 387 to 40. The Puffs sucked. Their captain, Felicia Jackson, was crying in the bathroom yesterday. Apparently she never wanted to be captain but was too scared to say anything to McGonagall about it. I scored the most points of the match so I was rather popular in the Gryffindor house now, which was weird because I was known as the weird American transfer student who was taken under the wing of the Weasley/Potter clan. And now I was calling even more attention to myself.



Insert sigh here.



“C’mon Paislee, if you don’t move your arse we’re going to be late for breakfast and therefore late for classes!” Roxanne said. I rolled my eyes.



“Do I really have to do this?” I asked using my best puppy dog eyes.



“Oh don’t give us that Paislee, your puppy dog eyes aren’t going to work this time round. And yes you do have to do this. Do you want James to dump the Whore?” Starlene asked.



“Yes, but-”



“Do you want him to realize he fancies you?” Dom interrupted.



“Of course, but-”



“Do you want him to ask you out and a few years down the road ask for your hand in marriage, then marry you, get a house in the country, have a few kids, and grow old together living happily ever after?” Roxanne asked. All of us turned our eyes on her and had the same expression of incredulousness on our faces.



“What? I have an imagination too you know.” Roxanne said and crossed her arms over her chest and upturned her nose at us.



We burst out laughing then.



“Well, I don’t know about that last part but I guess I don’t have a choice in this. I mean it’s only my life ya’ll are screwing with here. I’m so glad I met you bossy skanks.” I said sarcastically. They laughed at me and dragged me down the stairs and into the Great Hall. I struggled but they were stronger than me and before I knew it I was thrown into the front of our group and every turned and looked at me.



Insert gulp here.



I swallowed thickly and tried to look as nonchalant as possible but I had a feeling I was failing miserably. I could already feel myself blushing like crazy at the way people were staring at me. I could hear the girls snickering behind me and I threw them a look over my shoulder and they sobered quickly.



We finally made it to the end of the Gryffindor table where everyone else was sitting. I shot a quick glance at James but he hadn’t noticed me yet. The Whore wasn’t there, thank Merlin. The girls suddenly ran in front of me and sat down first and of course now the only seat was the one that was right between Freddie and James.






I mean Gits.



I had to walk all the way around the other end in order to get my seat and I as I did Starlene opened her big fat mouth.



“Is it okay if Paislee sits next to you blokes? Roxanne wants to eat breakfast with us this morning since Ashton is eating lunch with his little brother.” Starlene said. James looked at her and smiled and I felt my stomach flutter.



“Of course Starlene I would love for the…American…to…” James trailed off as he saw me. Of course that made my face heat up even more and I found myself praying that the pound of foundation was hiding my blush.



“Bloody hell American. What did you do?” Freddie asked as he took a long look up and down my body. I crossed my arms over my chest.



“Jeez Freddie keep it in your pants.” I said and sat down. James immediately turned and did a full body look as well. I had to keep myself from smirking.



“Uh…you look…really…erm…” James struggled and I heard Al laugh.



“You look bloody amazing Paislee. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve always looked amazing but now it’s like…highlighted or something.” Al said.



“Thanks Al.” I said shyly.



“What’s with it though? The make-up and what not?” Freddie asked. Of course Freddie knew exactly why but he had to pretend he didn’t. And I had to pretend that I didn’t know that Freddie was pretending.



This was getting confusing.



 I shrugged and sent a death glare towards Dom and Starlene. They were the two main culprits.



“Just felt like it.” I muttered non-convincingly.



“Really?” James asked slightly skeptical.



“Yes really. I wanted a change and decided to do something about it. Why? Can’t a girl try and look nice?” I asked as my temper flared.



“No of course you can. Sorry, didn’t mean anything by it.” James said and I scowled at him and then started eating.



“Well I think it’s great.” Lily said encouragingly.



“Me too.” Rose said.



“Me three.” A voice said from behind me. I turned and it was Braeden, the boy from James’ party.



My eyes widened and I felt the blush come back.



“Hi Paislee.” Braeden said.



“H-Hi Braeden. How are you?” I asked a bit shakily.



“I’m doing pretty well. How are you?” He asked.



“I-I’m fine.”



“Would you like to take a quick walk with me?” He asked.



Oh my gosh.



Here was a pretty attractive guy asking me to take a walk with him.



What do I do?



I turned to look at my friends and the girls were nodding encouragingly and so was Al, Scorpius, and Freddie. I turned around and stood up.



“Yeah. Sure.” I said.



Braeden grinned and motioned for me to go in front of him. I looked back once more and saw my friends staring at us as we walked out of the hall. Starlene gave me a saucy wink and I rolled my eyes.



Braeden and I walked all the way to the outside hall that connected the common’s grounds (where students just hung out outside) and the Great Hall. It was pretty chilly and I covered my arms with my hands.



“Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice you didn’t have a coat or a jumper.” Braeden said while taking off his own pea coat and handing it to me.



“Oh don’t worry about-”



“I insist.” Braeden interrupted. He held the coat out for me and I slipped my arms through it. It smelled really good, like this boy had a 300 galleon cologne collection or something.



“Better?” He asked.



“Much.” I said and smiled.



“You know, I’ve been trying for weeks to get the courage to talk to you.” He said.



Insert jaw drop here.



“Seriously?” I asked incredulously.



“Yes. You see, you’re extremely pretty, and smart, and talented, and wicked awesome on the Quidditch pitch. You intimidate me.” Braeden said.



“I intimidate you?” I asked with disbelief.



“Yes. But I think I have enough guts to finally ask you.”



“Ask me what?” I asked rather breathlessly.



This was the first time in my life that a boy ever pursued me. And he was really cute. Braeden had chocolate brown hair that was kind of long. He had bangs that fell slightly in his eyes and a bit of side burns too. His hair was straight and hit the collar of his shirt in the back. He had light brown eyes that seemed kind. He was built too, a bit skinnier than James though. But still very attractive.



“If you would like to accompany me to the Christmas ball?” Braeden asked rather shyly.



“Uh…you really w-wanna ask me? Like, for real?” I asked. Braeden chuckled and then grabbed my hands in his.



“Yes. I really want to take you. ‘Like for real’” He said the last part in a rather good American accent. I threw my head back and laughed.



“That was really good.” I told him.



“Yeah well, I’ve been practicing. Trying to impress you with my amazing American accent skills.” Braeden said.



“Well you’re pretty spot on.”



“So…” Braeden said and looked as if he was waiting on me to say something.



“So…Oh right! You need an answer!” I said suddenly and Braeden laughed.



“Well that would be nice.” He told me.



“Of course I’ll go to the ball with you.” I told him as my stomach started doing flip flops.



“Excellent.” Braeden said with a huge grin. He had dimples on his cheeks and they made him look rather adorable.



“Thank you for asking me.” I told him. I wasn’t really sure what else to say.



“Oh please, thank you for saying yes! I was sure you’d say no.” Braeden said as we turned to walk back towards the Great Hall.



“Why would I say no?” I asked genuinely curious.



“Because you’re bloody gorgeous and smart and talented and if I made the wrong move I’m pretty sure you could transfigure me into a newt.” Braeden said.



I snorted.



“You make me sound like some popular Muggle cheerleader in high school.” I told him. He laughed.



“Like I said. You intimidate me.” He said.



“Well don’t be intimidated. I’m pretty boring.” I warned.



“I highly doubt that. But, I do look forward to getting to know you better. Would you like to maybe meet up sometime at the next Hogsmeade trip?” He asked.



“I’d love to! But, I did promise to go dress shopping with a few of my friends. Would you mind meeting up afterwards?” I asked.



“Sure. We could meet at the Three Broomsticks at, say, 4?” He asked.



“Yes. That’d be perfect.” I told him.



We had reached the Great Hall again.



“I look forward to it then.” Braeden said and smiled.



“Me too. Oh and here’s your coat back. Thank you for letting me borrow it.” I said taking it off and handing to him. I immediately felt sad at the loss of the warmth and the enticing smell.



“Anytime. I’ve got to get to class early, I promised to help Professor Lupin set up for today’s lesson.” Braeden said.



“Oh okay.” I said rather lamely.



“See you in class then. And of course on Saturday.” Braeden said with a wink.



Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for a winker?



“Yeah, see you then.” I said and before I could turn around Braeden bent down and kissed me on my cheek.



I felt my face heat up instantly and I laughed clumsily and stumbled as I turned to walk back to my friends.



I clumsily made my way back down to the table and everyone just stared at me expectantly.



“What?” I asked nonchalantly as I took a sip of pumpkin juice.



“You have five seconds to tell us what happened before I throw a temper tantrum!” Lily said angrily.



I laughed and waited.



Roxanne, Dom, Starlene, Lily, and Rose were leaning forward and towards me as if they were scared they would miss something. Even Al, Scorpius, and Freddie look interested.



Finally I said, “He asked me to the ball!”



The table erupted in shrieks of happiness and clapping.



The other tables were startled and stared at us. A few of the Puff’s chuckled good naturedly and a few Ravenclaw’s did as well. The Slytherin table sneered at us and rolled their eyes.



“Oh my gosh Paislee that is so exciting!” Starlene gushed.



“He’s bloody handsome too.” Dom added.



“He also asked me to hang out with him at the Three Broomstick’s at 4.” I said and found myself unable to hide my excitement.



“That’s great!” Rose said.



“Much better than Madam Puddifoot’s place. That place gives me the creeps.” Freddie said with a shudder.



“Is that the place covered in pink nonsense?” I asked and everyone nodded. “I’d deck him if he asked me to go there.”



“Good on you American. Braeden’s a nice bloke. I’m glad it was him that asked you.” Freddie said and ruffled my hair. I slapped at his hands and fixed my hair back.



“Yeah, we miss him on the team. No offense mate.” Freddie said to Delton.



“None taken. He was pretty brilliant.” Delton responded with a smile.



“We’re lucky to have someone just as brilliant replace him then. Braeden’s great though Paislee. Right James?” Al said. The last part was said rather slyly and James finally looked at me.



He looked…



Well…he looked kinda pissed. And the American version of pissed, not the British version.



“What?” He asked as if in a trance.



“Braeden. We were all just talking about how great it is that Paislee and Braeden are starting to get together.” Al said with an eye roll at his brother’s cluelessness.



“Oh yeah. Brilliant. Braeden’s brilliant. I’ve got to go. Got to meet Kaelynn before class.” James said. And without another word he got up and left.



“Oh he is so angry.” Al said rather happily.



I didn’t feel quite as happy about this.



I don’t want to piss James off. I don’t even really want to make him jealous. I just wanted him to hurry up and dump the Whore and ask me to be his girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?



“This is excellent. Stage one in Operation Get James to Dump his Ugly Slag and Go for Paislee is now complete.” Dom said. I rolled my eyes.



“Alright, well come on everyone. Classes start in fifteen minutes, we should get going.” Roxanne said and Rose nodded in agreement. Everyone but Scorpius groaned. Scorpius actually grinned at everyone and gave Rose a quick peck on the cheek before grabbing his bag and then hers and offering her his free hand they walked out of the Great Hall together. Lily, Delton, and Al not trailing too far behind.



“Where’s Hugo?” I asked. I barely ever saw the kid and felt slightly guilty like maybe he didn’t hang out with his family because I was around so often.



“He’s with Annabeth. The two of them are pretty serious now and he’s trying his hardest to keep her from meeting with us too often. He’s afraid we’ll embarrass him or something.” Freddie said with an eye roll as we walked towards Teddy’s class.



“I wonder why he thinks that?” I asked sarcastically.



“Me too. It’s like he doesn’t trust us or something.” Freddie said and even pouted a bit.



“You’re such a prat Freddie.” Starlene said with a laugh and nudged Freddie with her elbow. He gave her a crooked grin and nudged her back.



“Well today’s class should be rather interesting. It’s the big non-verbal spells test.” I said.



“I’m so nervous. I’ve been practicing non-stop all week.” Roxanne said nervously.



“I’m not worried one bit.” Starlene said idly twirling her wand. I rolled my eyes.



“That’s because you’re an evil skank who’s already perfected it.” I growled.



Starlene laughed of course.



“I’m not too worried either. I’ve been doing pretty well in class. Plus James and I have been hiding right outside of the Slytherin common room and hitting them with random hexes.” Freddie said with a wicked grin.



“I hope these hexes have been non-violent.” Roxanne said warningly and adjusted her prefect’s badge.



“Of course dear sister.” Freddie said with a wink towards his twin. Roxanne sighed loudly and rolled her eyes.



“I don’t believe you of course, but since I haven’t seen anything I can’t say anything. Just don’t come crying to me when you get caught by a Slytherin prefect and they give you detention. I won’t be getting you out of it.” Roxanne said with a huff and walked ahead of us into the classroom. She went and sat next to Ashton. Freddie went and sat with James while Starlene went and sat with a Ravenclaw friend of hers named Skyla. Which left Dom and me. We sat at the front of the class and Braeden was standing next to Teddy. He grinned at me and then winked when Teddy asked him to get a few things from the closet. Dom nudged me and smiled widely and I blushed and rolled my eyes.



Teddy had all of us get into pairs and preform two disarming spells, two non-violent jinxes, two shielding spells, and two healing spells for our test. All without speaking. Teddy paired us up and I wanted to puke when I found myself paired up with James. James was extraordinary when it came to magic. He was really smart and extremely talented and I was intimidated whenever we were paired together. I always fumbled and he always laughed at me. James winked at me when Teddy called our names. I had to keep myself from asking for another partner. I turned and looked longingly at Dom and Starlene who had managed to be partners. They looked sympathetically at me and shrugged. Roxanne was paired with Ashton and Freddie was paired with a chick from Ravenclaw.



“Alright, so it’s pretty impossible to cheat on a practical examination but just in case I’ve casted a few anti-cheating charms around the classroom. Remember, no talking your spells and just relax and have fun. I don’t mind if your classmates want to cheer everyone on, in fact I’d prefer it. It’ll keep the atmosphere light. You all started practicing this last year and I know you can do it. So first up is…Braeden and Sawyer.” Teddy said.



Braeden winked at me and walked to the designated area. Immediately people started cheering. I cheered Braeden on and he did fantastic. He moved gracefully and preformed all of the spells wordlessly. Braeden hit Sawyer with a leg locker curse and a tap dancing curse. His shield spells practically thrummed with power and Sawyer’s wand flew to the other side of the class room with the disarming spells. Sawyer seemed really nervous and fumbled a bit with his spells but Lupin gave them both Outstanding marks. Everyone did fantastically and despite Roxanne’s fears she got an O as well. Starlene did so amazingly well that Teddy had her preform a couple on him. Starlene hit Teddy with a really good stinging jinx and Teddy actually winced quite a few times before he finally healed himself. Starlene smirked widely and gave Teddy a high five. And finally it was mine and James’ turn.



“Alright and last but not least, Paislee and James. Come on down you two.” Teddy said and everyone but the Slytherin’s started cheering.



“Ready for this American?” James asked with a smirk.



“Bring it on Britain.” I said with a smirk of my own.



Teddy laughed and said, “Alright you two please try not to kill one another. Paislee will go first since I like her more than I like you Potter.”



“Oi!” James said with mock anger.



“We’ll start with the shield charm. I want two Paislee. James I want you to hit her with two hexes alright? Nothing too physical, just something powerful enough to hit her shield to test its strength. You can speak them if you’d like James. Now, wands at the ready. Whenever you’re ready James.” Teddy said and stepped back.



“Come on Paislee you can do it! Show my cocky cousin whose boss!” Dom shouted.



“C’mon mate! You can take her!” Freddie yelled.



I raised my wand and thought first of the Protego spell and then James shouted a hex. I flicked my wand and concentrated on my shield. The light of the hex hit my shield and ricocheted off of my shield so hard and so fast that James barely had enough time to duck. James stood back up and looked at me with an impressed expression.



“That was quite good American.” He said.



“I know.” I replied with a smirk. The class laughed.



“You’re up James.” Teddy said.



James raised his wand and shouted another hex. I thought of another and stronger shield spell and blocked it as easily as the first one. Next up it was my turn to hit James with two spells while he blocked. I decided to throw a strong stinging jinx for the first one which was blocked easily by James’ strong shield. The second jinx I threw at him was strong stunning spell which was, again, easily blocked.



“That was quite good Britain.” I told him.



“I know.” He replied with a smirk.



We went through the disarming spells flawlessly as well as the healing spells. Teddy had me do the healing spells again because of how well I did. It really encouraged me since I wanted to be a healer. Now we were on the non-violent jinx and I was nervous. I know James was much better at hexes than I was and he knew a lot more as well. He actually has created a few of his own with Freddie.



“Alright, you first Paislee. Two non-violent hexes or jinxes okay? And no blocking James.” Teddy said sternly.



“As you said American, bring it on.” James said as he set his wand on a desk and held his arms out to the side. I smirked.



I thought of the paralyzing jinx Petrificus Totals and I had a twist on it. I could manipulate it and force my victim into any position I wanted. I focused on it and then flicked my wand and forced James into a frog like position where his legs were spread out as wide as possible and squatting as well as forced his tongue to stick out on the side. James’ eyes were wide as saucers and the class was roaring with laughter, even Teddy was trying to turn his laugh into a cough. I flicked my wand again and James was released. He was blushing like mad and I laughed.



“Had enough Potter?” I asked with a huge smirk.



“I like it rough Hayes.” James said with a suggestive smile and then it was my turn to blush like mad.



“Next one Paislee.” Teddy said and James stood with his arms out again.



The next one I did was a really powerful dancing jinx. I flicked my wand and suddenly James was break dancing like he’d taken lessons from an early age. Freddie started beat boxing and soon the class was laughing again.



“Okay American you’ve had your fun!” James shouted rather breathlessly. I laughed.



“I don’t know this is quite amusing.” I said and swished my wand, making him dance even faster. After another minute and much complaining from James I finally relented. James was sweating slightly and he wiped his brow on his sleeve.



“You are so in for it now.” James said threateningly.



Insert gulp here.



I didn’t wanna seem like a wuss though so of course I opened my big fat sarcastic mouth.



“I’m not afraid you twinkle toes.” I said.



“You should be.” James growled and for a second I thought he might actually be angry but then he winked at me.



I set my wand on a desk and walked in front of James and did the same pose he did. James smirked widely and I winced in anticipation of his hex. All of a sudden I felt my hands start to contort and I was doing sign language. I had no idea what I was signing as I don’t know it but I knew it was sign language because my fingers were contorting into certain shapes that resembled it. I breathed a sigh of relief at the light jinx. I really thought James was going to do something much nastier.



“What language is that James?” Teddy asked.



“Korean.” James said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.



“Is that all you got Potter?” I asked and immediately regretted it when I saw James’ trademark smirk grow wider. My hands stopped moving and before I could say anything else I felt a soft caress against my sides. My eyes grew wide and I looked at James. He smirked even wider (if that was even possible) and then flicked his wand again and the caress grew firmer and then moved to other places.



Stupid James did a tickling jinx.



And a damn powerful one too.



Another flick of his wrist and the tickling increased in pace and in pressure. And now my sides, hips, underarms, and neck were being mercilessly attacked.



I clamped my mouth shut as tightly as I could to keep from laughing, but I couldn’t stop from squirming. And of course the whole class was laughing.



“Oh James that’s just mean.” Starlene said with a laugh.



“How long you fancy she’ll hold it?” James asked as my squirming increased.



“Ten sickles says two more minutes.” Dom said. Freddie and Starlene laughed.



“You’re on. She won’t last another 30 seconds!” Starlene said.



“I agree with Star. There’s no way she’s gonna last much longer.” Freddie said and James nodded in agreement.



I can’t believe the idiots were betting against me!



I tried my hardest to keep it in but then stupid James swished his wand again and soon the back of my knees were under attack and I lost it.



I gasped and then started laughing like crazy.



“There it is!” James said with a laugh.



“James!” I gasped and looked pleadingly at him. He winked and then I looked towards Teddy and he seemed to be struggling to not laugh. Other student had used the tickling jinx as well but I’m pretty sure none of them had it perfected the way James did.



“J-James! Please!” I said through my laughter.



“I don’t know this is rather amusing.” James said in an imitation of me.



“Oh James let the poor girl up.” Teddy said. James swished his wand once more increasing the pace again as I screamed with laughter and then with another flick of his wand the sensations disappeared. I bent over and was rubbing my sides to rid myself of the lingering sensation.



“I…hate…you…” I panted and scowled at James. He just laughed and winked at me.



“Top marks Mr. Potter and Ms. Hayes! That was rather brilliant and quite a good show. Great job everyone I’m proud of all of you. And as a reward for all of your hard work I’m cancelling class for tomorrow!” Teddy said and then covered his ears as everyone erupted into applause and cheer.



“Yes, yes I know I’m the best professor you ever had. Now get out of my class room before I change my mind!” Teddy said and ushered us all out. The Weasley/Potter clan and I walked out of the class room and were laughing at how James was break dancing when Braeden walked up beside us.



“Great job today Paislee. That healing spell was brilliant.” Braeden said. I blushed of course.



“You didn’t do so bad yourself.” I told him. He winked at me and said hey to everyone then walked off to his next class.



“He is so bloody into you Paislee.” Dom said.



“You think so?” I asked shyly.



“Yes of course!” Roxanne said and Ashton nodded. He was walking beside Roxanne.



“He mentioned that he really fancied you in class yesterday.” Ashton remarked.



“Seriously?” I asked in disbelief.



“I jest not.” He said.



“Well as fascinating as this conversation has been we have a class to get to quickly since Teddy’s ran late and you my best mate have to help me find a new ingredient for the you know what. We need to test it soon if we’re going to make our deadline.” James said to Freddie.



“Right you are mate. Let’s sit in the back. Professor Binn never pays any attention to anyone who sits back there.” Freddie said.



“If I find out you two are testing your products on first years I swear to Merlin…” Roxanna trailed off. The two boys ignored her and we walked into class.






After classes the girls (except for Lily as she was ‘busy.’ I think she’s with Delton) and I were hanging out in the common room when Braeden walked down with a few of his friends. We all waved hello as they walked by and Braeden sent me a saucy wink and I blushed furiously as he walked out.



“He so fancies you.” Dom said.



“I kinda like him too.” I said with a small smile.



“As much as James?” Starlene asked with a sly smile.



“What do you think?” I asked sarcastically.



“I think you don’t want to get too close to Braeden because you are in love with James.” She replied. Roxanne and Rose nodded in agreement.



“Whatever! I do not love James. I like him, but I don’t love him. I’m too young to be in love with anyone.” I said with an eye roll.



“I don’t believe that for a second.” Rose said.



“What?” I asked.



“That you’re too young to be in love. I’m completely in love with Scorpius and I’m a year younger than you. Am I too young?” Rose asked.



She had me there.



“Well…no…” I trailed off.



“You do love my cousin. You’re just not aware of it yet.” She said with a firm smile.



“Agreed dear cousin.” Dom said.



“Here here!” Starlene yelled.



“I too agree with what Rosie said.” Roxanne inserted.



“Well I’m so glad I have all you whores to tell me how I do and do not feel.” I muttered as I sunk lower into my squishy chair.



And what did my dear friends do?



That’s right.



They laughed.



Doesn’t anyone take me seriously?



“Oh Paislee, you would simply crash and burn without us.” Starlene said.



“Whatever.” I muttered.



They laughed again and went into a deep conversation about what mine and James’ kids would look like.



Insert embarrassed scream/groan here.



“Can we focus on someone else’s love life for ten minutes?” I asked from behind the pillow I had just put in my face.



“But yours is so much fun!” Starlene said.



“Well let’s talk about yours then!” I volunteered her.



“Well I don’t really have one now do I?” Starlene said.



“Yes and why is that Starlene? You’re a total catch.” Roxanne said and then waved her wand. Five hot mugs of cinnamon apple tea appeared and she handed one to each of us.



“I’m not sure, haven’t really fancied anyone.” Starlene said nonchalantly with a shrug.



“No one?” Dom asked in a disbelieving tone.



“Well…” Starlene trailed off with a huge grin.



“Spill. Now.” I sad as I scooted closer to her.



“You promise not to take the mickey?” Starlene asked seriously.



Take the mickey?
What does a mouse have to do with this?
“Um…I hate to interrupt but what the hell does that mean?” I asked.



“It means to tease her.” Dom said with a laugh.



“Oh. Okay. Do continue.” I said with a laugh of my own.



“You lot promise first.” Starlene said.



“Promise.” We all answered at the same time.



It was pretty awesome.



Creepy too, but awesome.



Starlene took a deep breath and then grinned.






Insert four screaming girls here.



Starlene likes Freddie!



This is too awesome for words!



“Oh Starlene that is just bloody fantastic!” Dom said jumping up and down. We were all on our feet by now and dancing in a circle.



“You think?” She asked with a laugh.



“Of course! You two are perfect for one another!” Dom insisted.



“Think he’ll ask me to the ball?” Starlene wondered.



“We could always nudge him in the right direction.” I said with a sly grin.



“I do believe we are having a bad influence on our American friend. She’s actually volunteering to be sneaky and underhanded!” Dom said with a laugh.



I laughed at that.



“I think that’d be brilliant. But don’t be too pushy. I don’t want him to know that I fancy him as much as I do. I can take care of that part on my own. All I need him to do is take me to the ball and then he’ll be mine.” Starlene said with a smirk and we all laughed.



“He won’t stand a chance against you!” Roxanne said.



The rest of the night was spent in conversation on how to get Freddie to ask Starlene to the ball. They of course came back to the topic of me and James and I excused myself to bed. I did have an early practice to get to the next morning. I was actually exhausted after the day’s events.



So many surprises had happened.



How many people reacted to my new look.



James’ reaction to my new look.



Braeden liking me enough to ask me to go to the ball.



And Starlene liking Freddie.



My head was spinning as I finally fell asleep. Thoughts of Hogsmeade only being a day away lulling me to sleep.




A/N: AHHHHH!!!! =]]   What do ya'll think? I had a lot of fun writing this chapter! What do ya'll think of Braeden? Is he the one for Paislee? Sorry it took so long for me to update, but had a lot to do during the holidays! Hope ya'lls were fantastic! Leave me some love as they make me all warm and fuzzy inside! =]]

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