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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 4 : A red haired journey, plus some.
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A/N: Thanks for reading another chapter. I hope you liked it. It is on the longer side and a bit of a filler, but it will get better. I tried to write some lyric's so the chapters go through quicker, please don't mind them. If you do just ignor them, lol. Well, hope you like it.

Thanks J.K for creating a wonderful world.
Oh yeah, please leave a review. Tell me what you think. Thanks again ~S

Chapter 4


            A nervous red haired man walked a long hallway swiftly. He wasn’t sure why he felt the need to be in a rush. Ron had always felt like he had all the time in the world and now for some reason he felt that his time was almost up. He took turn one corner after another, walked down one corridor after another, until he was face with a closed door with a shiny silver door knob. Written on the frosted glass window had the name Hermione J. Granger in a dark blue ink. Ron stood there gathering the will to open the door. He felt like he should have called beforehand but dismissed the idea just as fast as it came. He just wanted to go and see her. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do once he got there, all he knew was that he needed to see her. Ron swallowed hard as his hand reached for the door knob, but stopped himself just before he felt the coolness of the metal under his clammy hand. He looked down at his shirt and vainly tried to rub the wrinkles out of it. He then ran his hand through his shoulder length red silky hair before continuing again to open the door. He turned the knob slowly and walked over the threshold trying to calm his unsteady breathing. 



             Hermione was sitting on the floor in front of her desk surrounded by books with a pencil gritted between her teeth. When she looked up and saw Ron standing in the doorway the pencil fell from her mouth as she smiled.

 "Heya, what brings you to these parts of the woods?” Hermione stood up to crossed the distance separating her and Ron. She wrapped her arms around Ron’s neck. Ron took this moment to take a whiff of her scent. She smelled of citrus and vanilla. Ron let out a sigh unknowingly as the scent hit him and warmed him from the inside out. Hermione let go at the sound of this.




“You ok?” she asked him letting her arms fall to her sides, taking a step back, and meeting his gaze. “Is anything wrong?”


 Ron looked at her with a wearing puzzled look. “Huh? What? No, everything is fine.”


“Oh” Hermione said as she turned back to her circle of books, but before she was able to take her seat back in the middle of them Ron blurted out.



“I should have said something earlier. I….. Would… Have .......” Ron was redder than Hermione had ever seen him be before. Ron stepped into her circle of books. Hermione turned to face him. She was hoping she knew what was coming. She had been waiting for this moment since her fifth year at school.



“Ronald” left her lips in an almost a whisper.


Ron clasped her hands within his own. “Hermione you are my rock. I can’t image life without you. I know you aren’t going anywhere, but I just can’t lose you. Can we talk?”



Hermione bit her bottom lip and shook her head “yes”



Their eyes met “Can possibly we give ‘us’ a try?”



“Us?” She said letting go of her grip and letting her hands leave Ron’s.



“Yes, Hermione us. There has always been an us to me, even though there hasn’t been a label attached.”



            Ron finally said what Hermione has been wanting him to say to her for almost as long as she could remember, but for a reason that was unknown to her it didn’t feel right. She didn’t know why, but it wasn’t sitting right. Hermione just thought that she was over thinking the situation. She thought that the weird feeling was, because the way he asked her to be with him. It just wasn’t the way she thought it would have happen. She looked into his eyes only seeing love and said



“Of course. I wanna give this…” Hermione pointed between him and herself “Us… a try.”





            Ron was happy that seeing Hermione earlier went way easier than he thought it was going to. He was glad that she didn’t make a big deal about it either. That it felt natural and like it was meant to be happening. Ron stopped in front of his mirror that hung in his bathroom of his one bedroom apartment. He straightened his tie and tucked his hair behind his ears before turning on the spot aparating to the side of Hermione apartment building.


            Hermione stood in front of her floor length mirror in her bedroom wearing her favorite red dress. She fluffed her hair that she magic’ed straight for the night. Her poker straight hair hung to her bust line. She lined her eyes in black and completed her outfit with a spray of rose perfume just as there was a knock on the door. She tightens the strap of her shoe before opening the door to revile Ron standing holding red roses and wearing a dark brown suit.





                                     Devo strummed his guitar with passion, balancing himself on staggered feet. The lights were low and the feedback was buzzing through the speakers. Draco took the microphone and closes his eyes. The music stopped as Draco started to sing.



                                     Devo, Draco, and Ben began to play their guitar in sync. The music vibrated through the crowd. The crowd screamed and clapped as the lights came one blinking from red, blue, green to pink to the beat of Cooper on the drums. The crowd roared, a sea of hand in the air. Draco could see a curvy blonde girl talking to security out of the corner of his eye. She caught his eye and smiled at him. Draco didn’t know why he smiled back at her, he just did. Normally, the sea of people were just a faceless crowd, but tonight she caught his eye. Her long blonde waist length blonde hair that had purple streaks peeking out from underneath her ivory colored waves kept his attention making all the others around her seem dull. The music stopped for Draco for just a moment, he almost lost his place playing the song. He stumbled a bit catching her gaze again. He could see her stifle a laugh. Draco shook his head as he turned away from her to look at the crowd, all whom were jumping to the beat of Cooper’s drums.



                                     The lights again went down. Draco’s lips were almost touching the microphone. “This one for anyone who had loved and lost before.” The cold string felt calming to him as he felt them pass underneath his fingertips.



“What do I have to do…. 



 Each word was seamlessly drawn out to a perfection. Draco closed his eyes for a moment feeling each syllable pass his lips.



                                     When Draco scanned the crowd, he couldn’t see her. He looked for her green army jacket, but could see none. He wondered if he imaged her and continued to sing his song. The drums melted away, just as the notes at Devo and Ben played somberly lingered.



The last line Draco screamed, he didn’t know why, he never had done this before during this song, but belted out anyway “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!”

                                    Completely out of breath, he tried to catch his breath while the crowds roared with excitement. What seemed like a million faces were all looking up at him, all with hands in the air with clapping or give the rock on sign. Draco thanked the crowd as he sipped a beer. He introduced his bandmates to the thundering crowd. Cooper on the drums and so on, but as he got to Devo on his left he saw her standing in the wings of the stage with a big smile on her face and bedroom eyes. His eyes followed down her fame. She was wearing shiny black knee high boots that lace up the back, leather pants, and an army jacket showing off her tiny waist. Draco was pleasantly surprise how sexy she looked even though she wasn’t wearing anything revealing nor showing off the parts that girls think men find sexy.



                                     Devo saw this exchange and smiled at his friend. He knew what he was thinking. Hell, if she was looking at him like that, he would be putty in her hands too. Draco noticed that Devo was watching him and threw his most devilish smirk at his exchange with the mystery women. Draco nodded at him telling him a million things through one look. Devo put a hand on the string on his guitar and grabbed the mic with his free hand.



 “ ! Now give it up for Draco on vocals ! ”



                                     The crowd erupted in a frantic whistles and yells. Draco felt the color rush to his cheeks. As much as he liked getting the attention this felt a little too much. He caught the sight of the girl in the wings, arms over her head clapping, swinging her hips to the beat to the ambient beat, and smiling right at him. Draco locked eyes with her and felt himself inmaging her in his bed. The thoughts of feeling of her warm hands running down his chest excited him. He could almost feel her breath next to his ear.



“Thank you for giving us the best show possible. This one is for all of you.”



Even though he was talking to the crowd in front of him his eyes were locked with the blonde girl in the wings.



 It’s not enough. What you need, I don’t get.” Draco broke her gaze and closed his eyes. He was surprised that it was Hermione who came to him as the word left his mouth. The vision of her at her birthday party flooded his mind. The way her eyes squinted ever so slightly as she tried to figure him out flashed, before in his minds eyes as he played his last song. He felt an unfamiliar feeling in the pit of his stomach, but push it away. Draco opened his eyes and was met by the flashing of the flood lights before him.



 Draco looked to his left and saw she was still there. He was glad that the song was almost over so he could find out about her story.



 “Is it me that you see changing? What you think of me? Am I who you thought I would be?”

                                    Draco met her eye one last time, before the last note that they played that night came through the speakers. The house lights came on, the band and him bowed to the over joyous crowd. The applause thundered around the small venue. Draco looked to each of the band members exchanging looks of satisfaction. Draco thanked the audience one last time, before retiring to the wings of the stage. He looked around for the blonde girl, but didn’t see her. Draco was almost carried by the group of people that formed back stage after the show waiting to congratulate them for playing such a great show.



                                    Draco did the normal meet and great after the show. He kept looking for the mystery blonde girl the entire time, but didn’t see her anywhere. The band packed up and had a drink at the bar. Draco the whole time was detached, he kept thinking of the blonde girl. She was the first face in the crowd he had ever noticed. Draco wondered why he noticed her. Something about her enticed him. Draco drank at the bar with Cooper when the other guys left to go home. They were all packed up, all Draco had to worry about was getting his guitar home safely. After, a few shots and a beer Cooper left Draco standing outside the venue. He lingered for an extra second to light up a cigarette, before starting the short walk back to his flat.



                                     A noise to his left caught Draco attention. Out of the shadows stepped the blonde girl. Still as pretty as ever even though it was close to two in the morning and obliviously she had been drinking due to the redness of her cheeks. She looked to Draco as she pulled out something white out of her breast pocket of her jacket. Draco followed her every movement with his eyes. She looked at what she pulled out closely analyzing it intently. She stepped up to where Draco was standing smoking his cigarette. She plucked the cigarette from his lips, put the white thing that she was holding to her lips, and lit it with his cigarette. She gave back Draco his cigarette and smiled as she let out cloud of smoke. Draco coughed as her smoke hit his lungs mixed with the cigarette his that he was taking in. She laughed a little laugh at his discomfort.



“You guys were pretty good.” She said taking a step back from him, tipping her head back as she let out another cloud of thick smoke.



Draco finished his cigarette and flicked it as he stepped up to her. She stood her ground and only smiled as she took another puff of whatever she was holding.

“Thanks” he said standing only inched from her.



                                     The girl put a hand on hip and went to lean against the wall of the now closed club that they were standing in front of. “You cool? She asked in an airy tone. She looked away from him as she handed him what she was holding and smoking. Draco knew this was an invitation and didn’t want to refuse. He just wasn’t sure on what he was about to do, but figure if the girl standing in front of him was standing there was not fazed he would be ok. Draco slowly took the glowing white tube like thing in-between his fingers and brought it to his lips carefully. It tasted like how the dirt smelled in his mother flower garden. Draco’s thoughts were stopped as he choked on what he was inhaling. The girl laughed as she took back the hand rolled cigarette.


“I ask you if you were cool” The girl patted Draco on his back. She took a few more puff before flicking it into the gutter.


“What was that?” Draco said between hacks. He felt his blood go to his head making him dizzy and before he knew it he was laughing. At what, he didn’t know? She laughed too but she was laughing at him.


“What’s your name?” Draco asked standing up from the bent over position he had be previously occupying.


She raised an eye brow and smiled. “Sari”



Draco was surprised by her accent. “Sari, so what was that? That you gave me.”



“Oh, some good old home grown, that’s all. Sorry.” She shrugged her shoulder indifferently.


                                    “Home grown?” he thought. He was going have to ask his band mates what that meant at some another time.



                                     Sari smile comforted him. She didn’t take her eyes from him and he could either. Draco was taken away by way she talked. He had never heard any talk so freely. Before, Draco could even think about it he had invited her to go back to his. To his surprise she said yes without a moment of thought.



                                     Draco followed her back to her car, a little black Astin Martin. Even though he had only been away from the wizarding world for two year he knew this car wasn’t any normal car, his band mates were car guys and have taught him a lot since he had joined the band. He knew right then this girl was something the likes he had never seen before.



                                     Sari unlocked the car doors with a push of a button and Draco slipped his guitar into the back seat. Sari got into the driver’s seat and put the key into the ignition. The engine was louder than he thought it would have been and she sped away faster than he would of like it, but for some reason he didn’t feel like he was in any danger. Sari careened down one street after another, dark and heavy guitar riffs echoing from the speakers. Draco was amazed by this girl. She seemed tuff, but still girly enough for his liking. Draco bobbed his head to the beat of the song and she drove down the deserted streets.

“Where are we going?” she screamed over the music, the wind whipping her hair around her face.



“Make a left here, then park two blocks up.” Draco said as he pointed to where she could park the car. This was the first time he had ever brought home stranger. He started to have second thoughts about this girl, but as he turned to look at her his eyes locked with hers and all of his negative thoughts melted away. They both got out of the car. Sari followed him to his door, but hesitated at the doorway.



“I don’t do this kind of thing normally” she said looking down and away from Draco gaze.



Draco looked at her from just inside of his doorway. “What do you mean?”


“It’s nothing, but I just don’t normally go home with guys I don’t know? Guys in bands and stuff like that, I not some groupie or anything. I just feel that you should know that before anything proceeds.”


          Draco smiled at her, feeling the truth in her words. “I wouldn’t ever have thought otherwise.”


                                     Sari smiled at this and walked over the threshold. Draco set his guitar down next to the couch. Sari walked over to a piano that was in the corner of the room and picked up a frame that was sitting on it.



“Awe, you were so cute when you were little.” She said.


                                     Draco eyes followed from her eyes down her arm to the picture she was holding it was of him and Blaise at his parent’s summer house, when he was in his first year at Hogwarts. Draco smiled at her before stepping quickly towards her. He could wait any more and let his instincts take over. The picture frame softly left her finger tips and landed on the floor without a sound as he crashed his lips to hers. Draco didn’t know what had come over him. At that very moment he had to have her. Hell or high water wasn’t going to stop him. He had to ravish her right then and now. She let out a little morn as his lips brushed her neck as he pulled off her jacket one shoulder at a time, letting it pool at her feet. She ran her slender finger through his hair as she pulled him closer to deepen his kiss. Draco with a sweep of his hand cleared the piano of all of the pictures that had made their home on it off to the floor. He didn’t care if he used magic in front of her. He just needed to feel loved and wanted to feel it by her as fast as possible.


                                    Within moments their clothes were thrown on the floor between kisses filled with passion. Draco stood in front of her sun kissed body lying on his piano, his tone chest had a hypnotic sheened from the street light that peeked through the barely open window. Sari leaned up and ran a black manicure nail from his lips down to his waist band. Her other hand cupped the back of his head, as he leaned into her, and took her. They laid there till the sun shone brightly outside. She fell asleep in his arms while he played with her flaxen hair. Draco laid there not being able to fall asleep. He searched his brain as hard as he could try to find a time when he was happier than he was in this moment, but not one instant had come close before.

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