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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 16 : Names and Pictures
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch.16 Names and Pictures

Draco wakes feeling rested and content, he feels somebody in his arms and he opens his eyes to see a bushy head of caramel brown hair. He smiles as he relives last night. His right arm is under her head and wrapped around with her, his left arm is draped over her and resting on her belly. Her cute little bum is snuggled up against him. She wiggles a little in her sleep and he closes his eyes as he twitches a bit. He never thought we he ran into her again after so long that she would give him a chance. He had been so mean to her growing up and he thinks a lot about how he can make it up to her. He never would have guessed that she, being such a quiet bookworm would be so hot, the way she took charge last night and showed him exactly what she wanted. She is kind, passionate, beautiful, and sexy. He is already completely hard thinking about how she looked under him and how her eyes looked full of passion. He lightly caresses her and grins as he feels her soft, warm skin; she wiggles again snuggling her self back into Draco. He slides his hand over her belly once then dips it lower to find her heat.

She is ready for him, so he pulls her leg up and over his spreading her so that he can position himself in between her legs. When he makes contact with her entrance she gasps and reaches her arm up and back to grasp his head. She pulls him to her as she turns her head to kiss him heatedly. She pushes herself back against him, so he pushes forward and slides home. Both gasp against the others mouth. He relishes in her, she is the most erotic woman he has ever been with. As he continues to stroke her fire, she groans his name and he has to force himself to wait for her. He knows that he wants to be with Hermione for the rest of his life, he fell so hard when he saw her lying in the hospital bed bruised, and he wanted to ease her, to love her.

He moves faster feeling not just pleasure but happiness, he doesn't know how much she cares for him, but he is going to do everything he can to make her fall in love with him.

"Draco, more don't stop, I need you." She gasps as she pulls him to her for another searing kiss, and he moves, harder and faster she moans against his mouth and he feels her body start to shudder. He moves again all the way, and he empties himself into her, as she gasps and continues to shudder. "Hermione." He groans against her neck softly kissing it.

Finally she goes limp in his arms and sighs; he moves his hand to her belly again and can feel the movement under her skin. He smiles into her hair and places a kiss there. He knows he isn't the father of the babies, but when the healer at St. Mungos had assumed he was, he first off was horrified, then once he thought about it, he wanted to be a father. He was happy even for that short time, even when she was still Granger to him that he was going to be a father. He wants to love the babies when they come out, her babies.  It has been so fascinating to watch Hermione grow and to feel the life moving under his palm.

"They sure move around a lot when I'm around you." Hermione says breaking in to his thoughts, and instantly his heart swells. Maybe they know it is him who is here, like when Ginny talks to the babies, or when Potter talks to them.

"Can I talk to them?" He asks quietly and Hermione tenses for a minute like it surprised her, she relaxes and nods her head. He lifts her head to retrieve his arm then raises himself up and over her to kneel next to the bed. "Hey little babies, I can feel you in their doing summersaults." He says looking at her belly and lightly caressing the skin with his hand. "I can't wait to meet you, it amazes me that there are two of you in there, and I am curious to see if you look like your momma." He continues then glances up at Hermione while smiling. His heart squeezes when he sees tears coming out of her eyes. "Are you okay?" He asks worried that he hurt her, or something.

"I'm fine, it's the hormones." She replies, and finds his other hand to squeeze with hers.

He turns back to her belly, leans in and places a kiss on it. "Your momma is a weepy woman." He whispers to the babies then grins over at Hermione, who rolls her eyes while smiling. She moves to get up so he helps her and watches as she makes her way to his bathroom.

He wanders how to make her fall in love with him, so that he can show her how much he loves her and ironically how much he already loves her babies. 

Narcissa and I are shopping again in Diagon Alley for new clothes for me.  I have gained so much weight now that I can't see my feet not even if I bend forward. Which I won't do because I'll probably topple over forward and hurt myself, so I just settle for not seeing my feet. Today is July 5th and I have my 27 week appointment today, which Narcissa demanded she go to again, I do like when she goes with me, and even if Draco and I don't stay together, I will stay in contact with Narcissa.

"Narcissa." I start to ask.

"Hermione, you can call me Cissa if you want you know." She gives me a look that plainly says you will call me Cissa.

I smile at her, "Of Course, Cissa. What I was going to say, is I think we need to sit, by back is killing me and I think Lucas is jumping on my kidneys." I say looking for a place to rest.

"Sure dear, let's sit over here." She gestures to a bench not too far away. "How do you know it is Lucas and not Baby girl?" She questions using the name I decided on for the boy. I haven't felt one hundred percent about a girl name yet.

"Oh, I just assume that the boy is going to be more ornery that the girl." I shrug then rub my belly, feeling Baby girl kick the front. "Or maybe they are both going to be ornery." I add looking down where you can clearly see one kicking.

Narcissa doesn't ask any more to touch my belly, actually none of my friends do, even Blaise who more often than not is talking to my belly telling random jokes to the twins, they just reach over and put their hands on it.

"Have you thought any more about girl names?" Narcissa inquires, as I have been talking to her about different baby names, and I really like to hear her opinion.

"Well, I have thought of another girl name though I still like Natalie, but I came across an unusual name the other day when I was looking and well I kind of really liked it." I say to her and she nods and motions for me to continue. "What do you think about Libra?"

She looks at me in what appears to be shock, but then it changes to pleasure, "I really like that name." She says and nods like she was agreeing with something. "What do you think about it?"

"Well I like it, it is common word to hear, but still unique for a name." I explain, "I think I really like it." I finish, and look up at her. Her eyes are shinning.

"Can I tell you something, though you have to promise not to let it affect your choice of a name?" She asks me and I nod wondering what she could tell me. "When I was pregnant with Draco I had two names picked out, one was Draco for a boy and the other for a girl was, Libra." She says and at the end she is whispering.

I gasp and look down at Narcissa's hand on my belly, I had found the name in a book, but only after I had a dream the other night and Draco had called Baby girl, Libra. In the dream he was talking to my tummy, like he always does and he calls her Libra, then I wake up. Narcissa is rubbing her hand against my belly and cooing to Babies when somebody walks up and a shadow falls over us.

I look up and gasp forgetting all about names and dreams, then squeal. "Ginny!" I exclaim and hold out my arms, I'm not jumping up because I'd probably hurt myself. She lowers herself to the bench next to me and wraps her arms around me. It is rather hard to do any more considering I am so large.

"'Mione, you look fabulous! How are my babies?" She questions then leans down to kiss my belly as she puts her hands on either side of my belly and starts talking. "Hi babies, I am so excited to see you both, I have so many fun things planned, and you are going to be so cute." She says quickly then looks up smiling. "How much longer?" She questions.

"A couple months." I reply. "Do you want to go to the healer appointment with us today?" I ask and she nods her head vigorously.

"Hi Cissa, I didn't mean to ignore you but these babies are so exciting." She says looking over to Narcissa.

"I completely understand." Cissa replies smiling. "So I take it you didn't tell Hermione that you were coming?" She adds.

"Nope wanted to surprise her." Ginny replies giving my tummy one last pat. "So where are we off to?" She questions.

I look down at my watch and we have about ten minutes to get to the healers. "We better get going to St. Mungos." I say and heave myself off the bench.

We make it, only a couple minutes late and Healer Thomas greets us warmly. "How are my babies doing?" He asks looking at my stomach.

"Well they sure are dancing today." I answer as I settle myself on the bed. "You tell me how they are doing Doc." I say smiling and he chuckles a little.

"Today we are going to do another sonogram, and take a couple pictures that you can have to take home." He says and all three of us squeal. Cissa and I had seen a wizard version of a sonogram already, but didn't get the pictures because they weren't very clear, so this is exciting.

"I never would have guessed that this would have been exciting." Thomas says dryly while grinning, and we all chuckle.

Watson comes in to help and warmly greets Cissa and Gin. We had struck up a friendship with Watson and I know Ginny and her have been keeping in touch while Ginny has been away. Watson apparently doesn't have too many friends, mostly because she works so much.  Apparently she moved here after school and didn't know any one. So all her friends are people she works with. Ginny and I had invited her out after my third appointment and she is such a great person.

"Ginny, what time do you want me to stop by your." She stops looking up at Ginny who is waving her arms looking like she is trying to cut off the air. "Oh, yeah I mean ah." She says and looks quickly at me before looking away.

I am just about to ask what is going on when Narcissa speaks up, "Gin, did Hermione tell you she chose a name for Baby boy?"

Ginny's eyes go wide then she looks so happy all her arm waving forgotten. "You didn't tell me?" She says looking at me, "What what what? She says bouncing in place.

I take a deep breath and look at everyone whose eyes are all on me looking at me expectantly, "Baby boy is now Lucas." I say and watch as Watson and Thomas smile and tears come to Narcissa's eyes and Ginny nods her head then a look of understanding dawns.

"Lucas, 'A bringer of light', Lucius, 'A bringer of light'." Narcissa couldn't hold her tears back any longer and she sniffles daintily. "I love the name." Ginny declares and hugs Narcissa as I watch the emotions playing over their faces. "Does Draco know?" Ginny asks thoughtfully.

I shake my head; "Cissa is the only one, and now you that I have told." I tell her and she nods, I don't mention the idea for Baby girl, not yet, not until I really decide. Thomas is still working; doing what ever it is he does during my check ups, flicking his wand and Watson occasionally stepping in while making notes the whole time. Then there are three flashes of light and Thomas clears he throat.

"I made three copies of the picture, it that enough?" He asks.

"Could I have one more?" I ask looking down at my belly.

Another flash of light then he hands me my pictures. I motion for the girls to gather and we all gaze down at Baby girl, and Lucas. My vision becomes blurry and I watch them moving around. I swear they are both moving their arms as if they know I am looking and they are waving. I see Baby girl in the front, and Lucas just behind her. "I was right." I croak, "Lucas was jumping on my kidneys." I say then steadily cry I'm so happy.

I hand one picture to Cissa and one to Ginny, then I tuck the other two in my bag and we move to leave. "We'll see you back here next week." Thomas says then pats my tummy says bye and leaves. Watson hugs me, says bye then leaves.

As we walk out of St. Mungos, Ginny turns to me and says, "Hey, Mum has been asking about you, and she wants you to come over later today." She says glancing at Narcissa then back at me. "You don't have plans with Draco do you?" She asks although looking like she knew I didn't.

Today is Friday, and usually Draco and I have date night, we have been officially dating now since our double date with Blaise and Cassie. "Um, yeah sure that sounds good." I answer her and then decide I'm hungry. "Lets get a snack somewhere." I suggest and Cissa nods in agreement, but Ginny shakes her head.

"I can't I'm sorry, I have to go do some things for mum. Plus my brothers are all chomping at the bit to play Quidditch this afternoon, since I'm back for the weekend." She says shaking her head. "I'm sorry, "'Mione, but you'll come over later, yes?" She says looking like she is nervous I'll say no. "Like floo in around say four?" She suggests glancing at Narcissa again and I wonder why she keeps doing that. I shrug and agree.

"Sure, I have nothing planned and Cassie is at the shop today, I'll be there." I tell her and then she smiles hugs me pats my belly says bye to us then disapparates. I turn to Narcissa she takes my arm and we head to get ice cream, wondering what Ginny has planned.

Once I get home that afternoon, I put my packages away, and then Draco appears in the fireplace in a roar of green flames, I smile and greet him with a lingering kiss, feeling happy.

“What was that for?”  He asks grinning down at me.

“Just happy, I went to the healer today, and I have something for you.”  I say then reach in my bag to get the extra picture for Draco.  I hand him the ultrasound picture and his reaction is wonderful.

He looks at the picture of my two babies, and he smiles then he does the last thing I would have expected.

He puts his finger up to the moving picture and lightly strokes it then he blinks rapidly as if to keep back tears, “Hi little babies, I am so excited to meet you in person.”  He whispers then must realize I’m still in the room.  He looks over at me with so much emotion on his face I almost can’t processes it all.

“Come here.”  He says thickly, so I walk up next to him and he kneels in front of me pulls up my shirt and lays both hands on my belly, then leans in and kisses each side. “I am pleased to have seen a picture of you each of you, and I look forward to seeing you after your mummy has you.”  He whispers against my skin and I can feel his breath and lips.

I blink rapidly keeping the moisture out of my own eyes now.  Draco places another couple kisses lightly on my skin and lightly caresses my belly before standing and pulling me up against him and kissing me thoroughly.  Once we break apart, I smile at him feeling so completely happy, then I have an idea.

“I have to go to the Burrow in a couple hours, so we can’t have date night tonight, but I want to teach you something before I go.”  I say to Draco and watch as curiosity replaces the desire in his eyes.  “You mentioned once you never learned how to produce a Patronus, and well I want to teach you.”  I say feeling a little shy.

His eyes light up a little and he nods his head, “I’d like that.”  He says softly and leans in to touch his lips to mine one more time.


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