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Another Love Story by xLunaMalfoyx
Chapter 8 : Aftermath (Part 2)
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 NOTICE: I'm very sorry this is so short. It was intended to be part of the previous chapter!

Luna hurried down the hallway, eyes watering, dangerously close to overflowing. Her chest heaved in uncontrollable gasps as she ran. She was blind, she couldn’t see anything, her vision marred, blurred. It was impossible to breathe. She couldn’t find any air as she opened her mouth, trying to draw in breath. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t. 

The sound of her echoing steps chased her until she found herself under the cover of the willow tree near the lake where she had first found Draco sitting, silver eyes dark and melancholy. 

Here, she let herself cry, let the racks of silent tears engulf her, let the tears she kept walled up behind her soul flow freely. What was there left to stay for? Draco was her world, her soul, her entire being. It was a stupid notion, she thought, to have your happiness depend on another. What happens if that other didn’t reciprocate the feeling of desperate need? 

“I suppose I should just die,” she said bitterly to the cold, biting wind. “I suppose I should just rot here.” She stood up slowly, her legs trembling, her lower lip trembling. Was she really going to do this? Why not, she demanded, there is nothing left in this world for me. She bit her lip to keep it from quivering as she stepped towards the lake. Gingerly, she dipped her foot in. Even through her thick woolen socks, she could feel the icy chill of the water. 

Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself for drowning in the cutting cold depths in front of her. 

“I hope you’re happy, Draco,” she shouted, her voice carried by the wind. She lowered her voice to a whisper. “I love you. Dammit, I love you.”

Just as she closed her eyes, she heard a voice in the distance, shouting.

“Luna! Luna, stop! Don’t move!” 

“Draco?” Eyes still closed, she let her small lips curve into a smile. “I wonder if people go mad before they die.” She felt herself fall forward, embracing the biting cold as her face and body met the water. 

A thousand daggers. A thousand daggers cutting her open, slashing at her face, arms, legs. Ropes around her limbs, dragging her deeper, deeper, into the endless black water. Luna opened her eyes a centimeter. She felt the water sting at her eyes, but it felt good. It was a reminder that she would feel no pain when she had left this world. 

There was a light. A bright, warm light, at the bottom of the pool. It called to her, it beckoned her. She reached for it- one arm outstretched, trying to touch it. As she did so, it changed, it changed…. Into her mother. 

“Luna,” a soft voice, “My darling little girl, come, Luna.” 

What is she doing down there?

Just as she reached the illusion, an iron strong grasp around her waste, pulling her farther and farther away from her beautiful mother. She broke the water as she was dragged up onto the brittle grass, gasping for air, inhaling through her nose and mouth. Her vision was still blurred and her eyes stung. She closed her eyes, curling into the fetal position, trying to gain some body heat, trying to become the smallest being possible. 

“Luna,” a hand shaking her. “Luna, you need to come with me to the Hospital Wing. Please, Luna. Please, please, hold on.” The voice was begging, pleading. She knew the voice. She knew she had never heard that voice begging or pleading. Experimentally, she opened her eyes. 

His face was so close to her own that it made her cross-eyed as she tried to look into both gray eyes simultaneously. 

“I’m sorry,” Luna whispered, her voice cracking.  

“What the fuck would you accomplish by drowning yourself?” the voice was angry now, reprimanding, but it still kept the heart-wrenching concern that made Luna hurt. It hurt, oh god it hurt. It hurt to have him so close, it hurt to have him save her from her frigid death, to bring her back to life when she was on the brink of death. 

Luna’s lip trembled, unable to speak. Instead, she threw herself onto him, taking the front of his shirt in her firm grasp and burying her face in his chest, pulling him close, breathing in the achingly familiar scent of musk and cologne. 

Without hesitation, strong arms came around her, digging into her sopping wet sweater and bruising the skin beneath. She felt his cheek on the side of her head as they rocked back and forth, two beings so inexplicably attached to each other, in mind, body, soul. 

“Don’t leave, please don’t leave,” Luna whispered into his chest. 

“After what you just tried? I couldn’t even if I wanted to,” she could hear the smirk in his voice. 

“Asshole,” she murmured, a smile spreading across her face. Yes, she thought to herself, it is stupid that my complete happiness depends on Draco Malfoy.




Please review!! I’m going to be writing -a lot- more. One question- should I continue? Or should I leave this story with a happy ending? xx

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