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Time Will Tell by Kelly Black
Chapter 1 : My Perfect Life
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Chapter 1 - My Perfect Life

My life was perfect. I was that girl. The one that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to be with. Girls wanted me to like them and being my friend put you up there with God. Guys practically begged for my attention and being was boyfriend was practically being a celebrity being that I was one. Stardom definitely had its perks.

Straight out of Hogwarts, I was drafted to the Wimbourne Wasps to be a reserve Chaser. I also pursued a career as a Quidditch columnist at the Daily Prophet. As I moved up to the starting Chaser at the Wasps, I started writing less columns a week and ended up with one a week until my editor told me that I could come back whenever my Quidditch career was done. With the job waiting for me, I was fine with leaving.

After my third season with the Wasps, I was declared the most eligible bachelorette of the league and the league’s Most Valuable Player. It was extremely different from my Hogwarts days when I was constantly being overshadowed by Angelina, Alicia, and Harry Potter. Alicia and Angelina were still reserves for their teams and Potter was off saving the world again.

My contract with the Wasps had only been for three seasons which they were obviously regretting come the end of season three. They wanted me to re-sign with them but the Tornadoes, Falcons, and Puddlemere all thought the same thing. Throughout the months leading up to spring training, I was being wooed by all four of the teams. My life with the Wasps had been great but the Tornados offer was too good to pass up. Again my life was thrown into something foreign and new and I had to try to make sense of it.

Three weeks after signing with the Tornados, Truce Mendez asked me out. He was the star Seeker on the team and was the league’s most eligible bachelor six years running. Me being the star struck twenty year old that I was, I took up the twenty six year old’s offer. Suddenly we were the 'it couple' of the profession Quidditch league and both ended up with more bodyguards than we had had before.

After dating six months, Truce popped the question and my answer was yes. We were planning on a private wedding but the owner of the Tornados’s wife caught wind and demanded that it be a huge spectacle, broadcast over the whole wizarding network of course. She was willing to have the franchise pay for the whole thing so we said agreed however reluctantly.

I walked down an aisle full of anyone I had ever made eye contact with in my life. My bridesmaids were Alicia, Angelina, and two girls who had apparently been on the same reserve team with me my first season with the Wasps. As awkward as the wedding had been, the reception was actually a lot of fun. After a few drinks, it was enjoyable and I actually learned the names of some of my “friends.” The party and dancing would have lasted all night but Truce and I sort of hinted towards the fact that we wanted them gone.

Truce and I weren’t perfect for each other. We weren’t soul mates or anything and we had our arguments but we made a good couple. It wasn’t like we were head over heels for each other but we were in love. My first season with the Tornados went by a lot faster with his help and it was nice being off of the market for a while.

After my fifth season with the playing and a year of marriage, Truce was traded to the San Diego Sirens, a new American team just starting out. The two of us weren’t sure how we would make it work being half a world away and all. We decided to separate temporarily until we could find something better to do. We both knew that being the young, attractive Quidditch stars that we were, a long distance relationship would definitely not work.

For a few months after out separation, we were all the tabloids were talking about. There was a lot of speculation over what was happening between us. I was living in his mansion still but I was seeing Apollo Blake, the Keeper for the Irish National Team. Truce was staying in my California apartment and was seeing Bailey Meyer, a Chaser for the Sirens.

We both knew that our separation was basically a fancy divorce so we moved into our own places and filed for divorce. It was extremely secretive so that the tabloids wouldn’t pick up on it at all. Our only hope for it was that it would work out in our favor and not blow up in our faces.

Truce and I finally got our divorce finalized right when the tabloids had finally forgotten us but then we were suddenly big news again. Truce and Bailey got married but I broke up with Apollo. The stress the papers were giving me was tripled by the fact that my third season with the Tornados was up and I had to get something done. I signed with Puddlemere and started team winter training right away.

I started going out with Luke Yates, a Keeper for the Finches. One the side I started hanging out with Liam Delaney, a beater for Puddlemere and a Quidditch league legend. I finally broke things off with Yates and married Liam on my twenty fourth birthday. We had run away and eloped to avoid another debacle like my previous marriage.

Before the start of my first season with Puddlemere, Liam signed with the Irish National Team. Two weeks ago he left for team camp. One week ago I found out that I was pregnant.

Only problem is that it isn’t Liam’s kid. It’s Oliver Wood’s.

A/N I owe all of this to JKR except the plot and the OCs since they're mine. Questions? Comments? Reviews are appreciated!

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