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These three words by Awesome1234
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Weasley Secrets
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 Chapter 3: Weasley Secrets

I feel like I know more about every Weasley than all the Weasley to. Hugo knows everybody secrets in his family and he loves to share them with someone. You want to know who he shares them with. Shes a huge mess and loves to drink and smoke weed and likes to yell and tell people off its ME.

Well to fill you in all tell you the secrets of each Weasley:

Freddy Weasley the second: Smokes Weed all the time :)

Rose Weasley: Is dating the vampire who's works at her Dad and Mum job. But hey vampire have super speed that must work really good in bed  ;) but shes has feeling for 2 other guy and has no clue what to do about it.

 Dominique Weasley: Is dating the WAY older guy who is getting married with one of her Mums family friends.

Victoria & Teddy : Vick is Pergo, and there not married or anything (but its not that matter as long as they love each other ) so there scared to tell her Mum and Dad cause her Dad would so kill Teddy sexy ass

Molly: Is selling liquor in Hogwarts (Im one of her favorite custumers :D)

Lucy: Is shagging with her best friend whose has a girlfriend already (Oh SHIT)

Lilly: is a goodie goodie who hates me cause she thinks IM a bad kid who messing up Hugo blah blah.

Albus & James: James is inlove with this really sweet amazing girl but his to much of a wimp to tell her anything (What happen to that Gffindor braver) so his dates a slag who is also sleeping with his brother no matter the fact shes dating James.

Louis: has a crush on his best friend little sister for 3 years but he dose'nt want to tell her nothing even though they kissed on new years.

Roxana: has a eating problem she dose'nt eat for days at a time and shes so skinny and weak.(But shes so pretty and has a great body)

and last but not least Hugo: Is dating a amazing girl who hates it when he drinks or smokes but he ingorns her and drinks and smokes with me, and IM inlove with him but I know for sure he would next date or like me.

Hugo is sitting on my lap about to smoke a weed his perfect lips are opening and breathing in the smoke. I touch his chin playing with his shirt which is a bright neon green. It looks SO awesome its, its,ahhhh, bright, and oh Merlin so so, fucken, green. "Hugo your shirt its amazing like its so so SO bloody green like oh my fucken Merlin its green and bright and ahhhhhhh!" I say dumbly.

Hugo just looks in my eyes and says "You know 6 countries still don't have Internet connection at all" He stared into space. "Wow what are these countries you speak of." I say looking back at his bright amazing oh so green shirt.

"Rainny I have no fucken clue" Hugo says giving me a amusing glare. "Hugo you are so like so so so so so so so so smart" He cracks up and takes another hit. He open his mouth slowly and lets the smoke pour out.

"Rainy did you know about 1,6 million of British women have hair-loss problems." Oh my Merlin can Hugo be any more smarter I had no friken clue. "Hugo did you know kissing is a type sufficient duration is much better than chewing gum, it normalizes the acidity in the mouth. Kissing after every meal, you can greatly reduce the risk of caries" I say looking at his lips. 

He made his mouth into a, O , shape and just looked at me than gave me alittle preverd smile and winked at me. "Rainy did you know that sex is biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate" Oh my Merlin!!!! Hugo is amazing!

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These three words: Chapter 3: Weasley Secrets


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