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Not Just Another Love Story by kira lovegood
Chapter 1 : The beginning
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Alright! A lot of plot bunnies were jumping up in my head and so here I am with yet another story!

Now its Draco and Luna for me, so yeah!


It was a pleasant morning, the sun was shining brightly high above their heads .Harry, Ron and Hermione were huddled up together on the platform nine and three fourth. The familiar chirping of the students, occasional whistling of the train, good bye cries of the families filled the place.

"Its lovely to be back again, don't you think so Harry!" Hermione exclaimed looking around the place.

"Its really- ah! Can't believe its all over! A whole of our final year with out Voldemort! I'm excited! " Harry cooed.

"Bloody brilliant, I must say! Now that, I made it to head boy, this time!" Ron turned slightly pink, feeling proud of himself.

"Honestly, Ron! I always knew, you could make it! Lets say, you just lacked some inspiration!" Hermione smiled lovingly, the ginger blushed.

"Oh, well! I've tonnes of it, now that you're by my side!" he laughed as she turned faintly pink.

"You always had me, " she pointed out softly.

Harry cleared his throat, as if reminding his best friends, they were not alone.

"Sorry, mate! You can't help who you love!" Ron remarked casually.

Harry nodded, watching intently as the love of his life approached him. She was a bit late choosing to arrive with his father.

"Hello, guys!" Ginny smiled at them. Harry greeted in response.

The train whistled and the students began hurrying up.

"I think, you have a little time left, " Mr. Weasley hugged them all, "take care, my dear!"

"I thought, the war is over!" Harry began swiftly, "its safe now, isn't it?"

"Oh, it is, my boy!" Arthur smiled, "though there are a few death- eaters who are still lurking in the shadows, plotting for a revenge!"

Harry nodded. The ministry had warned the citizens to take up their own safety measures until the death-eaters were all locked in Azkaban.

"Now, hurry up kids!" Mrs. Weasley joined them and a series of hugs and kisses followed.

They were all set to board the train, Harry was so lost in tugging his new trunk along the platform that he didn't see a blonde slytherin walking his way.

"Hey! " he began, no looking at the person he ran into, "Oh! Well, sorry!" he mumbled.

"You better watch, where you're going Potter!" the blonde remarked while handing over the text book that slipped from Harry's grip, before boarding the train swiftly. Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkison followed him.

Harry stood there, his legs rooted on the spot. Did Draco Malfoy just help him? Oh, the world ended.

He looked around to spot, Ron, Hermione and others giving odd looks, obviously noticing his strange behavior. Harry could help but wonder, what was wrong with him.

"Perhaps, it's the war, that affected all of us, " Hermione reasoned, "he's no different!"

The other Weasleys nodded in agreement. The truth was that Harry was actually, well at least partly helped by the Malfoys. Narsicca surely switched sides, right in time for him.

"Come on, now! This is Malfoy, Hermione! He's surely upto something! He's probably plotting, merlin knows what, with his death-eater buddies!"

Harry was dragged back to the present by Ron's outburst. Somehow, Harry could not completely agree with his opinions. The battle made everyone suffer losses, in some form or the other, the Malfoys lost their name and years of fame, the Weasleys were still mourning the death of one of their beloved twins. The order had lost its precious members like Lupin, Tonks, Moody. The list seems never ending.

All this was one side of the coin, the other side one could see the possibilities with which the wizarding world could progress while taking into account all the morals that are learnt from the battle. There was a chance to overpower the 'racism' that existed in the society on the basis of their blood lines. Some of the pureblooded societies seemed to have already acting indifferent. This was a good sign, Harry could feel it.

"Now, Harry! Will you get in already!" Ginny complained while slipping her hand into his and pulling him along.

This was going to be whole long year! Harry sighed as he followed his friends.

They waved a quick good bye to Arthur and Molly who were almost teary eyed.

"Mom still thinks we are eleven!" Ron remarked, causing Hermione to glare, "Oh! We'll have to find a cosy little compartment!"

He dragged Ginny out of Harry's grip as he walked.

A good ten minutes passed and no avail. They could hardly spot a single empty compartment.

"Bloody hell! Its like, we'll have to share a compartment!" Ron whined as Harry laughed. That was so very Ron, he enjoyed being like this, being free around his friend with out any fear of Voldemort or the death-eaters.

"Stop being a girl, Ron! Come, I'll find you one, little baby!" Ginny mocked.

Ron's ears turned red, he mumbled something under his breath followed her nonetheless.

Ginny marched ahead confidently, pushed open the doors of a near by compartment.

"Its really lovely, Draco! We can finally live peacefully, the dark lord's gone! " Pansy chirped.

"Gone forever!" Blaise added merrily ,"I'm so happy, for the first time in my life, I was rooted for Potter to win!"

"Me too! I bet, Draco was hoping for it too! Now, gone our days of misery! I feel like, I'm eleven again!"

Harry hesitated. The slytherins had obviously not noticed their compartment door was ajar and that a group of griffindors were listening to them.

"I feel like it, too! It can be finally us, acting like our own self! No family intervention, no fear of dark lord! " Blaise smiled.

"Ooh, so its true that you found yourself a muggle girl friend!" Pansy laughed watching him turn bright red, "Did you see it, Draco-Drake!"

The smile dropped from their faces as they eyed their best mate.

"Dude, you okay!" the dark skinned boy asked the blonde.

"Yeah, " Draco's voice was thick, almost laced with grief, "its just, I was thinking..."

"About what?" Pansy inquired.

Ginny wanted to close the door, but doing that would ruin their moment of, well, friendship. The group quickly distanced themselves, moving on to the other side.

"I don't know, Pans! " it was Draco's voice, Harry could hear it from his spot.

"Its just so much has happened over past few months, dad's in Azkaban! And.. we're back at Hogwards, there are some death-eaters who escaped and I'm, well ..I'm-"

"We're scared too!" Pansy finished for him, "but can't we just start over? Like, feel this is the beginning!"

"Its not that easy!"

"I know, "

this Harry guessed was Blaise Zabini.

"But we're together in this, dude! We've always been together! Forget about that! Now, you've gotto smile, at least for thrice in a day!"

The blonde chuckled at this, "what did I do to deserve this! You're just pain in my ass, you know that, Zabini!"

"Oh well, I still see you as that egoistic, self-centered git Drakie poo!"

"Stop it! Don't call me that!"

"Or what you'll tell daddy?"

Harry couldn't believe his ears, the slytherins were actually having fun! Like human beings!

"No, I won't tell him! I'll just bewitch your broom and tell your muggle friend that you're a wizard!"

Malfoy laughed.

"You just laughed!" Zabini pointed out.

"Yes, Zabini! That was a brilliant discovery! I appreciate your wit!"

Pansy giggled at this point, noting for the first time that the door to their compartment was wide open.

Did she forget to lock the door? Oh merlin!

Pansy was about to head to the door when someone entered the small room.

She had long blonde hair, almost resembling that of Draco's, yet which was of a darker shade. She had her wand tucked behind her ear, to which a radish earring was dangling. Who on earth could wear such weird things!

Draco's eyes found hers and she smiled a bit, feeling a bit sheepish, she looked away. She had assumed that this was an empty compartment. The least thing she wanted to do was to walk into a bunch of slytherins. She stood rooted to her spot, lost in her thoughts.

Blaise, Pansy eyed her as if she was a foreign object. Just then, a distraught Neville walked in, clutching his toad.

"Oh, why the hell are you standing outside Harry! This compartment seems to be-" he stopped in mid sentence, glancing up at the slytherins.

Luna cleared her throat, "um..well, we couldn't find any room for ourselves!" she began, unsure of what she was supposed to say.

"Well! Do you mind if -" she asked dreamily, blinked as Draco looked up at her again, "if we sit here!"

Harry, Hermione and others hurried inside to join her. The slytherins exchanged looks and shrugged.

"I do not own this compartment, " Draco stated as a matter - of -factly and began reading his book.

"Bloody hell! There's no way, I'm gonna share a compartment with slytherins!"

Harry and others ignored Ron's remarks. They dropped their trunks and got seated. Luna pulled out her Quibber and began reading, Hermione too, cautiously opened her book. With a glance at the slytherins, she began reading. Was it true? The pureblooded prats actualyl had a heart? From what she heard a moment ago, she could help but feel they really had one.

Ron grunted impatiently, but he too joined others. The rest of the ride was uneventful, they all changed into their school robes and by the evening they reached the great hall for dinner.

Mc. Gonagall greeted her students with her heart warming speech, payed her respects to the deceased war heroes and smiled.

"Its going to be a wonderful year!" she remarked while the students began dispersing after the dinner.

Harry stopped to listen to her words, his friends by his side.

"Though you all are aware, there are still a few death-eaters who needed to be arrested. The order, the ministry will handle that, but I wish, being my students, you would all join Professor Harpins in her Advanced defence against dark arts class, especially meant for the sixth and seventh years!" she went on, "the prefects from each of the house will meet me tomorrow in my office. When and how, you'll receive my owl! Good night to you all!"

She finished, her warm smile, still in place.

A few hours later, Harry sighed rolling in his bed, this was really going to be a great year.


What did you think? Please review!

This is kind of a prologue, so.. yeah, lots more to come! Reviews rock.

Suggestions, feedback are always welcome. My first ever Druna ficlet!

Hope you liked it :)

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